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3-30-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 30, 2013


·       Speaker Of The House Andy Tobin (R-Dist. 1) Has Named former Arizona State Land Commissioner and as former Phoenix City Councilmember Maria Baier as a new Member of the Board for the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority(AZSTA).  The AZSTA, created in April of 2000, administers hotel and car rental state taxes that fund sporting entertainment properties such as University of Phoenix Stadium, Cactus League Spring Training facilities. AZSTA revenues also fund youth and amateur sports programs along with the general promotion of tourism in Maricopa County.


·       CNN Aired Portions Of An Interview Between Martha Mcsally and Dana Bush with three female members of Congress on Project Grow,    Project Grow is an initiative to grow participation of women in the GOP at all levels and improve listening and advocating for women in America. Please view and share this video clip.   nrcc-and-house-gop-launch-project-grow

·       House Majority Leader Eric Cantor And AZ Congressman David Schweikert will host a “Pro-Israel Breakfast’ Aug 4 at the Chaparral Suites Conference Center, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. 8 am VIP Round Table (photo). 8:30 am Kosher continental breakfast. RSVP: Allison Mary (480) 628-2763 or


·       The Newly Formed Estrella Conservative Republican Club has scheduled a 7 pm, Aug 28 meeting at Starpointe, (Elliot Road, immediately off Estrella pkwy) Goodyear. Contact:  Chairman Richard Newcomer:  216-389-0533


·       Panelist Diane Douglas, Jonathan Butcher and Matthew Ladner will be discussing Common Core  during the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity “Friedman’s Birthday Celebration” at 6 pm, July 31 at the Goldwater Institute. Contact: Shane Wikfolrs at (602) 620-0530 or


·       The Chino Valley Pachyderm will meet at 6 pm, Aug 15 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant on Hwy 89 in ChinoValley.  Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas will speaker.  Former Senator Thayer Vershoor will address the utility rate issue. RSVP required. Contact Chairman Sue at -


·       Nick Dranias Of The Goldwater Institute requests the groups hosting opposition to restructuring Arizona’s electricity market presentations give him equal time to give the other side of the issue.  moving-forward-road-map-choice-and-competition


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee ( MCRC EGC) will be updated Aug 1 on the ‘Future of Arizona’s Power Grid and Water Resources: Net Metering, Reregulation and the Navajo Generating Station by Arizona’  by Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith and Consultant Thayer Verschoor, former AZGOP Executive Director. The 7 pm meeting is scheduled at the AZGOP Headquarter, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. No news media, audio and/or video recording will be allowed. Contact: Chairman A J LaFaro


·       Phoenix City Council District 8 Conservative Candidate Luis Rodriguez needs phone bank volunteers  from 5:30-8 pm Aug 2 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. RSVP Auggie:  Rodriguez is running against four liberals.


 ·       State Senator Bob Worsley Leads Investment Effort To Repurchase Idle Snowflake Power Plants That Employed Over 300 Arizonans  -- SkyMall founder, local entrepreneur, and Mesa State Senator Bob Worsley announced that Novo Power, LLC has acquired the idle Snowflake Power Plant and the Catalyst Paper Power plant in northern Arizona,

The Catalyst Paper Mill had been operating since 1961 before closing its doors in late 2012. At one point the mill was the single largest employer in Navajo County.  The power plant, which began commercial operations in June 2008, shut its doors in March of 2013, largely as a result of the closure of Catalyst. The closure of the two facilities accounted for the loss of over 300 local jobs.

Worsley, who is the majority owner and chairman of the new team, worked with local investors to repurchase the entire power complex. The purchase required over $12M in working capital to restart the assets. The current team is being reassembled from former employees and management who were laid off when both facilities closed. Worsley, who has already begun rehiring workers, has pledged to rehire laid off employees who are still looking for work.

"I have a special place in my heart for the mountain communities.  I was raised in Idaho and my best friends growing up in Boise were Flake’s from Snowflake,” said Worsley. “They would come home after vacation in Arizona and talk about the rodeos, and the great way of life in Snowflake.  When my wife and I settled in Mesa we purchased property on the mountain because it was our way to stay connected with the pines.”

