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6-25-13 MCRC Briefs

June 25, 2013
·       Crossroads-With-Van-Political-Talk  Hear Van’s Monday interview with MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro regarding the URAPC referendum onto the Nov ballot.
·       The-Two-Insider-Rules-That-Control-Congress  Dozens of Republicans led by Rep.
Matt Salmon (R-AZ) are trying to make the Hastert rule ironclad. Salmon, with backing from leading conservative groups, has put together a petition requiring than any measure coming out of the GOP conference have at minimum support from the majority of the majority.Salmon told POLITICO that he has more than half of the 50 Republican congressmen needed for the party’s lawmakers to meet and consider making the Hastert rule standard.If he succeeds, it would mean Republicans would likely reject any proposal from President Obama on the budget or increasing the government’s $16.7 trillion borrowing authority this fall that is not on their terms.
·       Sen Jeff Flake Has Scheduled A Conference Call at 7 am, June 26 to discuss the immigration reform bill being voted on in the Senate this week.Toll-free call-in number: (855) 428-0808   Conference ID: 6224561**
·       LD 13 House Candidate Diane Landis, visited the Yuma County Republicans this evening.  LD13 runs from west Phoenix to Yuma.
·       Note from Yuma County Republican Secretary Lorna Brooks: Rep Brenda Barton, Chairman of the Agriculture and Water Committee in the Arizona House of Representatives, also attended the Yuma County Republicans meeting. She is co-chair of the ad-hoc committee touring the state. The ad hoc committee is co-chaired by Rep. Darin Mitchell and "Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson, who chairs the House Agriculture and Water Committee; Frank Pratt of Pinal County; and Yuma County Rep. Lisa Otondo. Mitchell and Pratt also sit on the Agriculture and Water Committee, where the controversial HB 2338 was held due to the many concerns expressed by Yuma County and other rural areas. “As long as the chairman of Water and Agriculture holds HB 2338 in committee and does not release it back to its author, it can go nowhere,” stated Barton. “This gives us time to work with all parties to craft a bill that will benefit all of Arizona's diverse water interests.” Read more: water-87772-yuma-committee
·       Open Letter to Trent Franks by Bob Richards - Trent : When the Senate Bill on Immigration comes to the House please vote No! on it. There is nothing in it to guarantee the securing of AZ boarders by this Administration. Harry Reed with other Dems have framed this Bill with the help of John McCain & Jeff Flake to buy Latino votes. If any such type Bill goes to compromises our Nation is doomed to defeat economically & politically from within it's boarders. Protect Our Boarders First Without Compromises.
·       Brewer: 'I Have Not Endorsed The Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill'  Gov. Jan Brewer, who in 2010 signed the controversial state immigration law known as Senate Bill 1070, appears to support the direction that the U.S. Senate is going with its sweeping border-security amendment. But as is often the case with the Arizona governor, her remarks are causing some controversy.
·       U.S. Supreme Court nullifies key portion of Voting Rights Act Part involves fed monitoring; for years, Arizona, 8 other states had to get OK for election decisions.
·       Limiting Government Week - Rep Steve Montenegro, State Senator Al Melvin: ­ Earlier today we emailed our Republican colleagues in the State House and State Senate respectively to seek their support for what we are calling ‘Limiting Government Week.’  As Republicans, we are supposed to be believers in limiting government and maximizing individual liberty.  As conservatives, it is not just a line in a Party Platform but a guiding principle. Yet the work of a State Legislator too often consists of revising laws, writing new laws, and only rarely scaling back or eliminating existing laws. We would like to see that change and we believe that Arizona¹s economy and taxpayers would be well-served by Limiting Government Week. With enough support from both leadership and rank-and-file members, we propose that one entire week in the upcoming 2014 legislative session be dedicated to eliminating arcane laws and burdensome regulations that do nothing to improve the lives of Arizonans or the economic health of its employers. There is little debate we are burdened by too much government and all of that government comes at the expense of our wallets and our freedoms. Limiting Government Week is a good start to reversing that dangerous trend and it is our hope that the positive attention that Arizona garners will send a powerful message nationwide that Arizona is open for business and takes seriously the idea of limited government. And for those who yearn for Limiting Government Month, we say Stay Tuned!
