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7-10-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs
July 10, 2013
·       Group Leaders:  Please check your listings in the MCRC Calendar to make sure they are up to date.
·       Contact Information For AZ Representatives: Let them know your thoughts on Amnesty, Obamacare and other issues.
o   Congressman David Schweikert  DC Phone: 202-225-2190 Local Office:  480-946-2411
o   Congressman Matt Salmon  DC Phone: 202-225-2635  Local Office:  480-699-8239 
o   Congressman Paul Gosar  DC Phone: 202-225-2315  Local Office:  928-445-1683 
o   Congressman Trent Franks  DC Phone: 202- 225-4576  Local Office:  623-776-7911 
·       The Statue For The Military Working Dog Memorial will be on display this Saturday at the PetCo Store in Arcadia Mall,  44th Street and Thomas  Road,  Phx.  Full story  Unveiling is expected at 8 am. Contact: Jim Frost  602-390-5950.
·       Surprise City Councilman Skip Hall is running for re-election in council district 5.
·       Several readers have asked what took place at the June 29 AZGOP State Executive Committee meeting at GOP headquarters in Phx. Obviously, Briefs cannot post Victory 2014 strategy that might help the Dems. That information will filter back to the PCs at the LD meeting. Tidbits that might interest you: 
o   There was a full house with most of the state officers, County and LD chairman in attendance. With temperatures reaching 119 in Phoenix that day, they were lucky that two new air conditioning units were installed earlier in the week. 
o   Chairman Robert Graham’s very pleasant wife Julia is appreciated for the lunch time sandwiches and patriot cookies. This is particularly beneficial to  those who drive in from far distances.
o   It should be noted that some of the Exec Comm drive into Phoenix the day prior and spend the night in a motel so they can get to the meeting on time… and at their own expense, no less.
o   From former Chief of Staff Gretchen Martinez’s presentation on donations of $17.76 via Text 4 Freedom, most the attendees had no idea that it was her last day at AZGOP.  She returned to her former employer – Phoenix Chamber of Commerce – the following Monday morning. Word has it she spent a lot of time at the legislature this spring/summer.  Her replacement has yet to be announced.
o   Treasurer Timothy Lee spoke glowingly of state finances, commenting, “It’s the best six months of fundraising in 10 years.”  Gotta hand it to Timothy, he spends hours  keeping the books for the GOP.
o   Arizona National Republican Committeewoman Sharon Geise reports the 53% of the voters are women and the average political contribution is $58 per person. She will be attending the RNC meeting in Boston in August.
o   AZ NRC Committeeman Bruce Ash sent a written report on his activities.  Ash is the assistant chairman of the RNC Rules Committee. Ash & Geise are seasoned RNC reps and serve on sought after committees.
o   The ever popular AZGOP staffer Laddie Shane continues to go out of his way to help attendees.
o   A salesman through and through, Chairman Graham donned his suit jacket to conduct the meeting. He smoothly glazed past the previous days Yellow Page headlines “Vendor To Graham: You Stole Company Secrets”  -  A dispute between an Idaho website vendor and AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham – with little explanation. 
o   Most of the meeting was devoted to social media. Several have since commented it was a rehash of what they were promised at the spring Exec Comm meeting.
o   Reports have surfaced that the prior vendor had the operation ready to go several months ago when the dust up occurred between the vendor and Graham. Will It End Up In The Courts?  Who Knows?
o   Watching Sgt-At-Arms Alberto Gutier is always a kick. His observing eyes  miss very little that is going on.
o   Arizona Legislators Steve Montenegro, Kelli Ward And Gail Griffin were in attendance.
o   Former Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, Tom Husband and Lyle Tuttle were there. Tuttle is now a state committeeman. Husband is the MCRC Executive Director.
o   Mark Naufel is the new media director/social media/young Republicans liaison for the AZGOP. He brings a lot of experience from his activist role at ASU.
o   Apache County Chairman Delos Bond reported nine resolutions passed since March and said Apache  would soon be coming out with an immigration statement as well.
o   Coconino County GOP planned a float for the Flagstaff 4th of July parade.
o   Yavapai County Chairman Jim Dutton urged leadership to “hold elected officials accountable” noting the party is losing membership due to angry complaints about Sen. John McCain.
o   Navajo County Republicans will participate in the Freedom Festival.
o   Graham County Republicans had plans to participate in the Fourth Of July Parade and The Cinco De Mayo Festivities.
o   Pima County GOP Chairman Carolyn Cox reminded the group that her county led the fight against Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion with the first opposition resolution. Other counties and most of the LDs quickly followed suit.
o   Maricopa County Chairman A J LaFaro passed out URAPC petitions to get Medicaid Expansion on the November ballot.
·       2013-14 Elected AZGOP Members at Large include:
ü  CD1 –Bill Bridwell, Richard Mihalik, Sylvia Allen.
ü  CD2 – Gail Griffin, Cynthia Coleman, Joshua Michael Townsend.
ü  CD3 – Bob Westerman, Gene Chewning and Harold Hough.
ü  CD4 –Don Ascoli, Laramer  “L.G” Mace, Patti Lewis.
ü  CD5 –Daniel Grimm, Haydee Dawson, Mickie Niland.
ü  CD6 – Jim O’Connor, John Strasser, Laddie Shane.
ü  CD7 – Barry Wong, George Cuprak and Terry Rapp.
ü  CD8 –Emily Sabo, Lyle Tuttle, Marcus Huey.
ü  CD9 –Bill Baxter, Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Nancy Edwards.
·       APACHE COUNTY: Barry Weller
·       COCHISE COUNTY: Delos Bond
·       COCONINO COUNTY: Joy Iris Staveley
