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7-14-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 14, 2013

·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Is In Taiwan for a week as a U.S. Delegate for the Republican National Committee.


·       Arizona Teenage Republicans (TARS) Are Touring Washington, DC this week while they attend the annual gathering. LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan’s son is along the group.


·       Clair Van Steenwyk Aka Van The Radio Man has announced his plans for an exploratory committee to seek the Superintendent of Public Education position. Van, who recently moved from LD13, lost his US senate bid a year ago.  He opposes current Supt of PE John Huppenthal’s support of Common Core/Agenda 21.


·       Guests Are Still Smacking Their Lips At The “Best BBQ Ever Tasted” that LD13 Chairman Robert Branch whipped up for a recent Congressman Trent Franks fundraiser. Reports are that the food was excellent and the company was great.


·       And Speaking Of Branch, Some Misguided Individual stole a religious statue from the backyard this weekend.


·       Arizona Project Will Present US Marshall David Gonzales at 6:30 pm, July 15 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 2-B, Phoenix. and click on "Join The Meeting."   Log-on at 6:45 pm.  Contact: Chairman Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


·       Former State Senator Frank Antenori will be guest on Hair on Fire at 4 pm, July 16 to discuss the referendum on the Medicaid portion of the Arizona budget.  Questions to or call 1-347-857-4081.


·       Surprise City Council District 5 Candidates Skip Hall and Cammie Marceaux will debate at 7 p.m.  July 18 Thursday at Dysart Unified’s board room, 15802 N. Parkview Place.


·       Supt Of Public Education John Huppenthal Will Address “Common Core” During  LD15 meeting at 6:30 pm, July 23 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 7th Ave/Deer Valley Road. Contact: Chairman David Henderson


·       CD4 Paul Gosar On The Need For Wildfire Prevention Policies as well as other pressing issues in Congress including defunding the IRS, immigration reform and more. Click HERE.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Bill: Catastrophic Wildfire Prevention Act of 2013, which aims to prevent destructive wildfires and stimulate rural economies. Specifically, the legislation renews and reforms the Forest Service’s ability to partner with private industry and local governments to implement thinning and ecological restoration projects.  The bill provides the federal government with the tools and the expedited processes to proactively treat our forests, improve public safety and put people back to work. Read more from the Arizona Capitol Times HERE.


·       LD21 will host its Second Annual Movers & Shakers Series from 9-11 am, Aug 3 at the Plaza Del Rio Coimmunity Center, 13215 N. 94th Dr., Peoria. Panelist: AZ Chamber of Commerce CEO Glen Hamer, Americans for Prosperity AZ Director Tom Jenney, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and AZ Latino Republican Association President Rey Torres. Tickets: $10 each   Contact: Teresa Wright, First Vice Chair at 623-498-7999

·       United Republican Alliance Of  Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Petitions Collectors Can Mail Their Completed petitions to: URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman, 120 S. Houghton Rd. #138-177, Tucson, AZ 85748.  Bauserman is also planning petition pickup drives. Questions regarding URAPC should be directed to : Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Wes Harris needs volunteers to gather “Overturn Rep Heather Carter’s HB 2003” petitions signatures to put the bill, which has the potential of doubling school bond debt ceiling in every school district in the state, on the November 2014 ballot.  This bill was pushed forward mainly to fund Common Core for which funds were pulled from the Budget.  No funding, Common Core and PARCC is history,” according to Harris. Petitions are available on Face Book at We The People AZ or email to arrange to get petitions.  

Hard copies of the “ HB2003” petition can be obtained at the

o   State GOP Office, 3501 N.24th St., Phoenix

o   West Valley GOP HQ, 10050 W Bell Road #49, Sun City, AZ 85351-1291 Voice: 623-977-4532 Fax: 623-533-4488 or

o   Wes Harris 602-942-9281,602-432-2871 (Cell) 602-942-5327 (fax or

Completed and notarized petitions should be mailed to

o   Wes Harris, --14802 N. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix AZ 85023


·       LD19 Is Raffling Two Percussion .44 Caliber Pistols and a few accessories. These Cowboy Guns are “cap and ball” black powder pistol designs from the 1850s and 1860s. 

