Thursday, June 13, 2013

6-12-13 MCRC Briefs

·        Statement From Senate President Andy Biggs And House Speaker Andy Tobin On The Governor’s Call For A Special Session (last night): “This evening, Governor Brewer summoned legislators to convene a special session to address the FY14 budget and Medicaid expansion. The special session was called without any consultation with Senate or House leadership, and was designed to commence at the precise moment it was conveyed. We are disappointed and stunned that the Governor and her staff would resort to such an unnecessary, impulsive and unprecedented tactic. Since the beginning of the session, Senate and House leadership have made the budgetary process a top priority. Additionally, the debate regarding the full implementation of Obamacare in Arizona was already fully under way. In fact, these two specific items have not only consistently been a top legislative focus, but the other essential bills of the legislature have also been moving through our respective chambers. Instead of allowing the process to proceed in an orderly manner, the Governor made the impetuous decision to intercede and collude with the democrat minority in order to force an expedited vote on her sole legislative priority of Obamacare. We are frustrated and bewildered by her overt hostility and disregard for the budgetary process which was already well under way. The blatant disrespect and reckless practices exhibited by this Executive are less than what was expected of her and more than should be tolerated.” Contacts: Mike Philipsen, Communications Advisor -  AZ Senate Republican Caucus Office (602) 926-3972Cell (602) 904-2070   or Rey Torres, Director of Communications AZ House of Representatives Republican Caucus Office (602) 926-3233
·        Frustrated By Delays, Brewer Calls Special Session on budget, Medicaid
·        From The Gov’s Office: AHCCCS Is Not The Affordable Care Act. It is not ObamaCare. It is the nation’s gold standard in terms of cost-effective Medicaid programs. It also is the subject of a voter mandate, thanks to Arizona’s approval of two ballot measures … most recently Proposition 204 in 2000.Governor Brewer often says Medicaid is just a sliver of the larger Affordable Care Act. - Matthew Benson Director of Communications, Office of Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer 602-542-2661 (office) 602-570-7493 (mobile)
·        Crossroads With Van  4:30 pm, June 13 Topic: Sen. Rubio vs US Workers. van-the-radio-man  Your Computer/
·        A Press Conference Is Scheduled At 2:30 Pm, June 13 at the Gordon James Public Relations Office to release the results of a poll sponsored by the Alliance for Citizenship, Partnership for a New American Economy, and Republicans for Immigration Reform - three organizations who represent the broad support for immigration reform. Speakers: AZ Chamber of Commerce president Glenn Hamer, Peoria Vice Mayor Tony Rivero, and Wildflower Bread Company owner Louis Basile.   Contact:  (602) 274-1988.
·        A 9:30 Am, July 15 “DC March For Jobs And Against Amnesty” is being organized by the newly formed Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA). The emphasis is on how illegal mass migration is hurting Black Americans.  A free bus will be provided from AZ to DC will be provided if enough participants sign up. Barbra Heller is working on buses from AZ (  For more details: visit,(202) 349-0858, or email:   Laura Ingraham Show recording
·        Anti-Amnesty: This would be a repeat of 1986 when President Reagan trusted the Democrats who promised that if amnesty were granted to 3 million illegal aliens now, the Congress would secure the border.  President Reagan believed them and granted amnesty.  The Democrats promptly dropped that secure the borders plan. According to the 14th and 15th amendments, people in this country are either citizens or they aren't; there is no other status.  If "legal status" is given to the nearly 20 million illegals in America, the Democrats will immediately appeal to the Supreme court for citizenship for those 20 million illegals based on those amendments, and they'll win. Different people, different President, slightly different language, same intent.  Leave the borders open, make illegals citizens, and America goes bankrupt. – Ray Spitzer,  author and former LD9 Chairman
·        We The People Will Meet At 11:45 Am, June 14 At The IRS Headquarters, 4041 E Indian School Rd (just west of Central Ave.) in Phx  for a “Take A Revenue Agent to Lunch” rally. Organizer Wes Harris said participants should bring signs and umbrellas to the first of monthly events needed to get tax laws changed or abolish the IRS. Contact: Wes Harris 602-942-9281 602-432-2871 (Cell) or
