Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11-6-12 MCRC Briefs

November 6, 2012

·         Romney Wins Arizona

·         Dems-Demand-Fbi-Investigation-Into-Jeff-Flake-Campaign-Over-Weekend-Robocall  Media fails to mention robo calls stating Republicans supported Prop 121.

·         Suspect Voting Shenanigans? Send Tips To Newsmanager@Foxnews.Com

·         Roundup-Voter-Irregularities

·         Law-Gives-Workers-Time-To-Vote


Grassroots Level Of Arizona Republican Party Reminds Legislative Leadership Of GOP Priorities: Legislative Leadership Elections On November 7th Must Reflect Republican Values – Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey issued the following statement after leaders of the Maricopa, Pinal, Gila and Navajo County Republican party committees recently passed resolutions reminding Republican officeholders to elect leaders who support key Republican principles.
"While our recent efforts statewide have been focused entirely on electing Republicans to office, it is readily apparent that the grassroots level of our Republican Party also strongly desires to ensure that our legislators, once elected, also choose leaders who will uphold Republican principles.  As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, I understand and am giving voice to the sentiments expressed by our county committees.  Our Republican legislators should consider the significant contribution that Republicans at the grassroots level make to our party in tomorrow's leadership elections.  The grassroots of our party -- including thousands of precinct committeemen, volunteers, and donors -- are the core strength of our organization.  For us to be successful as a whole all of our members must remain dedicated to upholding our platform, maintaining our integrity, and recognizing the expressed desires of the people we represent.  We, who are entrusted with public office, must never lose sight of the fact that we serve those who elected us, and not vice versa."

The Santa Cruz County Republican Committee has voted to endorse Andy Biggs and Steve Smith for Arizona Legislative leadership, according to Chairman Zack Taylor. 

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