Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12-11-12 MCRC Briefs

Dec 11, 2012
  • Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney Regarding The Invalidation Of The LD 25 Election Of Officers And State Committeemen. Haney said, “The simple truth is that forged names were submitted in the LD 25 election and those charged with ensuring election laws are followed were attacked for ‘blowing the whistle.’  This is a well-rehearsed scene which is replayed whenever anyone is caught doing what they should not have been doing.  The play that is made is to attack the messenger to divert the focus from the cause of the investigation. The ploy did not work this time. The investigation went on in an orderly manner.  Those complaining to the Maricopa County Republican Committee about their authorizations being invalid were found to have cause to complain and the entire election will be redone.  All else is an attempt at diversion and we will remain focused on conducting the redo election.”
·        Feathered Bastard Haney Invalidates LD 25 Election, Calls the Coppers
·        Pinal County Past Chairman Stephen Kohut’s response to the news story (link below) of the dust up at the Dec 8 Pinal County Statutory Meeting in Florence. Kohut said, “ Unfortunately, last Saturday will be remembered as a sad day for the Republican Party due to the irresponsible actions of a very small group of individuals.
“In the time period prior to the start of the meeting, Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, took a stance that was a blatant disregard for rules. Under PCRC rules, the Statutory Meeting is a closed meeting with attendance limited to credentialed PCRC members and volunteers. The Statutory Meeting is equivalent to the polling place we go to on Election Day. Entrance into the polling locations are restricted to registered voters and election officials. Rules are in place to protect the process and the rights of the voters, whether at polling locations or in PCRC meetings. Mr. Ash should know the importance of following the rules since he is the Chairman of the Rules Committee of the Republican National Committee, however, based on his actions last Saturday, it appears that he thinks the rules do not apply to him.
“I received a robocall from Mr. Ash promoting a candidate for PCRC Chairman. The call stated that Mr. Ash was going to attend the PCRC’s Statutory meeting to campaign for his candidate. In order to prevent any potential misunderstandings, I initiated a call to Mr. Ash. Unfortunately, he did not answer my call, so I left a voice mail stating that under our rules the Statutory Meeting was closed and, since he was not a PCRC member, he would not be able to attend.
“In spite of my best efforts, Mr. Ash chose to try and break the rules by forcing his attendance and influence the election process in the meeting. When Mr. Ash’s unauthorized presence in the meeting was noted he was reminded of the PCRC’s rules and politely asked to leave. What occurred next was nearly surreal. Precinct Committeemen in attendance to conduct official business of the Party were subjected to a sideshow staged with the assistance of former PCRC Chairman Marty Hermanson who where later joined by former AZGOP 2nd Vice Chair Bill Bridwell, Jr. Misters Hermanson, Bridwell and Ash began videotaping a production reminiscent of the antics in the movie Animal House with profanity laced diatribes.
“After Sun City Anthem Security was called Mr. Ash was offered and refused the option to stay as a credentialed volunteer if he would quietly take a seat and not participate in the meeting. To the dismay of all in attendance, with the exception of the aforementioned trio, Mr. Ash obstinately refused the opportunity to defuse the situation. Instead, Mr. Ash decided to increase his irresponsible behavior with his recreation of a 1960’s college protest, complete with a sit-in. Due to his increasingly strident actions and the confrontational behavior of his two cohorts, Sun City Anthem Security felt it was necessary to call the City of Florence Police Department for assistance. While awaiting the arrival of the police officers, Mr. Ash’ stated that he would not leave and would have to be physically removed by the police.
“The PCRC’s right to have Mr. Ash removed and arrested was confirmed by the police. In a final attempt to minimize the disruption to the meeting and save further embarrassment to the Party, I spoke with Rep. John Fillmore and asked him to repeat my earlier offer to credential Mr. Ash as a volunteer if he would be seated quietly, refrain from further antics and not participate in the meeting. Rep Fillmore enlisted the assistance of Sheriff Paul Babeu in the attempt to prevent further embarrassment to the Party (and the National Committeeman). A few minutes later Sheriff Babeu informed me that Mr. Ash had accepted the offer and that the Sheriff would be personally responsible for Mr. Ash and his behavior for the duration of the meeting. Mr. Ash took a seat beside Sheriff Babeu and remained quiet for the balance of the meeting.