·        Councilman Sal Diciccio Issued A Statement today regarding the Phoenix City Council approving a new ethics policy for elected officials. ethicspolicycc.html
·        LD17 will not meet in JULY.  The rest of the summer is on schedule. Contact: Sandi Bartlett    480 600 2874
·        Mark Dewane, Director Of Maricopa County Special Healthcare, and Tom Jenney, State Director for the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity are the speakers for the June 15 Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting.  Secretary Ken Bennett was errantly listed as the speaker in a couple of GOP publications. Contact: FHRC Chairman Tait Elkie (480) 766-1231 
·        The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s (AzFRW) Biennial State Convention is scheduled Oct 25 & 26 in Prescott. for registration information.
·        Sue Goodchild Is Hosting A Benefit Potluck/Bbq Picnic For Congressman Paul Gosar between 4-8 pm, June 22 at 1905 W Road 2 S, in Chino Valley. $10 per person. Participants are asked to bring a side dish to serve 12 people to go with chicken, burgers and hotdogs. RSVP Goodchild at Or 636-7355. Bring chairs.
·        Last Thursday Night, The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) Overwhelmingly Voted In Favor Of Condemnation Of The “Gang Of Six” Republican Senators John McComish (LD18), Rich Crandall (LD16), Adam Driggs (LD28), Steve Pierce (LD1), Michele Reagan (LD23) and Bob Worsley (LD25) -  who voted with Dems in support of Gov. Jan Brewer’s  Medicaid Expansion.
·          The Condemned “Gang of Six” Went Against The March 7 MCRC EGC approved resolution opposing the Governor Medicaid Expansion proposal that supports Obamacare. Maricopa County GOP EGC and LDs 1, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 And 30; Pima County Republican LDs 2, 3 ,4, 9, 10, 11, 14;  the Coconino Republican Executive Committee , along with the Pinal, Cochise and Mohave County Republican Committees and the Yavapai County Area Directors united in passing resolutions in opposition to the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion (AHCCCS) in support of Obamacare throughout this Spring.
·          Resolutions Passed By The Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee  (MCRC EGC) at the March 7 meeting are posted on the MCRC Web site.  Go to or see the 3-8-13 MCRC Briefs at  
·          Links For All Of The Medicaid Expansion Related Resolutions:
·        LD19 is raffling two percussion .44 caliber pistols and a few accessories. These are “cap and ball” black powder pistol designs from the 1850s and 1860s. These are Cowboy Guns. According to Joseph Hobbs, the prize is two percussion .44 caliber pistols that are safe, accurate reproductions, excellent workmanship, Historically Significant handguns:
Ø  Colt Walker inspired .44cal. Dragoon #3 (a.k.a..44cal. 1851 Navy Colt) (5 shots fired!) and
Ø  Remington .44 caliber Model 1858 (never fired!)
Winning tickets will be drawn at 7 pm, Aug 12. Ticket donations are $4 or three for $10. Remote entries can be made by sending payment (check or cash) to LD-19 Chair Cherie Scott, 3609 N. 127th Drive, Avondale, AZ 85392. Include your name, phone number and/or email address. You will receive verification of receipt via email or phone and you will be given your ticket number(s). Contact: Joseph Hobbs or 480-381-2380.
·        Dust Storm Driving Tips Pullasidestayalive.
·        Phoenix Gun Buy-Up Scheme Examined   AZ Gun Laws Expert Alan Korwin
·        Now Playing At The AZ House: A Profile In Courage  Laurie Roberts
·        Rep. Foot-In-Mouth Strikes Again   EJ Montini
·        Rep. Franks: Pregnancy From Rape 'Low'   EJ Montini
·        Amending The Amendments
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·        What's The Bar Doing Investigating Horne?   Robert Rob
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·        Rand Paul Op/Ed: The NSA Is Spying On You And How You Can Fight Back.
·        Lerner-Logging-On-Computer   Reportedly Still Has Access To IRS System
·        Impeachment-Now  Alan Keyes Says GOP House Has Chance To Prevent 'A Perpetual Tyranny'
·        A 9:30 Am, July 15 “DC March For Jobs” And Against Amnesty is being organized by the newly formed Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA). The emphasis is on how illegal mass migration is hurting Black Americans.  A free bus will be provided from AZ to DC will be provided if enough participants sign up. For details: visit, (202) 349-0858, or   
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·        Obama-Strongly-Objects-To-Religious-Liberty-Amendment
·        DOJ-Regards-Criticism-Of-Islam-Obama-As-Criminal   U.S. Attorney Who Vowed To Punish Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Also Prosecuted 'Birther'


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