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6-30-13 MCRC Briefs


June 30, 2013

·       19 Firefighters Die Battling Yarnell Hill Fire  Azfamily

·       A Fast-Moving Wildfire Fueled By Triple-Digit Temperatures and dry conditions resulted in the deaths of 19 members of the Prescott (Ariz.) Fire Department Sunday evening. 22 other firefighters suffered injuries, and 8 were hospitalized. 19 Firefighters Die In Arizona Blaze  FOX News

·       Editor’s Note:  The past two days I’ve stood at my patio door and watched gray plumes of smoke from the Yarnell Hill Fire dancing to and fro on the mountain skyline to the north of Wickenburg.  At night the red glow would flare and recede as the fickle fire bobbed and weaved, advanced and leaped. Suddenly this afternoon the winds changed and heavy smoke swept over Wickenburg, shutting out visibility of the mountains - as the fire swept toward Yarnell. You could smell, taste, and feel the smoke. Like many of you, I was sickened as the loss of 19 Hot Shots came across my computer screen.

Fire fighters have a special place in my heart. I am one of the few female reporters in Phoenix who covered fires in the late 1960s. By the mid-70s, I had covered so many fires in north Phoenix that I had become an honorary Phoenix Fireman - courtesy of smoke eaters at Station 27 who presented me with my own turnout coat and helmet.

Like law enforcement officers – fire fighters are a very dedicated, close knit family. The loss of  one officers or fire fighter is tragic, but the loss of an entire team of Hot Shots is inconceivable.  They are the best of the best, the top of the line, the admired elites.

Words cannot begin to express the shock, pain and grief their families are experiencing tonight. With heavy hearts their fellow firefighters will stand tall and continue to face more fires tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers.  Frosty Taylor - editor

·       Gov Jan Brewer - Tragedy On The Yarnell Fire  “This is as dark a day as I can remember, with Arizona suffering the truly unimaginable loss of 19 wild land firefighters. They were battling the Yarnell Fire, near Prescott, when the fast-moving blaze overtook their position. It may be days or longer before an investigation reveals how this tragedy occurred, but the essence we already know in our hearts: fighting fires is dangerous work. The risk is well-known to the brave men and women who don their gear and do battle against forest and flame. When a tragedy like this strikes, all we can do is offer our eternal gratitude to the fallen, and prayers for the families and friends left behind. God bless them all.”

·       Condolences To The Family Of Republican Activisit Dora Rhodes who passed away June 11.  She joined the Arizona Federation of Republican Women in 1985 and was a long-time  member of both Central Republican Women and Cactus Wren Republican Women.

·       Congressmen Paul Gosar (CD4), Matt Salmon (CD5), David Schweikert (CD6) and Trent Franks (CD8), will host an open to the public congressional hearing on IRS abuse and EPA overreach at 4 pm, July 1 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. Attorney General Tom Horne and State Representative Brenda Barton will also offer testimony. Representatives from Tea Party groups, industry associations, and businesses will testify as well. The hearing will be for purposes of taking testimony from constituents regarding any problems or concerns they have with the IRS or the EPA. Witnesses will also offer testimony on the impact a closure of the Navajo Generating Station would have on Arizona. These issues not only impact Arizonans, but are part of nationwide issues as well.  See event flyer HERE

·       For Those You Who Can’t Venture To Prescott, The 4 Pm, July 1 Congressional Field Hearing Will Be Live Streamed from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Campus by the Arizona Project. The Congressional panel consisting of Congressmen Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon, David Schweikert and Trent Franks, panel will seek live testimony from fellow Arizonans regarding EPA overreach and IRS abuse. To view this important Congressional Field Hearing, enter into your computer browser at 3:55 PM Monday afternoon; when the website appears click on the "join the meeting" tab.  (You may enter the meeting at any time after it begins). Contact: Chairman Ron Ludders 602-677-1496

·       AZGOP State Exec. Committee Members And Other GOP Leaders Are Chattering about Friday’s Yellow Sheet  “Vendor To Graham: You Stole Company Secrets” A dispute between a website vendor and AZGOP Robert Graham…  Shortly after the Yellow Sheet came out, posts supportive of the vendor’s work were popping up on Facebook, and other social media from GOP leaders such as AZ LD5 Sen Kelli Ward, LD18 Rep Jeff Dial, AZGOP Assistant Sgt-at-Arms Chris Campbell, LD23 First Vice Chair Joe Romack, former AZOGP Communications Shane Wikfors, West Virginia Rep Eric Household, Oregon State Rep Sal Esquivel and New Mexico GOP Chairman John Billingsly.