He added, “I made a commitment after the Rodeo Chediski fire in June 2002 that I would do everything in my power to prevent such a fire from happening again. After fighting the financial meltdown of 2008 and the paper mill closure of 2012, this new venture is a recommitment to the promise I made over 11 years ago.”

Novo Power, LLC will assist with targeted forest thinning and wildland urban interfaces around the small communities in Arizona that suffer from catastrophic wildfires like the Rodeo Chediski of 2002, Wallow of 2011, and the 2013 Yarnell fire. The biomass plant makes enough electricity from processing wood chips from pre-commercial thinning to power most of the residents in the White Mountains, approximately 20,000 homes.

Worsley added that, "This is a win for Arizona. More water for the Roosevelt Watershed, more fire resistant communities, more renewable energy based in Arizona, and more jobs in the most economically depressed area of the state."



·       Funeral Services For Long Time- GOP Activist And  PC Janie Thom is scheduled at 10 am,  July 31 at the MountainView Funeral Home Chapel, 7900 E. Main St., Mesa. Visitation is from 5-8 pm, July 30 at the same location.


·       ATTN United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Petitions Collectors. Before you mail in completed petitions please verify:

ü  On the FRONT - verify : 1.  check Volunteer, 2.the County blank space is filled in - it is at the end of the petition language before the warning.

ü  On the BACK - every single line needs to be filled out.  You fill yours - notary fills out theirs.

ü  Verify your Notary: 1.  Fills in every line;  2.  Stamps 3. Fills out a journal entry and you sign the journal.

All of this information is online: 

Mail Completed petitions to: URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman, 120 S. Houghton Rd. #138-177, Tucson, AZ 85748.  Bauserman is also planning petition pickup drives. Questions regarding URAPC should be directed to : Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Completed “Overturn Rep Heather Carter’s HB 2003” petitions should be returned to: signatures to put the bill on the November 2014 ballot.  “ HB2003” petitions are available at:  Wes Harris, 14802 N. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix AZ 85023   602-942-9281, 602-432-2871 (Cell) 602-942-5327 (fax) or


·       A Mike Polak For Tucson City Council Fundraiser is scheduled from 5-8 pm, July 31 at the Old Pueblo Grille, 60 N. Alvernon Way. Hosts: Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller, Sahaurita Town Councilman and Vice-mayor Bill Bracco,  Marana Town Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler, Sherese Steffens, Gini Crawford,  Lynne St Angelo and special guest  Caleb Rhodes. Contact: James Kelley    520-904-9120.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club “Meet-UP” Social is scheduled at 7 pm, July 31 at the Saddlebronc Gill, 11056 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. No meeting, enjoy food, drink and conversation with fellow Republians. No RSVP required. Contact: President Tait Elkie  (480) 766-1231




·        TX-Senator-Ted-Cruz-GOP-Terrified-Of.Fighting To Defund Obamacare

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·        Detroit-Democrat-Mayors-Have-Their Priorities


·        The AZ Republic’s Dual Agenda

·        McCain Campaign Muzzled Palin In 2008    Palin Forbidden From Telling The Truth About Obama

·        Mueller Out; New FBI Director Confirmed

·        Phx Council Races: Sal Diciccio Deserves Your Vote    Dirty Politics Front And Center

·        McCain And Obama: The Odd Couple

·        McCain Campaign Muzzled Palin In 2008


·        DC Scandals: Obama Blaming “Phony Scandals” For Economy, Benghazi

·        Western Conservative Summit 2013 Video

·        I Find It Perplexing And Disturbing That Our Current Commander-In-Chief Would Refer To Ho Chi Minh As Being “Inspired” By Our American Founders.

·        Benghazi “Just A Fiery Death In A Blazing Hell Defending The Country We Loved So Well.”   


·        Arizona’s Three Communist Affiliated Congress Members

·        Backstory On Obama’s Ho Chi Minh/Thomas Jefferson Remarks



·        Stand-Down-Orders   Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came From Obama

·        POLL: Benghazi & Obama  Do You Think Obama Covered Up Benghazi? Vote Here In Urgent Poll.

