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2-23-13 Briefs - Lincoln Day Awards

Feb 23, 2013

·        More than 300 Maricopa County Republicans gathered today (Saturday) for the annual MCRC Lincoln Day luncheon in the Shriner’s Auditorium to honor Precinct Committeemen for this past year’s activities.  MCRC Chairman presented the:

·        Lincoln Bust for Lifetime Achievement to Frosty Taylor  (See LD13 Chairman Robert Branch’s nomination letter below.)

·        Reagan Plaque For Extraordinary Achievements to Anita Christy - (See LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland’s nomination letter below.)

·        2012 ‘Volunteers Of The Year’ Certificate Recipients Are:
ü  LD1 – Sue Jordan
ü  LD12 – Pat O’Malley
ü  LD13 – Frosty Taylor
ü  LD15 – Jerry Licata
ü  LD17 – Bob Kampfe
ü  LD18 – James Troutman
ü  LD19 – Joseph Hobbs
ü  LD10 – Karen Mahon
ü  LD21 – Harold Richards
ü  LD22 – Don White
ü  LD23 – Shirley Cordasco
ü  LD25 – Dan Grimm
ü  LD26 – Bob Pullar
ü  LD27 – Andrew Costanzo
ü  LD28 – Kathy Petsas
ü  LD29 – John Wilson

·        2012 Certificates of Appreciation went to:
ü  LD1 - Colene Shadley, Ellisa desGrosellier, Ed Shadley, and Cyndi Moulton.
ü  LD12 – Jason Mick, Barb Yates, John Brakeman, John Aker, Gil Fidler, Paul Marchant, Jodi Anderson, and Marcus North.
ü  LD13 – Daniel  Blackson, Ernest E. McCollum  and Sue K. Harrison.
ü  LD15 – Holly Buss, Ken Mazikowski, Eric Cashman, Russ Osborn, John Baunoch, Heather Casey, Karyn Cushing, and Joyce McClain.
ü  LD16 – Mona Ellingson and Karl Schill.
ü  LD17 – Bob Kampfe, Bonnie DeGenier, Claudia Blaz, Scott Ottersen, Patricia Koepp, Mike Tennant, Carol Clescer, and Karen Horne.
ü  LD18 – Sharon Rihs, Steve & Patty Stapley, Bill Buckey, Nancy Zimmerman, Jessica Merrow, Judy Eastman, Pam Derks and Mike Richardson.
ü  LD19 – Sophia Johnson.
ü  LD20 – Karen Mahon, Anthony Kern, Naomi Kruse, Colleen Lombard, Peter Bayardi, Kevin Halden, Bob O’Callaghan and Ross Carlisle.
ü  LD21 – Greg Eisert, Ida Eisert, Alyce Umatum, Diana Duran, Rick Gutridge, and MaryAnne Hillis.
ü  LD22 – Barb Wyllie, Corky Haynes, Jim Keller, Bernie Paluch, Glen Haynes, Jan Boydston, Richard Wehbe, and Al Franco.
ü  LD 23 – Dr. C. T. Wright, Jim O’Connor, Paula Linker, Judy Eisenhower, Tom Buggeln, Edith Stock, Arthur Cooper, and John Strasser.
ü  LD25 – Pat Oldroyd, Colleen Wheeler, Tyler Montague, Merrianne Geisdorf, Dawn Master, Barry Master, Alan Slelberg, and Jaccy Wilson.
ü  LD26 – Tauni Orton, Matt Papke, Richard Peterson, Sue Pullar, and Brian Kight.
ü  LD27 – Dan Coleman, Sarah Coleman, and Curtis Miller.
ü  LD28 – Elaine Gangluff, Sparky Smith, Jim Otis, Ginnie Schmitt, Jane Lynch, Walter Dudley, Patty Hawkins, and Bill Cheatham.
ü  LD29 – John Wilson.

