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11-8-12 MCRC Briefs

November 8, 2012

Iran-Fired-At-US-Drone-Pentagon-Says  Nov 1, US Public Just Now Informed

LaFaro Builds Grassroots Team To Seek Maricopa County GOP Leadership Positions: A. J. LaFaro, candidate for Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), announced today the slate of officers running with him for the MCRC Executive Officer positions. The election of new county Maricopa County leadership will be held during the January 12, 2013 annual statutory meeting.
          LaFaro said he has recruited a slate of hard working, grassroots conservatives who are able to provide the experience and proven leadership qualities Maricopa County Republicans expect and deserve to strengthen the party at the county level.
LaFaro’s team consists of candidates April Riggins - First Vice Chairman, Jose Borrajero - Second Vice Chairman, Jeni White -  Secretary and incumbent David Ludwig - Treasurer (Incumbent).
·         April Riggins is currently an elected Precinct Committeeman (PC), State Committeeman, a Member-At-Large from CD6, and was selected as one of the A Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention recently held in Tampa. She is Past Chairman of the LD7 Republicans and served as First Vice Chairman and Treasurer. She is a graduate of the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series achieving a position of outstanding leadership for Republicans for the 21st Century. Over the years, she has worked tirelessly as a PC, poll worker, poll watcher, ballot auditor and leader within the Republican Party. Her efforts have not gone without numerous peer recognitions and she has received widely respected awards.
·         Jose Borrajero currently an elected PC, State Committeeman, LD15 Republicans secretary , Communications Director Arizona of the Latino Republican Association (ALRA) and was elected as one of the A Delegates to the Republican National Conventionheld in Tampa. He is founder and leader of Arizona’s “Rapid Response Team”, a statewide network of grass roots activists whose mission is to advance conservative legislation via citizen input, and to constantly monitor the state legislative activities. Borrajero also brings a valuable Latino connection to LaFaro’s team. As a leading member of ALRA, he has developed a strong working relationship with the major Spanish news networks whereby he provides live on camera and radio commentary, in fluent native Spanish, whenever events take place that effect the community and the Republican Party. This relationship is unprecedented and invaluable as Arizona Republicans continue to promote their conservative point of view to the same audience Democrats are counting on to turn Arizona Blue. Jose’s efforts and hard work have not gone without the recognition. He is the recipient of the 2012 Lincoln Day “Defender of the Constitution” Award and the 2012 Americans for Prosperity “Activist of the Year” Award.
·         Jeni White is the LD 18 Chairman, an elected PC and State Committeeman, a member of the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP) By Laws Committee and AZGOP’s Official Event Photographer. She is Past LD20 Chairman and served as Second Vice Chairman. She is Co-founder of the Ahwatukee Tea Party Organization. White has been active in the Republican Party since 2000 and became a PC in 2010. During the 2010 election cycle, White and other LD20 PCs developed a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort that redefined the model to a new level of effectiveness and excellence. Congressman David Schweikert attributed LD20’s GOTV effort in 2010 as the reason for his landslidevictory. In 2012, White and her LD18 Republicans did not slow down - theystepped up their game. Their blitzkrieg ground and air attack of 30,000 litdrop bags and follow-up phone calls made the winning difference in LD18.She will modestly tell you she is the rookie on the team; however, because of her commitment to the grassroots conservative movement and the Republican Party -she has helped accomplish more in three short years than many Republicans accomplish in a lifetime. Jeni is a doer not a talker.
·         David Ludwig, incumbent Treasurer candidate, is currently an elected PC, State Committeeman, a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Washington Elementary School District, for the past 17 years. He is Past Sergeant at Arms LD11 Republicans and recognized as LD11’s ‘Outstanding PC’ two years in a row. The fiduciary responsibilities of the MCRC Treasurer are clearly defined and extremely important. David’s two years of experience in this position brings a great deal to the leadership team.
·         A. J. LaFaro, candidate for Chairman, is a past LD17 GOP Chairman, the AZGOP Statewide Voter and PEVL Registration Chairman, the MCRC GOTA Strategic Planning Chairman, a founding member of the AZGOP Military and Veterans Services (MAVS) Committee, serves on the AZGOP By-Laws Committee, the MCRC By-Laws Committee, an Arizona Conservative Educators *(ACE) board member, and is an elected PC.  He also authored of the AZGOP and  MCRC EGC Resolutions condemning the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC), which passed unanimously. He testified every day at the Arizona Joint Legislative Committee investigating the AIRC.  He is meeting with LDS, GOP and Tea Party organizations throughout Maricopa County discussing his ideas to strengthen the party at the county level.
LaFaro can be reached at or 480-752-9164.
