Friday, July 12, 2013

7-12-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 12, 2013

·       Volunteers Are Needed Immediately To Help Circulate The Official United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) “People’s Veto” Petitions In Specifically Designated Areas During This Weekend’s Diamondbacks Games. Twenty to 30 people are also needed to gather signatures at all Diamondbacks home games to get the referendum on the November ballot to reverse the AZ Medicaid Expansion recently signed by Gov. Janet Brewer.

o   Saturday July 13th: Volunteers (up to 30) gather at Bolin Plaza by 5 pm Saturday and be prepared to collect signatures until 7:15 or so. If you have a ticket you can attend the game or get a ride back to Bolin Plaza.

o   Volunteers (up to 30) for the late shift gather at Bolin Plaza at about 9 pm and collect signatures as the game ends. Then get a ride back to Bolin Plaza.

o   RSV Joe Hobbs:  (480-381-2380) so he knows how many to expect and to make sure no one gets stranded.

o   Sunday July 14th: Volunteers (up to 30) gather at Bolin Plaza by 10 am and be prepared to collect signatures until 1:15 pm or so. If you have a ticket you can attend the game or get a ride back to Bolin Plaza.

o   Volunteers (up to 30) for the late shift gather at Bolin Plaza at about 3 pm and collect signatures as the game ends. Then get a ride back to Bolin Plaza.

o   RSVP Joe Hobbs (480-381-2380) so he knows how many to expect and to make sure no one gets stranded.

Mike Richardson (602-518-9240) and Joe Hobbs (480-381-2380) will be at the stadium area to give instructions to the volunteers. Volunteers stay in certain areas and conduct activities in certain ways to stay in compliance with the host. Security available.

Free Parking and shuttle rides to/from the stadium site compliments of Tom Husband (602-300-5651). Free parking will be at Bolin Plaza north side, and Bolin Plaza south side near the parking lot entrances. Notary Publics available to harvest petitions.

Instructions will be forthcoming for home games beginning July 22:  Contact: Joe Hobbs 480-381-2380 


·       Volunteers Collectors Needed: Ted Nugent Shout Out To The "People's Veto!" Ted Nugent is going to have a "pulpit moment" and will ask his audience to sign the URAPC sign the URAPC petitions as they leave his July 14 concert at the Celebrity Theatre, 440 N. 32nd St., Phx.  Doors open:  5:30 pm Theatre Doors Open:  6:30 pm, Showtime: 7:30 pm, Petition Collectors should be ready by 8:30 pm. Volunteers  Contact: United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Christine Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Individuals URAPC Petitions Collectors Have Been Asking Where To Mail their completed URAPC petitions.  Mail them to: Christine Bauserman, URAPC, 120 S. Houghton Rd. #138-177, Tucson, AZ 85748.  Bauserman is also have petition pickup drives. Contact: Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Luis Rodriguez for Phx City Council District 8 will gather at 9 am, July 13 in the Walgreen’s parking lot, NE corner of 24th St/Baseline to disburse Rodriguez literature and gather. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water. If you are also collect URAPC referendum petitions signatures bring a legal size clip board and pens. Walking list will be provided.  RSVP: Andrew Costanzo, 480 677-0697 or or &


·       A Sal Diciccio, Candidate For Phx City Council, Walk is scheduled from 8:30-11:30 am, July 13.  Volunteers should gather at Peter Piper Pizza Parking lot, 3945 E. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018.  Contact: Mike Ritchie  Also see Laurie Robert column: firefighters-take-low-road-in-their-campaign-against-sal-diciccio-


·       Supt Of Public Education John Huppenthal Will Address “Common Core” During  LD15 meeting at 6:30 pm, July 23 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 7th Ave/Deer Valley Road. Contact: Chairman David Henderson


·       Former Republican State Senator Barry Wong has been appointed Chairman of the Asian American Coalition of the Arizona Republican Party. Barry,  a  Chinese American, is a a member of the Arizona Republican Party's Executive Committee.


