Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6-19-13 MCRC Briefs


June 18, 2013

·       LD1 unanimously Passed a Motion of No Confidence Regarding Sen. Steve Pierce during the June 17 meeting:  Motion: LD1 expresses a vote of no confidence in our LD1 Senator Steve Pierce who overwhelmingly and completely voted with Democrats regarding the Medicaid expansion and amendments (some are saying up to 50 times) in opposition to his fellow Republican senators, constituents, and party platform.

·       LD24 will not be meeting in June. LD24 will meet July 18 and Aug 15. The July meeting is scheduled at 7 pm, at AZGOP headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.  Contact: Chairman Brian Kaufman 480 442 2424

·       In spite of the nearby wildfire, the RepublicanWomen of Prescott held their summer garden party last night at Watters Nursery. President Pam Jones presented a $2,000 check to Yavapai County Republican Chairman Jim Dutton, for operating expenses for the county office. Way to go RWoP!

·       Sue Goodchild Is Hosting A Benefit Potluck/BBQ Picnic For Congressman Paul Gosar between 4-8 pm, June 22 at 1905 W Road 2 S, in Chino Valley. $10 per person. Participants are asked to bring a side dish to serve 12 people to go with chicken, burgers and hotdogs. RSVP Goodchild at Or 636-7355. Bring chairs

·       A Campaign Kick-Off BBQ For Congressman Trent Franks is scheduled from 5:30-8:30 pm, June 29 at the home of Dr. Bob Branch, 18331 W. Palo Verde Ave., Waddell. $150 per person. $500 per person co-host, includes photo op and Franks. Casual attire. RSVP: 602-448-5959 by June 26.

·       The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) kick-off  rally for their signature drive for the referendum to the ballot to stop Medicaid expansion is scheduled at 10 am, June 22 on the State Capitol Lawn, 1700 W. Washington, Phx. At 1 pm, they will leave the rally to meet at two separate locations for the purpose of canvassing the districts containing the Senator and Representatives who lead the hostile takeover of our legislature.

ü  LD 18 Canvass  - (McComish - Dial - Robson) Join Frank Antenori and Christine Bauserman at: McDonald’s, 4750 E Warner Rd, NW corner Warner/48th St) Phx. 85044

ü  LD15 Canvass (Heather Carter) - Join Ron Gould at the Deer Valley Airport, 702 W. Deer Valley Road, Phx, 85027

·       Sign Up To Stop Obamacare In AZ

·       The Surprise Tea Party will host Rusty Childress at their 6:30 pm, July 2 meeting to discuss immigration. Contact: 623-444-9231. 

·       LD24 PCs will be walking in the July 4 Arcadia Parade. See  or Contact: Chairman Brian Kaufman 480 442 2424

·       Members of the Arizona Army National Guard Security Force Assistance Teams/1-158 Infantry Battalion will return from Afghanistan at 11:43 am, June 20 at Tucson International Airport. A majority of the soldiers from the Security Force Assistance Teams of the 1-158 Infantry Battalion, are scheduled to arrive in two flights at Sky Harbor Airport and a third flight at Tucson International Airport. The rest of the team is scheduled to return home in early July. The Security Force Assistance Teams’ mission consisted of working by, with and through a variety of Afghan Uniformed Police and National Civil Order Police at the province and district levels in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. These efforts included advising and evaluating the current Afghan policing operations, and offering recommended techniques and procedures to improve their capabilities. More than 400 Arizona National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are still serving on federal active duty in the Balkans, Horn of Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, and within the continental U.S. More than 10,000 Arizona Guard members have been called to federal active service since Sept. 11, 2001. Soldiers are from the following Arizona hometowns: Casa Grande, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Maricopa, Mesa, Oro Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, San Luis, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe, and Tucson.

·       Immediate Past AZGOP Republican Chair Tom Morrissey’s new book  "In Search of the Sacred Word"   made it into the top 100 on Amazon's Kindle market on the first day of the promotion. 

