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1-23-13 MCRC Briefs

Jan 23, 2013

·        The New FAX Number At The West Valley Republican Office Is 623-533-4488.

·        AZGOP Candidate Debate Video   last night’s debate

·        Congressman David Schweikert Newsletter:   “ If President Obama has his way, we won’t recognize our country four years from now. In his inauguration speech this week, Obama declared war on American capitalism and liberty. His radical goals for his second term include:
ü  Raise taxes to European levels
ü  Increase deficit spending
ü  Pass a job-killing cap-and-trade bill
ü  Expand government welfare programs.”

·        ATTN: AZ GOP County Chairman – Please send a list of your newly elected county officers to Briefs at

·        AZGOP Chairman Candidates Web Sites:
Ø  Doug Little
Ø  Robert Graham

·        Editor’s Note: To maintain neutrality, Briefs does not post endorsements for competitive GOP candidates.

·        Jan 25 - AZGOP CHAIRMAN’S AWARD DINNER. 6 pm. Check in. 6:30 pm dinner. Mountain Preserve Reception Center, 1431 E Dunlap Avenue, Phx. $50 per person. $90 per couple. Online tickets:  or mail a check to AZ  GOP, 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix AZ  85016  Attn:  Lori Contact: 602-957-7770.  Nearby Hotel: Best Western Inn Suites, 1615 E. Northern Ave., Phx. $84 per night/AZGOP Rate code AR10113, space limited, book early to confirm. 602-997-6285

·        Jan 26 - The AZGOP STATUTORY MEETING. Registration opens at 7:30  am. Mtg at 9 am. Church of the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phx. Food and beverages will be available for breakfast and lunch.  Call letters were sent out to State Committeemen 10 days prior to the meeting. Contact:  Lori Urban  602-957-7770 AZGOP HQ / 480-221-9633 cell.

·        Nearyly 600 Proposed AZ Legislative Bills Have Been Filed this session. Filing deadline is Feb. 11. Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) is monitoring bills at Bill Tracking AzCDL will be monitering gun control proposals:HB 2376, HB 2378, HB 2379, HB 2380 and HB 2381. A pre-written opposition letter is available  at AzCDLs Legislative Action Center.

·        Petition:  No Budget, No Pay...   National Republican Senatorial Committee

·        The Candidates For AZGOP Officers Are:
ü  Chairman: Robert Graham and Doug Little
ü  Treasurer: Timothy Lee
ü  Secretary: Linda White and Lynne Breyer
·        The candidates for Members-at-Large for the AZGOP Executive Committee are listed below. Elections will be held during the Jan 26 AZ GOP Statutory meeting to be held at the Church of the Nations, 6775 N. Central, Phoenix.
ü  CD1 – Ashley Pritchard, Bill Bridwell, Dave Konopnicki, Gary Miller, Mark Seidel, Richard Mihalik (write –in), Steve Kohut, Sylvia Allen, Teresa Martinez, Timothy Lee.
ü  CD2 – Cynthia Coleman, Del Dawley, Joshua Michael Townsend, Karen Schutte, Michael Ebert, and Willie Stubbs.
ü  CD3 – Bob Westerman, Gene Chewing and Harold Hough.
ü  CD 4 – Cary Lockwood, Don Ascoli, Don Crowley, Frosty Taylor, Gary Benkendorfer, John Fillmore, Laramer Mace Lee Draper, Patti Lewis, Stacey Salvaggio, Thomas Ramsdell.
ü  CD5 – Christopher Ames, Craig Ray, Daniel Grimm, Haydee Dawson, Jenn Daniels, Jim Kresse, John Laurie, Jordan Ray and Pace Ellsworth.
ü  CD6 – Jim O’Connor, John Strasser, Joni Leckey, Kathy Petsas, Laddie Shane and Lori Urban.
ü  CD7 – Barry Wong, George Cuprak and Roy Miller.
ü  CD8 –Dean Pleasant, Emily Sabo, Lyle Tuttle, Marcus Huey, Patrick Petrini and TC Bundy.
ü  CD9 – A.J. LaFaro, Bill Baxter, Chuck Kirkhuff, Denna Ray, Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Douglas Ardt, Jessica Merrow, Kim Kunasek, Kristin Middleton, Loraine Pellegrino, Margaret Garcia-Dugan,  Mark Spinks, Matthew Papke, Nancy Edwards, Raymond Speakman, and Shondean Cochise.
·        A.J. LaFaro is the newly elected Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman. Other newly elected officers include First Vice Chairman April Riggins, Second Vice Chairman Jose Borrajero, Secretary Jeni White and Treasurer David Ludwig (re-elected).  The LaFaro “Grassroots Team” beat out Lisa Gray’s team across the board. Total team tallies were LaFaro Team 6,058 (54.96%) to Gray’s Team of 4,964 (45.04%), according to the ballots counted by the County Recorder’s office.  Individually LaFaro received 1,179 votes (53.35%) over Gray’s individual count of 1,030 (46.61%).
·     MCRC LD Chairmen:
LD1    Cathy Schwanke
LD4    Rhonda King  
LD12   Mickie Niland        
LD13   Dr. Robert Branch
LD15   Dave Henderson
LD16  Jerry E. Clingman
LD17   Tyler Bowyer     
LD18   David Bushman   
LD19   Cherie Scott  
LD20   Ray Malnar         
LD21   Kevin Payne   
LD22   Eric Morgan       
LD23   Doug Little      
LD24   Brian Kaufmann             
LD25   Paul Whetten    
LD26   Raymond Jones
LD27   Terry Rapp    
LD28   Scott O’Connor                www.AZLD28GOP.ORG
LD29   Charlie Ellis   
LD30   Timothy Schwartz     

·        Voice Of Veterans” Radio Shows Www.Vovradioshow.Org
·        The Arizona We Want 2.0
·        Plain Logic: Constitutional Law And Executive Orders.  By Rusdon Ray.
·        President Obama's 23 Executive Orders.  By Rusdon Ray.
·         Flashback: Palin Predicts Obama Admin. Using Health Care To Curb Second Amendment Rights.  "August 1, 2009--Just Seven Months Into President Barack Obama’s First Term--Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Predicted Obama Would Attempt To Leverage Health Care To "Take Away" The Second Amendment Rights Of Americans.”
·        Why Young Women Want Ar-15s  Americans Have The Right To An Efficient Weapon For Home Defense.
·        Sheriffs-Standing-Up-Against-Obamas-Gun-Control  Sheriff Joe#48
·        County Sheriffs: Power To Protect     By Pastor Chuck Baldwin
·        Hillary Pitches A Benghazi Shutout   WJS Opinion
·        Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise today released the following statement after the House passed the No Budget, No Pay Act. “American families and businesses live by a budget each and every year, but for the last three years the Senate has refused to live by those same standards.  It’s not only unacceptable, it’s immoral,” Scalise said.  “The time for Washington budget gimmicks is over.  Today’s vote is the first step towards getting Washington back on the path to responsible and balanced budgets that will produce economic growth and jobs.  The American people deserve and demand the fiscal transparency that comes with the normal budget process, and I look forward to the debate we’ll have once the Senate decides to do its job and finally pass a budget.”
·        Federal Appeals Court Refuses To Reclassify Marijuana As Less Dangerous
·        Obama 'Cements His Legacy'    By L. Brent Bozell
·        If I Were Advising Obama...    By Rich Galen
·        Rotten To The Core: Obama's War On Academic Standards (Part 1)    By Michelle Malkin
     Frosty Taylor, Editor

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