·       U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, said, "Janet Napolitano has served our nation with honor over the last four years as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in Washington. We have had our share of disagreements during her time as Secretary, but I have never doubted her integrity, work ethic or commitment to our nation's security. The people of Arizona can be very proud of our former Governor's service, and I wish her all the best as she assumes leadership of the nation's largest public university system."


·       U.S. Congressman Paul  Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement after Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano resigned from her position.
"One down and one to go. While Secretary Napolitano may be gone she will not forgotten. Her inaction and incompetence on border security will continue to plague our nation for years to come. 'See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil' is no way to govern and yet it is exactly how she and this administration operates.  The American public deserve better."
Rep. Gosar continued, "What the American people need now is for Attorney General Eric Holder to follow her lead, and resign.  The American people have no confidence in him or his ability to do his job.  My message to him would be: Better late than never.  Today is a good day to go."


·       Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ):  “Due to a family funeral, I was unable to vote on today's ‘FARM Bill’ legislation.  However, I want the record to show my strong opposition to the bill that was passed by the House.“Despite the fact the welfare portion of the bill, in the form of SNAP, was separated, the bill that made its way to the Floor was rife with a permanent entitlement system in the form of farm policy. If this bill becomes law, there will be no incentive for our friends in the agriculture community to pass another farm bill for the next 30 years because Washington, in one fell swoop, pegged prices at all-time highs. Further, under this bill, shallow-loss programs and wholly uncapped crop insurance have become a permanent backstop. We had an opportunity to shrink government and chose instead to continue down a path of unending subsides and market distortions.”


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham recently met with leaders of the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) and leaders from the Filipino and Chinese Chambers of Commerce.


·       A New PC Training And Coordination Center For East Maricopa County URAPC petition drive will be open from 6:30-8:30 Wednesdays through Sept 4 at the Community room in the City of Mesa Utilities Building,  640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201 (map  This training center is mostly for GOP PC training, turning in petitions for notary processing, petition inspection, supplies and tracking for east Maricopa County.


·       The AZGOP is making a series of  “Why I’m a Republican” as part of the new social media tools and services. Watch them at watch here   They are very well done.


·       Arizona Project Will Present US Marshall David Gonzales at 6:30 pm, July 15 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 2-B, Phoenix. Live-streamed -  See: and click on "Join The Meeting."   Log-on at 6:45 pm.  Contact: Chairman Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


·       Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman, A.J. LaFaro, will join Shane Krauser to discuss his controversial leadership and what the Republican Party must do in the future on Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser 960 AM the Patriot from 5-7 pm, July 13. Call in at 602.508.0960 (Phoenix area) or 888.960.9696 (outside of Phoenix).


·       Former State Senator Frank Antenori will be guest on Hair on Fire at 4 pm, July 16 to discuss the referendum on the Medicaid portion of the Arizona budget.  Questions to or call 1-347-857-4081.


·       Arizona's Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash’s Weekly Message:      

Barack Obama is to be commended for his concern for the future of the Republican Party and our country's two party system. Over the past couple of weeks we've heard he fears for the future of the GOP should the Senate's  immigration  legislation fail to pass through the US House of Representatives which is controlled by the Republican Party. The president is even stumping for us in speeches throughout America.

I'm sort of embarrassed by the Democrat party's obvious transparency. The President cares nothing for the Republican Party. Or for the future of our republic.  Only the success of one party rule through his political party-- The Democrat Party.

The 2000+ page Senate Immigration bill is a mess. It rewards illegal immigration with citizenship and then focuses on border security… well maybe. The ObamaCare lesson should enlighten us that even when a bill is passed the Democrats contort its implementation to meet their ends.

As many problems as currently exist under today's immigration law-- a bad Senate immigration bill -- would make things much worse just as ObamaCare is making healthcare worse.

