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11-30-12 MCRC Briefs

Nov 30, 2012

·        Attn LD Chairmen:  Please forward a list of your newly elected officers LD officers to   so we can update the LD Chairman list.
·        New MCRC GOP LD Officers:
  • LD1: Chairman - Cathy Schwanke. First Vice Chairman - Sen. Lori Klein, Second VC - Chuck Braun, Secretary - Suzanne Jordan, and Treasurer - Cindy Moulton
  • LD4: Chairman - Rhonda King, 1st Vice Chair - Fred Amator, 2nd Vice Chair - Janice Amator and Secretary/Treasurer - Brenda Roden. 
  • LD12:
  • LD13:  Chairman - Robert Branch, 1st Vice Chair - Frosty Taylor, 2nd Vice Chair - Ernie McCollum, Secretary - Renee Taylor, and Treasurer - Jared Eames.
  • LD14:
  • LD15:  David Henderson – Chairman, James DeVere  - 1st Vice Chair, ViciLee Jacobs - 2nd Vice Chair, Jose Borrajero -  Secretary and Deborah Adams – Treasurer.
  • LD16:
  • LD17:
  • LD18:
  • LD19: Chairman – Cherie Scott, 1st Vice Chair – George Ortiz, Secretary – Kim Owens and Treasurer – Marc Hannah.
  • LD20: Chairman - Ray Malnar, 1st Vice Chair - Raymond Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair  - Nickie Kelly, Treasurer - David Andrews, and Secretary - Karen Mahon.
  • LD21:  Chairman - Kevin Payne, 1st Vice Chair - Teresa Wright , 2nd Vice Chair - Pat Petrini , Secretary - Emily Sabo and Treasurer - Melinda Hillis .
  • LD22:  Chairman Eric Morgan, First Vice Chairman -  Frank Carroll, Second Vice Chairman - Tom Platt, Treasurer - Kay Heep, and Secretary - Jane Schutte.
  • LD23:
  • LD24:  Chairman Brian Kaufman, 1st Vice Chairman - Auggie Bartning, 2nd Vice Chairman -  Roger Pongratz, Recording Secretary - Wendy Anderton, Corresponding Secretary -  Carole Joyce and Treasurer - Ashley Bunch.
  • LD25:
  • LD26:
  • LD27:  Chairman Terry Rapp, First Vice-Chair Andrew Costanzo; 2nd Vice Chair -  Ron Harders, Secretary - Pat Lister and Treasurer – Susan Marcell.
  • LD28: Chairman Scott O'Connor, First Vice Chair Mary Hamway, 2nd Vice Chair Richard Smith, Corresponding Secretary Deborah Lavinsky , Recording Secretary Lisa Hoberg; and Treasurer Catherine Kaufman.
  • LD29: Chairman Charles Ellis, First Vice Chair – John Wilson, Recorder – Mark Riddles, and Treasurer – Erminie Zarra.
  • LD30:    
·        Saturday, January 12 - COUNTY Statutory Meeting - ALL Precinct Committeemen attend. Church of the Nations, Phx.
·        Saturday, January 26 - STATE Statutory Meeting - All State Committeemen Attend. Location tba.
·        LD24 State Committeemen: Joe Abate, Wendy Anderton, Auggie Bartning, Susan Bitter Smith, Alice Boyd, Todd Bradford, Kassee Bulen, Ashley Bunch, Carol Condit,
Carol Crockett, George Cuprak, Lois Fitch, Barry Goldwater Jr., Paul Hickman, Angie Jacobsen, Carole Joyce, Andrea Katsenes, Brian Kaufman, Tom Kouts, Kim Kunasek, Brandon Leach, LeOla Leavitt, Robert Leavitt, David Ludwig, Chuck McCracken, Gina McCracken, Roy Miller, Vinny Paul, Roger Pongratz, Amy Rhodes, Michael Rubinoff, Tysen Schlink, Paul Smith, Teresa Tenbrink, Cindy Thomas, Dan Troop, Armand Verdone, Shiree Verdone, Brian Wasserman, and Barry Wong.  A tie between Dick Bauer and Phil Mason, will be worked according to Chairman Brian Kaufmann.
·        LD29 State Committeemen: Charles Ellis, JohnWilson, Mark Riddles, Erminie Zarra and Jannet Serverson.

·        LD21 State Committeemen: Emily Sabo, Pat Petrini, Lisa Gray, Rick Gray, Robert Burns, Gayle Burns, Debbie Lesko, Joe Lesko, Jean McGrath, Jason Dragon, Dragos Neagu, Pamela Pickard, Larry Pickard, Kevin Schmidt, Teresa Wright, Melinda Hillis, Rick Murphy, Maryanne Hillis, Kevin Payne, Penny Murphy, Rita Hick, Tom Scott, Diana Duran, Tom Hick, Carmel Scharenbroich, Daniela Neagu, Matthew Neagu, Connie Scott, Jeffrey West, Mike Spoock, Marcela Neagu, Mary Jan Gibson, Jerry Johnson, Roger Byg, Lindsay Johnson, Michael Holland, Lyle Tuttle, Priscilla Gibson, Lynette Holland, Jonathan Mecham, Stacey Pingree, Debbie Wells, Ashlee Mecham, Jason Poyner, Stephen Ring, Terry Veazley,  Ambi West, Dawn Johnson and Andrey Tinta.

