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11-15-12 MCRC Briefs

Nov 15, 2012

A Thank You Note To A Good Man.
Thank you for turning aside from a life of ease and security to run for the presidency against an incumbent.
Thank you for enduring the slander of you, your family, and your faith perpetrated by a criminally negligent media.
Thank you for calling things such as 'terrorism' by their right name.
Thank for selecting Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate.
Thank you -- and your lovely wife -- for demonstrating true love.
Thank you for handling yourself with grace and equanimity in every situation.
Thank you for your patriotism.
Thank you for believing in America.  It is to our eternal shame that America did not, in this time and place, believe in you.
-      Author unknown
·         Gov Jan Brewer Is Accepting Applications For A Newly Created Judicial Position On The Mohave County Superior Court. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Dec. 13, 2012. The list of candidates will be released soon thereafter. Public comment regarding applicants’ skills, expertise, ethics and other relevant information will be accepted until Dec  28, 2012. A copy of the application and instructions for applying can be downloaded at
·         SOS Ken Bennett: Arizona’s County Recorders Have An Estimated 163,482 Early and provisional ballots statewide to process and count. A state canvass to certify official election results for federal, statewide and legislative races is scheduled for December 3. Individual county breakouts are attached or visit:
·         Complimentary Tickets To Judicial Watch's Hard-Hitting Documentary ‘District Of Corruption,’. at the AMC Desert Ridge 18 Theatre, 21001 N. Tatum, Phx, are available at toll free 1 (877) 298-9387 (between 11:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET) or emailing  See trailer here. District of Corruption chronicles the ongoing battle to clean up government corruption in Washington, DC, focusing intensely on Judicial Watch's efforts to counter the unprecedented corruption and secrecy of the permanent political class. District of Corruption exposes Obama and other political scandals, including: Operation Fast and Furious; crony capitalism; Solyndra and other "green energy;" federal bailouts and earmarks; ACORN and voter fraud; illegal alien amnesty; and threats to the integrity of our elections; as well as new attacks on government transparency and accountability.
·         Agenda 21. Most Of Us Have Heard Of It, Only A Few Know What It Is. Disguised as “helping the planet,” Americans are being tricked into more government control. Glenn Beck examines Agenda 21 and explains how as individuals we must stand our ground, and stop it. Before it’s too late. Find out how, this Monday at 5pm ET on TheBlaze TV.  
·         Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) Strongly Criticized The Recent Terrorist Attacks against Israel by Hamas: "I strongly and unwaveringly condemn the attacks that have so far claimed the lives of three innocent Israeli civilians earlier today.  The citizens of Israel have for far too long been terrorized by rockets launched by a terrorist regime -- Hamas operating in Gaza -- with absolutely no regard for innocent life, whether it be the Israeli citizens who endure their cowardly and unprovoked attacks, or the Palestinian citizens behind whom they shamefully hide. Over 800 separate rockets have been launched at Israeli communities in the past 11 months.  It is the sovereign right of Israel to defend herself against these acts of terror and to take decisive action in order to defend the lives of the citizens of Israel."
·         Chuck And Connie Gray’s 24th Annual Pie Night is scheduled Thanksgiving Eve from 6-9 pm. You may bring a pie if you wish – not required.
·         During Tonight’s Young Republicans At ASU members played a game involving political knowledge of the past and present.
·         “Toys, Treasures And Traditions” Is The Theme For The 26th Annual APS Fiesta Of Light Electric Light Parade is scheduled Dec 1 in Phoenix. For details or entires: lightparade
  • The 9 Am, Nov 17 Fountain Hills Republican Club's Meeting Will Feature Republican Officials Who Were Elected Or Re-Elected On November 6 General Election.  All Candidates Who Appeared On The Ballot In Fountain Hills Have Been Invited To Attend And To Discuss Their Goals. The Meeting Is Scheduled In The FH Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills. Contact: Club President Boe James At 480 588-7612 Or By E-Mail At Fhrpublican@Yahoo.Com.  Visit The Website At Http://Www.Fhrepublicanclub.Org
  • If Anyone Who Has A Resolution Proposal For The MCRC EGC , please contact Resolutions Chairman Lyle Tuttle at
  • AZCDL Volunteers Will Be Working 15 Gun Shows and other events in November, culminating in the biggest gun show of the year on Nov 30- Dec 2 at the Phoenix State Fairgrounds. volunteers needed .
  • Tired Of The Robo Calls: go on line and remove your phone number here:
  • The Military Families Foundation, Inc., AZGOP, The AZGOP MAVS Committee, the PAChyderm Coalition and Republican Women's Clubs are co-sponsoring a Holiday Outreach Project to meet the needs of our National Guard families and veterans who are facing severe challenges.  Items and funds will be distributed by mid December. All donations are tax-deductible. or call education line at 602-266-0092.
·         Exit Poll Shows Support For Immigration Enforcement, Not Amnesty
While amnesty prone Obama won another four years, Americans showed no excitement for amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens working and living within the United States. Dan Stein, president of The Federation for American Immigration Reform,, spoke about the exit polls after the election. Americans want immigration laws enforced.  frosty wooldridge
·         Editor’s Note:  Let Your Congressmen Know How You Feel About The Handling Or Mishandling Of Various Issues In Washington, Dc. 
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
Arizona Senators: Contact Senate
AZ Sen. Jon Kyl           202 224 4521      602 840 1891     
AZ Sen. John McCain    202 224 2235      602 952 2410     
AZ Representatives: Contact House
AZ Rep. Paul Gosar   (CD1)
AZ Rep. Trent Franks          (CD2) (623) 776-7911
AZ Rep. Ben Quayle    (CD3)
AZ Rep. David Schweikert    (CD5)
AZ Rep. Jeff Flake    (CD6)  Http://Flake.House.Gov/
·         Eric Johnson, Founder Of Life Liberty Freedom is offering free service to send your messages to every member of Congress, legislatures in all states, the nation’s top 100 newspaper editors or the top 50 editors in the state.  Register at
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·         Tell the media to ask the tough questions and to run the story White House Correspondents 202-266-7453, NBC 212-664-3720,ABC 212-456-7777, CBS 212-975-3247 Call for hearings and truth  White House- Comments - 202-456-1111, Switchboard - 202-456-1414, OGR committee- 202-225-5074 - ask for public hearings
·         Exit Poll Shows Support For Immigration Enforcement, Not Amnesty
While amnesty prone Obama won another four years, Americans showed no excitement for amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens working and living within the United States. Dan Stein, president of The Federation for American Immigration Reform,, spoke about the exit polls after the election. Americans want immigration laws enforced.  frosty wooldridge
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