The House of Representatives has a constitutional obligation to block a BAD Senate bill and go in a different direction.  We would be stupid to fall for the democrat's concern for us when the record is clear they only care about their future. -  Bruce Ash



·        Petition To Sen John McCain: Do Not Bail Out Barack Obama's Anti-Agenda  National Assoc For Gun Rights

·        Janet Ducks Another Tough Job

·        Janet Napolitano, DHS Chief, To Head UC     Former Dem Gov Of Az

·        Sen-McCain-Praises: Rep-Gosar-Slams-Napolitano

·        Arpaio: If-Obama-Calls-Hell-Consider-DHS-Position

·        Rep-Barber: Border-Economic-Security-Top-Priority  Dem On Napolitano Replacement

·        Officials Assessing Impact Of 6,700-Acre Doce Fire

·        Dierks-Bentley-Headlines-Benefit-Concert-For-Yarnell-19   Sold Out

·        In-Ruins-Of-Deadly-Arizona-Fire-A-Wedding-Ring

·        Yarnell-Hill-Fire-Planes-Called-Just-Before-Fire-Deaths

·        Border Patrol Considering Razor Wire Fencing In Arizona?

·        Emergency-Alerts-On-Your-Phone: Why-You’re-Receiving-Them

·        Arizona-Agents-Arrest-Immigration-Activist

·        Keeping-Arizona-Roads-Safe-From-Dangerous-Debris

·        Ariz-Man-Arrested-After-Feds-Seize-Ammo-At-Border

·        Forest-Road-In-NE-Arizona-Closed-By-Bear-Activity

·        State To Give Schools $8.4 Mil For Safety

·        Monsoon-Preps-Inmates-Get-Ready-For-Storm-Season

·        Gas Prices To Soar At $3.80 Per Gallon

·        ASU Student Working On Dust Storm Classification, Warning System

·        Arizona-Woman: Cocaine-In Underwear

·        Pay-It-Forward-American-Legion-Post-On-Bring-Of-Foreclosure   VFW 75 – Sunnyslope In North Phoenix

·        Former-Border-Patrol-Agents-Call-Senate-Plan-A-Huge Waste Of Resources/

·        IRS-Made-Policy-Decision-Legalize-Illegal-Aliens: Paying-Illegals-$42B

·        Yarnell Information Center For Fire Details Closes

·        I Can't Believe We Made It

·        Heritageactionscorecard.Com   Franks, Salmon & Schweikert Earn 100% Rating

·        APS Seeks Higher Bills For New Solar Customers   They Plan To Charge $50 To $100 Or More A Month.

·        Glendale’s Airport Hangars Fading As Pilots’ Fun Hangouts

·        After 3 Months, Phoenix Sky Train On Track To Top Estimated Usage

·        Amnesty's Price: $12, 433 For Every Legalized Immigrant Household

·        Rudy-Giuliani-Says-Political-Correctness-By-Obama-Administration-Hurts-Nations-Ability-To-Stop-Terrorist-Attacks

·        GOP-Effort-To-Oust-Eric-Holder-Picks-Up-Steam     Congressman Paul Gosar

·        State Officials Irked By Tucson's Culture Courses

·        APS Wants To Raise Rates On Home Solar Customers

·        Unhinged Tx-Pro-Abortion Crowd-Threatens-Lawmakers-With-Feces  

·        McCain, Schumer Encouraged By Immigration Prospects

·        From-The-Land-Down-Under-A-Winning-Strategy-For-The-GOP-And-The-Tea-Party-Movement

·        Man Accused Of Threatening Arpaio’s Life

·        Babeu-Wont-Run-For-Congress-Next-Year

·        Updated Board Of Supervisors Agenda




·        Prayers Can Be Answered-Reported-USSOHS Janet Napolitano To Resign

·        Arizona-Senator-Mccain-On-DHS-Janet.Napolitano

·        Arizona-Rep-Paul-Gosar-On-Resignation

·        Arizona-Barry-Wong-Appointed-Chairman

·        Arizona-Ban District Charter Schools

·        New Jersey Christie Sued For Contributions Records On Hurricane Sandy

·        Obama's Concern For The Republican Party By Bruce Ash Audio

·        Zimmerman Trial-The Lies And Deception Of The U.S. DOJ V Zimmerman…

·        A Message From The FISA Court

·        South Carolina Billboard

·        Arizona Save The Date July 15, 2013-Rep. Paul Gosar Announces Business Roundtables In Prescott And Prescott Valley

·        Obama: ‘First Gay President’

·        AZ Gov Jan Brewer Announces Andrew Wilder New Communications Director


·        Amnesty: The Good News?

