Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6-11-13 MCRC Briefs


· AZ-Gov-Jan-Brewer-Calls-Special-Session-On-Budget-Medicaid

  LD23 Rep John Kavanagh Reaction/Statement On Medicaid Expansion Issue

· Last Thursday Night, The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) Overwhelmingly Voted In Favor Of Condemnation Of The “Gang Of Six” Republican Senators John McComish (LD18), Rich Crandall (LD16), Adam Driggs (LD28), Steve Pierce (LD1), Michele Reagan (LD23) and Bob Worsley (LD25) - who voted with Dems in support of Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion.

· The Condemned “Gang of Six” Went Against The March 7 MCRC EGC approved resolution opposing the Governor Medicaid Expansion proposal that supports Obamacare. Maricopa County GOP EGC and LDs 1, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 And 30; Pima County Republican LDs 2, 3 ,4, 9, 10, 11, 14; the Coconino Republican Executive Committee , along with the Pinal, Cochise and Mohave County Republican Committees and the Yavapai County Area Directors united in passing resolutions in opposition to the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion (AHCCCS) in support of Obamacare throughout this Spring.

· Resolutions Passed By The Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) at the March 7 meeting are posted on the MCRC Web site. Go to or see the 3-8-13 MCRC Briefs at

· Links For All Of The Medicaid Expansion Related Resolutions:

· United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Forms To Stop Obamacare In Arizona. The "People's Veto" petitions will be available after Governor Jan Brewer signs the Medicaid Expansion bill in accordance with the Arizona State Constitution. Former Arizona State Senators Frank Antenori and Ron Gould formed “The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives” Committee (URAPC) for the purpose of stopping Obamacare and its associated Tax on hospital stays. Defeating Gov Jan Brewer’s legislation must be referred to the ballot to be vetoed by the people of Arizona. If the AZ House passes the Obrewercare Budget, the moment the Legislature gavels out, this Petition Drive will be filed. URAPC will have 90 days to gather 84,000 necessary signatures (shooting for 110,000).  Any Arizona registered voter can sign the petition.

· PCs In LD17 Are Donating $20 Each to become members of Club 20… a quick and easy way to raise funds for the LD.

· White-House-Petition-Asking-Obama-To-Resign-Gains-Momentum It was created June 7 and has until July 7 to collect the 100,000 digital signatures that would require the White House address the petition officially. As of this writing, Day 4 of the petition's existence, it has already garnered about 13,500 signatures. At the current average rate, the requisite 100,000 signatures will be reached a few days before the July 7 deadline.

· The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am,  June 15at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr., Fountain Hills.  Topic: Obamacare/Healthcare with speakers Mark Dewane (Director, Maricopa County Special Healthcare), and Tom Jenney (Americans for Prosperity) presenting an overview of the Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) and the implementation of ObamaCare and its impact and cost, especially on Maricopa County taxpayers and residents.   Contact club president Tait Elkie 480 345-2993, or club treasurer, Edith Stock,  480 298-7818.

· The Fourth at the Fountain will be held from 5-10 pm, July 4 at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills.  Entertainment includes a precision night drop by the Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team and music by the Ageing Hipsters.  VFW Post 7507 will be serving beer, wine, soft drinks and water.  There will also be food vendors and children's entertainment.  Admission $5 per person.  Children under 12 accompanied by an adult get in free.

· The Flagstaff Republican Women will hold their annual fund raising picnic from 11 am to 2 pm, June 22 in Flagstaff. Constitutional expert Shane Krauser is scheduled to speak. Contact/RSVP: FWR President Joan Harris at 928-226-0502.

· LD19 is raffling two percussion .44 caliber pistols and a few accessories. These are “cap and ball” black powder pistol designs from the 1850s and 1860s. These are Cowboy Guns. According to Joseph Hobbs, the prize is two percussion .44 caliber pistols that are safe, accurate reproductions, excellent workmanship, Historically Significant handguns:

Ø Colt Walker inspired .44cal. Dragoon #3 (a.k.a..44cal. 1851 Navy Colt) (5 shots fired!) and

Ø Remington .44 caliber Model 1858 (never fired!)

Winning tickets will be drawn at 7 pm, Aug 12. Ticket donations are $4 or three for $10. Remote entries can be made by sending payment (check or cash) to LD-19 Chair Cherie Scott, 3609 N. 127th Drive, Avondale, AZ 85392. Include your name, phone number and/or email address. You will receive verification of receipt via email or phone and you will be given your ticket number(s). Contact: Joseph Hobbs or 480-381-2380.

