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1-5-13 MCRC Briefs

“You know I've never been very good, myself, at fundraising.  And I've told some of my friends on occasion That's why I got into government, because we don't ask for it, we just take it. “ – Ronald Reagan  5-17-1983

Jan 5, 2013

·        Volunteers Are Needed for poll attendants, security, parking, set up and tear down for the Jan. 12 MCRC Mandatory meeting. Contact: Dan Grimm    Cell: 480-570-8570.

·        Dr. Lyle Rapecki And Heather Gass will be making presentations on the AGENDA 21 assaults on state sovereignty between Feb11-16. To schedule a presentation contact Sue Goodchild 928-636-7355 or or Sen. Judy Bruges at 602-926-5861.

·        AZ Senator Matt Salmon Will Be On CNN at 7 am and 10 am Jan 6 with Candy Crowley – State of the Union.  He will be on Face the Nation at 8:30 am.

·        AZGOP Chairman Candidate Robert Graham will hold a ‘Pizza & Politics’ gathering from 6-8 pm, Jan. 11 at the Arizona Project office, 3275 E. Shea Blvd, 2-B, Phoenix, hosted by Arizona Project and Conservative Business League. Contact 602-677-1496. 

·        LD 23 Chairman Doug Little Has Announced His Candidacy for the AZGOP Chairmanship. Elections will be held Jan. 26 at the AZGOP Statutory meeting. Contact:     480-686-5387

·        The Coconino County Republican Committee is hosting AZGOP chairman candidate Robert Graham at 9:30 am, Jan. 19 At McCoy Motors In Flagstaff. The meeting is open to Coconino County GOP precinct committeemen. Contact:  Coconino County GOP Chairman Joy Iris Staveley Joy@Canyoneers.Com

·        The JLBC Staff Reports Monthly To The Legislature on the status of General Fund revenue collections and other fiscal issues.  This report can be found on the following link:  Among the key points of the document:
1.    November General Fund revenue collections totaled $645.2 million. Base revenues were 8.0% above the prior year.
2.    November revenue growth was driven by the 2 largest revenue categories: Individual Income and Sales Taxes. Both categories grew by over 8% compared to the prior year.
3.    Sales Tax collections were helped by growth in the retail category, which posted its largest percentage gain (9.2%) in 16 months.
4.    Total November General Fund collections were $17.7 million above the enacted May budget forecast. Year-to-date, revenues are 4.0% higher than last year and are $19.8 million above the budget forecast.

·        The City Of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department (NSD) is hosting a Graffiti Free Phoenix: Day at the Legislature from 9-11 am. Jan. 11, at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington St.  Phx. legislature

·        A Fundraiser For Andy Tobin, Speaker of the House, is scheduled from 5-7 pm, Jan 10 at the University Club of Phoenix, 39 E. Monte Vista Road, Phx. RSVP to   to serve on the host committee.

·        Reservations Are Required For The Education Forum with Supt of Public Instruction John Huppenthal from 6-9 pm, Jan 8 at the Grand Canyon University Campus Student Union Center, 3300 West Camelback Road, Phx (changed from AZ Dept of Education) .Reservations: Wes Harris  602-432-2871 (Cell); or

·        LD4 Will Not Be Meeting On Jan 10, according to Chairman Rhonda King. Meeting date and location tbs.  Contact:  Chr Rhonda King

·        The LD25 State Committeemen Selected For The Jan. 26  AZGOP Statutory meeting are: Chairman Paul Whetten, Sen. Matt Salmon, AZGOP Vice Chair Russell Pearce, Chad Coons, Beth Coons, Fred Ash, Craig Ahlstrom, Dean Cooley, Peggy Ash, Lester Pearce, Richard Pearce Courtney Snell,  Glen Gaddie, Kevin Cook, Logan Pearce, Janene Pew, Bill Cunningham, Janie Thom, Frederick Ashby, Julie Ashby, Traci Beagley , Sally Whetten, Pace Ellsworth, Earl Taylor, Jaynie Stahle, Ruth Taylor, John Schroeder, Kellie Schroeder, Paul Beagley, Nancy Salmon, Gary Pierce, Sherry Pierce, Patricia Oldroy, Rockne Arnett, David Oldroyd, Webb Crockett, Billie Bollwinkel, Cory Wllsorth, Larry LeSueur, Webb Crockett, Nan Crockett, Trent Montague,  John Giles, Greg Arnett, Dawn Giles, Alex Finter, Jim LeCheminant, Any Ellsworth, Mark Mabry, “Tommy” Stapley, Jerri Mabry, Kenneth Johnson, Reed Tolman, Jacque Arnett, Paul Fillmore, Joanne Fillmore, Joan Finter, Kenneth Johnson, Michael Fleming,Suann Fleming, Brent Bowden, Angela Johnson, Justin Pierce, Steve Cox, Daniel Grimm, Bradley Hancock, Barbara Parker, Jay LeSueur, Karen Winfield, George Heidenblut, Judith Heidenblut, Cortney Pierce, Parker Moffat, Peggy Moffat, Nicole Cox, Linda Stapley-Williams, Austin Call, Eric Clevenger, Kirk Adams, Janae Adams, J. Alan Soelberg, Marilyn Olson, Michael Jarvis, Devan Anderson, Scott Perkinson, Tom Farnsworth, David Ricks, Lynette Ricks, Erica Soelberg, Melissa Farnsworth, Keith Russell, Keith Russell, Lucille Jarvis, J. Glade Soelberg, Richard LeBaron, Carol Soelberg, David Smith, Haydee Dawson, Jamin Denham,  Julie Brigham, Betsy Denham, Judith Smith, Ryan Bingham, Julia LeBaron, Marci Hernandez, Robert Worsley, Chris Worsley, Bradley Worsley, Lael Worsley, Todd Trendler, Steve Court, Danny Ray, Kerry Adams, Kemp Farnsworth, Ellen Adams, Jan Brock, Steve Churcri, Tyler Godfrey, Tracy Langston, Rosalie Godfrey, Susan Court, Mike Reid, Sandi Reid, Brent Ellsworth, Dilworth Brinton, Jr. Colleen Wheeler, W. Dea Montague, Tyler Montague, David K Udall, Barbara Abney, Robin Harris, Curtis Brown, Damon Wheeler, Jon Harris, Merrianne Geisdorf, Edna Haws, Janelle Neil, Heather Sandstrom, Jaccy Wilson, Paul Sandstrom,  Henry Haws, Robert Geisdorf, Steven Neil, Don Stapley, Cheryl Flake, Debbie Forrest, Jerry Walker, Alayne Favreau, Ray Oakley, Robert Lovell, Linda Ash, Dinah Lundell and Dilworth E. Brinton. Alternates are:  Karyn Olson, Robyn Anderson, Paul Egnew, David Johnson, Edinw Boers, and Gary DeRosa.

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