Friday, November 30, 2012

11-29-12 MCRC Briefs

Nov 29, 2012
·        New Voter Fraud Website Investigating Swing State Fraud That Elected Obama  AZ site: The Presidential Election Is Not Over – It Is Being Stolen Via Massive Voter Fraud
·        A Must See:
·        LD1 Elected State Committeeman: Lori Klein, Suzanne Jordan, Charles Braun, Cynthia Moulton, Cathy Schwanke, Karl Hoelscher, David Johnson, Ken Jordan, Edward Shadley, Robert Smith, Colene Anderson-Shadley, Judy Hoelsher, Diane Lee, Janet Mohr, Thomas Councell, Jr.,Paul LaPerle, Luke Rogonjich, Dan Kruszyna, Dolly Laperle, Phil McIntoch, Jacqui Perry-Brown, Babette Smith, Geri Kruszyna, Barbara Sasser, Alison Kettenhofen, Michael Remington, Alice Serra, Elisa DesGroseilliers, Amy Remington, Connie Stanfield, Pamela Councell, David Stanfield, Jesslyn Holmes.
·        LD19 Elected State Committeeman George Ortiz, Kim Owens, Dean Owens, Marcus Hannah, Matt Wharton, Sophia Johnson, John Johnson.
·        LD20 State Committeemen: Bill Adams,Thurane Aung Khin, Renada Aung Khin, Paul Boyer, Keith Broadwater, Wanda Bundy, TC Bundy, Ross Carlisle, Vitaliy Cheterikov,  RachaelCheteriklov, Janice Cottrill, Donna Duggins, Sharon Ferguson, Michael Gibbs, Fred Gioglo, Carmel Gioglio, Paul Gorman, Wesley Harris, Robert Heidt, Adam Henriksen, Rachaele Hynd-Sheriff, Ronald Janashak, Loreen Janashak, Raymond Johnson, Nicki Kelley, Marcus Kelley, Anthony Kern, Chad Kirkpatrick, Paul Kovar, Naomi Kruse, Kyle Lauing, Natasha Lauing, Colleen Lombard, Thomas Lombard, Jr., Karen Mahon, Jaunna Mahoney, Ray Malnar, Nelson Mar, Christopher McCoy, Mark Zemel.
·        Police-Officer-Helps-Family
·        Dust Off Kyl-Kennedy Immigration Reform   By Robert Robb
·        Governor Throws Us To The Feds    By Laurie Roberts 
·        Isn't It Time To Quit Fighting Over The Dreamers?   By Laurie Roberts
·        Kyl's Irrelevant Final Act     By EJ Montini
·        Didn't Win The Lottery? Yes, You Did.   By EJ Montini
·        Franks: Palestinian Authority Unwilling To Negotiate For Peace– In light of today's expected United Nations vote to recognize the Palestinian Authority's statehood, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02), Chairman of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, strongly criticized President Mahmoud Abbas, both for favoring a symbolic political stunt over the well-being of his own people, and for being unwilling to directly negotiate for peace with Israel:  "By once again turning his back on bilateral talks, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is firmly placing yet another nail in the coffin of the Peace Process. By turning away from direct negotiations, Abbas is violating the fundamental principles of two decades of Israeli-Palestinian agreements. By doing so, he risks losing the financial assistance from the United States and Israel on which the precarious Palestinian Authority is so dependent. This effort by the Palestinian leadership to bypass direct negotiations again makes it all too clear that the PA is unwilling to negotiate for peace with Israel – no matter what the cost to the Palestinian people, and all in pursuit of a purely symbolic victory at the United Nations.  Sadly, this behavior typifies the Palestinian Leadership that for so long has kept its people in poverty and destitution by refusing to reach a negotiated peace with Israel."
·        Attn LD Chairmen:  Please forward a list of your newly elected officers LD officers to so we can update the LD Chairman list.
·        The Presidential Election Is Not Over – It Is Being Stolen Via Massive Voter Fraud 
·        The Annual Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting Is Scheduled Jan 12 at the Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central, in Phoenix, according to MCRC Chairman Rob Haney. Details tba.
·        The Annual AZGOP State Mandatory Meeting Is Scheduled Jan. 26. Details to be announced.  The annual Chairman’s Awards Dinner will be held Jan. 25
·        The AZGOP Christmas Party Will Be Held Dec 5 From 5-7 Pm At The Bass Pro Shops, 1133 N. Dobson Rd., Mesa. Refreshments will be provided. There will be an open shooting range. Bring your own weapon. Ammo must be purchased at Bass Pro the day of the event. Donations of toys, clothing and blankets will be appreciated for the AZGOP Military & Veterans Association. Or items can be dropped off at the GOP headquarters 3501 N. 24th St., Contact: Lori Urban or 480-221-9633 cell
  • Parralee Schneider And April Riggins Are The Co Chairs Of The AZGOP Awards Selection Committee for the January banquet. Executive Committee members can nominate an outstanding State Committeeman/Woman or District/Club for any of the following awards. Nominations should be sent to Schneider at or contact her at 520-749-0312. Riggins: Aprilariggins@Gmail.ComThe Deadline for submissions of your award nomination is 7 pm, Friday January 11, 2013. Please remember that only State Committeemen are eligible to receive these awards; outstanding Precinct Committeeman are recognized by their respective County and Legislative Districts.
  • Award Categories:
    • Most Outstanding Party Worker in State
    • Most Outstanding Party Worker in County
    • Most Outstanding party Worker in District
    • Most Outstanding County
    • Most Outstanding District
    • Most Outstanding County Chair
    • Most Outstanding District Chair
    • Rookie of the year
    • Best Republican Club or Organization
·        Editor’s Note:  Let Your Congressmen Know How You Feel About The Handling Or Mishandling Of Various Issues In Washington, Dc. 
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
§  Arizona Senators:
§  AZ Sen. Jon Kyl   202 224 4521   602 840 1891
§  AZ Sen. John McCain    202 224 2235      602 952 2410
§  AZ Representatives:       
§  AZ Rep. Trent Franks           (CD2)  (623) 776-7911
§  AZ Rep. Ben Quayle (CD3)
§  AZ Rep. Paul Gosar  (CD4)   (202) 225-2315
§  AZ Rep. David Schweikert    (CD5)   (202) 225-2190
§  AZ Rep. Jeff Flake    (CD6)  202) 225-2635
·        Eric Johnson, Founder Of Life Liberty Freedom is offering free service to send your messages to every member of Congress, legislatures in all states, the nation’s top 100 newspaper editors or the top 50 editors in the state.  Register at
·        Petition: Defund Eric Holder, Investigate Benghazi Specialoperationsspeaks.Com
·        Tell The Media To Ask The Tough Questions And To Run The Story White House Correspondents 202-266-7453, Nbc 212-664-3720,Abc 212-456-7777, CBS 212-975-3247
·        Call For Hearings And Truth  White House:Comments - 202-456-1111, Switchboard - 202-456-1414, Ogr Committee- 202-225-5074 - Ask For Public Hearings
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