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9-12-12 MCRC Briefs

Sept 12, 2012

Querard Is The 'King Kahuna' Behind Kooks    Laurie Roberts   

Legislative District Officer Elections Must Be Held -  By Statute - Between November 17th And Dec. 1. 

Attention Qualified State Committeewomen- Applications For RNC Committee Woman Being Taken  Pursuant to our bylaws, applications will be accepted from qualified state committeewomen to seek election to fill the unexpired term of National Committeewoman for Arizona until 5 pm on Sept 19, 2012 at the Arizona Republican Party headquarters,  3501 N 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 AND by email to Bruce Ash at All applications must include the applicant's statement of candidacy, resume' and contact information to be considered. A nominating committee has been formed to review the applications received and submit a report to the State Executive Committee as required under our by-laws. – Bruce Ash, AZ NRC
A.J. LaFaro, Chairman, AZGOP Statewide Voter And PEVL Registration, is asking for volunteers to help with voter registrations at senior or retirement centers.  Karen Thomas is coordinating the effort. Contact Thomas at

Must See:  Dishonest Disclosure:   How Political Leaks Are Destroying National Security And Our Military. Made By The U.S. Navy Seals

A.J. LaFaro, Former LD17 Chairman, Candidate  For The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Chairmanship. LaFaro can be reached at or 480-752-9164.
8 Ways You Can Become Involved In GOP Campaign
          1: Go online to Call From Home and register to make phone calls from your home.
2: Romney for President to make a donation.  Any amount will help the campaign.
3: Contact Friends and Family - Encourage them to support Romney/Ryan by sending them a text, making a phone call, sending an email, or posting a message on Facebook. Contact friends and family in key swing states and encourage them to get involved in the campaign: CO, IA, MI, NC, ND, NH, NV, OH, PA, VA, WI.  Remind them to vote on Tuesday, November 6. Pick up the elderly/handicapped and take them to the polls on Election Day.
4: Order Romney/Ryan Campaign Items -  Mitt Store to purchase buttons, hats, T-shirts, phone cases, yard signs, bumper stickers, decals, etc. Wear and display these items.
5: Print and Post Mitt Romney Car/Yard/Window Signs - to download signs. Print your sign and place in a sheet protector.  Put the sign on a stake in your front yard, or tape it to a business window, car window (behind driver on window) or any other visible place. Post on Facebook to go to to print signs.  Pass out signs to everyone you know.
6: Help Mitt Win - Make phone calls or go door-to-door.  
7;Volunteer for the Election Day Task Force - The Romney Campaign is currently accepting applications of skilled volunteers to assist with a special Election Day project.  Election Day Task Force Application to submit an application.
8: Help Mitt Win -  Volunteer at a local the AZ GOP headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., or the Maricopa County Republican Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, Sun City.
LD Chairmen:
LD1     Cathy Schwanke 
LD4     Rhonda King  
LD12   Mickie Niland  
LD13   Dr. Robert Branch
LD15   Dave Henderson
LD16  Ed Saltou      
LD17   Renee Lopez  
LD18   Jeni White     
LD19   Cherie Scott   
LD20   Ray Malnar    
LD21   Lisa Gray       
LD22   Eric Morgan         
LD23   Doug Little         
LD24   Ed Hedges     
LD25   Haydee Dawson
LD26   Raymond Jones
LD27   Terry Rapp    
LD28   Scott O’Connor
LD29   Steve Kennedy
LD30   Timothy Schwartz
Taxpayer Backing? What Taxpayer Backing?
Transparency Is Needed For Arizona’s Credit Card Statements
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From A To Z: What's Wrong With Obama's Birth Certificate?  Examine For Yourself Mounting Evidence That President's Document Isn't Genuine
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