·       Congressmen Paul Gosar And Tom Tancredo, along with retired INS Senior Special Agent Mike Cutler will headline the 5-8 pm, July 13, ‘Walk the Line” gathering at Living Faith Church, 7225 N. Coyote Springs Rd., Prescott Valley. $25 person (includes dinner). Tickets: Sue at or 928-636-7355.  Checks payable to CV Pachyderm

·       A Congressman Paul Gosar Potluck-BBQ Benefit is scheduled between 4-8- pm, June 22 at 1905 W Road 2 South, Chino Valley. $10 per person. Participants are asked to being a side dish to serve 12 people. Bring chairs. Please RSVP so they know how much chicken, burger and hot dogs to purchase. RSVP to Sue Goodchild Or 636-7355

·       June 20– LD16 (3rd Thur), 6:30 pm social, 7 pm mtg., Legacy Arts Academy,  3015 S. Power Road, Mesa. Chr Jerry Clingman Cell 480-861-4958  Home 480-986-5236

·       June 20 – LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 mtg. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Speaker: Clerk of the Maricopa County Superior Court Michael Jeanes. Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:

·      June 20 – LD24  no June mtg. Resumes July 18  ( normally 3rd Thurs) ,  7 pm, Republican Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St, Phoenix.  Chr Brian Kaufman 

·       June 20  – LD25  (3rd Thurs) 6:30 pm, Mesa Utilities Bldg., 640 N Mesa Drive Road, Mesa. Chr Paul Whetten

·       The Arizona Chapter Of Americans For Prosperity will be in Yuma at 6 pm, June 20 showing the documentary “Sick and Sicker” to the Colorado River Tea Party at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95. The film shows what happens when "the government becomes your doctor. " Contact: Shane Wikfors: : | (602) 620-0530.

·       Phoenix Fourth of July events:

·       The Arizona Freedom Alliance is hosting a “State Supt of Education John Huppenthal Town Hall” Meeting from 7-8 pm, June 24 at the Heritage Academy, 32 S Center St., Mesa. RSVP on Arizona Freedom Alliance:


·        Mccain Told Its Past Time To Go

·        Disaster: Barack-Obamas-Berlin-Speech-Nightmare

·        Wildfire-Near-Prescott-Continues-To-Grow

·        7,000 Acre Doce-Wildfire-Burns-Near-Prescott

·        Brewer-Vetos Bills Regarding Bail Agents, Adoption, Religious Property Taxes

·        MUST READ:  Help-Free-American-Hero-Contact-Congress  A Miscarriage Of Justice

·        Scalia's Quiddities Leave Arizona In A Bind   Robert Rob

·        GOP Ideologues Now Have Chance To Demonstrate Their Reach  Laurie Roberts

·        Appeal-Planned-On-Ariz-Immigrant-License-Policy

·        Report-Pinal-County-Dept-Like-Animal-House

·        Arizona-Congressmen-Want-More-Flexible-Voter-Law

·        Shawnna-Bolick-Opens-Exploratory.Committee

·        Bar Spends Three Years Going After Lawyer For Being Conservative Blogger

·        Tucson-Names-Texas-Educator-As-New-Superintendent

·        Republicans Pull A Fast One On Voters  Laurie Robert

·        Education Accountability Postponed, Again   Robert Rob

·       Co-Founder-Of-Minutemen-Nabbed-On-Molestation-Charges



·        MUST READ:  Help-Free-American-Hero-Contact-Congress   Reverse A Miscarriage Of Justice

·        Arizona-Minutemen-Militia-Co-Founder Arrested

·        Afghan-Peace-Talks-Collapse

·        Equiring-Paychecks-For-Food-Stamps

·        Governor-Jan-Brewer-Signs-Hb2045

·        Governor-Brewer-Signs-Hb2205

·        Obama-Disses-Catholics-In-Ireland-MSM

·        Catholic-Schools-Encourage-Division – Obama Says

·        A-Diverse-Group-Tea-Partiers-At-Anti.IRS Rally

·        President-Obama-Commits-Over-$300M In Aid  Your Tax $

·        Delusions-Of-Senator-John-Mccain

·        Millions Paid To Karzai in Afghanistan of Your Tax Dollars

·        $1 Billion to Syrian Rebels From USA Taxpayer's

·        Mesa Arizona Freeway Overpass Under Construction Collapses's Kills One

·        Sen Rand Paul The Talk Of The Town New Republic Cover Photo - Fingers Crossed