“The PCRC has worked hard for many years to build toward its current success in turning a blue county red. It took many years and the best efforts of generations of PCs and County Chairs to accomplish. It is a sad day for our Party when men who should and do know better use the most important meeting a County Committee holds to stage an event to embarrass those who they politically disagree with. It is also a sorry state of affairs when people who create and enforce rules for the Party think that rules are only for the little people. Unlike prior times the rules of the Party have been upheld in the PCRC for the last two years. As a nation we suffer from a President who places himself above the law, as Republicans cannot allow that mindset to permeate the environs of the Republican Party. I will do everything in my power to prevent such a travesty being foisted on the dedicated volunteers in our Party. I am embarrassed for our Party and our Precinct Committeemen that had to endure the event. They have my sincere apology that they had to witness such childish behavior by the very people who were elected to represent them.” - Stephen Kohut - Former Pinal County Republican Chairman

·        The Dec 15 Bills Of Rights Event Has Been Moved To 10 Am At The Arizona State Capitol’s newly dedicated “Bill of Rights” Monument (in Wesley Bolin Plaza). The Bill of Rights will be read from the newly installed stone tablets created by Chris Bliss. This is a free event and open to the public. Attendees are urged to pack a picnic lunch and stick around for an outdoor Town Hall following the official ceremonies. Patrick Henry aka Dr Lance Hurley is scheduled to appear, along with Bliss, Shane Krauser – Director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, Arizona’s noted firearms author Alan Korwin, Wes Harris, State Coordinator for We The People of Arizona, many legislators, city officials, and special guests.  Contacts: Bliss at 
            or Korwin at
·        Newly Elected GOP Arizona Corporation Commissions Bob Stump, Bob Burns And Susan Bitter-Smith will be sworn into office at 10 am, Jan. 7 in the Commission Offices,m 1200 W. Washington, Phx.  RSVP required for guests to 602-542-3935 Jan. Jan 2.  
·        Arrowhead Constable Ron Myers was being elected Chairman of the Constable Ethics, Standards, and Training Board at this morning. He is a retired special FBI agent with 30 years service.
·        Schweikert Defends Tombstone House Session, Part 2  Dec 5, 2012  "Is there an adult in the Forest Service who has a little sense?"
·        Schweikert:  Losing-Committee-Seat-For-Bucking-Leadership Standing on principle even more essential  (this morning’s Washington Times )
·        Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), Responding To The Obama Administration's decision late last week to extend exemptions allowing a growing number of countries to continue business with Iran without penalties, today released the following statement:"If this Administration's most recent actions don't demonstrate just how lightly Mr. Obama takes the threat of a nuclear Iran, I fear nothing short of Iran succeeding in their goal will do the trick.
"All along, this Administration has refused to legitimately confront Iran over its blatant pursuit of a nuclear weapons program, instead promoting the fiction that round after round of watered down sanctions would eventually serve as a deterrent (despite decades of evidence to the contrary). Now, the Administration has taken its inexcusable apathy a step further, declaring that even abiding by the few token sanctions in place isn't truly necessary, as evidenced by the now twenty countries to which the Obama Administration has granted waivers to continue doing business with Iran.
"After four years under Mr. Obama's failed policies, I don't anticipate a sudden shift toward filling the vacuum of leadership in the White House. But lest the shadow of nuclear terrorism be permitted to descend upon humankind, I pray I'm proven wrong."
·        LDs 24 And 28 Are Celebrating A Christmas Party hosted by Armand and Shiree Verdone at 6 pm, Dec 18. RSVP to Shiree Verdone 602-541-2997 or
  • Update On Joe Hobb's Dynamic Halt Voter Fraud Project -- the presidential election is not over – it is being stolen via massive voter fraud 
·        Volunteers Are Needed For The Jan 12 MCRC Statutory Meeting:
ü  Credentials and Tally Committee  (Training Jan. 5 or 6 am Jan 12)
ü  Set-up Committee (Hang banners, set up tables, etc.) - Also cleanup afterwards
ü  Security / Parking volunteers (Early Arrival - 6 AM)
ü  Call Letter Stuffing (Dec. 27th)
ü  Packet Stuffing (Jan 9th)
Contact: Dan Grimm   Cell: 480-570-8570
·        Jan 12 – MARICOPA COUNTY REPUBLICAN STATUTORY MEETING. 7:30 am registrations open. Hope to finish by noon. Church for the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phx. (N. of Bethany Home Road). Congressman David Schweikert will provide coffee. AZ TARS will be selling donuts and fruit out. No food allowed inside the building – only water. Full details will be in the Call Letters sent to the Precinct Committeemen 10 days prior to the meeting.
·        Jan 25 - AZGOP CHAIRMAN’S AWARD DINNER. 6 pm. Check in. 6:30 pm dinner. – Mountain Preserve Reception Center, 1431 E Dunlap Avenue, Phx. $50 per person. $90 per couple. Online tickets:  or mail a check to AZ GOP, 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix AZ  85016  Attn:  Lori Contact: 602-957-7770
·        Jan 26 - The AZGOP STATUTORY MEETING. Registration opens at 8 am. Mtg at 9 am. Church of the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phx.  Call letters will be sent out to State Committeemen 10 days prior to the meeting.
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