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9-24-12 MCRC Briefs

Sept 24, 2012
If Anyone Who Has A Resolution Proposal For The MCRC EGC , please contact Resolutions Chairman Lyle Tuttle at

America-Has-Lost-A-Good-Man Barbara Simpson mourns death of patriotic, honorable Arizona sheriff

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The LD20 State Senate And House Debate starts at 6:30 pm, Tues., Sept 25, at ASU West Campus, La Sala Ballroom, 4701 W. Thunderbird Rd.  The ballroom is in the large building (UCB) straight ahead and slight to the right as you drive South onto the campus off Thunderbird Rd on 47th Avenue.  map here :asu_map_west_current_parking

The MCRC Office In Sun City Has A Supply Of GOP Yard Signs And Bumper Signs, and will have Romney/Ryan campaign buttons this week.  Stop by the MCRC office at 10050 W Bell Road, Suite #49, Sun City, AZ  85351-1291 or call manager Diane Duran at 623-977-4532.

Campaign Signs And Literature Can Also Be Picked Up At AZ GOP Headquarters, 3501 N . 24th St., Phx. Phone: 602-957-7770

Newly Elected  PCs Can Be Found  at  precinctcommitteemen  It takes a little while to load due to length.
HAIR ON FIRE Hostesses Barbara Espinosa will be interviewing Kevin DuJan, gay conservative political analyst, essayist, author and radio and TV commentator on politics, pop culture, LGBTQ issues, and current events at 4 pm, Sept 25.  CALL in 1-347-857-4081. Toll free  1-888-435-1310    E-Mail questions to:

 The Five Republican Ladies Running For The Central Arizona Project Board Are: Lisa Atkins, Gayle Burns, Jean McGrath, Pam Pickard, and Janie Thom.  There are 13 candidates running for the CAP board.  We need all five of our GOP ladies on that board.

Bob Burns, Susan Bitter-Smith And Bob Stump Are The Republican Candidates running for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Vote for all three GOP candidates to keep govern this commission.

Others GOP candidates include:
President & VP  of the US:  Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
Arizona Senator:  Jeff Flake
Maricopa County Supervisor: Max Wilson
MC Assessor: Keith Russell
MC Attorney: Bill Montgomery
MC Recorder:  Helen Purcell
MC Sheriff: Joe Arpaio
MC Treasurer:  Charles Hoskins

Check Your Individual Legislative Districts, Fire Boards, School Boards, And Justice Of The Peace Courts, Mayors And City Councils for your Republican candidates,

GOP LD Leaders Are Recommending The Replacement Of Appeals Court Judges - appointed by former Dem Gov Janet Napolitano – with conservative Republican judges.

Several GOP LDs Have Come Out With Recommendations on Ballot Props:
·         Prop 121- Vote No- Top Two Open Primaries is the worst idea yet. It will eliminate the Libertarian and Green party and take away the party choice from both Republicans and Democrats. There would be one open race will all parties and the top two winners would run in the general election. If two Dems win, no other parties would appear on the ballot and vice versa. All parties would lose the opportunity to vote their party choice. Still funded  by Tax payers.
·         Prop 117- Vote No Shifts taxes to residential property from commercial property.
·         Proposition 204: Vote No. Permanently increases the State sales tax by one cent per dollar for the purpose of funding educational programs, public transportation infrastructure projects. Voting No allows this tax to end June 1, 2013.

Must See:  Mute Button   New Romney Ad… Leadership or Lack of - folks who vote "Present" over 125 times while in their State Legislature/where they are now.

AZGOP Statewide Voter Registration Chairman A.J. LaFaro Is Asking For Volunteers to help with voter registrations at senior or retirement centers.  Karen Thomas is coordinating the effort. Contact Thomas at
Congressman David Schweikert’s Mobile Office Hours
·         Oct 3 – 10:30 am – noon,   Foothills Community Foundation, Holland Community Center: 34250 N. 60th Street, Bldg B, Agave Room, Scottsdale, AZ 85266
·         Oct 10 - 10:30 am – noon,   Appaloosa Library: 7377 E. Silverstone Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
·         Oct 11 – 10:30 am-11:30 am, Granite Reef Senior Center: 1700 N. Granite Reef Road, Room 5, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
·         Oct 12 – 11 am – 1 pm, American Legion Post 44: 7145 E. 2nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (for members of the military, veterans, and their families only.) 

Troops Betrayed  Bring the Troops Home. The U.S. Military Betrayed: The troops are not being sent to war to win. Take off your ideological glasses and look at the facts.

The Outdoor Gear Sporting Goods Store “Revolution Or Restoration Rally” is scheduled from 7-9:30 pm, Sept 29 at 6344 W. Bell Road, Phx.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is among the featured guests slated for appearance, along with Congressman Trent Franks, LD12 Rep. and Glendale mayoral candidate Jerry Weiers, LD4 Rep. Jack Harper,  LD22 candidate David Livingston, and Glendale City Council candidate Dianne Douglas. Concession  proceeds will benefit the “Wounded Warrior Project.”  Large parking lot. A voter registration booth will be available.  Arizona Rangers will work security.  Contact: Walter Young at 602-688-6774

Www.Saveourvoteaz.Com - The Arizona Organization That Opposes The Arizona Open Government Coalition’  Top Two Primary Campaign

Www.Stoptoptwo.Org - A National Organization That Is Fighting Pro "Top Two Primary" Campaigns Nationwide

Navy SEALS Respond After Media Matters Calls Them "Gutless"    Navy Seals

LD Chairmen:
LD1     Cathy Schwanke 
LD4     Rhonda King  
LD12   Mickie Niland          
LD13   Dr. Robert Branch
LD15   Dave Henderson
LD16  Ed Saltou      
LD17   Renee Lopez          
LD18   Jeni White     
LD19   Cherie Scott   
LD20   Ray Malnar          
LD21   Lisa Gray                    
LD22   Eric Morgan           soon
LD23   Doug Little          
LD24   Carol Condit          
LD25   Haydee Dawson        
LD26   Raymond Jones
LD27   Terry Rapp    
LD28   Scott O’Connor       
LD29   Steve Kennedy
LD30   Timothy Schwartz      

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