Friday, November 9, 2012

11-9-12 MCRC Briefs

November 9, 2012

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."   President Ronald Reagan

·         Alan Korwin, Long Time Organizer Of The Annual December “Bill Of Rights” Event announced today is not organizing event as he has for the past decade. That's now up to you, your church, Tea Party, congressional district, club, whatever. Korwin says, “It's easy, here's how, and time is short so you need to act.”

·         Secretary Bennett Has Announced That As Of Friday Afternoon, there are an estimated 524,633 early and provisional ballots statewide that are yet to be processed and counted. A state canvass to certify official election results for federal, statewide and legislative races is scheduled for Dec. 3. Voters who cast a “conditional provisional” ballot (individuals had insufficient identification when they went to vote at a polling place) have five business days, or until the end of Wednesday, Nov. 14, to return to their county elections office with proper ID.

·         Statement From Governor Jan Brewer: No More Broken Promises On Border Security   “If there is any consolation in Tuesday’s disappointing election results it is that illegal immigration has returned to the forefront of our national dialogue. This is a good thing. America’s immigration system is broken.
    “But we must not rush head-long into a ‘solution’ that only makes things worse.Right now, there are well-meaning people – including some in my own party – who are advocating a grand bargain in which the American people would be promised border security in exchange for the granting of amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens. We’ve been here before.
    “I remember it was in 1986 that my idol, President Reagan, helped usher through a similar compromise. Three million aliens became American citizens; the border was never secured. In fact, recent American history is littered with similar broken promises when it comes to border security.
    “That’s why I have a simple request for the President and Congress: Secure our border first. Demonstrate that you take seriously the safety concerns of Americans living in the border region. With that completed, we can pursue – together – ways to fix our Nation’s broader immigration system in a fashion that is effective, practical and humane.”

·         ‘Hair On Fire’ Talk Show Hostesses Barbara Espinosa and her side kick former AZGOP chairman Randy Pullen will entertain talk show hosts Austin Hill and James Allen at 4 pm, Nov 13 on   E-Mail questions to: Call In Numbers 1-347-857-40081  Hill hosts “Austin Hill’s Big World of Small Business,” heard every weekend on talk radio outlets in the U.S., and of www.AustinsBigWorld.Com   Allen hosts ‘The James Allen Show,’ a nationally syndicated political talk show and is a nationally syndicated columnist at,
·         Volunteers Are Needed For The Fountain Hills Republican Club Booth Friday through Sunday at the Fountain Hills Festival of the Arts. Hours most needed: 1-3 pm on Friday, 3-5 pm on Saturday and 10-11 am on Sunday. Extra volunteers are also needed throughout the day as well. Volunteers are contact: Chris Brant at     480-837-5727
·         The Citizens Alliance To Recall Sen. John Mccain Has Formed. Contacts:   or
·         See Benghazi-Gate Updates Below. Scroll To Benghazi-Gate
·         If Anyone Who Has A Resolution Proposal For The MCRC EGC , please contact Resolutions Chairman Lyle Tuttle at
·         AZCDL Volunteers Will Be Working 15 Gun Shows and other events in November, culminating in the biggest gun show of the year on Nov 30- Dec 2 at the Phoenix State Fairgrounds. volunteers needed .
·         Tired Of The Robo Calls: go on line and remove your phone number here:
·         The Military Families Foundation, Inc., AZGOP, The AZGOP MAVS Committee, the PAChyderm Coalition and Republican Women's Clubs are co-sponsoring a Holiday Outreach Project to meet the needs of our National Guard families and veterans who are facing severe challenges.  Items and funds will be distributed by mid December. All donations are tax-deductible. or call education line at 602-266-0092.
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·         Petition:  Special Operations Speaks Demands An Independent Investigation To Uncover Potential High Crimes And Misdemeanors In Benghazigate
·         PETITION - Retired Special Forces:  Demand Congress Hold The 'Leakers' In The Obama Administration Accountable Http://Specialoperationsspeaks.Com/Petition
·         PETITION: Another Special Forces Petition:  Leon Panetta Admits Leaks, Excuses Above The Law!  Http://Specialoperationsspeaks.Com/Petition
·         Media Not Doing Job On Libya Story  On Libya Story
·         Put pressure on the media to ask the tough questions and to run the story
White House Correspondents 202-266-7453
NBC 212-664-3720
ABC 212-456-7777
CBS 212-975-3247
Why is the White House lying to the American people?
When did the President know and why was there no security?
Why was the video blamed when we knew that it was a terrorist attack in real time?
Was this situation an arms deal gone bad with militia or terrorist groups?
Call for hearings and truth
Call the White House-
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
OGR committee- 202-225-5074 - ask for public hearings
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·         Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

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