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7-15-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 15, 2013

·       Group Leaders:  Please check your listings in the MCRC Calendar to make sure they are up to date.


·       Laddie Shane From AZGOP Headquarters is also in Washington, DC with the Arizona Teenage Republicans (TARS).


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Explains His Presence In Taiwan for the National Republican Committee (RNC):  “It is the RNC that is in Taiwan. As you know the Republican platform supports free trade, open markets, capitalism, etc... The RNC constantly reaches out and so do like minded nations to the RNC to develop relationships. This is a delegation of 10+ from the Republican National Committee that were selected to attend. If nothing is a learning and relationship building experience. These trips have been going on for some time but it is the first time Arizona has been selected in years.”


·       JP Gerald Williams Spoke To LD1 Pcs this evening.


·       The AZ Conservative Coalition West Valley Chapter will discuss Gov Jan Brewer’s Obamacare and Arizona Corporation Commission rates with Rep. Carl Seel at 6:30 pm, July 25 at the Northwest Republican Headquarters, 10050 W. Bell Road, Sun City. RSVP: Diane Douglas at


·       Northern Arizona University College Republicans will kick off the Americans for Prosperity – Arizona “Sick & Sicker Tour_ at 6 pm, July 24 in the Cline Library Assembly Hall on the Flagstaff campus. Free and open to the public. A discussion with health officials follows the viewing. Contact: AFP-AZ 602-620-0530 or Jared Gorshe  480-406-0299.


·       Mohave County Republican Committee Censure of Gov/15 Legislators


Resolution of the Mohave County Republican Precinct Committeemen

To Censure Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

and 15 Arizona State Legislators

Whereas, 15 Republican State Legislators formed an alliance with Democratic elected officials for the express purpose of thwarting the will of the Republican majority in the legislature and violating Republican Party principles and the Republican Party Platform, including but not limited to the following:

They implemented the passage of Medicaid expansion.

They implemented government healthcare.

They approved taxpayer funding for abortion and increased funding for abortion services.

They expanded eligibility for welfare benefits and invited 300,000+ new people into the welfare system.

They raised taxes.

They voted against tax relief and kept Arizona as the state with the 2nd highest tax rate in the nation.

They voted against auditing the hospital bed tax.

They increased property taxes.

They only tax relief they offered was for special-interest industries who could afford to hire lobbyists.

They rejected a balanced budget and voted for one with a structural debt of $400 million.

They removed government oversight for special interests.

They voted against verifying citizenship as a requirement for Medicaid benefits.

They removed funding for English immersion for non-English-speaking students, thus ensuring the continuation of the failed, Democratic Party supported, bilingual programs.

Whereas, they corrupted the legislative process by suspending the rules and depriving the public of the opportunity to scrutinize and comment on the proposed legislation;

Whereas, they stymied the legislative process, dishonored American legislative traditions, stifled democratic notions of fairness and openness, and violated decorum by refusing to debate;

Whereas, they violated the wishes of the vast majority of Republican Precinct Committeemen in the state of Arizona who had overwhelmingly opposed the passage of Medicaid Expansion, making their wishes known in formal resolutions;

Whereas, they voted in favor of national health care, disregarding the will of the voters of Arizona who amended the Arizona Constitution via Proposition 106 in 2010 to oppose national health care;

Whereas, they violated the separation of powers defined in the Arizona Constitution by voting for a budget amendment originated by the executive branch of government;

Whereas, they violated the Arizona Constitution by surrendering the legislative authority to tax to an unelected bureaucrat in an Executive branch agency, and made such taxes subject to approval of the federal government;

Whereas, they forced passage of a tax increase by a mere majority vote instead of the constitutionally required 2/3 vote;

Therefore be it Resolved, that we, the precinct committeemen of Mohave County, do censure the following Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and State Legislators: Passed 7-13-13

Representative Doris Goodale

Senator Rich Crandall

Senator Michele Reagan

Representative Doug Coleman

Representative Frank Pratt

Senator Adam Driggs

Senator Robert Worsley

Representative Jeff Dial

Representative Bob Robson

Senator John McComish

Representative Kate Brophy McGee

Representative Thomas “T.J.” Shope

Senator Steve Pierce

Representative Heather Carter

Representative Ethan Orr


·       Former State Senator Frank Antenori will be guest on Hair on Fire at 4 pm, July 16 to discuss the referendum on the Medicaid portion of the Arizona budget.  Questions to or call 1-347-857-4081.


·       Surprise City Council District 5 Candidates Skip Hall and Cammie Marceaux will debate at 7 p.m.  July 18 Thursday at Dysart Unified’s board room, 15802 N. Parkview Place.


