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10-8-12 MCRC Briefs

Oct 8, 2012 -  Columbus Day

The MCRC Office In Sun City Has A Supply Of GOP Yard Signs, Bumper Signs, and Romney/Ryan campaign buttons.  Stop by the MCRC office at 10050 W Bell Road, Suite #49, Sun City, AZ  85351-1291 or call manager Diane Duran at 623-977-4532.

Campaign Signs And Literature Can Also Be Picked Up At AZ GOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Phone: 602-957-7770.

Longtime Education Reformer Files Complaint Against Proposition 204 Committee Bolick Asking Illegal Campaign Contributions To Be Returned

Obama’s ‘Blood On My Hands’ Flag  Glenn Beck Is Asking… Why?


Talk Show Hostess Barbara Espinosa Will Interview Audrea Taylor And Her Father Brandon Darby On Espinosa’s  4 Pm, Oct 9 HAIR ON FIRE show.  Taylor is president and co-founder of im2moro, a group of teens who have Voices with a Vote.  Their mission is to get their generation to promote the constitutional. Brandon Darby, was an informant for the FBI.[1]now a conservative activist, spent much of his life fighting for the left. Brandon describes his transformation to the right as “a process.” After turning in a Palestinian radical to the FBI for plotting to filter money to radical groups that were using the money to fund violence against Israelis, he began work as an FBI informant. Questions to:     www.blogtalkradio.   Call in 1-347-857-4081.

For information about the Oct 13 AZ Freedom Works for America Free Pac Call to Action Rally featuring  Glen Beck, Michelle Ugenti, Matt Salmon, Doug Doucey and others go to Join us in Arizona October 13!  Or contact Sam Stone at (520) 822-7162 or
CD Candidate Vernon Parker’s Schedule:  RSVP for all events.
·         Oct 8 – 5 pm, Lars Larson Show on KFNX, 1100 am.
·         Oct 10  - 9:30 am. Moms for Parker: Prosperity & Education Launch at Arcadia Park, 3402 N. 56th St., Phx.
·         Oct 12 – 5-6 pm, Hugh Hewitt Reception. Monti’s, 100 S. Mill Ave., Temp. $25 per person.   
·         Oct 13 – 5:30-7:30 pm, Doctor’s Reception, 3303 N. Manor Drive East., Phx.  $25 per person.  
·         Oct 13. – 9 am. Starsbuck, 4005 E. Chandler Blvd, Phx. Precinct walk.
·         Oct 13 – 8:30 am. Starbucks, 1457 W. Southern Ave., Mesa. Precinct walk
·         Oct 13 – 10 am-6 pm, Phone banks. Campaign HQ, 3230 E. Broadway Rd, C-240. Phx.
 The Martha McSally For Congress Campaign Released A Recent Internal Poll showing the race tied in her campaign to unseat Congressional incumbent Ron Barber. The poll, conducted by OnMessage Inc. on September 30th and October 1st, shows Barber receiving 47.5% and McSally receiving 47.3%, with 5% of votes still undecided.   Contact:
Jonathan Paton’s Campaign Office Released A Report this morning showing Paton leading challenger Ann Kirkpatrick by 5 points.
Richard Carmona Reaffirms His Support For President Obama's $1.76 Trillion Government-Run Healthcare Law:  Republican Congressman Jeff Flake Supports A Full Repeal Of The Healthcare Law  -   After being the only Democrat in the entire country to be personally recruited by both President Barack Obama and Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, today Richard Carmona reaffirmed his support for their $1.76 trillion government-run healthcare law. According to reports, Carmona doubled-down on the healthcare law that guts $716 billion from Medicare – including over $9 billion from seniors in Arizona – raises taxes on small business owners and forces every Arizonan to purchase health insurance.  
As the Associated Press reports:
  • "Flake cites health care as exhibit A. Flake voted against the Democratic-led effort to expand health insurance coverage and would vote to repeal it if he's elected. … Carmona's campaign subsequently made clear he would not vote to repeal the [healthcare] law and would work to improve it, but that doesn't come through in his pitch to voters."  (Kevin Freking, Arizona getting to know Carmona in Senate race, Associated Press, 10/8/12
Notably, Richard Carmona called President Obama “brave” for ramming his $1.76 trillion healthcare bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve. 
"Richard Carmona called President Obama ‘brave’ for ramming his healthcare bill through Congress, so it’s no surprise that Carmona continues to support his healthcare law that guts $716 billion from Medicare,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert.  “Unlike Democrat Richard Carmona, Republican Congressman Jeff Flake voted against the $1.76 trillion healthcare bill and will fight to repeal this job-killing law.” 
Congressman David Schweikert’s Mobile Office Hours –
  • Oct 3 – 10:30 am – noon,   Foothills Community Foundation, Holland Community Center: 34250 N. 60th Street, Bldg B, Agave Room, Scottsdale, AZ 85266
  • Oct 10 - 10:30 am – noon,   Appaloosa Library: 7377 E. Silverstone Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
  • Oct 11 – 10:30 am-11:30 am, Granite Reef Senior Center: 1700 N. Granite Reef Road, Room 5, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • Oct 12 – 11 am – 1 pm, American Legion Post 44: 7145 E. 2nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (for members of the military, veterans, and their families only.  Contact   or  or call 480-946-2411.
The LD23 GOP office, 8520 E. Shea, Scottsdale is now open from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Phone - 480 719-5110.  Fountain Hills Republicans wishing to help on Tuesdays are urged to contact Edith Stock  or  Boe James  480 588-7612  Volunteers for any other day should drop in between 10 am and 8 pm or contact  Doug Little at 480-686-5387
The Arizona Project 12 office at 3375 E. Shea Blvd.,#2, Phx, is having stuffing parties everyday from 9 am to 9 pm to stuff candidate palm cards into door hangers. Volunteers are needed throughout the day and evening.  Contact: Chr Ronald Ludders at 602-677-1496.
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Obama’s ‘Blood On My Hands’ Flag  Glenn Beck Is Asking… Why?


Obama Admin Deemed Border Security Murders as an Acceptable Risk  acceptable risk
Babeau: Docs prove Obama Officials Treated Bounties on Border Patrol Agents, Increased Drug and People Smuggling as Acceptable Risks
Docs prove

US-Mexico border: Is there such thing as a secure border? US/MX border

Mexico’s Cartels Increase Their Muscle In The U.S.   cartel muscle

USDA diversity training session included ‘illegal immigrants’ chant, group claims
training chants

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 “Paul is a smart guy. He has committed his life to understanding the problems of our economy,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on CNN’s “State of The Union” on Sunday. “I think Paul is going to do a great job, but I think it’s important to understand [that Biden is] a gifted orator [and] very good at rhetoric.”






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Massive Defense Layoffs In Limbo    Employers Told Not To Give 60-Day Notice

Unemployment At 7.8%? Yep, Just Like Slaughter In Libya Was “Spontaneous”!









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