·       Gov Jan Brewer - Nullification Of Outdated Voting Provision A Win For Arizona Sovereignty:  “With its ruling today on the Voting Rights Act, the High Court has dealt a victory for states’ rights and sovereignty – releasing Arizona from a nearly 40-year federal stranglehold over our voting system.  The Chief Justice, writing on behalf of the majority, reiterated this important point in today’s ruling.  He said, ‘the Framers of the Constitution intended the States to keep for themselves, as provided in the Tenth Amendment, the power to regulate elections.’
“The original voting rights measure was implemented in 1965 as a buffer against discriminatory voting practices in states where systemic racism was historically common. In 1975, the act was amended to include jurisdictions with a prevalent “language minority” population that had not provided bilingual ballots by 1972. Despite Arizona’s adoption of bilingual ballots in 1974, the law’s retroactive application has trapped Arizona under the thumb of the federal government for almost four decades – with no viable process for the state’s voting laws to be released from federal scrutiny.
      “Today’s ruling provides relief for the State of Arizona. Even if Congress enacts a new statute, it is unlikely Arizona would be mandated to continue to seek federal approval for even the most routine changes to our election procedures. Simply put, decisions that affect states should be left to states. I am grateful to the High Court for ruling on the side of sovereignty and federal restraint.”
·       Major State Tax Reform Bill Signed Into Law: This morning, Gov Jan Brewer
signed HB 2111 (transaction privilege tax changes) into law. The bill, sponsored by Rep Debbie Lesko (R-Dist. 21), received almost unanimous bipartisan support in both
chambers of the Arizona Legislature.
Under current law, businesses operating in multiple Arizona cities must remit multiple tax forms and checks to the state as well as each city they operate in. Businesses are also subjected to multiple audits by state and municipal tax authorities. Under the new legislation, businesses will only be subjected to one single audit and will remit their sales taxes to only one location either online or via one single form to the Arizona Department of Revenue.
Pleased with the strong support her legislation received, Lesko stated, “As Arizona has the most complicated sales tax system in the nation, the success of this reform was a big win for Arizona taxpayers and businesses alike. It has been tried multiple times before with no success but this time, we got it done. I’m honored to be part of this historic tax reform legislation that will bring Arizona one step closer to realizing its full potential as the nation’s best place to live and do business.”
·       Supreme Court Supports States' Rights, Admits Federal Usurpation of Arizona Voting System Unconstitutional - "Temporary" Federal Action Lasted More than Four Decades: The U.S. Supreme Court today released a decision regarding forcing state compliance with outdated federal voting protection standards, and it's a decision that every voter in Arizona should celebrate.  The Court ruled that Arizona no longer needs "preclearance," and that state officials can now make essential voting procedure changes without having to first obtain permission from the U.S. Department of Justice.
"The federal government has repeatedly discriminated against Arizona, and this decision is a welcome indication that the 10th amendment still means something," said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  "It is refreshing to see that the balance of powers envisioned by our Constitution is on the way to being better respected, at least by the judicial branch."
Arizona has repeatedly demonstrated a high degree of voter participation for a variety of reasons: a majority of voters use our early voting system to vote by mail, which means our turnout rates are higher.  And not only are three out of four eligible voters registered to vote, but Republicans are working hard to register new voters and keep them informed about the issues they care most about, like jobs, opportunity, prosperity and safety.
·       Rep Steve Montenegro statement - Supreme Court decision re: Arizona and the Voting Rights Act: Today¹s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory, not just for Arizona, but for our nation.  It is proper recognition that we, as a country and as a people, have made tremendous progress over the last fifty years.  It also works towards ending the discriminatory treatment of states like Arizona that have been forced to beg the permission of a more often than not hyper-partisan Justice Department to make even the simplest of revisions or improvements to the elections process.
Elections should be blind to matters of race, color, ethnicity, and sex. Today¹s decision is a small but important step towards that day when racial gerrymandering ends, and all Americans are treated as independent thinkers, each entitled to their own unique opinion and viewpoint of the world, without being forced together with others simply because they share a skin color or ethnicity.
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