·        Janet Napolitano Leaving Role As Big Sis

·        LD 27 Unanimously Censures Gov. Jan Brewer, 15 Legislators

·        Rush Limbaugh Tells Caller “Stop Watching” Fox News

·        Obama’s Loathsome World Includes Spying On Co-Workers


·        The Alliance of Principled Conservatives Stands for Founding Principles

·        Adam Kwasman Forms Exploratory Committee For AZ CD 1

·        AZ Bar Disciplinary Judge Using Work Resources To Investigate Political Opponents?

·        Bar Disciplinary Judge’s Unethical Short Sale Going Viral, Makes Radio Show

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Get HB2003 To The Ballot: Stop Schools From Doubling Your Property Taxes! 

·        Mesa School District Approves $562 Million Budget

·        Mesa Schools More Interested In "Glitz" Than Responsible Education.  Karen Gevaert Of Mesa Expressed Her Disappointment In A Letter To The Editor Recently Published In The East Valley Tribune.

·        Common Core Math: UGH!!!  Common Core Presentation In New York. 1 

·        Common Core Presentation Overview In New York. - 2

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Terrorists In The White House

·        Still Time To Stop Al Jazeera America!

·        “Veterans Scaring Obama”

·        Businessman To Obama: You Win!

·        It’s The Tea Party, Stupid!

·        “Progressive Insurance” Lady Not Funny!

·        A Real Dilemma

·        Alternative To Boy Scouts Emerges

·        Barber: “The First Pro-Choicer … Was Satan Himself”

·        Holder’s Doj Agitated For ‘Racial Justice’ In The Zimmerman Case

·        Unarmed Man Shot 16 Times Files $20 Million Suit Against Doc

·        Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia

·        Obama’s Cheerleading Fiasco, Including The Pom-Poms

·        Obama Caught in Bald-Faced Lie on Sequester


·        “The Crisis In American Journalism And The Conservative Response” National Conference



·        Judge Napolitano:  Senate Incapable Of Unraveing Benghazi

·      State Department Official Grilled Over Benghazi At Confirmation Hearing

·        Official Who Says He Was 'Scapegoat' For Benghazi To Testify

·        'Benghazi: The Truth Behind The Smokescreen'

·        Charles Krauthammer Benghazi Scandal Is By Definition A Cover Up

·        Libyan-Official-Ties-Morsi-To-Benghazi-Attack   Egypt's Recently Deposed Leader Named In Letter From Security Chief

·        Breaking-The-Benghazi-Stonewall



·        Obama's Alinskyite Administration: The Justice Department's Involvement In The Zimmerman Case Is Highly Suspect.

·        GOP-Effort-To-Oust-Eric-Holder-Picks-Up-Steam

·        Obama Meets Holder, Accepts Report On Justice's Targeting Of Media For Leaks

·        Holder-Spent-Tax-Payer-Supporting-Anti-Zimmerman-Protests



·        Illinois-Becomes-Last-State-To-Allow-Concealed-Carry



·        San Diego Investigative Journalist Uncovers More Troubling Facts About Journalist Hastings’ Death (+Video)



·        Snowden Complains Of Hounding, Asks Russia For Temporary Asylum



·        IRS-Made-Policy-Decision-Legalize-Illegal-Aliens-Ended-Paying-Illegals-$42B

·        Top Dem: IRS Inspector General Withheld Information From Oversight Panel

·         IRS: Rogues Run By Leftist Union - Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

·         IRS Bracing For $3 Billion In Payback For Abuse Of Power



·        TX Congressman Says Obama's Under Investigation By House, Senate & FBI - Will Impeachment Follow?