· Today, Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05), along with Congressmen Trey Radel (FL-19), Justin Amash (MI-03), and Thomas Massie (KY-04) and introduced two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The first NDAA amendment offered by the group prohibits the federal government from using lethal military force, specifically the use of unmanned aircrafts, on American citizens on American soil. This amendment mirrors legislation introduced earlier this year by Reps. Radel, Amash and Massie.

The second NDAA amendment from the group requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to Congress an annual report on US citizens subject to military detention. The report will include their names, the legal justification for their detention and the steps being taken to provide each with due process of law. This amendment holds the executive branch accountable by shining light into the military detention process.

“Protecting U.S. civil liberties and our constitutional right to due process is not up for debate,” said Rep. Salmon. “That's why it is important to clarify our laws and ensure these protections for U.S. citizens are never infringed upon.” CLICK HERE for text of no use of lethal military force against Americans on American soil amendment. CLICK HERE for text of military detention accountability amendment.

· Gov Jan Brewer Today Appointed Megan Spielman As The Superior Court Clerk Of La Paz County. Spielman has been the Director of Victim Services for the La Paz County Attorney’s Office since 2009. Spielman will replace outgoing La Paz County Superior Court Clerk Sheri Newman, whose retirement is effective June 30, 2013. 

· Renzi-Found-Guilty-On-17-Of-32-Counts-In-Corruption-Case

· Spokesman: AZ House Speaker Tobin's Future Up In The Air

· Court-Of-Appeals-Rejects-Challenge-On-Arizona-Day-Of-Prayer

· Protesters Target Senator Flake Over Gang Of 8 Participation

· Voters Still Have More Faith In Local Government Than In Feds, States

· Gosar-Grijalva-Spar-Over-Bills-To-Rein-In-Pres-On-Nat’l-Monuments

· Arizona-House-Passes-School-Bonds-Bill

· Brewer Names Former Rep. Vogt New Veterans Chief

· Heat-Stroke-Exhaustion

· House-Revives-Vetoed-Embalmer-Intern-Bill

· ADOT-Turns-To-Poetry-For-Public-Awareness-Of-Dust-Storms

· Arizona-Lawmakers-To-Review-Prison-Expansion-Project

· Yuma-Unemployment-Rate-Highest-In-The-Nation-In-April

· Hydration Stations To Be Set Up During Excessive Heat

· Excessive Heat Warning For Wednesday

· Arizona Bankruptcies Continue To Decrease

· Number Of Kids In Foster Care Keeps Climbing

· Gray Wolves May Get More Living Area MX Gray Wolves Could Get More Room To Roam In AZ And NM Under Proposed Federal Rule Changes.

· Phoenix Leaders To Vote On Ethics Reforms

· Alternate Route To Canyon Skywalk Open

· Mom Jailed In Mexico Savors Return To Ariz.

· Pearce: 'Self-Deportation' Still The Answer For Illegal Immigrants

· Tucson-District-May-Hire-Texan-As-Superintendent

· Fixing-The-Federal-Debt-Demands-A-Comprehensive-Approach

· Dawn-Of-The-United-Police-State-Of-America

· American Rights Trampled - Brits Guard Privacy

· Our Foreign Policy Is Hurting America


· The-Politics-Of-Fear-By-Michael-Connelly

· Former-AZ-Congressman-Rick-Renzi-Guilt Of Some Charges Of Graft

· 113th-Congress-Daily-Schedule

· Give-Illegal-Aliens-Amnesty-And-They Will Come

· First-Comes-Amnesty-For-Illegals-Then.Border Security

· Gov-Rick-Perry-TX-Is-Calling-We.Want Business

· Call-Your-Senator-And-Tell-Him-To.Vote No On Amnesty

· Taliban-Beheads-2-Boys-10-And-16-Over.Food

· NSA-Whistleblower-Edward-Snowden.Explains Motive

· Legalize-Illegals-First-Says-Gang Of Eight.

· Muhammad-Representing-Sharia-Law

· Obama-Wiretapping-Scandal-News-Military

· Senators-McCain-And-Graham-In-Tank-For.Irish Born Samatha Powers To Be UN Ambassador In Spite Of Anti Israel Statements

· 21,800.000-Struggling-For-Work-Obama.Heads For Fund Raiser

· OBAMA-Wiretapping Scandal News:-Military Ordered Not To Read- Read Memo

· Video-NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I Don't Want To Live In A Society That Does These Sort Of Things'

· The Front Page For The Guardian's Huge Whistleblower Story


· Petulant Brewer Holds Legislators Hostage

· US Rep. Schweikert Nixes AZ Medicaid Expansion

· Pathetic AZ Republic Seeks Dumbed Down Readers

· Amnesty-Bill-Slick-Efforts-Aimed-At-Duping-Americans Penalties, Back Taxes Are A Joke, There Is No “Back Of The Line,” No Es Necesario Aprender Inglés


· Arizona Welcomes Western Conservative Summit To Scottsdale – July 27, 2013

· Legislator Eval Updated – As Of 6/7/13

GILBERT WATCH See daily updates


· It Was Never About Poor People

· Isn't That Ironic

· "We Got Computers; We're Tapping Phone Lines, I Know That That Ain't Allowed."