·       The United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) is leading efforts to obtain enough signatures by Labor Day to put a referendum of the November ballot to reverse the Medicaid Expansion.  URAPC leadership consists of Christine Bauserman and former senators Ron Gould and Frank Antenori. To obtain petitions:  To volunteer: URAPC volunteer sign up  All questions regarding petitions or  donations should be directed to Bauserman at 520-235-2234  For information:

·       The URAPC Petition Is Filed With The Secretary Of State’s Office and URAPC petitions R-01-2014 in the right-hand corner

·       URAPC Is Reporting That A Group Labeled “Brewer Ruins Arizona Team” (BRATS) is circulating a paper entitled “Petition in Support of Health Care for Arizonans Who Need it Most” near URAPC petition carriers - in an attempt to confuse the public. BRATS have reportedly been spotted in Glendale and the East Valley in Maricopa County, and in Tucson, including Golf Links and Oro Valley Libraries. URAPC spokeswoman Christine Bauserman urges URAPC petition carriers to video BRATS, take their photos or record what they are saying and send the information to She urges, “DO NOT ENGAGE them. Do not risk invalidating your signatures. You may be engaging with a professional agitator who is attempting to get you on record saying something that will invalidate your efforts. What you can do. Make a sign with an error pointing at them with a catchy slogan like, “This person supports Obamacare.”  Or have your own sign “STOP Obamacare. Sign here.”

·       Things Were Hopping Over At LD13 Chairman Robert Branch’s Saturday in preparation for his Congressman Trent Franks fundraiser BBQ.  Branch served brisket, pork butt and prime rib.  And Adele whipped up fresh baked corn bread and other yummy fixings.

·       Sen. Kimberly Yee and her husband spent Saturday taking a “Master Chef” cooking class… barbecuing in the 117 degree heat.

·       The July 11 Central Republican Women Of Phoenix meeting will feature four of their members who are naturalized citizens: Joan Heskett immigrated from England, Zina Brodovsky from Russia, Vivian Valley from Cuba and Linde Grafflage from Germany. The women will share their life experiences and what citizenship means to them.

·       AZGOP Past Chairman Tom Morrissey’s newly published “In Search of the Sacred Word” has reached the number 1 spot on Amazon’s Kindle Visionary Metaphysical Fiction list of 3,500 books.  Not bad for a first time author. One blogger called to say she couldn’t put the book down. Is there another book in the works??  Who knows?

·       Wanted-300-Spartans-To-Fight-Obamacare-In-Arizona  Volunteers Needed: Tom Jenney, AZ Director of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is looking for 300 volunteer “Grassroots Spartans” who will pledge to obtain 400 signatures before Sept. 1 for the URAPC referendum to get the Medicaid Expansion on the November ballot. Contact:  The person who collects the most signatures will be presented with the AFP ‘Leonidas Award’ in September.

·       Jenney Is Also Signing Up ‘Health Care Freedom Warriors’ who pledge  to collect 105 signatures (seven sheets) between now and Labor Day.  They will be posted  (names or pseudonyms!) of the Warriors in our Hall of Heroes. Contact: 

·       Rep Heather Carter Will Be The Guest on Hair on Fire at 4 pm, July 2. Topic wll be the state budget, Medicaid and education. E-Mail questions to:

·       Call In:1-347-857-4081

·       Firework Use In The City Of Phoenix fire/prevention/permits/fireworks.

·       Are Your Fireworks Legal To Use In The City Of Phoenix: fire prevention

·       Phoenix Fourth Of July Events:


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·        Navajo Speech Comes To Life In ‘Star Wars’  The 1977 classic George Lucas film has been dubbed in Navajo, a project that took years to complete.

·        Sen. Jackson Joining State Department

·        ADOT Reviewing Brewer's License Ban

·        Lawmakers Cautious On Murphy Inquiry

·        Sen. Shooter Charged With Misdemeanors

·        Wind Energy Project A Go For Arizona

·        Justices Won't Hear Ariz. Benefits Law

·        Valley Colleges Sued Over Migrants' Tuition

·        New Laws At End Of ’13 Legislative Session

·        Districts Convert Schools To Charters For More Money

·        $890,000 Service Fees For Accounts With No Balance

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·        Salmon Speaks In Favor Of Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreement

·        GOP Shouldn't Count On Libertarian Votes

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·        Palin Warns House GOP: Don’t Betray Working Class By Passing Amnesty

·        Federal Regulations Decrease Standard Of Living By 75 Percent Since 1949

·        My Name Is America    Song

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·        66-Percent-Worried-About-Their-Health-Care-Under-Obamacare

·        Write To Your Congressional Officials

·        Write To Your State Officials

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·        Arizona Tragedy: 19 Firefighters Perish

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·        The “Brewer Ruins Arizona Team” – BRAT’s – To Bankrupt Arizona And Bring You Obamacare

·        POLL: Paul Babeu, Early Favorite In Congressional Race AZ01

·        Arizona Welcomes Western Conservative Summit To Scottsdale – July 27, 2013

·        Limiting Government Week Launches Online Petition

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