Thursday, October 25, 2012

10-25-12 MCRC Briefs


Lawmakers Demand White House Open Up on Deadly Libya Attack

Libyan Ship Fuels Mystery Over Attack

CEOs want higher taxes, spending cuts to fix deficit

U.S. Senator John McCain and Jeff Flake will conduct a Town Hall at 1 pm, Oct 28 in the Pebble Creek Country Club, Tuscany Falls Ballroom,  16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, to talk about support for our nation’s veterans and military.  To RSVP contact Katie Allare at 602-845-0333 or

Don’t forget the Az GOP Fall Festival this week.  Check MCRC Calendar for GOP happenings this week.

Caution:  Early ballot voters should not use Sharpie or felt tip pens because they bleed through the ballots.  Use a regular ball point pen.

LIVE: Joe Arpaio on being exonerated   Joe Arpaio responds to charges of abuse of power being dropped against him.

Manchurian columnist outed at last   EJ Montini

Carmona TV ad provokes McCain, Kyl pushback

"Rule of law" means outsider can serve in Legislature

Top-Two and the Voting Rights Act

Appeals Court tosses ruling against Darin Mitchell, R-Bare Mattress 

Tom Horne's office withholds public information to protect ... Tom Horne

Chicago Transit Authority overcharged Feds $150M over 30 years, watchdog group says

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