Sunday, December 2, 2012

12-2-12 MCRC Briefs

Dec 2, 2012
·        Operation Halt Voter Fraud - Website Is Up (Haltvoterfraud.Com)
·        The-Booster-Bag-Scam   This is traveling season so beware that scammers are on the move with this trick… be very careful while traveling. 
·        YouCut   Tell your Majority leaders what you want cut from the national budget
·        "He's Going To Spend It": President Obama wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes -- double what he campaigned on. "If we gave the president $1.6 trillion of new money, what do you think he'd do with it?" asked Speaker Boehner. "He's going to spend it" -- not pay down the deficit.
·        Reservations are due tomorrow for the Palo Verde Republican Women's Club Christmas Party/Lunch scheduled at 11 am, Dec. 8 at Chaparral Suites Hotel at 5001 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale. There will be lunch, cash bar, auction with Jon Kavanagh, and Michele Baer, professional spiritual/patriotic singer and speaker and much more.  The cost is $45.  RSVP: Sherry Gray at 480 515 3638 or
·        New LD Officers:
·        LD23:  Doug Little  Doug@Douglittle2010.Com , First VC – Joe Romack, 2nd VC - Joe Meli, Secretary - Vera Heninger, and Treasurer – Linda Rizzo.
·        LD25:  Chair Paul Whetten, First Vice Chairman - Robin Harris, Second Vice Chairman - John Giles, Third Vice Chairmen -Larry Lesueur, Glade Soelberg, Alayne Favreau, Dilworth Brinton Jr., Curtis Brow, Pat Oldroyd, Barbara Abney, Traci Beagley, Lawrence Winword; Corresponding Secretary - David Ricks, Recording Secretary - Brent Ellsworth and Treasurer - Tyler Godfrey.
·        LD17:  Chairman - Tyler Bowyer, 1st Vice Chair - Carolyn McCorkle,  2nd Vice Chair - Angi Stamm, 3rd Vice Chair - Michael Tennant,  4th Vice Chair - Dixie Harris, Treasurer - John Dovris, Recording Secretary - Bert Moll, and Corresponding Secretary - Sandi Bartlettair - Angi Stamm
3rd Vice Chair - Michael Tennant
4th Vice Chair - Dixie Harris
Treasurer - John Dovris
Recording Secretary - Bert Moll
Corresponding Secretary - Sandi Bartlett
·        LD18: Chairman: David Bushman, First Vice Chair - Mary Fritsche, Second Vice – Chair -Suzanne Sharer, Secretary - Jeni White – Treasurer Larry Hilliard .
·        LD18 State Committeemen:  Marilyn Astroth, Massad Audi, Mary Baumbach, Bill Baxter, Mike Bertocchi, Bill Buckey, David Bushman, Caroline Coler, Morgan Dempsey, Lori Denapoli, Pam Derks, Jeff Dial, Sal DiCiccio, Judy Eastman, Dino Eliades, John Fan, Jennifer Ferguson, Mary Fritsche, Shannon Gilpin, Shannon Hand, Ken Hanson, Fulgencia Hawker, Alicia Hawker, Don Heins, Ann Heins, Ralph Hettinger, Annette Hilliard, :Larry Jacobson-Barnes, Darryl Johnson, Gary Johnson, Joanne Johnson, Karen Keefe, John King, Charles Kirkhuff, Per Klype, Laura Knaperek, Karen Krawczyk, AJ LaFaro, Lynne Martin, Richard Martin, Peggy McClain, Carol McLane, Sally McLane, Jessica Merrow, John Mickso, Mark Middents, Kristin Middleton, Mike Middleton, Gordon Miner, Marj Miner, Sandy Money, Kris Morrissey, Tom Morrissey, Michael Nobel, Clark Norgaard, Jill Norgaard, Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Steven Parsons, Ed Pellegrino, Loraine Pellegrino, Kym Peters, Farrell Quinlan, Bob Reisingerk, Laura Reisinger, Mike Richardson, Sharon Rihs, Brenda Roberts, Ed Root, John Sanborn, Dan Schultz, Tirza Smalley, Mark Spinks, Patty Stapley, Steve Stapley, Mark Sullivan, Mike Sullivan, James Troutman, Rosemary Wareham, Jeni White, Linda Wooten, Philip Wooten, Carol Wyatt, David Wyatt, Nancy Zimmerman.
·        LD19 State Committeemen:George Ortiz, Kim Owens, Dean Owens, Marcus Hannah, Matt Wharton, Sophia Johnson and John Johnson.
·        The Arizona Project And The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Have Scheduled A Joint Chrismas Party For Dec. 18.  Details To Be Announced.
·        Dekookification Lives On!   By LAURIE ROBERTS
·        Arizona Stands To Lose Big If No Deal Is Reached To Avoid Fiscal Cliff   Arizona In 2013 Could Lose More Than $100 Million In Funding For Education, Health And Job Training.
·        No More $1 Bill?
·        Attn LD Chairmen:  Please forward a list of your newly elected officers LD officers to   so we can update the LD Chairman list.
·        Food-Without-Fear
·        Black-Friday-For-Shoppers-Red-Friday  Treasury Borrowed $24.3 Billion On Day After Thanksgiving... $211.69 Per Household...
·        “Birth Tourism” Alive And Well   Another Promise Discarded By Kyl And Mccain
·        Phony Atheists
·        Fiscal Cliffhanger
·        Obama-Felony-Fraud-Proven
·        The-Big-List-Of-Vote-Fraud-Reports   108% Of Voting Population Endorses Obama
·        Petition: Defund Eric Holder, Investigate Benghazi  Specialoperationsspeaks.Com
·        Lies, Leaks And Libya
·        Feinstein & Rogers On Benghazi   Face The Nation (CBS):
·        Tell The Media To Ask The Tough Questions And To Run The Story White House Correspondents 202-266-7453, NBC 212-664-3720, ABC 212-456-7777, CBS 212-975-3247
·        Call For Hearings And Truth  White House: Comments - 202-456-1111, Switchboard - 202-456-1414, OGR Committee- 202-225-5074 - Ask For Public Hearings
·        Couldn't Pass Congress: The president's proposal has been described in news reports as "a particularly expansive version of the White House's wish list," "loaded with Democratic priorities and short on detailed spending cuts." The Wall Street Journal says this plan "couldn't get through the House, and maybe not even the Senate."
·        Cutting Spending: "In order to try to come to an agreement, Republicans are willing to put revenue on the table" from tax reform that closes tax loopholes and lowers rates, says Speaker Boehner. But "we all know that we’ve had this spending crisis coming at us like a freight train," and "it’s time for the president and Democrats to get serious about" cutting spending.
·        "The White House Has To Get Serious," said Speaker John Boehner after the White House offered a fiscal cliff plan that raises tax rates and increases government spending. The plan protects "too big to fail" businesses and special interest tax breaks while punishing small businesses. Republicans, on the other hand, are working to protect middle class taxpayers and small businesses, and pave the way for long-term job growth.
Frosty Taylor, Editor

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