Saturday, September 29, 2012

9-29-12 MCRC Briefs

Sept 29, 2012
 Watch '2016' On Your Computer    90 minute documentary that has been showing in theaters.  As advertised:  "Love him or hate him, but you don't know him. You won't until you watch this film. "  A 15 second commercial plays first.  If you are able, connect your computer to your TV to make it even more enjoyable
Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey has forwarded this link on important information from Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding sex crimes investigations at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.  He asks that Republican leaders throughout the state circulate this information.  Myths and Truth about sex crimes investigations.
Rape-Victim-Opens-Up-About-Botched-MCSO-Investigation  Five Year Old Case. News Or Election Hit Piece?
Former Arizona congressman Sam Steiger dies    Arizona icon known for his brutal honesty and wry sense of humor served five terms in the U.S. House.
AJ. LaFaro, chairman of both the  MCRC GOTV Strategic Planning and the AZGOP Statewide Voter and PEVL Registration Committees, has announced that
·         Poll Workers are still needed by the Maricopa County Elections Department for the Nov. 6 General Election. PCs interested in serving as poll workers should fill out the online application at
·         Poll Watchers  (aka Observers aka Challengers) should contact Diana Duran, MCRC GOP West ValleyOffice Manager at 623-977-4532 as soon as possible. Duran will compile a list of individuals for Rob Haney, Chairman MCRC GOP, to authorize as official observers. Once the observer's credentials have been signed, then Duran will contact the poll watchers.  Observers will receive a  "Political Observer Protocols: Do's & Don’ts" required by  Maricopa County Elections.
·         Training - Observer training can be accomplished two ways –
o    A. Tammy Patrick, Federal Compliance Officer, Maricopa County Elections, can be reached at  Patrick will conduct training sessions in groups of 10 or more.
o    B. Verify the Vote, Arizona will be conducting simulcasted Poll Watcher training on November 3 with broadcasts at 10 am and 2 pm in locations throughout the state. Verify the Vote, Arizona
Arizona’s Republican National Committee Woman Sharon Giese was elected to her third term during a State GOP meeting this morning at state headquarters in Phx.  State Committeemen re-elected Giese 29-11 over challenger Karen Johnson, a former legislators from Navajo County. No proxy were allowed during this election.  Giese has served as the AZ GOP Committee Woman since 2004. More on the popular GOP leader in tomorrow’s Briefs.
Boldly-Into-The-Breach  The untold story of the 2 former Navy Seals who were killed in the recent attack on the US Embassy in Libya
Voices Without A Vote  Teens Speak Out
LD Chairmen:
LD1     Cathy Schwanke 
LD4     Rhonda King  
LD12   Mickie Niland          
LD13   Dr. Robert Branch
LD15   Dave Henderson
LD16  Ed Saltou      
LD17   Renee Lopez          
LD18   Jeni White     
LD19   Cherie Scott   
LD20   Ray Malnar          
LD21   Lisa Gray                    
LD22   Eric Morgan           soon
LD23   Doug Little          
LD24   Carol Condit          
LD25   Haydee Dawson        
LD26   Raymond Jones
LD27   Terry Rapp    
LD28   Scott O’Connor       
LD29   Steve Kennedy
LD30   Timothy Schwartz      
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I'm Curious  Have You Noticed, Or Perhaps Better Stated, Are You Aware Of Any Muslim Groups Or Mosques Sending Money, Supplies, And Manpower To Help People in any of the areas devastated by fires, storms, and earthquakes right here in the U.S.? Muslims from many areas of the world have come here for schooling and …    
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