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2-17-13 Briefs

Feb 17, 2013    

·        Call to Action: SB 1403 - The Anti-Agenda 21 Bill - Will Be Heard At 2 pm, Feb 18 in the Senate Hearing Room 3 at the state capitol. 
o   SB1403 summary: United Nations Rio Declaration; prohibition.
o   Purpose: Prohibits this state or political subdivisions of this state from adopting or implementing the United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.    See 2-16-13 Briefs posting for bill details.

·        Call to Action: HB2343 - Public Employees, Compensation For Union Activity will be heard at 2 pm, Tuesdsay, Feb. 19. summary/h.hb2343   This bill prohibits taxpayer dollars to be used for union activity.  If you believe union dues and not taxpayer dollars should fund union activities email the legislature and tell them to vote YES on HB2343. will allow you to email all of the legislators of the House and let them know how you feel.

·        Participants Report That 500-800 People Gathered At The State Capitol on Saturday to show support for the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms.  Some 15 speakers spoke in behalf of the Constitution.

·        City Of Phoenix Offices Will Be Closed Feb. 18, In Observance Of The Presidents’ Day Holiday

·        The ‘Recalling Maricopa Board Of Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox’ mtg is scheduled at 7 pm, Feb. 18 at Denny’s, 1343 W. Broadway Rd., Tempe Broadway/Priest). Contact Ron Harders at

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·        Editor’s Note:  The deadline for calendar event listings is Friday noon. Events occurring in Maricopa, Coconino, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal, and Yavapai currently appear on the calendar as submitted by the various county organizations.  To be added to the list send your information to

·        The “Stop The Recall” Against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio folks are asking Arpaio supporters to monitor high traffic areas such as libraries or shopping center for people circulating petitions to gather signatures for the recall movement. Stop the Recall folks say you have the right to stand near them and ask any prospective votes not to sign the petitions, but they also caution not to engage in any physical contact with the voter or the circulator.  “Stop the Recall” flyers can be obtained by contacting or contact: John DeCarlo  480-353-8532.

·        Eric And Shawn Cashman Are Hosting A “Support Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring” BBQ Feb. 19.  Congressman David Schweikert will be featured at the event.

·        Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) Has Introduced The Children's Hope Act (H.R. 422), which would encourage states to enact their own state scholarship tax credit, similar to the credit that has been so successful in Arizona, thereby giving all children the opportunity to obtain the best possible education, without spending taxpayer dollars:Under the Children’s Hope Act, if a state enacts a scholarship tax credit of $250 or more, based upon the minimal guidelines that are outlined in the text of the legislation, all residents of that state are eligible to take part in an additional federal tax credit. The federal tax credit is $100 ($200 for joint returns) and is for those individuals contributing to organizations that distribute at least one-half of the scholarships to low-income children. For the nine states that do not levy a personal income tax, individuals would be able to take a dollar for dollar credit against their property taxes.

·        Message From The AZ Citizens Defense League (AzCDL): Your emails to the House leadership worked! On Feb 13, HB 2455 passed out of the House Public Safety, Military and Regulatory Affairs (PSMRA) Committee by a 5 to 3 vote. Since then, three more pro-rights bills have been added to the PSMRA agenda for Feb 20; HB 2234, 2433 and 2554. At this point we do not anticipate a need to contact the PSMRA committee members.
ü  HB 2234 is an AzCDL-requested bill that would standardize the definition of firearms in ARS 13-105 and remove duplicate and/or conflicting definitions in other statutes.
ü  HB 2433 would eliminate the statutory age cap (currently 45 years old) on who is a member of the state militia (i.e., all able-bodied citizens capable of bearing arms).
ü  HB 2554 is an AzCDL-requested bill that would require operators of public property, wishing to ban weapons, to restrict access to the property and provide armed guards and metal detectors as well as storage lockers. If an operator of a public building does not comply with the security requirements, the prohibition of firearms would not be enforceable.
You can find a summary of these bills, along with all the other firearms related bills that AzCDL is monitoring, at our Bill Tracking page.
The last day for legislation to be introduced was Feb 11. The last day for bills to be heard in their assigned committees in the chamber (House or Senate) where they originated is this coming Feb 22nd. That deadline will be the death knell for the majority of the over 1,300 bills filed this session. Unless they get a hearing, that will include the anti-rights bills we are monitoring.
The next stop for bills that have passed out of their assigned committees is the Rules Committee. From there, they go to the full House or Senate for hearings and votes before being sent over to the other chamber. We may need to call upon you again to contact your legislators at any point in this process. As always, the successful progress of legislation depends on YOUR involvement. If you have been sitting on the sidelines, keep in mind that your involvement could make the difference on whether a good bill passes or not.
These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.      AzCDL - Protecting Your Freedom.