·       GILA COUNTY: Pamela Burruel
·       GRAHAM COUNTY: Keith Alexander
·       GREENLEE COUNTY:  Suzanne Menges
·       MOHAVE COUNTY: Ron Gould
·       NAVAJO COUNTY: Dara Vanesian
·       PIMA COUNTY: Carolyn Cox
·       PINAL COUNTY: Sephim Larson
·       SANTA CRUZ COUNTY: Zack Taylor
·       YAVAPAI COUNTY:  Jim Dutton
·       YUMA COUNTY: Jonathan Lines
·       Col Martha McSally Has Filed Paperwork for a potential rematch against incumbent Ron Barber (D) for CD2. She came within less than a one percentage point of defeating Barber in 2012.
McSally stated: "I am humbled by the overwhelming enthusiasm and encouragement I have received from the across the district to run in 2014. Everywhere I go, people are asking me to consider another run and offering incredible support to ensure victory this time. We came so close to winning against so many odds in 2012. I served in uniform for 26 years and ran for Congress in 2012 with a conviction to continue serving and leading at a critical time in our community and nation. After much consideration, I have decided to seriously explore the option of serving in this capacity again."
     Last year, many assumed Barber was unbeatable and wrote off Arizona's Second District. But McSally shocked the political world on election night, with results showing her ahead of Barber by 1300 votes. In one of the closest races in the nation, McSally came up short by less than 1 percent of the vote after 11 days of counting additional early and provisional votes. Colonel (retired) McSally was the first woman to command a Fighter Squadron in combat and oversaw counterterrorism operations in Africa as a leader at United States Africa Command. To join Martha's 2014 exploratory team, sign up at 520-588-4610
·       A Sarah Palin for Senate Bid? This could be big. The former Alaska governor, who was also 2008's GOP vice presidential nominee, said Tuesday she's contemplating a bid for U.S. Senate against Democrat Mark Begich. He's up for re-election in 2014. Palin also has a home in Scottsdale.
·       A New Pc Training And Coordination Center For East Maricopa County URAPC petition drive will be open from 6:30-8:30 Wednesdays through Sept 4 at the Community room in the City of Mesa Utilities Building,  640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201 (map  This training center is mostly for GOP PC training, turning in petitions for notary processing, petition inspection, supplies and tracking for east Maricopa County.
·       “Like Agenda 21 And Others Confronting Us Today, the source for immigration reform has dark roots. Unfortunately, some in our own party have completely lost sight of what makes a true immigrant. A true immigrant is a person who comes here to partake in the water of our well of liberty, not someone who comes here only to pollute that water with the ideologies against liberty. America, we have a problem.” – Frank Carroll, LD11 First Vice Chair
·       CBL TV Will Be "Live Streaming" US Federal Marshall David Gonzales at the July 15 AZ Project meeting, 3375 E Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phoenix, AZ 85028. See: and click on "Join The Meeting" and log-on at 6:45 pm.
·       Paradise Republican Women Plans To Conduct An Aug 2 Yarnell Fire Golf Fundraiser , sponsored by Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 Gainey Club Drive. It features a 4:30 Shotgun - 9 Holes and reception to follow. Details Paradise Republican Women's Club           
·       Congressman David Schweikert Has Openings For Full-Time, Unpaid Fall Internships in his Washington D.C. and Arizona offices for the 2013 fall term (August through December) . Applicants must have successfully completed two semesters of college. Submit resume and cover letter to  Washington applicants to
·        Firefighters, Police Officers From Around The State Work Shifts To Help Prescott  Firefighters and police officers from all over the state have been working out of Prescott Fire and Prescott Police stations since last Sunday to provide relief after the Granite Mountain Hotshots died fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire.
GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates
·        No Amnesty, No Way!!
·       Libyan-Official-Ties-Morsi-To-Benghazi-Attack   Egypt's Recently Deposed Leader Named In Letter From Security Chief
·        Palin Mulls 2014 Senate Bid
·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.
·        Lone-Feminist-Calls-Out-Islamic-Misogyny   Pamela Geller Defends Author After Tweets About Sexual Abuse In Egypt
·        Obamas-Global-War-On-Women
·        Scandal Blowback -- The GOP has its eyes focused on the IRS. They want to relieve it of some of its responsibilities. The DC's Alexis Levinson reports: "The House plans to take steps to curb the power of federal agencies and impose more checks on them in response to recent scandals emanating from the Internal Revenue Service. The plan includes a bill that would bar that agency from implementing and enforcing Obamacare. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will introduce the package of bills before Congress recesses in August."

·        Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Did Not Paint A Pretty Picture when he described what could happen if the Pentagon is forced to cut $52 billion from its 2014 budget under sequestration. Hagel sent an eight-page letter to the heads of the Senate Armed Services Committee that details some of the dire consequences should sequestration stay on the books in 2014.

·        On Muslim Brotherhood—Is Obama ‘Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?’ By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.) 
·        Zimmerman-Shouldnt-Be-On-Trial  Rush Enraged By Obama's Trayvon Rallies  'I Can't Think Of A Proper Descriptive Here To Express The Anger I Have'

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