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6-13-13 MCRC Briefs

June 13, 2013

·        Petition Opposing Sen Bill 744 (Gang Of Eight) Amnesty 

·        Guide To Recalling US Senators & Congressmen

·        The US House Is Taking Up The National Defense Authorization Act This Week.  Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) has proposed an amendment:

Ø  This amendment allows illegal aliens to enlist in the military.  The only requirement is that they have been in the U.S. since Dec. 31, 2011 and that they first came to the U.S. before the age of 15.

Ø  Then DHS is required to give them a green card—and the amendment doesn’t seem to require any period of time.  That is, it appears to be possible that the same day an illegal alien enlists, he or she could get a green card.  Totally unbelievable.  Contact: National Field Director Susan Tully - Federation for American Immigration Reform Office  202-328-7004Cell      608-606-0631

·        Congressmen Paul Gosar (CD4), Matt Salmon (CD5), David Schweikert (CD6) and Trent Franks (CD8), will host an open to the public congressional hearing on IRS abuse and EPA overreach at 4 pm, July 1 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. Attorney General Tom Horne and State Representative Brenda Barton will also offer testimony. Representatives from Tea Party groups, industry associations, and businesses will testify as well. The hearing will be for purposes of taking testimony from constituents regarding any problems or concerns they have with the IRS or the EPA. Witnesses will also offer testimony on the impact a closure of the Navajo Generating Station would have on Arizona. These issues not only impact Arizonans, but are part of nationwide issues as well.  See event flyer HERE

·       We The People Will Meet At 11:45 Am, June 14 At The IRS Headquarters, 4041 E Indian School Rd (just west of Central Ave.) in Phx  for a “Take A Revenue Agent to Lunch” rally. Organizer Wes Harris said participants should bring signs and umbrellas to the first of monthly events needed to get tax laws changed or abolish the IRS. Contact: Wes Harris 602-942-9281 602-432-2871 (Cell) or

·        Maricopa County Sheriff Joe turns 81 on June 14. 

·        LD17 Will Not Meet In JULY.  The rest of the summer is on schedule. Contact: Sandi Bartlett    480 600 2874

·        Mark Dewane, Director Of Maricopa County Special Healthcare, and Tom Jenney, State Director for the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity are the speakers for the June 15 Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting.  Secretary Ken Bennett was errantly listed as the speaker in a couple of GOP publications. Contact: FHRC Chairman Tait Elkie (480) 766-1231

·        The Yavapai County Republican Committee Trunk ‘N’ Tusk Independence Day BBQ is scheduled from 6-9 pm, July 5 featuring speaker Gila County Attorney Bradley Beauchamp and gubernatorial candidates and a “Most Authentic Western Wear” contest.  Music by the Rusty Pistols Cowboy Band.  Tickets are $50 each. The event will be held at the Centennial Center at Antelope Hills Golf Course, 1989 Clubhouse Dr., Prescott. Reservations: (928) 776-4500.   Raffles include a Ruger 10/22 Takedown long rifle, a piece of the Berlin Wall, Western art, and jewelry. Raffle tickets: one for $5 each,  3 for $10 or 7 for $20. Purchase tickets: (928) 776-4500.  Contact: Yav GOP Office manager Brenda Dickinson  or Jay Parkison, Verde Coordinator at 1-888-788-1946. Independence Day BBQ Flyer

·        Joel Malkin Of Phx, Valdictorian At Dartmouth Joel Malkin, Son Of Randy And Constance Of Phoenix Was Named Co-Valedictorian At Dartmouth College. Malkin, Who Graduated With A 4.0 GPA On June 9, Received His Commission Of Second Lieutenant With The US Marine Corp And Will Train As A USMC Pilot.

·        The 161st Air Refueling Wing will dedicate the ‘Spirit of Arizona’ at 9 am,  plane June 14 -  following weeks of painting the Arizona flag on the vertical tail section of the KC-135R. It is military tradition that aircraft’s tails are given a distinctive paint scheme, both for easy recognition and esprit de corps.

·        Condolences to Thayer Verschoor, former AZGOP official, who lost his mother this afternoon.

·        Bob Westerman, former chairman of the Pima County Republican, plans to toss his hat into the LD11 House campaign. The district includes Marana, Oro Valley, City of Maricopa, western Casa Grande, Catalina, Arizona City, and SaddleBrooke. Westernman is an Member-at-Large, Pima County Republican Party Member-at-Large, and a Precinct and State Committeeman. He retired from the aerospace industry after 38 years and currently owns a small business in Marana. Contact: Dave Erchull, 520-241-2371

·        Tom Jenney, Americans For Prosperity (AZ) will soon send out an email detailing plans for the next phase of the ObamaCare Medicaid fight.  Signatures will be needed for a citizen referendum to stop the legislation and put it on the November 2014 ballot. Learn more
Today, Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ), Chairman of the House Small Business Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations, introduced H.R. 2348, the Jumpstart GSE Reform Act, a
companion piece to S. 563
, introduced by Senator Bob Corker. Addressing two major concerns in the housing reform debate, this bill prohibits the use of increased Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guarantee fees (g-fees) for the purpose of deficit reduction except as it relates to GSE business functions. “It has been five years since the housing crisis forced the GSEs into conservatorship. In that time, we have seen the market go from peak to valley. However, now that we once again see signs of life in home values, I am concerned that the Administration sees Fannie and Freddie as cash cows to pay for big government spending. We’ve seen this once before, and are now watching as the Treasury Department freely spends GSE profits. At the same time, the American people need the reassurance that Congress will have the opportunity to reform the housing market and allow private capital to flow back into private label securitization. This bill ensures that,” said Rep. Schweikert.