· Amnesty? No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No

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· “If Obama Has Nothing To Hide, He Has Nothing To Fear”

· Boehner Calls NSA Whistleblower A Traitor

· Obama Parties On Your Dime

· Obama – The Great Pretender

· You Have To Believe Barack Obama, But Not Bill Maher

· Obama – “We Don’t Want To Tax All Businesses Out Of Business”

· Stimulus Grant Funded Sex Study Among Gay Dads

· Matthews Dismisses IRS Scandal: A “Big Nothing Burger”

· Is There Hope For The GOP?

· CBS: Obama Has To Admit ‘Startling Truth’ On Spying

· A Government Overseer For Every Child

· Person Of Interest: Maxine Watters?

· Greenwald Schools NBC’s Guthrie On Nsa Snooping

· Hero Or Traitor? NSA Whistleblower Has Fled To Hong Kong

· “Skin Color Politics”

· Elementary School Hosts Toy Gun Buyback

· Video: NSA Whistleblower: Government Could Use Events To Bring Turnkey Tyranny

· Obama Picture Mystery

· The Surveillance State: Everyone’s A Target

· Video: Gun Control Fails To Prevent Criminals From Getting Guns, Again


· No To Sharia Law

· URAPC Petitions Ready To Fight Obamacare In AZ


People Power Against The Department Of Justice


· Truth-Still-Needed-About-Benghazi-Bungling 'Its Time For Answers, And It's Time For Our Commander In Chief To Stop Stonewalling'

· Can The Media Protect Hillary Clinton From Latest State Department Scandal?

· Jailed Filmmaker Vows To Finish Film Wrongly Blamed For Benghazi Attack


· Forget Gold, .22 Ammo Up More Than 400%

· Why "Gun Free Zones" Actually Endanger Our Lives


· Troops-Targeted-By-NSA-For-Anti-Obama-Views Attorney Claims Visits From FBI, Secret Service About Web Postings

· Hillary Conveniently Goes Dormant During White House Scandals

· Edward Snowden Vanishes From His Hong Kong Hotel Room

· State Dept. Accused Of Covering Up Sex, Prostitution Investigation

· Snowden-Fired: Booz-Allen-Was-Paying-Security-Contractor-$122,000-A-Year

· Obama-Donor-Fingered-In-State-Department-Cover-Up-Allegations IG Memo: US Ambassador To Belgium Ditched Security Detail To Visit Prostitutes

· Belgian_Ambassador_Denies_Accusations_He_Had_Sex_With_Minors

· I-Have-Nothing-To-Hide-Misses-The-Point-Of-Big-Brother

· American-Rights-Trampled: Brits-Guard-Privacy

· Google Asks To Disclose Details Of NSA Spying

· ACLU To Sue NSA Over Phone Spying


· IRS Buys Spying Equipment: Cameras In Coffee Trays And Plants

· Rove-Blame-Senate-Democrats-For-IRS-Scandal


· Impeachment-Now Alan Keyes Says GOP House Has Chance To Prevent 'A Perpetual Tyranny'

· Impeach-Obama-Rally-Causes-10-Mile-Traffic-Jam

· Obama-Identity-Fraud-The-Net-Closes-In Lord Monckton Predicts Accountability On 'Birth Certificate' Will Come Soon

· Professor-From-Columbia-Comes-Forward-Saying-Obama-Never-Attended-The-University


· Two-Years-Prison-Time-For-Hillary-Clinton-Donor

· Maxine-Waters-Reveals-Obamas-Secret-Data-Base-Filled-Voters-Private-Info-Dems-Secret-To-Crush-GOP


· Marco Rubio: Securing The Border Is Now Secondary To Citizenship

· CBP-Officers-Help-Deliver-Baby-In-San-Luis

· In 84-15 Vote, Senate Moves Forward On Immigration Reform
Reid: GOP ‘Poison Pill’ Amendment Could Kill Immigration Reform Bill
Rubio Would Require Immigrants To Speak English Before Receiving Legal Residency

· M3 Report Updated Daily Caution: Graphic Photos DFW Now A ‘Command And Control’ Center For Mexican Cartels; Concerns Grow Over Violence In Mexico City; Muslim Terrorists Caught Crossing Us Border

· AZ Border Defenders Updated Daily

· Azborderdefenders - Hidden Cameras

· law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.


