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4-20-13 MCRC Briefs

April 20, 2013
·        AZ Citizens File Suit To Stop The Recall Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: CPFER Co-founder Jim Wise: “Using Recalls for Political Retaliation is a Disastrous New Trend that Threatens the Integrity of our Electoral System and the Rule of Law.” Citizens for the Protection of Fair Election Results (CPFER) has served legal notice of suit on the principals of Respect Arizona, the group that is currently collecting signatures to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio.The suit demands that Respect Arizona cease and desist gathering petitions to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was reelected by a comfortable majority in November, despite millions of dollars in  attack ads being aired during the campaign. Contact: :
·        Sen Jack Harper (former LD4) remembers when Gabby Gifford helped sponsor SB1076 (background checks) in 2003   See: sb1076p.pdf  That’s a decade ago!
·        The Conservative Case for Immigration Reform  The bipartisan bill exemplifies “enforcement first.”     ByJeff Flake
·        April 30 Is The Deadline For Obtaining Tickets To Arrowhead Republican Women's Fund Raiser Dinner featuring Dr. Lyle Rapacki who is addressing Agenda 21 and the One World Government at the Briarwood Country Cub, 20800 N. 135th Ave., SunCity.  Menu: London broil or c hicken marsala, including drink, desert and tip.  $35 per person or $65 per couple.Tickets: Jan Martinson at 623-546-3753 or Marilyn @ 623-975-1792.
·        LD24 Has Joined In Sponsoring The May 4 United Peoria Foundation’s Cinco de Mayo celebration and the Sept 21 and 22 Fiesta Peoria events at Osuna Memorial Park, Peoria. LD24 Chairman Brian Kaufman, said, “Our district will have a strong presence at the Cinco de Mayo and Fiesta Peoria events, and we are looking forward to continuing the relationship with our friends in Peoria and the West Valley.”  Peoria Vice Mayor Tony Rivero said, “This is not the first time we have received support from the people in LD 24, even though Peoria is not in their district. It is however, a welcome expansion of the district’s commitment to participate in meaningful grassroots activities, and represents a recognition of the growing importance of our west side community.”  Contact: Shiree Verdone,  602-541-2997.
·        LD17 – April 23. 6:30 social. 7 pm mtg. Tri-City Baptist Christian Academy, 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler. Legislative reports from Sen. Steve Yarbrough, Reps Tom Forese and JD Mesnard.  AZGOP/ALRA report by Haydee Dawson. Contact: Chr  Tyler Bowyer
·        LD21- April 23. Precinct Committeeman Orientation. (4th Tues) 6:30 pm. Maricopa County Republican Party Headquarters, 10050 W Bell Road #49, Sun City.  Learn about being a PC; found out why the office of PC is powerful, discover how being a PC impacts elections.  Open to registered Republicans. Contact: or Teresa Wright at 623-498-7999. 
·        Jim Waring’s  Phx District 2 Community Meeting is scheduled at 7:30 am, April 23 at the Mayor Clinic Education Blvd, RmA, 5777 E. Mayo Blvd, Phx.  Guests: Mayor Stanton and Vice Mayor Bill Gates.  Community Meeting
·        LD24 Will Host A reception for Ambassador John Bolton from 5-7 pm, April 25 at the University Club, 39 East Monte Vista Road, Phx. VIP Reception and Photo $200, Individual for Reception Only $50, Individual Precinct Committeemen $35. Bolton’s remarks at 5:45 pm. Proceeds to be used for GOP Outreach and Party Building. RSVP:  (602) 541-2997.
·        LD23 Is Hosting A Food And Fundraising Extravaganza from 6:30-10 pm, May 4 at the Allstate Appliances, (Allstate Design Center) 15250 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale. $25 per person or $50 per couple. Cash bar. Smooth jazz.  RSVP deadline April 27 to Karen John at 480.707.7951 or or WWW.D23AZGOP.ORG
·        The “Spirit Of 1791 Second Amendment Rally” is scheduled from 10 am to 2 pm, April 27 at the Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range, 3535 W. Sharp Shooter Way, Camp Verde.  Speakers include Sen. Russell Pierce, Yavapai County Shierff Scott Mascher, Rep Brenda Barton, Sen. Lori Klein, Clair  ‘The Radio Man’ Van Steenwyk, AFP Director Tom Jennings, and others. Contacts: Rose 928-639-4753 Sperrysrose@Reaganemail.Com Or Dick 928-639-4753  Cap41@Reaganemail.Com
·        Five Part Common Core Series:
·        Congressman Paul Gosar Will Conduct At Town Hall meeting at 9 am, May 1 in the Laughlin High School Teahter, 1900 Cougar Drive, Laughlin, NV.  He will conduct a Bullhead City City Townhall at 1 pm, the same day at Bullhead City Council Chambers, 2355 Trane Road, Bullhead City.
·        Arizona Agents Arrest 231 As Part Of Fugitive Roundup  State and federal law enforcement agents have arrested 231 people as part of a fugitive roundup in Maricopa and Pinal counties.
·        Islamic Leaders Advise Valley Faithful To Continue Life As Usual But ‘Be Safe’ Islamic leaders in the Valley urged their followers to be prepared to be intimidated and provoked after authorities revealed the Boston bombing suspects were Muslims.
·        Senators: Boston Marathon Suspects' Background Not Part Of Immigration Debate  The background of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing should not be used to try to derail a bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said Friday.

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·        Marathon Massacre
·        Is America The Next Israel?

·        The-Mass-Murder-That-The-Media-Is-Choosing-To-Ignore  This Past Weekend More People Were Shot In The City Of Chicago Than Those In The Sandy Hook School Schootings. And Of Course, Because This Does Not Support The Media’s Push For More Gun Control They Have Chosen To Not Report It. A Bloody Weekend In Chicago Left At Least 21 People Shot And Four Dead In Incidents From Friday Afternoon Through Sunday Evening Cbs News - Chicago Reported Monday.
·        Gun-Control-Legislation-Not-Dead    'We'll never be able to relax until they bang the gavel in December 2014'
·        Open-Immigration-Invites-Terrorism-Again    U.S. system 'should afford protection against jihadists'
·        Senators: Boston Marathon Suspects' Background Not Part Of Immigration Debate   The background of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing should not be used to try to derail a bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said Friday.
·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·   Border News Watch: links to sites on matters of law enforcement for illegal human and drug traffic.
·        Update-On-Fast-And-Furious  
·        Open-Immigration-Invites-Terrorism-Again    U.S. System 'Should Afford Protection Against Jihadists'
·        MUST SEE:  The Canvas Prison
·        CISPA-Passes-US-House-Death-Of-The-Fourth-Amendment    The controversial cybersecurity Bill has passed the U.S. House and is now on its way to the Senate chamber. Privacy groups believe this tramples on the Fourth Amendment.
·        The 1965 Congressional Lie On Immigration; The 2013 Lie Even Bigger    by Frosty Wooldridge
·        Obama- -Slashed-Budget-Domestic-Bombing-Prevention-45 %-Says-DHS -Assistant-Secretary
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