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4-23-13 MCRC Briefs

April 23, 2013

·        The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 2 pm, April 25 in the Evans House, 1100 W.Washington, Phx. This meeting will be no streamlined online. Agenda Info      irc-requests-more-money-for-lawsuits

·        A “Stop Medicaid Expansion” Rally is scheduled at 11 am, April 25 at the State Capitol.

·        Message from MCRC Chairman AJ LaFaro: I am forwarding this extremely critical and important invitation to attend an April 25th Press Conference being held by Rep Warren Petersen and a group of conservative state legislators who are against the Governor's proposed expansion of ObamaCare.  The press conference will be held on the lawn of the State Capitol. An overwhelming majority of the MCRC LDs, PCRC LDs and County Republican Committees here in Arizona have voiced strong opposition to the Governor's proposed expansion of ObamaCare with formal resolutions, e-mails, v-mails, robocalls and mailings to our state legislators.  Our efforts appear to be working.  Channel 12 News at 6 pm reported this evening the Governor doesn't not have the votes yet and that her lobbyists and special interest groups are turning up the heat. Our conservative state legislators need our visable support. They need us standing strong with them this Thursday,  April 25th.  We can defeat the Governor, her lobbyists and special interest groups! Respectfully yours and hope to see everyone on Thursday, - A. J. LaFaro

·        Salmon Introduces 2nd Bill Of 113th Congress: Authors legislation to impose universal term limits on all Members of Congress - Today, Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05) introduced his second piece of legislation of the 113th Congress. Salmon's latest bill proposes language for a Constitutional amendment that would impose universal term limits on both houses of Congress. Salmon was first elected to Congress in 1994 and served through 2000 when he stepped down to honor his three term pledge to his constituents. 

·        The Center For Arizona Policy still has a few tickets to the dinner with Dr. Ben Carson scheduled at 7 pm, May 7 at the Sheraton Phx Downtown Hotel, 340 N. 3rd St., Phx. For ticket information:  602.424.2525

·        Councilman Sal Diciccio Hand-Delivered A Letter To Mayor Stanton, the Phoenix City Council and City Manager David Cavazos to ask them to assemble immediately a blue-ribbon panel of experts to address the growing, chronic problem Phoenix faces with over 6,000 homeless individuals and families. Visit homelesshelp for more information

·        Support-For-Sen-McCain-Dropping  A new poll shows support among Arizonans for Sen. John McCain has dropped to its lowest level in 21 years and 67 percent believe it is time for a new senator.

·        McSally: Being Recruited For Governor, Senate Runs   Fomer Usaf Pilot Said Races Include Ariz. Governor And John Mccain's Seat If He Retires.

·        County Dust Permit Application Streamlined  Air Quality Department Responds To Chucri Initiative

·        Arizona AFB Focal Point Of Sex-Scandal Figure  Base Has Emerged As Focal Point For National Outrage Over Military Justice.

·        When To Call It 'Terrorism'

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·        Win-One-Gipper-Yes-We-Can

·        Voice Of Veterans” Radio Shows Www.Vovradioshow.Org

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·        Video: The Jihadi-In-Chief

·        Dear Gang Of 8

·        Sleeping with the Saudis



·        Making It Hurt: Travelers Brace For Delays As FAA Imposes Furloughs

·        Flying The Government Skies    The 4% Faa Spending Cut That Somehow Delays 40% Of Flights.


·        Ice-Union-Ice-Union-President-Chris.Crane Speaks Out  "Never Before Have I Seen Such Contempt For Law Enforcement Officers As What I've Seen From The Gang Of Eight."…

·        Must See:   Mexican Cartels In America

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·   Border News Watch: links to sites on matters of law enforcement for illegal human and drug traffic.


·        Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad  let's Hope The Administration Gets Over Its Reluctance To Recognize Attacks On The U.S. For What They Are.

·        Classmates: Bombing Suspect Was Marijuana-Smoking Party Boy Tsarnaev Was Funny, Sarcastic, Liked To Party And Frequently Reeked Of Marijuana, Students Said.


·        When-To-Call-It-Terrorism





·        MUST SEE:  The Canvas Prison



·        Ice-Union-Ice-Union-President-Chris. Crane Speaks Out...   "Never Before Have I Seen Such Contempt For Law Enforcement Officers As What I've Seen From The Gang Of Eight."

·        Sen. Graham: US Needs To 'Up Our Game' Against Radical Islam   Key Republican Lawmaker Critiques Administration's Handling Of War Against Terrorism




·        The Mom & Pop Internet Sales Tax  Small Businesses Are Vastly Different From Billion-Dollar Retailers, And May Be Crushed By Tax Collection Burdens.



·        Multimillion-Dollar PR Campaign Promotes Obamacare



·        Can A President Who Has Promised To 'Stand With The Muslims' Protect Americans?By Lauri B. Regan


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