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1-8-12 MCRC Briefs

Jan 8, 2013

·        Volunteers Are Needed At 5 PM, Jan 9 At AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. to count ballots that will be used at the Jan. 12 Maricopa County meeting. Volunteers should RSVP to Carolyn Leff or Diane Ortiz-Parsons 

·        Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) Remembered the two year anniversary of the Tucson tragedy:  “It is a solemn day as we remember the loss our community endured just two years ago. Since that day, there has been healing and hope in hearts across Arizona, but we certainly have not forgotten the memories of those we lost. Joyce and I remain grateful for the progress our friend Gabby Giffords has made thus far, and we urge all Arizonans and Americans to continue to hold the families in prayer.”

·        Sheriff Joe will be speaking to the Arrowhead Republican Women tomorrow at the Briarwood Country Club in Sun City West.  If you didn’t make lunch reservations (required) but would like to hear him speak, he’s scheduled to talk at noon. Contact:  Judy Blackburn- 1st VP, 602-920-5876 cell

·        Congressman David Schweikert will be the speaker at the 7 pm, Jan. 10 LD23 meeting.  Contact:  Doug Little   480-686-5387

·        LD4 Chairman Rhonda King says there will be no Jan. 10 for LD4. Meeting date and location tbs.  Contact:  Chr Rhonda King

·        Jan 11 is the deadline for submitting state committeemen nominees for recognition awards to Parralee Schneider And April Riggins,  Co-Chairs Of The AZGOP Awards Selection Committee for the January banquet. Executive Committee members can nominate an outstanding State Committeeman/Woman or District/Club for any of the following awards. Nominations should be sent to Schneider at or contact her at 520-749-0312. Riggins: Aprilariggins@Gmail.ComThe Deadline for submissions of your award nomination is 7 pm, Jan 11, 2013. Please remember that only State Committeemen are eligible to receive these awards; outstanding Precinct Committeeman are recognized by their respective County and Legislative Districts.
ü  Award Categories:
ü  Most Outstanding Party Worker in State
ü  Most Outstanding Party Worker in County
ü  Most Outstanding Party Worker in District
ü  Most Outstanding County
ü  Most Outstanding District
ü  Most Outstanding County Chair
ü  Most Outstanding District Chair
ü  Rookie of the year
ü  Best Republican Club or Organization

·        Volunteers Are Needed For The Jan. 12 Maricopa County Statutory meeting scheduled at the Church of the Nations.  Volunteer are needed from LDs 4, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 29 and 30 for credentials registrations, proxy checking and tallying.

·        Volunteers Are Also Needed For The Information Booths (Inside And Outside), And The Parking Crew.  Reflector vests and equipment will be provided for the parking crew. Volunteers will need to be at the site by 6:30 am so credentials can close  by 9 am.  Volunteers are asked to contact their LD Chairman.  If you can not reach your LD Chair, please contact Dan Grimm, MCRC Member-at-large
Cell: 480-570-8570.

·        The Official Call Letter For The Jan 12 Maricopa County Republican Statutory Meeting for elected Precinct Committeemen (PC) has been sent out. Registrations open at 7:30 am with (1) proxy verification and (2) credentials at the Church for the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012.  See map link:  for driving instructions.  Identification is required. Voter registrations cards are also required for non-precinct committeemen proxy holders.  If a PC cannot attend, their proxy can be carried by a registered Republican within that PCs precinct.  Any PC who does not receive a call letter, including an agenda, the proposed bylaws changed, proposed resolutions, campus drawing and copy of the acceptable proxy for the Jan. 12, should contact Dan Grimm at   Cell: 480-570-8570. Congressman David Schweikert will provide coffee. AZ TARS will be selling donuts and fruit out. No food allowed inside the building – only water. Full details are in the Call Letters sent to the Precinct Committeemen last week

·        MCRC Officer Candidates are:
o   Chairman – Lisa Gray and A.J. LaFaro
o   First Vice Chairman – Paul Brierley and April Riggins
o   Second Vice Chairman – Jose Borrajero and Rene Lopez
o   Treasurer – Walter Dudley and David Ludwig
o   Colleen Lombard and Jeni White

·        Editor’s Note: To maintain neutrality, Briefs is NOT posting endorsements for GOP candidates running for county office in the January 2013 race. 

·        A.J. LaFaro’s team or

·        Lisa Gray’s team

·        Jan 25 - AZGOP CHAIRMAN’S AWARD DINNER. 6 pm. Check in. 6:30 pm dinner. – Mountain Preserve Reception Center, 1431 E Dunlap Avenue, Phx. $50 per person. $90 per couple. Online tickets:  or mail a check to AZ  GOP, 3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix AZ  85016  Attn:  Lori Contact: 602-957-7770.  Nearby Hotel: Best Western Inn Suites, 1615 E. Northern Ave., Phx. $84 per night/AZGOP Rate code AR10113, space limited, book early to confirm. 602-997-6285

·        Jan 26 - The AZGOP STATUTORY MEETING. Registration opens at 7:30  am. Mtg at 9 am. Church of the Nations, 6225 N. Central Ave., Phx. Food and beverages will be available for breakfast and lunch.  Call letters will be sent out to State Committeemen 10 days prior to the meeting. Contact:  Lori Urban  602-957-7770 AZGOP HQ / 480-221-9633 cell

·        The US  Supreme Court Today Unanimously Reversed A Ninth Circuit Decision that had permitted death row inmates to delay their federal appellate proceedings indefinitely based on a claim that they were not competent to assist their attorney. Attorney General Tom Horne argued the case on October 9, 2012. 
   “This is an important victory,” Horne said.  “Under the now-vacated Ninth Circuit court ruling, criminals facing the death penalty could drag out the appeals process almost indefinitely on grounds that had no bearing on the merits of the case.  The unanimous opinion of the Supreme Court will result in swifter justice being carried out.”
   In the decision, Ryan v Gonzales, the U. S. Supreme Court agreed with Horne that limits should be placed on the excessive delays imposed by Federal Courts, on the States carrying out their judgments in death penalty cases for brutal murders. In this case, Ernest Valencia Gonzales, a convicted burglar on probation, repeatedly stabbed Darrel Wagner in front of his wife, Deborah, during a burglary of the Wagner’s home in Phoenix in 1990.
   She was in intensive care, but survived. Her husband died of the multiple stab wounds.  Gonzales was on probation at the time of the crime, had a long record of prior crimes, and was sentenced to death. 
   Federal Courts delayed justice for 14 years, through the Federal Habeas Corpus process.  Horne appealed to the US Supreme Court, arguing that victim’s families have a right to see justice done in a reasonable period of time. 
   Horne made two legal arguments:
ü  In this case, as in most Federal Habeas cases, the determination is made on the record, and therefore the lawyer does not need the prisoners help, because the lawyer can read the record himself. 
ü  Second, in cases where there are hearings in Federal Habeas, any stay granted for the purpose of treating the prisoner’s mental state should be limited, not indefinite as in the case of the Ninth Circuit decision.
TThe US Supreme Court unanimously agreed with Horne on both issues, and reversed the Ninth Circuit decision.

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