·        Compare You Net Worth to Obama's Over 6 Years

·        US Supreme Court Justice's and their millions

·        Phoenix Arizona Now A Border Town According To Mayor Stanton

·        113th Congress The Leader's Daily Schedule - 6/19/13

·        Starbucks Will Post Calorie Count Nationwide

·        Migrants-From-India-Detained-In.Nogales

·        AZ Congressmen Gosar, Salmon, Schweikert, Franks

·        Sen-Guillory-Slams-Dems-And. Switches Party


·        McCain Told Its Past Time To Go


·        $2.2 Billion: Obama Phone Waste, Fraud And Abuse

·        Amnesty? Let’s Talk Election Facts

·        AZ Conservative Coalition: End Of Session Ratings


·        Who’s Looking Out For Us?

·        Shawnna Bolick Announces For State Representative In Arizona LD-28

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·        Shocker: Media Criticism Of Gay Marriage Virtually Nonexistent

·        Black Democrat Leaves Party, Joins GOP

·        A Five Point Plan For Immigration Reform

·        “Constitution Teacher” Assaults Christian Street Ministry

·        Rand Paul: I’d Fire Obama’s National Intelligence Director

·        Piers Morgan Defends The Nanny State: “People Need Nannying”

·        IRS Preparing To Hand Out $70 Million In Union Bonuses

·        The War Against Christian Orthodoxy – Part 1

·        Rand Paul Blasts Dick Cheney

·        Fischer: Liberals Support Immigration Because Conservatives Are Outbreeding Them

·        Congressman: We Should Investigate Obama’s “Phony Identification Papers”

·        Obama Assists The Muslim Brotherhood One More Time

·        Rush Sidekick Goes Off On Obama’s Gangsta Government

·        We Deserve Our Freedoms, Even If We Have Nothing To Hide

·        Uncovered: ‘Obama Phones’ Sold To Buy Drugs


·        Legislators-The-Good-The-Bad

Republicans, Times are About to Change

·        No To Sharia Law

·        URAPC Petitions Ready To Fight Obamacare In AZ


·        Loudon Book Teaser: Who Are The Communists Behind The “Immigrants Rights” Movement?

·        Our Last Stand For Freedom Is This Wednesday

·        Socialism Through Immigration: Leading Marxist Immigration Activist Admits It’s All About The Votes!



·        June-26: General-Carter-Ham-To-Testify-About-Benghazi

·        Did The Joint Chiefs Chairman Lie To Congress About Benghazi?


·        Hurt: Hillary 2016 — What Difference Does It Make?


·        DC Tea Party Rally Erupts In Chants Of 'Fire Eric Holder'


·        Oregon-Neighborhood-Aims-To-Stop-Crime   Glock Watch, Armed Themselves

·        Amnesty-For-Illegals-Is-A-Gun-Issue

·        Biden’s Gun Control Vow: ‘We Will Get It’

·        CO Senate Prexy Will Face Recall Election Forced By Gun-Rights Activists

·        If-There-Ever-Was-An-Argument-For-Owning-A-Gun-This-Is-It


·        3-Former-NSA-Employees-Praise-Edward-Snowden-Corroborate-Key-Claims Whistleblowers, Say He Succeeded Where They Failed.

·        Poll-65-Percent-Want-Congressional-Hearings-On-NSA-Surveillance-

·        Rove: Unlike Obama, Cheney Had 'The Guts To Defend' NSA Programs

·        The Hill: NSA Chief Cites 50 Foiled Plots In Defense Of Spying Programs

·        Associated Press: Obama Relying On Untested Oversight Board On NSA

·        Mueller-FBI-Uses-Drones-In-US-For-Limited-Surveillance


·        Hear-The-Voicemail-A-Capitol-Hill-Police-Officer-Allegedly-Left-A-Tea-Party-Organizer-Trying-To-Block-Its-Rally-Goers-From-Attending-A-Congressional-Press-Conference

·        Hey-IRS-Audit-This

·        Inside The Beltway: Tea Party Takes On The IRS

·        The Hill: Cummings Releases IRS Interview Transcripts

·        Senator: IRS To Pay 470m In Employee Bonuses


·        Growing-Number-Believes-White-House-Involved-In-IRS-Targeting  (47%)