·       Supt Of Public Education John Huppenthal Will Address “Common Core” During  LD15 meeting at 6:30 pm, July 23 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 7th Ave/Deer Valley Road. Contact: Chairman David Henderson


·       LD21 will host its Second Annual Movers & Shakers Series from 9-11 am, Aug 3 at the Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N. 94th Dr., Peoria. Panelist: AZ Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, Americans for Prosperity AZ Director Tom Jenney, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and AZ Latino Republican Association President Rey Torres. Tickets: $10 each   Contact: Teresa Wright, First Vice Chair at 623-498-7999

·       United Republican Alliance Of  Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Petitions Collectors Can Mail Their Completed petitions to: URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman, 120 S. Houghton Rd. #138-177, Tucson, AZ 85748.  Bauserman is also planning petition pickup drives. Questions regarding URAPC should be directed to : Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Wes Harris needs volunteers to gather “Overturn Rep Heather Carter’s HB 2003” petitions signatures to put the bill, which has the potential of doubling school bond debt ceiling in every school district in the state, on the November 2014 ballot.  This bill was pushed forward mainly to fund Common Core for which funds were pulled from the Budget.  No funding, Common Core and PARCC is history,” according to Harris. Petitions are available on Face Book at We The People AZ or email to arrange to get petitions.  

Hard copies of the “ HB2003” petition can be obtained at the

o   State GOP Office, 3501 N.24th St., Phoenix

o   West Valley GOP HQ, 10050 W Bell Road #49, Sun City, AZ 85351-1291 Voice: 623-977-4532 Fax: 623-533-4488 or

o   Wes Harris 602-942-9281,602-432-2871 (Cell) 602-942-5327 (fax or

Completed and notarized petitions should be mailed to

o   Wes Harris, --14802 N. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix AZ 85023


·        Conservative-LD-Leaders-Reprimand-Gop-Lawmakers-For-Pro-Medicaid-Votes-Competitive-LD-Leaders-Say-Its-Counterproductive

·        Elections Official Targets Sneaky Anti-Diciccio Group    Laurie Roberts

·        DC March For Jobs - Phx To DC By Bus

·        Zimmerman-Verdict-Poll

·        Obama's Latest Executive Action: If A Child 'Confesses' To A Pediatrician That Mom & Dad Have A Gun In The House, Feds Can Disarm Parents…

·        Groups Work Together To Create First Family Shelter In Northern AZ

·        Phoenix Convention Center Showdown May Loom

·        Metro Economy Rests On Stanton's Shoulders   Robert Robb

·        Yarnell-Hill Fire-Synopsis: New Details - Arizona-Forestry-Service   Six Heavy Tankers Requested

·        Ariz. Immigrant License Policy Challenged

·        Officials: Anti-Diciccio Ads May Have Violated Laws

·        Former Mesa Judge Found Guilty Of Shoplifting

·        Feds Seize $624k In Meth At Southern Az Border

·        Barry-Goldwater-Tusk-Arizona-Solar-Net-Metering   Here Comes The Son: Barry Goldwater Jr. Fights For Solar Power In Arizona: A Fight Over Net-Metering Policy Reveals Rifts Among Conservatives.

·        Kathleen-Sebelius: -AZ-Health-Centers-Get-$2-3-Million-To-Enroll-Uninsured

·        Lawmakers-Citing-Yarnell-Press-Forestry-Officials-On-Wildfire-Prevention

·        National-Rifle-Association-Says-No-To-Online-Arizona-Ccw-Training-Courses

·        Brad Zinn Interviews Clare M Lopez  (1) Marxist/Islamic Expert

·        Brad Zinn Interview Of Zina Brodovsky Continues (2)

·        Yuma -County-Officials-To-Seek-Supreme-Court-Review-Of-Pro-Medical-Marijuana-Ruling

·        Pentagon-Furloughs-Will-Cut-Pay-For-Thousands-Of-AZ-Defense-Workers

·         Napolitano Says She Was Unusual Pick For Job

·        Construction Completed On New Yuma Courthouse

·        Phoenix-Area Homebuyers Scramble As Rates Climb

·        Petition To Sen John McCain: Do Not Bail Out Barack Obama's Anti-Agenda  National Assoc For Gun Rights

·        This-US Map-Shows-State-By-State-Look-At-Food-Stamp-Participation

·        The-Civil-Rights-Stand-Of-A-Young-Gerald-Ford



·        Obama-Is-Do-Nothing-For-Blacks-President

·        The-Leaders-Daily-Schedule-7-16-13

·        President-Obamas-Many-Historic-Firsts

·        July 16 Hair-On-Fire-News-Talk-Radio-Guest:  Former Sen. Frank Antenori

·        Arizona-Tucson-Man-Sentenced-To-51.Months For Robbery Spree

·        Zimmerman-Attorney-Blasts-Media  Went After Him Like Mad Scientist

·        US-Citizens-First

·        Mark-Omara: Case-Against-George-Zimmerman Was Racist

·        Atlanta-Four-Black-Guys-Kill-White-Guy Not Considered Racially Motivated


·        Zimmerman Verdict: It’s Over…Or Is It?


·        Radio Talk Show Host Jim Sharpe Shocked That Nothing Has Been Done About AZ Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Would a Common Core-Educated Student Know When His Rights Have been Violated? 

·        Common Core vs. Heritage Academy's Standards

·        Get HB2003 To The Ballot: Stop Schools From Doubling Your Property Taxes! 