§  GOP Leadership Was Elected For The Arizona Legislature Yesterday. They are:
Senate - President - Andy Biggs
Majority Leader - John McComish
Majoity Whip - Adam Driggs
President Pro tempore - to be appointed by Senate President
House - Speaker - Andy Tobin
Majority Leader - David Gowan
Majority Whip - Rick Gray
Speaker Pro tempore - to be appointed by House Speaker
·         Volunteers Are Needed For The Fountain Hills Republican Club Booth Friday through Sunday at the Fountain Hills Festival of the Arts. Hours most needed: 1-3 pm on Friday, 3-5 pm on Saturday and 10-11 am on Sunday. Extra volunteers are also needed throughout the day as well. Volunteers are contact: Chris Brant at     480-837-5727
·         GOP Maintains Hold On Mohave County  Bd Of Supervisors  They are Gary Watson, Hildy Angius, Buster Johnson, Joy Brotherton, and Steven Moss.
·         Kris Morrissey Thanks Volunteers Drivers: A huge thank you for your prompt response to our request for drivers. You were awesome and made this job so much easier. We were able to match a voter to a driver quickly and efficiently and believe me, the "riders" were very appreciative. We ended up with so many volunteers, we not only covered the valley but were able to employ some of them for the phone bank on election day. I am in the process of calling each driver to thank them and to let them know how important they were to our GOTV efforts. There is a list of the drivers shown below, in case any of you want to thank them as well.
Diana Duran from the MCRC Sun City location also coordinated all of the rides in theNorthwest and West valley which was critical to our success. A special thank you to Diane.
We provided about 16 rides from Headquarters and 6 rides from MCRC. This may seem insignificant in terms of the total number of rides, but not to the person who needed a ride nor to the candidates looking for every vote.
HQ Drivers: Rob Godwin, Niles Dunells, Wendy Freeman, Rhonda King, Don Greene, Nancy Zimmerman, Linda Wooten, Jennifer Fergasun, Peggy McClain and Loraine Pellegrino.
Also Marilyn Higgins, Marie Crews, Jim and Jean Heath, Brant Weber, Pat Newsom, Pat O'Malley, Paul Marchant, Bill Linder, Emma Jean Benware and Julie Watson.
And Lou Napoli, Donald Gore, Tony Rosaci, Peter Morgan, Duane Janssen, Lee Noble, Josh Powell, Karen Guthrie, David Stevens, Pam James, Linda Yates, Rob and Marne Haney.
·         Arizona Losing Veteran In Kyl
·         Voters Defeat 5 Measures
·         Dems Lose Utilities Commission
·         Maricopa Incumbents All Win
·         All Judges On Ballot Retained
·         Pinal County Re-Elects Babeu
·         Municipal Race Roundup
·         The End Of An Empire
·         The Day After The Election
·         America Commits Suicide
·         A New Kind Of Freedom
·         Lights Went Out In America
·         The Die Is Cast
·         Mixed-Mandate
·         The Citizens Alliance To Recall Sen. John Mccain Has Formed. Contacts:   or
·         Tweeted Your Ballot? You May Have Broken The Law:  If you snapped a quick picture of your ballot this Election Day, you may have broken a state law. Most states expressly prohibit filming or photographing inside polling places, or disallow the sharing of one's own ballot. The rules vary widely from state to state, and so do the potential punishments.    photo-ballot-voting-law
·         See Benghazi-Gate Updates Below. Scroll To Benghazi-Gate
·         If Anyone Who Has A Resolution Proposal For The MCRC EGC , please contact Resolutions Chairman Lyle Tuttle at
·         AZCDL Volunteers Will Be Working 15 Gun Shows and other events in November, culminating in the biggest gun show of the year on Nov 30- Dec 2 at the Phoenix State Fairgrounds. volunteers needed .
·         Tired Of The Robo Calls: go on line and remove your phone number here:
·         The Military Families Foundation, Inc., AZGOP, The AZGOP MAVS Committee, the PAChyderm Coalition and Republican Women's Clubs are co-sponsoring a Holiday Outreach Project to meet the needs of our National Guard families and veterans who are facing severe challenges.  Items and funds will be distributed by mid December. All donations are tax-deductible. or call education line at 602-266-0092.
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·         Petition:  Special Operations Speaks Demands An Independent Investigation To Uncover Potential High Crimes And Misdemeanors In Benghazigate
·         PETITION - Retired Special Forces:  Demand Congress Hold The 'Leakers' In The Obama Administration Accountable Http://Specialoperationsspeaks.Com/Petition
·         PETITION: Another Special Forces Petition:  Leon Panetta Admits Leaks, Excuses Above The Law!  Http://Specialoperationsspeaks.Com/Petition
·         Media Not Doing Job On Libya Story  On Libya Story
·         Put pressure on the media to ask the tough questions and to run the story
White House Correspondents 202-266-7453
NBC 212-664-3720
ABC 212-456-7777
CBS 212-975-3247
Why is the White House lying to the American people?
When did the President know and why was there no security?
Why was the video blamed when we knew that it was a terrorist attack in real time?
Was this situation an arms deal gone bad with militia or terrorist groups?
- Call for hearings and truth
Call the White House-
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
OGR committee- 202-225-5074 - ask for public hearings
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·         Kremlin Cheers Obama Election
·         Iran-Fired-At-Us-Drone-Pentagon-Says  Nov 1, Public Just Informed
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