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3-10-13 MCRC Briefs

March 10, 2013
·        Resolutions Passed By The Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee  (MCRC EGC) Thursday, March 7,  are now posted on the MCRC Web site for viewing.  Go to or the 3-8-13 MCRC Briefs at  The three resolutions are:
ü  A Resolution Of The Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) Of The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) In Opposition To The Arizona Governor’s Proposed Expansion Of Medicaid (AHCCCS) In Support Of Obamacare
ü  A Resolution Of The Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) Of The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) In Opposition To Immigration Amnesty
ü  A Resolution Of The Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) Of The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) In Opposition To The Unconstitutional Federal Takeover Of Arizona’s Public School System (Common Cause)

·        This Evening MCRC EGC Chairman A.J. LaFaro sent a copy of the Maricopa and Pima County Republicans opposition resolutions to members of the Arizona State Legislature requesting that they "Say no to Brewer & Obama."  LD Chairman and their precinct committe are encouraged to also send a message to the Governor and state legislators rejecting Medicaid Expansion in Arizona. The Maricopa and Pima County opposition resolutions  can be see at the web sites shown above.

·        Brigitte Gabriel, One Of The Foremost Speakers On “Terrorism, The Middle East And Radical Islam” will address the  Arizona Red Mountain Patriots at 7 pm, April 8 at East Valley High School, 7420 E. Maint St., Mesa. Tickets are $7 each and can be purchased at  $8 day of event. Limited seating.

·        Americans for Prosperity Message: For the first time in a long time, Congress actually made genuine, substantive spending reductions rather than more accounting gimmicks and empty promises of future cuts. While these cuts are not perfect, this should be recognized for the important victory that it is! After spending weeks predicting doom and catastrophe, the White House now appears to have greatly overplayed their hand. One of the more outlandish claims came from the President himself when he said, “Starting tomorrow, everybody here, cleaning the floors at the Capitol. They’re going to have less pay. The janitors, the security guards. They just got a pay cut. They’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.” The bizarre comment prompted an email from the Architect of the Capitol to employees assuring them that, no “We do not anticipate furloughs for AOC employees (janitors and security guards) as a result of the sequester.” In the face of such blatant, and frankly heartless, political grandstanding, Speaker Boehner and the GOP deserve thanks and credit for their gutsy stand, and the broader free-market movement deserves credit for making sure they felt supported to do the right thing. You can email your member of Congress right now to let them know that you appreciate their hardwork to keep some limits on government or let them know that you wish they would cut government spending.

·        The Sun City Grand Republicans Interest Group will host Christian Corieri, Goldwater Institute Health Care Policy Analyst, at 9 am, March 23 in the Chaparral Center – Hopeo Rm, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Sun City. Contacts Dick Mayfield at 623 217-2110 or Ginny Nyre at 623 544-7187.

·        The AzCDL Is Raffling Off Two (2) Mossberg MMR Tactical Rifles. Tickets are $10 each. Each ticket represents two changes to win. Drawing is scheduled May 19 in Tucson. Winners do not have to be present. However, winners must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and must pick up the firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer.  If a winner does not qualify under federal, state, or local law for the possession of these firearms, their ticket is invalid and a new winner will be drawn. Additionally, because of the value of these raffle prizes, AzCDL is required by law to notify the IRS of the raffle results.  Winners will be required to provide their tax identification information.Tickets can be purchased at upcoming gun shows and other events where you find AzCDL volunteers.You can also purchase tickets online at AzCDL’s store: .

·        LD13 will meet at 6:30, March 12 in the PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse – Chianti Room, 16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear to hear Peter Johnson, Project Specialist from the Governor’s Office, talk about how to apply and get on state boards.  Candidates vying to fill the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Max Wilson’s seat have been invited to make presentations. Wilson retires, effective March 11, due to health problems.  LD13 Chairman Robert Branch will make a presentation of the Medicaid Expansion. In February Branch made a presentation in behalf of Gov. Jan Brewer’s stand on expanding Medicaid. Tuesday evening, Branch will give the opposition position. PCs will be voting on a proposed resolution regarding the issue. Contact: LD13 Chairman Dr. Bob Branch 602-334-6519

·        The Maricopa County Republican Committee Fund Raising Committee Has Scheduled A Yard Sale from 8 am to 2 pm, March 21 and March 22 at the home of Phyllis and Peter Lee, 18825 N. Conestoga Dr., Sun City. Please bring sale items to the Lee home March 18 and 19. The committee will price items on March 10. An alternative drop off is the MCRC office, 99th Avenue/Bell Road (NW corner).  Volunteers can call 623-583-5987.

·        The Northern Arizona University College Republicans are planning a trip to Washington DC for CPAC between March 13-18.  In order to send students they are selling raffle tickets for a Tasers C2 that retails for $400. Tickets are $5 each or $5 for $20.  To purchase tickets ask an NAU CR or send money to Northern Arizona University Union, NAU College Republicans, P.O. Box 6036 #116, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Contact Information:480-406-0299 All proceeds benefit the CRs.

·        Volunteers Needed: Maricopa County Republican Headquarters - West Needs Volunteers for four-hour shifts at the Sun City office, 10050 Bell Road (NW corner of 99Ave/Bell Rd).  The office has two-staffers per shift. Several shifts are open.  There are many exciting events planned for the immediate future including fund raisers, training programs, speakers, and other projects that require a variety of skills.  Volunteers have an opportunity of interfacing with elected officials, district chairmen, precinct committeemen as well as the public. Stop by or call 623 977-4532.

·        Congressman David Schweikert and Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring will conduct a Phx District 2 community meeting at 8 am, March 11 in the Black Mountain Police Precinct Community Rm, 33355 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phx. Community Mtg with Schweikert    Facebook: Jim Waring - Twitter: @Jim_Waring

·        The Sun Lakes Republican Club Will Feature "The State Of The State" with guest speakers State Senate President Andy Biggs and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas at 6:30 pm, March 12 in the Arizona Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. The public is invited. Rep Tom Forese ( LD 17) will provide an update on AZ Legislation.  For more information: ,

·        Retired Border Patrol Agent And Sierra Vista Councilman Tom Crosby will address the Arizona Project gathering at 6:30 pm, March 11, at AP headquarters, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phx. Contact: Ron Ludders 602 677-1496. 
·        The Arizona Conservative Coalition (formerly the Pachyderm Coalition), has released its latest update to its legislator ratings.    legislative ratings

·        Arizona Senator Aims To Tighten State Medical-Marijuana Laws   Sen. Kimberly Yee has become the go-to legislator for bills involving Arizona’s medical-marijuana law.

·        McCain Goes Eastwood On Paul     Montini

·        John-McCain-Hero-Or-Whore

·        Streamlined-Elections-Or-Voter-Suppression     Montini

·        Milestone: Our Permanent Land Endowment Trust Fund, which helps fund K-12 education, topped $4 BILLION for the first time in state history:

·        Gov Jan Brewer’s Web Site

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