ü  Colt Walker inspired .44cal. Dragoon #3 (a.k.a..44cal. 1851 Navy Colt) (5 shots fired!) and

ü  Remington .44 caliber Model 1858 (never fired!)

Winning tickets will be drawn at 7 pm, Aug 12. Ticket donations are $4 or three for $10. Remote entries can be made by sending payment (check or cash) to LD-19 Chair Cherie Scott, 3609 N. 127th Drive, Avondale, AZ 85392. Include your name, phone number and/or email address. Contact: Joseph Hobbs or 480-381-2380.


·       The Arizona Project Is Raffling A WindhamWeaponry AR-15 Rifle, including  100 rounds of ammunitions at a Aug 5 drawing. Tickets are $15 or two for $25. Winner can opt to take $1,000 in cash in lieu of the AF-15. Winner does not have to be present.  Winner must be able to pass the Federal background requirements. Tickets: Ron at 602-677-1496.


·       The AZCDL Is Raffling Its Last Two AR-15 Style Rifles (separately) until after the annual  October Meeting: .  Winners will be drawn Sept 15.

ü  The first rifle is a Colt Light Carbine, chambered for .223 Remington, with a non-lined 16”barrel and bird-cage flash hider.  This rifle is optics ready with a flat top.  A standard capacity 30 round magazine is included.

ü  The second rifle is a DPMS Panther A-15, chambered for 5.56 mm NATO, with iron sights, 16” barrel and a 6 position stock. A standard capacity 30 round magazine is included.

Tickets are $10 each.  Only 500 tickets have been printed for each raffle.  Tickets can be purchased at AzCDL’s online store:

Tickets for the case of 5.56 mm NATO ammunition can also be found at its online store.     For information:

·       #5 Of Nine Apache County Republican Resolutions Passed This Spring:





WHEREAS, high student performance and closing the achievement gap is

fundamentally linked to an overall reform of our public education system through

a strong system of accountability and transparency built on state standards; and

WHEREAS, the responsibility for the education of each child of this nation

primarily lies with parents, supported by locally elected school boards and state

governments; and

WHEREAS, in 2009 and 2010, the State was offered the chance to compete for

education funding through the "Race to the Top" program created by the U. S.

Department of Education (UED"); and

WHEREAS, the only way to achieve a score in the competition sufficient to

qualify for funding was to agree to "participation in a consortium of States that ...

is working toward jointly developing and adopting a common set of K-12

standards ... "; and

WHEREAS, the only such "common set of K-12 standards" existent at that time,

or since, is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative ("CCSSI") and

was developed without a grant of authority from any state; and

WHEREAS, the CCSSI standards were released in June 2010, and to meet the

ED "Race to the Top" requirements the State had only 60 days to evaluate them

and agree to adopt them; and

WHEREAS, local education officials, school leaders, teachers, and parents were

not included in the discussion. evaluation and preparation of the CCSSI

standards that would affect students in this state; and

WHEREAS, citizens had no opportunity to review and comment on the final

version of CCSSI standards, and states were not offered an option to modify

those standards before their adoption; and

WHEREAS, no empirical evidence indicates that centralized education standards

result in higher student achievement: and

WHEREAS, adoption of the CCSSI standards would force several states to lower

the rigor and quality of their standards; and

WHEREAS, the National Assessment of Educational Progress national test

already exists and allows comparisons of academic achievement to be made

across the states, without the necessity of imposing national standards, curricula,

or assessments; and

WHEREAS, imposing a set of national standards is likely to lead to the imposition

of a national curriculum and national assessment upon the various states, in

violation of the General Education Provisions Act, the Elementary and Secondary

Education Act; and the Department of Education Organization Act and

WHEREAS, claims from the Common Core Initiative that the CCSSI standards

will not dictate what teachers teach in the classroom are refuted by language in

the standards as written; and

WHEREAS, common standards will lessen the ability for local stakeholders to

innovate and continue to make improvements over time; and

WHEREAS, when no less than 22 states face budget shortfalls and Race to the

Top funding for states is limited, $350 million for consortia to develop new

assessments aligned with the CCSSI standards will not cover the entire cost of

overhauling state accountability systems, which includes implementation of

standards and testing and associated professional development and curriculum

restructuring; and

WHEREAS, special interest groups can manipulate the vulnerability of the

centralized decision making that governs common standards and lower the

standards' rigor and quality over time to suit 'their priorities;


REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE calls upon the State of ARIZONA to reject any

policies and procedures that would be incumbent on the state based on the

Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Passed on ~April 11, 2013   Delos Bond (Chairman) Apache County Republican Committee


·        Ariz. Failed To Give Federal Aid To Homeowners

·        Brad Zinn Interviews Clare M Lopez   Marxist/Islamic Expert

·        Yarnell: Firefighters Laid To Rest In 4 States

·        2 In GOP Won’t Attack On Medicaid  Insider: It’s All The Rage For Committeemen To Vote To Censure Anyone Who Voted In Favor Of Medicaid, But Two Are Resisting.

·        1st Air Force One Plane Decaying In Arizona Field

·        GOP Poll Finds Barber "Most Vulnerable" House Democrat

·        Only-6-Apply-For-Polygamous-Board-Of-Trustees

·        Hopefuls Line Up To Fill Senator's Seat

·        Compromise A Bad Word In House, But Local Issues Unite AZ Delegates   Experts: Districts Are More Polarized And Partisan Primaries More Important For Re-Election Bids.

·        Arizona-Congressional Delegation Split On Gun-Reform

·        Phoenix Housing Market Sees 'Boomerang Buyers' Sooner Than Expected

·        Ariz. Delegation Bonds With Biden

·        Napolitano Hit From All Sides On Migrants

·        Poll-Voters-Blame-GOP-Gridlock

·        Are We A Nation Of Cowards?

·        Compromise A Dirty Word In Polarized U.S. House

·        Arizona-State-Bar-Complaint-Phoenix-Candidate-Robinson

·        Flake-McCain-Insult-Immigrants-Pretending-To-Know-What-They-Want

·        Brewer Touts Her Accomplishments

·        Sex-Offenders-Are-They-Obeying-The-Law

·        Napolitano Pummeled From All Sides About Immigration

·        Janet-Napolitano- -Resignation Letter…And Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya On The Way Out

·        Petition To Sen John McCain: Do Not Bail Out Barack Obama's Anti-Agenda  National Assoc For Gun Rights

·        Look-Whos-Barbequing-Media-Over-Paula-Deen  'If Anything Exemplifies Overt Prejudice And Political Agenda …'  Charlie Daniels

·        This-US Map-Shows-State-By-State-Look-At-Food-Stamp-Participation



·        US-Citizens-First

·        Mark-Omara: Case-Against-George-Zimmerman Was Racist

·        Atlanta-Four-Black-Guys-Kill-White-Guy Not Considered Racially Motivated

·        113th-Congress-Leaders-Weekly-Schedule

·        Making-College-More-Affordable

·        Protecting-All-Americans-From Obamacare Mandates

·        Political-Correctness-Bring-Me-Head-Of George Zimmerman   Lloyd Marcus

·        Zimmerman-Not-Guilty

·        AZ Rep David Stevens Confuses Rush Limbaugh's Golden Mike

·        AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's Medicaid, AHCCCS Plan By The Numbers

·        In A Letter To Republicans Governor Brewer Touts Her Accomplishments


·        Zimmerman Verdict: It’s Over…Or Is It?

·        Weekend Reading Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

·        Brewer’s New Spokesman Worked For Kyl, Flake, Mccain

·        Amnesty: The Good News?

·        Janet Napolitano Leaving Role As Big Sis


·        Radio Talk Show Host Jim Sharpe Shocked That Nothing Has Been Done About AZ Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil

·        Mark Levin, Constitution Article V, and the “Liberty Amendments”

·        The Alliance of Principled Conservatives Stands for Founding Principles

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Get HB2003 To The Ballot: Stop Schools From Doubling Your Property Taxes! 

