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1-21-13 MCRC Briefs

Baby diapers and politicians should be changed often and usually for the same reasons.  -- Author unknown

Jan 21, 2013

·        Editor’s Note: See Inauguration links under “Inauguration” section. Scroll down

·        AZGOP Morrissey Message:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Commemorates Freedom, Sacrifice, And Civil Rights - King's "I Have a Dream" Speech Delivered in 1963 at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. : In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey issued the following statement: "Dr. King's leadership was selfless -- his message was about progress and prosperity for all.  King was an eloquent advocate for the civil rights movement, which nearly fell victim to Democrats in Congress who wanted to preserve segregation.  I am proud that it was Republican Party support that resulted in passage of both the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.  King reminded our country, right there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, that we have sometimes fallen away from the principles of our founding, from our love for liberty, and from our commitment to justice.  Lincoln, the founder of our Republican Party, sought to restore those principles when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  And now King's legacy has joined Lincoln's, as today we celebrate King's guidance of our nation and his efforts to expand freedom for all Americans."

·        Volunteers are needed tomorrow at AZGOP Headquarters to stuff packets in preparation for the Jan. 26 Statutory Meeting. Contact: Teresa Martinez

·        Seraphim Larsen is the newly elected chairman of the Pinal County Republicans. The rest of the executive board consists of First Vice Chairman Tommy Tucker, Second Vice Chairman Clara Davis, Secretary Rayna Palmer and Treasurer John Martin. Contact:  Larsen at (520) 251-2689,

·        ATTN: AZ GOP County Chairman – Please send a list of your newly elected county officers to Briefs at

·        Barbara Espinosa, Hostesses Of Hair On Fire will interview The Firearms Coalition  Director Jeff Knox at 4 pm, Jan. 22.  The second-generation political activist writings can be read in WND, Shotgun News and Front Sight magazines.  Catch the interview at  E-Mail questions to:     Call in 1-347-857-4081.

·        600 Proposed Legislative Bills Have Been Filed already this session. Filing deadline is Feb. 11. Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) is monitoring bills at Bill Tracking AzCDL will be closely watching Chad Campbell’s (D-24) gun control proposals:
ü  HB 2376 would allow law enforcement officers, when contacting anyone possessing a firearm, to make a non-professional assessment of their mental state, and if, in their sole discretion, they determine that person may be a danger to themselves or others, seize their firearms, and request they be carted off for a court-ordered mental evaluation.
ü  HB 2378 would eliminate state preemption over the disposition of surrendered and confiscated firearms, allowing for local politicians to destroy, rather than sell, firearms, as required by current law.
ü  HB 2379 would automatically make anyone subject to a restraining order a prohibited firearms possessor, regardless of the reason for the order.
ü  HB 2380 is the ultimate slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners. It would abolish Constitutional Carry. Only criminals would have the freedom to carry when and where they desired without government permission.
ü  HB 2381 would arbitrarily classify virtually all semi-automatic pistols and rifles as assault weapons, and require that all transfers of these firearms be tightly controlled and only allowable via a licensed firearms dealer. Violators face a $10,000 fine and arrest.
ü  You can obtain a pre-written opposition letter at AzCDLs Legislative Action Center.

·        LD17 will meet Jan 22 at 6:30 pm (social), 7 pm mtg, at Tri-City Baptist, 2211 W Germann Rd.,Chandler (Germann, west of Dobson). Contact: LD17 Chr Tyler Bowoyer,, 480-239-0025.

·        LDs 12, 17, 18, 26, 27 Will Host A Debate Between AZGOP Chairman Candidates Robert Graham and Doug Little at 7:30 pm, Jan 22 at Tri-City Baptist, 2211 W Germann Rd.,Chandler (Germann, west of Dobson). Contact: LD17 Chr Tyler Bowoyer,, 480-239-0025.

·        AZGOP Chairman Candidates Robert Graham and Doug Little will be interviewed separately starting at 4 pm, Jan. 23 on Clair Van Steenwyk’s “Crossroads with Van” radio talk show. 

·        Candidates Doug Little and Robert Graham spoke to Mohave County Republicans today.  

·        Jan 25 - AZGOP CHAIRMAN’S AWARD DINNER. 6 pm. Check in. 6:30 pm dinner. Mountain Preserve Reception Center, 1431 E Dunlap Avenue, Phx. $50 per person. $90 per couple. Online tickets:  or mail a check to AZ  GOP, 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix AZ  85016  Attn:  Lori Contact: 602-957-7770.  Nearby Hotel: Best Western Inn Suites, 1615 E. Northern Ave., Phx. $84 per night/AZGOP Rate code AR10113, space limited, book early to confirm. 602-997-6285

·        Jan 26 - The AZGOP STATUTORY MEETING. Registration opens at 7:30  am. Mtg at 9 am. Church of the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phx. Food and beverages will be available for breakfast and lunch.  Call letters were sent out to State Committeemen 10 days prior to the meeting. Contact:  Lori Urban  602-957-7770 AZGOP HQ / 480-221-9633 cell.

·        If I Were The Devil...

·        Voice Of Veterans” Radio Shows Www.Vovradioshow.Org

·        White-House-Press-Secretary-Jay-Carney  Dodges Debit Ceiling
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·        Plain Logic: Constitutional Law And Executive Orders.  By Rusdon Ray.
·        President Obama's 23 Executive Orders.  By Rusdon Ray.
·        Flashback: Palin Predicts Obama Admin. Using Health Care To Curb Second Amendment Rights.  "August 1, 2009--Just Seven Months Into President Barack Obama’s First Term--Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Predicted Obama Would Attempt To Leverage Health Care To "Take Away" The Second Amendment Rights Of Americans.”

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·        Rush: Obama Is The Hoax

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·        Battle-Of-Athens
·        M3 Report Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·   Border News Watch: links to sites on matters of law enforcement for illegal human and drug traffic.

·        GOP Caves On Debt Limit
·        GOP Eyes New Election Laws



·        Whoops-Politifacts-Lie-Year-Turns-Out-Be-True  Romney Told Truth

·        GOP Caves On Debt Limit

·        Whoops-Politifacts-Lie-Year-Turns-Out-Be-True  Romney Told Truth
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·        The-Time-Bomb-Of-Obamacare
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·        TSA-Junks-Naked-Body-Airport-Scanners  (Taxpayers $$)
·        Obama-Is-Sinking-America
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