·        Video: Congressman Interested In Investigating Obama Id Fraud

·        Obamas-Selective-Service-Card-Forwarded-To-Uspis-Mail-Fraud-Division



·        Clinton Supporter Suspected Of Illegal Donations

·        State Department's Credibility Remains In Tatters  by ROGER ARONOFF  The State Department, under Hillary Clinton, may have actually covered up eight different investigations-if not more, including the one involving the Belgian ambassador.

·        Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia



·        Clinton-Obama-Kerry-Received-Cash-From-D.C.-Corruption-Target



·        Border Patrol Considering Razor Wire Fencing In Arizona?

·        Arizona-Agents-Arrest-Immigration-Activist

·        McCain, Schumer Encouraged By Immigration Prospects

·        Amnesty's Price: $12, 433 For Every Legalized Immigrant Household

·        Former-Border-Patrol-Agents-Call-Senate-Plan-A-Huge Waste Of Resources/

·        House-GOP-Kills-Senate-Immigration-Bill

·        Republican-Representative-Goes-Head-To-Head-With-Msnbcs-Entire-Left-Leaning-Panel-Over-The-Issue-Of-Immigration

·        GOP's Courtship Of Silicon Valley Put To The Test In Immigration Fight

·        House Republicans Crafting Dream Act-Like Immigration Bill

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Rand Paul's Moral Libertarianism  Given American aid to these countries, Paul described how "American taxpayer dollars are being used to finance a war on Christians."

·        ‘It's Only Going To Get Worse': National Security Expert Explains Why You Should Care About A Failed State In Egypt

·        U.S. Turning Blind Eye To Islamic Terror Overseas? Dozens Of Children Killed In Horrific Attack On School

·        Terrorists In The White House



·        Fatwa-This: Bob-Beckel-Says-US-Needs-To-Stop-Building-Mosques-Until-We-Figure-Out-Who-The-Terrorists-Are

·        Bishop-Catholic-Mom-Brutally-Murdered-Homosexual-Died-Martyr-Her-Faith



·        The-Latest-In-The-War-On-Women-What-MSNBC-Missed



·        Race-Violence-Alarms-Before-Zimmerman-Verdict   Questions Raised About Attacks That Already Are Happening


·        Army Vet Denied 2nd Amendment Rights Over Minor 42-Year-Old Charge

·        Video: “Veterans Scaring Obama”

·        'Deadliest Soldier' Under Fire For Controversial Memoir

·        Marine Vet-Turned-Country Singer Stuns With ‘Coal Keeps The Lights On’



·        GOP-Effort-To-Oust-Eric-Holder-Picks-Up-Steam

·        GOP's Courtship Of Silicon Valley Put To The Test In Immigration Fight

·        From-The-Land-Down-Under-A-Winning-Strategy-For-The-Gop-And-The-Tea-Party-Movement

·        Will Republicans Continue To Sanction Obama’s Lawlessness?



·        GAO: Feds Waste $100 Billion A Year On Bogus Payouts

·        Paranoid-Ignorant-Government-Destruction-Costs-$2.7-Million



·        Court-Bats-Obamacare-Back-To-Supremes    Roberts And Company Get 2nd Chance To Slap Down Health Care Takeover



·        Justice-Department-Proposes-Curbing-Power-To-Seize-Reporters-Records

·        Rep-Thompson-Falsely-Claims-Doj-Pressed-More-Terrorism-Related-Charges-Any-Other

·        Womans-Sexual-Harassment-Male-Co-Worker-Spurs-Justice-Dept-Discrimination-Lawsuit


House panel: Fire-prevention funds needed

·        All-45-Senate-Republicans-Call-For-Permanent-Delay-Of-Obamacare

·        House-GOP-Kills-Senate-Immigration-Bill

·        GOP-Congressman-Jabs-Pelosi-Democrats-On-Obamacare-Promises

·        Republican-Representative-Goes-Head-To-Head-With-MSNBCs-Entire-Left-Leaning-Panel-Over-The-Issue-Of-Immigration

·        Sessions: Napolitano Showed 'Disrespect For The Rule Of Law' At DHS

·        Reid Sets Up Senate Showdown, Calls For Votes On Nominees

·        House Republicans Ready Attack On Obama's ‘Social Cost Of Carbon’