·         Common Core vs. Heritage Academy's Standards

·        Gilbert, AZ among "Most Saintly" in America


·        The-Antichoice-Lefts-Disarming-Of-The-American-Woman


·        Political Correctness: Bring Me the Head of George Zimmerman!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment Goes Nationwide

·        A Missed Opportunity This Past July 4th

·        Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million



·        Anti-American Greenwald Vows To Continue Leaks

·        Turkish Government Cracks Down On Communists

·        The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results – 07/12/13

·        Weekly Featured Profile – Antonio Villaraigosa

·        “The Crisis In American Journalism And The Conservative Response” National Conference



·        Holder-Falls-Short-On-Obama-Openness-Pledge-He-Enforces

·        Holder Living High On The Hog: Spent Almost $1.5 Million On Travel In 2011

·        Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million



·        Kincaid: The-Radio-Host-Behind-Drugs-And-Guns-Case



·          Unanswered Questions Plague Seal Team 6 Losses

·          It Director W Ho Raised Quesions About Zimmerman Case Is Fired



·        The Hill: Reporter: NSA Leaker Snowden Greatest Threat To US In The Nation's History

·        Journalist: US Better Not Do Anything To Snowden Or Undisclosed Info Will Be Fed’s “Worst Nightmare”

·        Computer Security Vanishing: Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities For NSA, Governments



·        IRS Intentionally Paying Billions To Illegal Aliens, Won’t Turn Over Info To Immigration Officials

·        Greenwald: Snowden Has Enough Information To Cause US Govt ‘Worst Damage In History’

·        Millions In US Tax Dollars Go To Big Data For Wiretap Capabilities



·        New-Movement-Spreads-Impeach-Obama-Message

·        Eligibility-Resurrected-Congress-Paying-Attention

·        TX Congressman Says Obama's Under Investigation By House, Senate & Fbi - Will Impeachment Follow?



·        Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, Or Is It Barry Soetoro? By Doug Hagmann

·        Investigator-Radio-Hosts-Warned-Not-To-Talk-Obama-Background

·        Video: Congressman Interested In Investigating Obama ID Fraud

·        Obamas-Selective-Service-Card-Forwarded-To-USPIS-Mail-Fraud-Division



·        Ready-For-Pillory---Corkscrew-Hillary-Returns

·        Howard Dean: Hillary’s Only Weakness In Presidential Primaries Is…Her Age



·        Clinton-Obama-Kerry-Received-Cash-From-D.C.-Corruption-Target



·        Gowdy: 85% Of House GOP Will 'Go To The Dance' On Immigration

·         Group Opposing Immigration Bill Plans Full-Scale Campaign On House

·        IRS Intentionally Paying Billions To Illegal Aliens, Won’t Turn Over Info To Immigration Officials

·        Alinsky-And-Amnesty-Plan-Is-Designed-To-Fail   Tom Tancredo On Tactics That Serve 'Political Ambitions Of The Democratic Party'

·        How-Senators-Voted-Final-Cloture-Vote-Obamas-Amnesty-Bill-S-744

·        Senate-Majority-Leader-Harry-Reid-Admits-Senate-Passed-Amnesty-Bill-Is-Unconstitutional

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Teachers Denied Schoolboy, 10, Water On The Hottest Day Of The Year To Avoid Upsetting Muslim Pupils During Ramadan’

·        On Blasphemy, Why Not Enhance American National Security By Speaking Honestly About Sharia?    By  Andrew C. McCarthy



·        A-Democratic-War-On-Women

·        The-Latest-In-The-War-On-Women-What-MSNBC-Missed



·        Zimmerman-Defense-Attorney-Chastises-Media-During-Press-Conference-You-Guys-Went-After-Him-Like-A-Mad-Scientist/

·        New-Black-Panthers: Zimmerman-Verdict-Means-War   Urge Followers To 'Take To The Streets' And 'Stay There'
NAACP Asks Obama Administration To File Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman

·        For New Black Panthers, ‘Justice’ Means Death For Zimmerman

·        Who Is The -Racist?   By -Thomas-Sowell



·        Unanswered Questions Plague Seal Team 6 Losses

·        This Is The Kind Of Military Hero Kicked Out Early By Barack Obama

·        Marine Vet-Turned-Country Singer Stuns With ‘Coal Keeps The Lights On’