·        US-Benghazi-Hero-Waited-20-Hours-For-Help-With-A-Shredded-Leg-While-Obama-Campaigned-In-Las-Vegas



·        Illinois-Cook-County-Begins-Gun-Confiscation

·        Criminals-Always-Have-Guns



·        NYC Welfare Food Is Shipped In Barrels To The Dominican Republic - Then Sold On The Black Market

·        Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama For Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’



·        IRS Workers Union Says They Don’t Want Obamacare Themselves



·        Barry-Soetoro-Aka-Barack-Obama-Disappears-From-Dc-Voter-Registration-Site-Following-Exposure-By-Bloggers

·        Ben Carson: Honoring-The-Right-Of-The-Ballot



·        Huma-Abedin-Likely To Be Away From Hillary-Clinton

·        Huma-Abedin-Raked-In-$360,000-In-Consulting-Fees-While-Working-As-A-State-Department-Employee-For-Hillary-Clinton



·        Chris Christie Defends Obama, Attacks Rand Paul

·        Devious-Election-Plot-Bypasses-Constitution  Strategy Takes 36 States Out Of Voting Decision

·        Sarah-Palin: We-Weren't-Allowed-Tell-Truth-About-Obama-2008-Campaign

·        US-Benghazi-Hero-Waited-20-Hours-For-Help-With-A-Shredded-Leg-While-Obama-Campaigned-In-Las-Vegas



·        Family-Of-Murdered-Border-Patrol-Agent-Nothing-Phony-About-Deaths-Linked-To-Fast-And-Furious



·        Immigration-Bill-Filled-With-Millions-To Special-Interests   La Raza In Line To Pocket Reform-Bill Slush Funds

·        Family-Of-Murdered-Border-Patrol-Agent-Nothing-Phony-About-Deaths-Linked-To-Fast-And-Furious

·        Immigration-Bill-Shackles-Border-Agents   Bars Them From Considering Race Or Ethnicity 'To Any Degree'

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Terrorist Starting Fires In US:   Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott



·        Cair-Director-Hermanmustafa-Carroll-Muslims-Are-Above-American-Law

·        Cair-Hits-NC-Governor-With-Email-Blitz-To-Veto-Anti-Sharia-Bill

·        The Muslim Brotherhood In American Schools :  Brigitte Gabriel



·        Saudi-Cleric-Raped-Murdered-Daughter-Claimed-Injured-Doubted-Virgin



·        Now-Its-Racist-To-Pass-On-Hiring-Ex-Cons   Obama Calls Racism On Criminal Background Checks: EEOC Would Force Ex-Cons On Employers



·        Women-Congress-Gop If You're A Republican Woman, The GOP Wants You To Run For Congress.

·        GOP Rejects Obama's 'Grand Bargain' Proposal



·        Rand-Paul: Time For Millions Of Americans To Sue The Government

·        GOP Rejects Obama's 'Grand Bargain' Proposal

·        Opposition-To-Sen-Mike-Lees-Defunding-Obamacare-Demonstrates-Republicans-Have-Been-Castrated

·        Nancy-Pelosi: Women-Dont-Deserve-Burden-Of-Child-Care



·        NYC Welfare Food Is Shipped In Barrels To The Dominican Republic - Then Sold On The Black Market

·       5-Insane-Welfare-Programs-That-You-Paid-For



·        Irs Workers Union Says They Don’t Want Obamacare Themselves

·        Opposition-To-Sen-Mike-Lees-Defunding-Obamacare-Demonstrates-Republicans-Have-Been-Castrated



·        NEA-Union-Membership-Plummets

·        Wisconsin-Teachers-Unions-In-Full-Collapse

·        Unions Ask Obama For Detroit Bailout



·        Nea-Union-Membership-Plummets



·        Stand-Down-Orders   Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came From Obama

·        Obama Says He Won’t Agree To “More” Spending Cuts

·        Obamas-No-Congress-Strategy

·        Newspaper-To-Obama: Shove-It-Mr-President   Editors Scorch 'Umpteenth Different' Jobs Plan

·        Govt-Knows-Best-White-House-Creates-Nudge-Squad-To-Shape-Behavior

·        Obama-Vineyard-Vacation-$76m-Private-Resort, Over-75-Rooms-Booked-Staff



·        Islamists-Demand-Death-Penalty-For-Christian-S-Blasphemous-Text-Message

·        Muslims-Laugh-As-They-Pour-Acid-Over-Mother-Walking-6-Year-Old-Twins-Home-From-School






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