·        Former Rep. Allen West Open To Senate Primary Challenge Against Rubio


·        Petition: Tell Congress And Obama NO To Letting Syrian Refugees Come Live In America

·        KKK-Style Tactics Being Used Against State Secretary Combating Illegal Immigration

·        Congress-Is-Trying-To-Fool-You-On-Immigration

·        Amnesty-For-Illegals-Is-A-Gun-Issue

·        Steve-King-Boehner-Has-Given-His-Word-On-Immigration

·        Senate Rejects Border Fence

·        The Hill: Partisan Lines Harden Over Immigration Reform Bill

·        House-Panel-Approves-Enforcement-Based-Immigration-Bill

·        The Hill: Speaker Boehner: I’m Not For A Comprehensive Immigration Solution

·        The Hill: House Republican Divisions Laid Bare On Immigration Reform

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·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.


·        Obama-Makes-Alarming-Call-For-End-To-Catholic-Education

·        US-President-Undermines-Catholic-Schools-After-Vatican-Prefect-Praised-Them

·        Muslim Hate Group Testifies On...Hate Crimes

·        WH Announces Strong Opposition To Religious Freedom In Military


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·        Republicans-Push-To-Let-States-Require-Citizenship-Proof-After-Court-Strikes

·        Congress-Wakes-Up-To-Cataclysmic-Threat   Plan In Works To Counter Event That Could Trigger Mass Starvation

·        Senate Rejects Border Fence

·        Congress-Is-Trying-To-Fool-You-On-Immigration

·        House Votes To Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy

·        Poll-65-Percent-Want-Congressional-Hearings-On-Nsa-Surveillance-

·        The Hill: Speaker Boehner: I’m Not For A Comprehensive Immigration Solution

·        GOP Lawmaker: Teach Grade-School Classes On Traditional Gender Roles

·        Paul: Fire IRS Agents Responsible For Health Law Implementation

·        Cruz: Reid ‘Starting To Get Nervous’ About Passing Immigration Bill

·        The Hill: House Republican Divisions Laid Bare On Immigration Reform

·        Steve-King-Boehner-Has-Given-His-Word-On-Immigration

·        FBI Director Mueller: Drones Used For Domestic Surveillance In US

·        The Hill: Partisan Lines Harden Over Immigration Reform Bill

·        House-Panel-Approves-Enforcement-Based-Immigration-Bill


·        MUST READ:  Help-Free-American-Hero-Contact-Congress A Miscarriage Of Justice

·        Military Plans Would Put Women In Most Combat Jobs



·        Chicago-Teachers-Union-Boss-Blames-Racist-Rich-White-People-For-Chicagos-School-Woes


·        Obama-Makes-Alarming-Call-For-End-To-Catholic-Education


·        Common Core: Indoctrination For A New World Order

·        How Common Core Standards Work In The Incubator Lab Of Obama’s ‘Race To The Top’ Schools

·        Fight Against Common Core Flares In South Carolina

·        Common-Core-Implementation-Proves-Problematic

·        Republicans_Get_Played_Again  Common Core


·        Disaster: Barack-Obamas-Berlin-Speech-Nightmare

·        Obama-Makes-Alarming-Call-For-End-To-Catholic-Education

·        Obama Undermines-Catholic-Schools-After-Vatican-Prefect-Praised-Them

·        Bradlee-Dean: Obama-Youre-Gonna-Get-Whats-Coming-To-You

·        Michelle Obama Spending Your Money On Unnecessary Irish Vacation

·        Lies, False Promises, And Deception: The Markers Of The Obama Administration


·        Afghanistan-Taliban-Admit-US-Troop-Attack

·        Obama-Greeted-With-Mocking-'Yes-We-Scan'-Signs-In-Berlin

·        Obama-Undermines-Catholic-Schools-After-Vatican-Prefect-Praised-Them

·        Obama Downplays Rift As Karzai Pulls Out Of Taliban Peace Talks

·        Obama Announces “Peace” Talks With Taliban Savages

·        Obama-Backed-Syrian-Jihadists-Behead-Christian-Feed-His-Body-To-Dogs




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