·        GOP Address: Permanently Delay ‘Massive, Burdensome’ Obamacare For Everybody (+Video)

·        GOP-Rep-Intends-To-Investigate-Identify-And-Prosecute-People-Within-The-Administration-Up-To-And-Including-The-President



·        GAO: Feds Waste $100 Billion A Year On Bogus Payouts

·        Paranoid-Ignorant-Government-Destruction-Costs-$2.7-Million



·        Dershowitz: Zimmerman-Prosecutorial-Misconduct

·        Ted-Nugent-Zimmerman: Prosecutors Should Be Ashamed For 'Kowtowing To Hateful Anti-Justice Racist Pressures'

·        Zimmerman-Lawyer-To-Move-Forward-ASAP-With-Lawsuit-Against-NBC-For-Editing-911-Tape-To-Make-Him-Look-Racist



·        Justice Department Explores Possible Federal Charges In Zimmerman Case



·        Mitch McConnell: Harry Reid ‘Worst Leader Of The Senate Ever’

·        House Drops Food Stamps, Passes AG-Only Farm Bill

·        The Hill: Gowdy: 85 Percent Of House GOP Will 'Go To The Dance' On Immigration

·        Orrin Hatch: UN Disabilities Treaty A Threat To American Sovereignty And Self-Government

·        Eligibility-Resurrected-Congress-Paying-Attention

·        TX Congressman Says Obama's Under Investigation By House, Senate & FBI - Will Impeachment Follow?

·        Senate-Majority-Leader-Harry-Reid-Admits-Senate-Passed-Amnesty-Bill-Is-Unconstitutional

·        Tom Marino, GOP Congressman, Floats Idea Of Filing Criminal Charges Against Obama



·        Now-US-Copper-Mines-Under-Attack



·        Amnesty's Price: $12,433 For Every Legalized Immigrant Household



·        Military-Spending-Millions-To-Protect-Gophers-While-Workers-Go-On-Furlough

·        Washington-Mayor-Mystery-Helicopters-Terrorized-City

·        Unanswered Questions Plague Seal Team 6 Losses

·        Navy Makes History, Lands Computer Piloted X-47B Bomber On Moving Aircraft Carrier

·        Military Dumps $34M Into Afghanistan HQ That US Forces Won't Use



·        Electrical Workers Union Jumps Aboard Anti-Obamacare Bus

·        Appeals Court Rejects Liberty University’s Lawsuit Against Obamacare

·        GOP Address: Permanently Delay ‘Massive, Burdensome’ Obamacare For Everybody (+Video)

·        Obama: U.S. Needs More Taxpayers; Calls For Fewer Babies But 'More Immigrants'

·        CBO Shocked To Discover Obamacare Is Financial Train-Wreck

·        Study: U.S. Most Expensive Healthcare, Mediocre Outcomes

·       Appeals Court Rejects Liberty University's Lawsuit Against Obamacare

·        Obamacare Hasn't Been Implemented: Dems Already Calling For Reform

·        Union-Bosses-Say-Obamacare-Will-Destroy-Health-Americans




·        Teachers Denied Schoolboy, 10, Water On The Hottest Day Of The Year To Avoid Upsetting Muslim Pupils During Ramadan’



·        Napolitano’s Move From DHS To California Schools Chief Draws Protests

·        Who-Might-Succeed-Napolitano



·        The Hill: With Napolitano Out At DHS, White House Begins To Vet Replacements

·        The Hill: Bye-Bye, Obama

·        Obama's EPA Regulations Force Coal Plants To Close - Produces Unemployment & Sends Your Energy Bill Skyrocketing

·        Hardcore, Constitutionalist Lawmaker: Time To Sue Obama Over Amnesty



·        Russian Officials Say Snowden Has Not Yet Applied For Political Asylum

·        Orrin Hatch: U.N. Disabilities Treaty A Threat To American Sovereignty And Self-Government


·        White House Bashes Russia For Giving Edward Snowden 'Propaganda Platform'  



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