Saturday, January 12, 2013

1-12-13 MCRC Briefs

Jan 12, 2013

·        AJ Lafaro’s “Grassroots Team” Knocked Out Lisa Gray’s Bid For Chairmanship of the Maricopa County Republicans during today’s MCRC Statutory meeting held at the Church of Nations in Phoenix. The new officers were elected by the precinct committeemen (PCs) within Maricopa County. Newly elected officers were sworn in by County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Ballots were counted by a team from Helen Purcell’s County Recorder’s office.

·        Ballot tallies:

o   Chairman      1,179 AJ LaFaro       53.35%         46.61% Lisa Gray 1,030

o   1Vice Chr      1,128 April Riggins    50.95%       49.05% Paul Brierley 1,086

o   2 Vice Chr     1,254 Jose Borrajero 57.37%        42.63% Rene Lopez 932

o   Secretary      1,256 Jeni White      56.68%         43.32% Colleen Lombard 960

o   Treasurer      1,241 David Ludwig   56.46%         43.49% Walter Dudley 956

o   Total             6,058 LaFaro Slate   54.96%         45.04% Total Gray Slate 4,964

·        Resolutions passed: (Details tomorrow)

o   1B      Petition Circulators            56.67%

o   2A      History Education               76.06%

o   3C      Repeal 17th Amendment    68.01%

o   5A      No amnesty for aliens         73.65%

o   6A      State Sovereignty              81.98%

o   7A      Don't hire aliens                 77.43%

o   9A      No DREAM Act                   76.79%

o   Floor   2nd Amendment               87.07%

·        Bylaws (require 2/3 approval)

o   1 Art XI         Severability                                 80.53%         PASS

o   2 Art I           Intepretation Of Bylaws                69.89%         PASS

o   3 Art II          Pc Term Of Office                         54.29%        FAIL

o   4 Art II          "Organization" Meeting                 86.47%         PASS

o   5 Art II          LD Chair Quorum                         70.55%         PASS

o   6 Art II          PC E-Mail Addresses                               55.16%         FAIL

o   7 Art II          Resign To Run Repeal                   61.14%         FAIL


·        Diane Ortiz-Parsons And The Maricopa County Republican Committee sends a heart-felt “thank you” to all of the volunteers who help the meeting run smoothly.
More information will be posted tomorrow.
Frosty Taylor, Editor
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