·        “Lincoln Bust” for Lifetime Achievement –LD13 Chairman Dr. Bob Branche’s nomination letter: To receive a Lifetime Achievement Award I feel that you need to have a long record of consistent achievement and public service to the Republican Party over one’s life. To me the person that exemplifies that standard is Florence ‘Frosty’ Taylor.
Frosty Taylor started her public service in the early 1960s as the Fireman’s Auxiliary Chairman and the County Blood-mobile Chairman, and she received her first Governor’s appointment in 1964.
Frosty Taylor reached out into the community with her service (Civic duty) in the in the 1960s in PTO and Booster Clubs, and in the 1970s she was a founding member of the United Parent Council; and Charter - Paradise Valley Lioness. In the 1980s she was in a cultural exchange program for the Navajo Nation; and served on the Paradise Valley Chamber of Commerce Board. In the 1990s she served on the Paradise Valley Community Council (Gold Dust precinct) where she chaired: Police and Fire Protection, Transportation, Publicity and Education Committees, and Liaison to the PV Citizens Assistance Team (food bank). During that decade she served two terms on the Paradise Valley Planning Committee.
The civic duty spanning those three decades along with her work in the Republican Party, is more than enough to qualify Frosty Taylor for the Lincoln Bust, but then she retired, which gave her more spare time to accomplish even more in the new millennium.
Since the year 2002, Frosty Taylor has more accomplishments within the Republican Party than most will have in their lifetime. In fact she is the recipient of not one, but two Ronald Reagan Awards by Maricopa County (2008 and 2010).
Since 2002, Frosty has been:
ü  AZ GOP State Committeeman Member at Large ( 2008-2012)
ü  Maricopa County Republican Committee - Communications/Briefs editor (2006-present)
ü  New LD13 - First Vice-Chairman [two terms] (current)
ü  Old LD4 – Communications/Public Relations (2004-2012)
ü  Voice of the AZ Republican Party – Chairman’s Award (Jan 2012. State Convention)
ü  Maricopa County GOP EGC Communications Resolution Honoree (Jan 2012)
ü  Outstanding State GOP Party Worker – Chairman’s Certificate (2009, 2010, 2011)
ü  AZ GOP Chairman’s Outstanding Party Worker (Cal Holman Award – 2008)
ü  LD4 Outstanding PC (2009)
ü  LD4 Communications Director (2004-2012)
ü  LD4 Executive Board (Advisory – communications) 2004-2012
ü  Founder/Chairman Wickenburg Republican Club (2005 to present)
ü  AZ GOP ‘Rookie of the Year (2005)
ü  Arrowhead Federation of Republic Women (Communications 2005 to  present)
ü  Sun City Republican Club (Communications 2006)
ü  Wickenburg Precinct Committeeman ( 2004 to present)
ü  Wickenburg PC Capt/Area Director (2004 to present)
It is my esteem honor to nominate a friend, a confidant, a patriot, a mentor of mine, and a true Republican, for the Lincoln Bust award for lifetime achievement. I nominate Florence ‘Frosty’ Taylor.  -  LD13 Chairman Bob Branch:  

·        “Reagan Plaque“  for Extraordinary Achievements – LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland’s nomination letter: Anita Christy wakes up everyday to make a positive impact on what she lives for and believes in - god, family and country.
Her life’s work and passion has made a difference and is a perfect example of the impact a motivated person can make.
Anita Christy, is the editor and publisher of the influential conservative blog . She has been self-employed in Arizona for the last 20 years. When living in Northern Arizona, she was a volunteer emergency medical technician, a wild land fire fighter, a search and rescue technician, and a high angle rope rescue expert.
Anita grew up as a Democrat, in a family of Democrats. She was comfortable seeing the world through that prism. However, over time she began to see the light. She became more aware of what was going on and reregistered as a Republican.
As she continued to become more aware - she volunteered to help the Town of Gilbert during a time of budget problems and proposed tax increases. She was selected to be part of the Town’s Citizen Budget Committee (a group a 54 citizens chartered to review and prioritize spending and revenue choices).
The Budget Committee was successful in identifying nearly $20 million in savings, which would eliminate the need to raise taxes. However, the Town Council at the time decided to go ahead and put a sales tax increase on the ballot anyway. Anita could not believe what happened.
This event became the trigger that caused her to jump in. was born, a website blog designed to keep citizens informed on their elected officials and events in the community. Over the past few years, Anita’s outreach has extended beyond the boundaries of Gilbert to report on events in neighboring communities, Maricopa County and throughout the State of Arizona.
To support
GILBERT WATCH  , Anita has personally attended countless meetings, taking notes and reporting on exactly what happened during those meetings. In addition she has researched and exposed numerous issues that needed to be brought to our attention. As a result of thousands of hours and sleepless nights, GILBERT WATCH  has become a breath of fresh air, the place to go to, a true alternate news source devoted to Christian conservative values, limited government, lower taxes, free markets, personal responsibility and preserving our personal liberties. This has not happened without a great deal of personal sacrifice and devotion from Anita and her family. She has clearly demonstrated that ONE person - ONE person - can truly make a tremendous difference. - Respectfully submitted, Mickie Niland,  Chairman, LD12 Republican Committee

