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8-13-12 MCRC Briefs

Aug 13, 2012

Jack McClair, Pinal County Sheriff Candidate, will be the guest on HAIR ON FIRE at 4 pm, Aug 14 on Barbara Espinosa’s  E-Mail questions to: Call In 1-347-857-4081 Toll Free 1-888-435-1310 Co-Host: Randy Pullen .

The Glendale Mayoral Forum Is Scheduled At 7 Pm, Aug 14 at Raymond S. Kellis High, 8990 W. Orangewood Ave., Glendale. Voters are invited to meet with Glendale City Council candidates before the forum from 6-6:45 p.m.

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia And Phx City Councilman Jim Waring will be at the Paradise Valley Community College Center, 17402 N 40th St., Phx  between 6-7:30 pm to discuss current city issues.

LD22’s July Meeting Baked Good Fund-Raiser Was So Successful that they are now planning a Aug 20 ‘Fiesta’ to help off-set the facility rental costs.  Contact:  Heather Morgan

Congressional Candidate Martha McSally Is Asking For Volunteers to help up her signs between 4-7 pm, Aug 16 and 7-10am  on Aug 18. Signs are at her headquarters,  8060 E. 22nd St., #140. Contact: Ken Miller at 520-603-2155 or RSVP to

Top 10 State (Including AZ) Plagued With Exotic Diseases The AAARC has been talking about this for at least 10 years.  My wife, Johnnie, was hurt at work about 10 years ago.  I went with her to the hospital.  While there, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation in the next bed.  The doctor was talking to a young high school student, who it seemed, was an immigrant.  She was infested with parasites.  I was shocked!  It started me thinking, how many immigrants are coming to America and Arizona with various diseases?  The AAARC was shown some informative videos about the problems of illegal immigrants bringing old and new diseases into our country.  We also wondered why there wasn't more of an outcry over this issue.  We would hope this health issue would automatically SHUT DOWN the border.  Is this another new cottage industry business for certain elements of America or what? - Chairman, Rev. Clyde Bowen, Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee   602-274-5439.

The Aug 18 Fountain Hills Republican Club Candidate  Forum will feature Board of Supervisors candidates Lester Pearce and Steve Chucri and US Senate candidate Wil Cardon. Contact: or

The Arizona Chapter Of Americans For Prosperity has begun setting up a debate on the Arizona insurance exchange that is currently being pushed by the Brewer Administration under the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare.  AFP has secured the Goldwater Institute's McClelland Auditorium for the afternoon of Wednesday, September 5, from 1- 3 pm, and have secured the participation of two anti-exchange panelists: Phoenix physician Dr. Eric Novack and the Cato Institute health policy analyst Michael Cannon. More information tba regarding pro-exchange panelists.  Contact:   Tom Jenney - Arizona Director AFP,  (602) 478-0146

Message From AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey:  Paul Ryan is a proven leader at a time when our national truly needs highly qualified new leadership.  Ryan's record of success and his longstanding promise to reapply America's founding principles is proof that the new team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are our country's best chance of getting back on the right track.
           Our country has turned against the failed policies and broken promises of the current administration, and is searching for solutions.  Romney and Ryan have those solutions, and with the support of our fellow Americans and together we will restore our nation not just to our prior historical greatness but beyond.
            Our Republican team will favor economic growth over stifling regulation, fiscal discipline over fiscal irresponsibility, and job creation instead of new taxes on success that threaten the growth of our nation's promising small businesses.
              There is an upswelling of excitement in the Republican Party which is spreading rapidly among the American people.  It is tremendously encouraging to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan leading the way.
           The Republican National Committee released a web video today highlighting America’s Comeback Team here.   Contact: AZGOP HQ -  702-957-7770  
Romney Goes Big   AZ National Committeeman Bruce Ash
Glenn Beck And Panel Discuss The Revolution being led by Islamic Extremists abroad and in America   muslim brotherhood
America and Divine Intervention    by marcus allen
Romney-Ryan Bumper Stickers Available     Http://Mi.Tt/Rr12sticker
Brand New Leather Jacket -You Get All The Bills We Aren't The Only Ones Who Are Getting Fed Up With Uncontrolled And Illegal Immigration. Even The Brits Are Starting To Wake Up!
Verify The Vote Arizona’ Needs Volunteers:   Nearly 30,000 ”Top Two Primary” Initiative petitions filed at the Secretary of State’s office last week. In order to verify the nearly 360,000 signatures submitted against the Arizona voter registration files on a triple-redundancy system, volunteers are needed for  an estimated 12,500 hours of data entry in the next two weeks!  Volunteers can sign up at    As soon as you get your ID and password, sign in and get to work!  In the meantime, please help recruit volunteers.    Contacts:  Jennifer Wright & Brad Zinn  Verify the Vote, Arizona Co-Chairs
"Safeguard Arizona's Future," A Citizen's Group Opposing The Open Government/Open Primary Initiative, will be filing a lawsuit against the Secretary of State for certifying petitions circulated by individuals not qualified to circulate petitions in Arizona. For information: or - the Arizona organization that opposes the Arizona Open Government Coalition’  Top Two Primary - a national organization that is fighting pro "Top Two Primary" campaigns nationwide.
A Free Three Hour Get Out The Vote is scheduled from 10:30 am To 1:30  pm,  Sept 22nd At The Scottsdale Library Auditorium, Scottsdale Civic Center, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd. Limited seating. To Register: Leadershipinstitute.Org/Training/Register  Contacts: Barry Aarons At 602 315 0155 Or Laura Magnus At 602 432 3161.
The Verify The Vote, Arizona Elections Task Force Is Recruiting Statewide Volunteers to act as poll watchers for the Nov. 6 election. Training will be provided. To sign up:   Information:  (make sure the AZ is capitalized!)
Author And National Political Activist Dick Morris will headline a 6:30 pm, Sept. 12 AZ GOP dinner at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort,, 5594 W. Wild Horse Pass, Chandler. A 5:30 pm reception will precede the dinner.  $250 VIP tickets, $175 per couple. RSVP Lori Urban at 602-957-7770 or

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The Republican National Committee Releases "Big Solutions" showcasing the Romney-Ryan team that will get this country back on track. After four years of a weak economy, soaring deficits and misplaced priorities, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are dedicated to bringing America back.  Web video can be viewed here.   Download the web video here.
The Big Fail:  What Happened To Hope And Change?

The Obama Campaign Went After Congressman Paul Ryan over the weekend, claiming that he wanted to push old people off of cliffs by gutting their Medicare. The problem with that false narrative comes by way of Cutter Shambles, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama's reelection effort: Watch Video
Presidential Debates:    Oct 3– Denver, Co; Oct 16;  Hempstead, Ny; Oct 22  Boca Raton, Fl.     Vice-Presidential Debate: Oct 11, 2012 – Danville, Ky.
Mitt Romney     Http://Www.Mittromney.Com/
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