·        House Republicans Crafting Dream Act-Like Immigration Bill

·        House-GOP-Readies-Attack-On-Social-Cost-Of-Carbon-Boost

·        Former-Border-Patrol-Agents-Call-Senate-Plan-A-Huge Waste Of Resources/

·        Pelosi Parsing Words On ‘Employer Mandate’ Contrary To What The House Minority Leader Claims, A Treasury Department Decision Delayed Implementation Of The So-Called 'Employer Mandate' In The Health Care Law

·        Rep-Thompson-Falsely-Claims-Doj-Pressed-More-Terrorism-Related-Charges-Any-Other



·        Former Electric-Car Engineer: Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas



·        Power Down: Doe Poised To Order All Comopouters, Servers Use Less Electricity

·        Mitch-McConnell: President-Barack-Obama's-Plan-War-Coal-Kentucky-Jobs

·        Former Electric-Car Engineer: Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas

·        Obama To Use $8 Billion Of Taxpayer’s Money To Wage War On Coal, Leaving Thousands Unemployed



·        Amnesty's Price: $12, 433 For Every Legalized Immigrant Household



·        Military Dumps $34M Into Afghanistan HQ That US Forces Won't Use



·        Unhinged TX-Pro-Abortion Crowd-Threatens-Lawmakers-With-Feces  
Jay Carney: Anyone Criticizing Obamacare Delay 'Willfully Ignorant'

·        All-45-Senate-Republicans-Call-For-Permanent-Delay-Of-Obamacare

·        Blue-Crossblue-Shield-Closing-65-Year-Old-Sioux-City-Ia-Office-Due-To-Obamacare

·        Facing Obamacare, Supermarket Chain Drops Part-Timers' Health Coverage



·        Common Core Presentation In New York - 1.  This Common Core presentation was given on July 7, 2013, in Rochester, New York. One of the presenters is Lisa Christiansen, who once lived in Gilbert, Arizona, and was an active Precinct Committeeman. In the first 5 minutes of this excellent video you will learn about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is taught in the 5th grade.  It is a 6-8 week class.  How much time is spent studying the United States Constitution?  Two days in the 4th grade.

·        Common Core Presentation Overview In New York - 2.  This overview of Common Core was presented in Rochester, New York on July 8, 2013.   Lisa Christiansen, formerly a Precinct Committeeman in Gilbert, Arizona, is one of the presenters.   Learn why Common Core should be removed from the State of Arizona.  Even home-schoolers are forced to align with Common Core.  

·        common Core Math: Ugh!!!  Did you learn math this way?  A 5-minute video is worth a thousand words.

·         “In Common Core, Children Are Taught That Their ‘Rights’ include being given a certain standard of living, housing, clothing, and medical care.  There is no Second Amendment right.  They are further taught that the Bill of Rights is an outdated, discriminatory document.  ‘The U.S. Bill of Rights came into effect in 1791, but excluded women, people of color, and members of certain social, religious, economic, and political groups.’" - Common Core Presentation in Rochester, NY.  July 7, 2013



·        Janet-Napolitano-Quits-Homeland-Security-Post

·        TSA Foes Rejoice As Napolitano Resigns

·        Sessions: Napolitano Showed 'Disrespect For The Rule Of Law' At Dhs
DHS’ Napolitano Leaves Legacy Of Corruption, Lies, Lawsuits, And Waste


·        White House: Obama To Personally Lobby Putin On Edward Snowden

·        Obama Meets Holder, Accepts Report On Justice's Targeting Of Media For Leaks

·        Terrorists In The White House

·        Trusting Obama With Border Security Is Like Trusting Bill Clinton With Your Daughter

·        Video: Never-Aired Trump Parody Firing Obama

·        On Muslim Brotherhood—Is Obama ‘Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?’ By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.) 

·        Obama To Use $8 Billion Of Taxpayer’s Money To Wage War On Coal, Leaving Thousands Unemployed