· Boston-Bombers--Muslim-Terrorists---Obamas-Brother


· Obamas-Brother-Works-With-And-For-Islamic-Terrorists

· Boston-Bombers--Muslim-Terrorists---Obamas-Brother

· Syrian-Jihadist-Rebels-Did-This-To-A-15-Year-Old-Boy-Yet-Sen-John-McCain-Wants-To-Send-Our-Military-To-Help-Them


· Muslim-Students-True-Opinion

· Muslims-Destroying-Sweden-From-Within

· Catholic Bishop : Wake Up! Religious Liberty At Risk In America

· Muslims Demand/Get Prayer In Public Schools - Attack Off-Campus Bible Studies

· 300-Detained-At-Moscow-Muslim-Prayer-Room-Following-Putin-Crackdown


· Former-Miss-America-There-Is-No-Republican-War-On-Women


· DOJ-Regards-Criticism-Of-Islam-Obama-As-Criminal U.S. Attorney Who Vowed To Punish Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Also Prosecuted 'Birther'

· 'Extortion-17'-Seal-Families-Demand-Congress-Inquest

· Wife-Of-Murdered-Seal-Hero-Tells-Glenn-PTSD-Is-Not-To-Blame


· The Federal Government Out Of Control


· DOJ-Regards-Criticism-Of-Islam-Obama-As-Criminal U.S. Attorney Who Vowed To Punish Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Also Prosecuted 'Birther'

· Obamas-Power-Hungry-Legal-Theories-Keep-Losing-Big-At-The-Supreme-Court


· Conservatives-Want-House-To-Codify-Hastert-Rule

· Rand Paul: Big Brother Really Is Watching Us: Monitoring Hundreds Of Millions Of Phone Records Is An Extraordinary Invasion Of Privacy.

· Ted Cruz Understands The Law: No Amnesty!

· Boehner-Knocks-Obama-IRS-Targeting-Defense-As-Inconceivable

· Marco Rubio: Securing The Border Is Now Secondary To Citizenship

· In 84-15 Vote, Senate Moves Forward On Immigration Reform

· Reid: GOP ‘Poison Pill’ Amendment Could Kill Immigration Reform Bill

· Rubio Would Require Immigrants To Speak English Before Receiving Legal Residency

· GOP Lawmaker: Us Muslim Leaders 'Complicit' In Terrorist Attacks

· House Panel To Probe Alleged Seizure Of Medical Records By IRS

· Sen Push Bill To Declassify Secret FISA Surveillance Rulings

· White House Plots Climate Strategy With Senate, House Dems

· Cruz: Regulations Slowing Economy

· McConnell Wants Snowden Prosecuted 'To Fullest Extent Of Law'

· GOP Threatens To Block Atf Nominee

· GOP-Reps-Epic-1-Minute-Beatdown-Of-Barack-Obama-On-House-Floor

· Under Attack: Lawmakers Slam Post 9/11 Terror Fighting Legislation

· Durbin: FISA Declassification Bill Dead On Arrival

· Rove-Blame-Senate-Democrats-For-IRS-Scandal

· Boehner: NSA Leaker Snowden Is A ‘Traitor’

· Congressional-Spouses-On-Payrolls-Could-Face-More-Scrutiny

· In-2010-The-Senate-Debated-The-Patriot-Act-For-20-Seconds

· Rand Paul Says He’ll Fight The NSA All The Way To The Supreme Court

· 'Extortion-17'-Seal-Families-Demand-Congress-Inquest


· Taxpayers Spend $41.3 Million In A Year To Advertise Food Stamps


· Troops-Targeted-By-NSA-For-Anti-Obama-Views Attorney Claims Visits From FBI, Secret Service About Web Postings

· Soldier Persecuted For Conservative Beliefs

· US Military Censors Government Misbehavior


· Suspicions Confirmed: Academia Shutting Out Conservative Professors


· Obamas-Brother-Works-With-And-For-Islamic-Terrorists

· Boston-Bombers--Muslim-Terrorists---Obamas-Brother

· Michelle-Obama-Snubs-Chinas-Peng-Liyuan

· Obamas-Power-Hungry-Theories-Losing-Big-At-Supreme-Court

· Scathing-Obama-Column-By-AP:-With-Big-Promises-Often-Come-Big-Failures

· Presidents-Appointees-And-Their-Secret-Email-Addresses

· Columbia Professor: Obama-Never-Attended-The-University


· Putin-Tells-Us-To-Follow-Law-As-Liberals-Urge-Killing-Nsa-Leaker

· John Kerry Approves $1.3 Billion In Aid To Country That Hates Us




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