·        LD23 State Committeemen from Fountain Hills Republican Club: 28 of the 117 LD23 SC are from FH, according to the FHRC chairman Boe James. From the five precincts of Fountain Hills, the FHRC has 23% of the state committeemen in the legislative district, while representing about 11% of the precincts within the LD. James reports that eight additional state committeemen are members of the FHRC, but do not live within the boundaries of FH or their five voting precincts, according to James. The FHRC members who are state committeemen include: Michal Becker, Lina Bellenir, Edward Birkemo, Mynita Boll, Bill Bovinette, Rich Cvitanich, Maxine Decker, Charlene Dill, Effie Gross, Bruce Hansen, Cheri Dee Harrison, Hugh Henry, Janet Johnson, John Javanagh, Sandy Larson, Evelyn Munn, Karyn Nelson, Nancy Ordowski, Judith Perron, Christopher Reed, Dennis Reed, Judith Rutkowski, Richard Rutkowski, Laurence Schmit, David Schweikert, Joyce Schweikert, Frederica Sinclair, Ronald Smith, and Dr. C.T. Wright.
·        LD27 State Committeemen: Andrew Costanzo, Terry Rapp, Ron Harders, Dan Coleman, Sarah Coleman, Alice Lara, Kerry O’Neal, Pat Lister, Tracy Ireland, Curt Miller, Cody Moore, Susan Marcell and Terry McMahon.
·        Warm December Forecast
·        400 Jobs Cut In Superior
·        Family Of Fallen Officer Deserves More    Laurie Roberts
·        New Voter Fraud Website Investigating Swing State Fraud That Elected Obama  AZ site: The Presidential Election Is Not Over – It Is Being Stolen Via Massive Voter Fraud
·        A Must See:
·        The Presidential Election Is Not Over – It Is Being Stolen Via Massive Voter Fraud 
·        The Annual Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting Is Scheduled Jan 12 at the Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central, in Phoenix, according to MCRC Chairman Rob Haney. Details tba.
·        The Annual AZGOP State Mandatory Meeting Is Scheduled Jan. 26. Details to be announced.  The annual Chairman’s Awards Dinner will be held Jan. 25
·        The AZGOP Christmas Party Will Be Held Dec 5 From 5-7 Pm At The Bass Pro Shops, 1133 N. Dobson Rd., Mesa. Refreshments will be provided. There will be an open shooting range. Bring your own weapon. Ammo must be purchased at Bass Pro the day of the event. Donations of toys, clothing and blankets will be appreciated for the AZGOP Military & Veterans Association. Or items can be dropped off at the GOP headquarters 3501 N. 24th St., Contact: Lori Urban or 480-221-9633 cell
·        Parralee Schneider And April Riggins Are The Co Chairs Of The AZGOP Awards Selection Committee for the January banquet. Executive Committee members can nominate an outstanding State Committeeman/Woman or District/Club for any of the following awards. Nominations should be sent to Schneider at or contact her at 520-749-0312. Riggins: Aprilariggins@Gmail.ComThe Deadline for submissions of your award nomination is 7 pm, Friday January 11, 2013. Please remember that only State Committeemen are eligible to receive these awards; outstanding Precinct Committeeman are recognized by their respective County and Legislative Districts.
  • Award Categories:
    • Most Outstanding Party Worker in State
    • Most Outstanding Party Worker in County
    • Most Outstanding party Worker in District
    • Most Outstanding County
    • Most Outstanding District
    • Most Outstanding County Chair
    • Most Outstanding District Chair
    • Rookie of the year
    • Best Republican Club or Organization
·        Navy-Retires-Uss-Enterprise
·        An-American-Manifesto
·        “Murder By President”
·        John Boehner, Please Retire
·        Petition: Defund Eric Holder, Investigate Benghazi  Specialoperationsspeaks.Com
  • The Rescue Of A Downed Pilot
·        Lies, Leaks And Libya
·        “Murder By President”
·        Tell The Media To Ask The Tough Questions And To Run The Story White House Correspondents 202-266-7453, Nbc 212-664-3720,Abc 212-456-7777, CBS 212-975-3247
·        Call For Hearings And Truth  White House:Comments - 202-456-1111, Switchboard - 202-456-1414, Ogr Committee- 202-225-5074 - Ask For Public Hearings
·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·        No more $1 bill?
·        Key GOP lawmaker blasts Obama adm for downplaying terrorism   Incoming-House-Homeland-Security-Chair-Takes-Aim-At-Napolitano
·        Harry Reid's Many 2005 Press Releases Against Reforming The Filibuster
           The now-Majority Leader's old statements are no longer available on his       website. Then, Democrats were in the minority and relying on the Senate requirement of 60 votes to pass legislation. harry-reids-many-2005-press-releases-against-reform
·        Staten-Island-Residents-Vent-Frustration-At-Fema, Agencies  Angry New Yorkers Say Obama Pledge To Cut Red Tape Ignored By FEMA
·        Key GOP Lawmaker Blasts Obama Administration For Downplaying Terrorism   Incoming-House-Homeland-Security-Chair-Takes-Aim-At-Napolitano
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