·         Common Core vs. Heritage Academy's Standards

·        Gilbert, AZ among "Most Saintly" in America


·        The-Antichoice-Lefts-Disarming-Of-The-American-Woman


·        Political Correctness: Bring Me the Head of George Zimmerman!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        13 Americans Dead… The Suspect? President Obama

·        Protests Erupt Nationwide

·        Alan Dershowitz : Prosecutor Should Be Disbarred

·        Reid Goes Nuclear For Union Bosses

·        The Hypocrisy Of Selective Outrage: Zimmerman Vs. Martin

·        It May Be Time To Ditch Your Church

·        Benghazi Black Fridays

·        Zimmerman Railroad Was On Track For A Conviction

·        Crowds Chant “No Justice, No Peace”

·        Erase The Boarders And Erase The Republican Party

·        Zimmerman’s Brother Goes After Trayvon Marti

·        Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment Goes Nationwide

·        A Missed Opportunity This Past July 4th

·        Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million



·        Petition-To-Prosecute-Eric-Holder-Nears-1-Million



·         Obama's Latest Executive Action: If A Child 'Confesses' To A Pediatrician That Mommy & Daddy Have A Gun In The House, Feds Can Disarm Parents…

·        National-Rifle-Association-Says-No-To-Online-Arizona-Ccw-Training-Courses

·        Obama Uses Zimmerman Verdict To Push Gun Control

·        Bullet-‘Health’-Fears-Dry-Up-Ammo-Supplies  Obama's 'Green' Procurement Plan Creating 'De Facto Ban'



·        Nsa's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional:   Congress Or The Courts Should Put A Stop To These Unreasonable Data Seizures.



·        New-Movement-Spreads-Impeach-Obama-Message

·        Eligibility-Resurrected-Congress-Paying-Attention

·        TX Congressman Says Obama's Under Investigation By House, Senate & Fbi - Will Impeachment Follow?



·        House-Republicans-Press-New-Immigration-Tack-Obama-Wont-Enforce-Border-Security

·        Feds Seize $624k In Meth At Southern AZ Border

·        Erase The Boarders And Erase The Republican Party

·        Only-You-Can-Stop-Amnesty    GOP Trio Says Leaders 'Completely Sold' On Legalization

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



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·        Buchanan:  Shut-It-Down-Mr-President

·        In-513-Days-Between-Trayvon-Shooting-And-Zimmerman-Verdict-11,106-Blacks-Murdered-By-Other-Blacks



·        Audit-Veteran-Affairs-Spending-Millions-On-Job-Call-Centers-Where-Operators-Get 2 Calls A Day

·        Unanswered Questions Plague Seal Team 6 Losses

·        This Is The Kind Of Military Hero Kicked Out Early By Barack Obama

·        Marine Vet-Turned-Country Singer Stuns With ‘Coal Keeps The Lights On’



·        How A Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led To Trayvon Martin’s Death

·        Zimmerman-Whistle-Blower-Claimed-Prosecutors-Didnt-Defense-Team-Evidence-Trayvon-Martins-Cell-Phone-Fired

·        Trayvon-Martins-Involvement-In-Local-Burglaries-Covered-Up-By-Media-School-Police



·        Justice Department Explores Possible Federal Charges In Zimmerman Case

·        As-Justice-Pursues-Civil-Rights-Case-Against-Zimmerman-Fbi-Documents-Show-No Bias



·        House-Republicans-Press-New-Immigration-Tack-Obama-Wont-Enforce-Border-Security

·        Reid-Issues-Ultimatum-To-Republicans-Demands-Approval-Obama-Nominees

·        Filibuster_Fight: Senator End Closed-Door Meeting

·        15 Reasons Ted Cruz Is The Most Badass & Fearless Senator Republicans Have Seen In Ages

·        Rep-King-To-Amnesty-Opponents-Pressure-House-Republicans-In-VA-SC-OH

·        House-To-Vote-To-Remove-IRS-From-Obamacare

·        NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional:   Congress Or The Courts Should Put A Stop To These Unreasonable Data Seizures.

·        Mitch Mcconnell: Harry Reid ‘Worst Leader Of The Senate Ever’



·        Pentagon Pushes Spending While Complaining About Cuts



·        'National Gay Blood Drive' Protests FDA Ban On Gay Donors

·        House Republicans To Vote On Obamacare, Say Obama's Delay Of Employer Mandate Unfair

·        Let Market Forces Solve Organ Transplant Crisis

·        Another Democrat Calls Obamacare Implementation A "Real Disaster"

·        Obamacare Exchange Contractor Target Of Major Fraud Investigation

·        Open Letter To The Pro-Choice Woman



·        Common-Core-Vs-Heritage-Academy-Standards



·        Napolitano’s Move From DHS To California Schools Chief Draws Protests

·        Napolitano-Leaving-DHS-Under-Cloud-Of-Suspicion



·        Obama's Latest Executive Action: If A Child 'Confesses' To A Pediatrician That Mommy & Daddy Have A Gun In The House, Feds Can Disarm Parents…




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