·        Congressman Paul Gosar’s “Listening Sessions” schedule: 
ü  Feb 19 – 6:30-8 pm, Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce: 508 E. Monroe Ace, Buckeye HERE
ü  Feb 21 – 6-7:30 pm, Apache Junction Council Chambers, 1001 N. Idaho Road, Apache Junction  HERE
Feb 22 – 6-7:30 pm, Yavapai County Magistrate Court , 7501 E. Civic Circle, Prescott Valley  HERE

·        Congressman Paul Gosar’s (CD4) Staff  Will Hold Office Hours on
ü  Feb. 19:
Ø  2-5 pm, Town of Wellton Town Hall, 28634 Oakland Ave., Wellton,
Ø  3-6 pm, Apache Junction Public Library, 1177 N. Idaho Road, Apache Junction,
Ø  1-4 pm, City Engineering Office, 230 N. St.,  Kingman,
ü  Feb. 20:
Ø  1-3 pm, Bullhead City Senior Nutrition Center, 2275 Trane Road, Bullhead City,
Ø  10 am-noon,  Prescott Office Grand opening, 122 N. Cortez St., #104, Prescott,
ü  Feb 26:
Ø  2 pm, Quartzsite Library, 465 N. Plymouth Ave., Quartzsite.

·        Congressman Matt Salmon Will Give A National Update on current legislation and political activities in DC.   to the Chandler Republican Women at 7 pm, Feb. 19 at the Boys & Girls Club of Chandler. Rep Tom Forese will update the ladies on political activities on the local level.  A ‘meet and greet’ is scheduled at 6:30 pm. Visitors welcome. For more info go to

·        Congressman David Schweikert’s  Feb. Staff Mobile Office
ü  Feb 25 – 10 am-11:30 am, Mountain View Community Center, 1104 E. Grovers Ave., Phx.
Contract: Ernestina Borquez-Smith or     480-946-2411.

·        State Treasurer Doug Ducey And Students Of Liberty representative Carlos Alfaro will appear before the Fountain Hills Arizona Tea Party at 6:30 pm, Feb. 19 in the FH School District Learning Center, 16000 E. Palisades, Blvd, Fountain Hills. Free admission. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or

·        Gosar’s Obamacare Malady Of The Week: The government takeover of health care as we know it, if not made simpler, will see a lot of parents going without dental coverage for their children.  Click HERE.

·        Robert Graham, Arizona Republican Party chairman, is forming a committee of to plan for Arizona's next redistricting process in 2020. The deadline is Feb. 28, to apply for committee membership.  Call AZGOP Headquarters at 602-957-7770 to apply for the nine member committee - one from each Arizona congressional districts. Redistricting each decade after the US Census population counts are completed and is based on the requirements in the U.S. Constitution.  The borders of Arizona's 30 legislative and nine congressional districts were drawn in 2010 by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, but few Republicans are happy with the results.

·        Factchecking-Obamas-SOTU President Obama put a rosy spin on several accomplishments of his administration in his 2013 State of the Union address.

·        Frederick Douglas Republicans Can Change The Country   No Democrat Ever Nominated A Black Vice President In 1850's They Were All KKK And Pro Slavery. So Where Do They Get Off Saying We (R's) Are Racist When The Complete Reverse Is Historically True.

·        Bill Blocks Ballot Batches

·        Today's Lesson In Irony

·        Democrats-Lets-Register-Everyone-To-Vote    Georgia Secretary Of State: 'This Opens A Can Of Worms For Fraud In A Big Way'

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·   Border News Watch: links to sites on matters of law enforcement for illegal human and drug traffic.

·        Radical-Islam-How-It-Threatens-Free-Speech  March 11 – ACT!for America. 7:30 EST webcast: with Brigitte Gabfriel, Executive Director Guy Rodgers an Deborah Weiss, investigative journalist, attorney and expert on the Istanbul Process an UN Resolution 16/18.

·        National Park Advocates Pressing Congress To Prevent Deep Budget Cuts The National Parks Would Take A $110 Million Hit Under Budget Cuts Known As Sequestration On March 1

·        EPA Corruption And Scandal

·        Radical-Islam-How-It-Threatens-Free-Speech  March 11 – ACT!for America. 7:30 EST webcast: with Brigitte Gabfriel, Executive Director Guy Rodgers an Deborah Weiss, investigative journalist, attoarney and expert on the Istanbul Process an UN Resolution 16/18.
·        Carbon Tax Hallucinations
·        Job Corps Closes Door On New Recruits The Department of Labor’s training program for low-income young people has faced budget shortfalls.




·     Bradlee Dean Invited Conservative Speaker Barred From High School



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