·        Gov Jan Brewer: “I Am Grateful To The Arizona Lawmakers who have acted with courage and conviction by completing the people’s business. With landmark votes today in the House and Senate, legislators have tackled the issue that is Job One every session – adoption of a responsible State budget – and enacted Arizona’s most sweeping health care legislation in decades.

“As an elected official of more than 30 years, I know that this process was not easy or without political risk. By joining me in extending health coverage to hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, legislators of my own party have come under sharp criticism in some quarters. Some have had threats made not just against their political future, but also their personal livelihood.

 “…This Medicaid Restoration Plan does not solve all of Arizona’s health care challenges. But it will extend cost-effective care to Arizona’s working poor, using the very tax dollars our citizens already pay to the federal government. It will help prevent our rural and safety-net hospitals from closing their doors. And it will boost our economy by creating more than 20,000 jobs at a time when Arizona needs them most. I thank the Arizona Legislature for joining me in putting the people of Arizona first.”  

·       Robert Graham, Chairman Of The Arizona Republican Party;  "I serve as the elected Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, with over a million voters strong in our state. I also stand with those hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who voted for Republican candidates, knowing that Republicans support fiscal responsibility. I understand that everyone is under a lot of pressure here today. Many of you have not slept in a few days. We all agree there’s a lot at stake. However, I cannot overstate how disappointed I am with the parliamentary maneuvers that have played out over the past few days. Last year, our Republican legislative majority elected a Senate President and Speaker of the House empowering them to provide leadership consistent with the Republican Party platform. Vested in them is a constitutional responsibility to originate and craft a budget for the legislature to send the Executive branch. To their credit, they have worked long and hard to that end for over 100 days.

"I now call on all Republican legislators to restore the legitimate process that respects the authority that was given to the duly elected Republican House and Senate leadership. Let's also make sure that, as we close out the First Regular Session of the 51st Legislature, we support the remaining conservative core pieces of legislation and amendments that define the contrast between our party and that of the left.  I understand that each member of the legislature comes from a different district with different constituencies. But I also want to be very clear that each and every Republican who ran for office did so representing our party. As Republicans, we should stand united in the cause of promoting limited government, respect for life, defense of our Constitution, strict adherence to transparent governance and full support of legitimate parliamentary procedures that allow our leadership to do the job they were elected to do."

·        Jim Dutton, Chairman Yavapai County Republican Committee: The recent conviction of former U.S. Representative Rick Renzi is not only disconcerting but it underscores an all too familiar scenario within the realm of politics. As Republicans we embrace a high standard of ethics. We expect our elected Representatives to uphold their oaths of office, to make good on their campaign promises and to maintain a level of dignity and respect. When they fail in this regard and become self-absorbed and self-serving they do a great disservice not only to the Republican Party but to all the people they profess to represent. --James Dutton, Chairman, YCRC, (928) 636-8465  YCRC newsletter


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·        Op-Ed: The Revealing British Newspaper Poll Nobody Will Hear About



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·        Petition Opposing Sen Bill 744 (Gang Of Eight) Amnesty  As a concerned citizen, I strongly oppose the new immigration bill (S.744) being put forth by the Senate's so-called "Gang of 8" or any similar "rush to amnesty" proposal that provides amnesty to illegal aliens or DREAM Act path to citizenship. Any proposal to reform immigration must begin with real border security, mandatory employment verification and banning of public benefits to those illegally in our country.  As a duly elected member of the United States Senate, I'm calling on you to vote against S.744 and for the best interests of the American people.

·        Border-Patrol-Rescues-177-People-In-Arizona-Desert

·        Harry-Reid-Kills-Amendment-Requiring-Border-Security-Before-Amnesty

·        The US House Is Taking Up The National Defense Authorization Act This Week.  Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) amendment:

This amendment allows illegal aliens to enlist in the military.  The only requirement is that they have been in the U.S. since Dec. 31, 2011 and that they first came to the U.S. before the age of 15.

Then DHS is required to give them a green card—and the amendment doesn’t seem to require any period of time.  That is, it appears to be possible that the same day an illegal alien enlists, he or she could get a green card.  Totally unbelievable.  Contact: National Field Director Susan Tully - Federation for American Immigration Reform Office  202-328-7004Cell      608-606-0631

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·        Revolt-Among-Republicans-On-Immigration-Bill-70-House-Members-Risk-Careers-In-Planned-Showdown-With-Leadership

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·        Six-Big-Problems-With-The-Immigration-Bill-From-Someone-Who-Has-Actually-Read-It

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·        Mark-Levin-Lays-Into-Paul-Ryan-Over-His-Immigration-Stance

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