·        MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro expressed appreciation to those who sponsored tables for the luncheon:  They are:
      LD15 Table 1 Courtesy of Rep. John Allen
LD15 Table 2 Courtesy of Sen. Nancy Barto
LD15 Table 3 Courtesy of Rep. Heather Carter
Breyer Lynne Breyer
LD22 Courtesy of Sen. Judy Burges
Burns Courtesy of Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns
Chairman Reserved by Chairman A. J. LaFaro
CJones Courtesy of Christine Jones, Arizona Research Project
LD18 Table 1 Courtesy of Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio
LD18 Table 2 Courtesy of Sen. McComish, Rep. Robson, Rep. Dial
LD18 Table 3 Courtesy of Wendy Rogers for Congress
FCFC Table 1 Courtesy of FCFC
FCFC Table 2 Courtesy of FCFC
Johnson Courtesy of Tempe TEA Party
Lang Table 1 Courtesy of Palo Verde Republican Women
Lang Table 2 Courtesy of Palo Verde Republican Women
LD12 Courtesy of Rep. Warren Petersen
LD17 Table 1 Courtesy of Sen. Yarbrough, Rep. Forese, Rep. Mesnard
LD17 Table 2 Courtesy of Sen. Yarbrough, Rep. Forese, Rep. Mesnard
LD17 Table 3 Courtesy of Sen. Yarbrough, Rep. Forese, Rep. Mesnard
LD23 Reserved by Lori Urban
LD28 Courtesy of Rep. Kate Brophy McGee
Perron Arizona East Valley Action Alliance
Paradise RC Courtesy of Paradise Republican Women
Pullen Courtesy of Randy Pullen
LD25 Table 1 Courtesy of Congressman Matt Salmon
LD25 Table 2 Courtesy of Congressman Matt Salmon
LD1 Reserved by Chairman Cathy Schwanke
LD13 Courtesy of Sen. Don Shooter

·        Elected Officials in attendance:
Congressman Matt Salmon, Arizona US Congressional District 5
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey
Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith
Arizona Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns
Former Arizona Attorney General Bob Corbin
Senate President Andy Biggs, Legislative District 12
Former Senator Lori Klein, Legislative District 6
Representative Eddie Farnsworth, Legislative District 12
Representative Warren Petersen, Legislative District 12
Representative Tom Forese, Legislative District 17
Representative Javan “J.D.“ Mesnard, Legislative District 17
Representative Carl Seel, Legislative District 20
Representative Phil Lovas, Legislative District 22
Representative Justin Olson, Legislative District 25
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri, District 2
Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court Michael Jeanes
Phoenix City Councilman  Sal DiCiccio
Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham
Arizona Republican Party 2nd Vice Chairman Parralee Schneider
Arizona Republican Party Secretary Linda White
Former AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen
Former MCRC Chairman Rob Haney
Former MCRC Chairman Lyle Tuttle

·        MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro thanked 2013 Lincoln Day Luncheon Volunteers for their hard work in preparing for the luncheon:  They are
          Overall Coordination
Tom Husband
Dan Grimm
Awards Committee
Phil Mason
April Riggins
Pat Oldroyd
Diane Douglas
Tom Husband
Diana Duran
Roger Byg
Cheryl Campbell
Jeni White
Table Assignments
Jeni White
April Riggins
Day of the Luncheon
Andrew Costanzo
Dan Grimm
Kerry O’Neal
Pat Oldroyd
Ann Heins
Joanne Johnson
Gary Johnson
Tracy Ireland
Cherie Scott
Bob Hunt
Cathy Schwanke
Vera Anderson
Suzanne Jordan
Don Newton
Colene Shadley
Ed Shadley
April Riggins
John Riggins
Jeni White
Audio Visual and Technical SupportJoe Hobbs
Official Photographers
Larry Mishler
John Delasaux
Invocation Author
Nancy Zimmerman

·        Michele Baer, Inspirational Singer/Speaker, sang several songs including the Star Spangled Banner.  Since making her stage debut at age six, she continues to sing in musicals across the nation. She studied voice for four years at Brigham Young University and toured Italy and Israel with BYU’s cappella choir. Baer, her husband and their six children reside in Mesa. For more information:

·        In a passionate and sometimes fiery delivery, Congressman Matt Salmon drew several rounds of applause as he addressed the issues of the Obama/Napolitano administration failure to secure the Arizona/Mexican border, Salmon’s opposition to amnesty, President Obama’s failure to provide a budget, Salmon’s concern for national security and various other issues, including his distain of the current recall efforts against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Salmon also ridiculed Obama’s $9 minimum wage demands when people are out of work.  Salmon warned this nation will end up just like Greece if we don’t get the budget and spending under control.  He reminded the GOP that Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano left Arizona with a huge debt that we turned around under Republican Gov. Janet Brewer… which proves if a state can do it – the nation should be able to do it as well.  He urged the GOP to fight for their right to bear arms, and to stand strongly behind the Second and Tenth Amendments.  He said Arizona’s border must be secured – especially the ‘Tucson Sector’ before Washington does anymore talking about immigration.

·        Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke briefly about his determination to enforce the law and about the group of disgruntled leftist who are attempting to recall him only six weeks after he was sworn into office. A group of Arpaio supporters have demanded the recall effort be withdrawn.
·        Attorney General Tom Horne spoke about the cases the AG’s office has won and an upcoming case that he will argue.

·        LD20 Rep. Carl Seel Urged The PCs To Voice Opposition to Medicaid Expansion in Arizona.
·        Quite A Few Attendees Went Directly From The Lincoln Day Lunch To The ‘Day Of Resistance’ Rally at the State Capitol in behalf of the 2nd Amendment. From the rally they moved on to Shane Krauser’s Town Hall in Scottsdale.


     Frosty Taylor, Editor
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