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7-18-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs
July 18, 2013
·        McCain: I-Dont-Know-How-Many-Passports-We-Let-You-ForgeHe Helped Write The Bill!
·       The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 9 am, July 22 in the Evans  House, 1100 W. Washington, Phx. Not to be streamed online. Agenda Info  (602) 542-5221
·       The 7-17-13 Yellow Sheet Reports That AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s right hand man Tim Sifert says that it is "not correct" to assert that the state party or Graham is supportive of the anti-Common Core referendum effort by Wes Harris and the anti-Medicaid expansion URAPC efforts…and emphasized that “the party has steered clear of taking sides on Medicaid expansion.”
·       Krauser/Lafaro Radio-Broadcast   Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman, A.J. LaFaro, joins host Shane Krauser to discuss LaFaro’s  leadership and what the Republican Party must do in the future
·       Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump will debate representatives from EarthJustice and the EPA  - regarding regulation of coal – next week in Denver.
·       LD21 Rep Debbie Lesko Received The Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) “Person of the Year” award this week.  She also received the Guardian of Small Business award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) yesterday.
·       LD11 Sen Al Melvin Just Spent Five Days In The Navajo Nation. He spoke to the Governing Council Delegates in Window Rock on July 15, visited the coal mine at Black Mesa, spent two days touring the Navajo Generating Station near Page
·       Christina Corieri From Goldwater Institute will address the Chino Valley PAChyderm Coalition on July 18 at the BonnFire Restaurant, 1667 S. State Route 89, Chino Valley.  Contact: Chairmabn Sue Goodchild (928) 636-7355 or
·       MCRC Executive Director Tom Husband Has Several “ Stop Obrewercare” Banners that can be loaned out to help collect signatures to get the United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) “People’s Veto” referendum on the November ballot. Contact the Maricopa  County Republican Office, 10050 W Bell Road #49, Sun City, AZ 85351-1291 Voice: 623-977-4532 Fax: 623-533-4488 or Husband at
·       A URAPC “Petition Pick Up” Is Scheduled At 6:30 pm, July 20 (Saturday) on the Capitol Lawn, 1700 W. Washington, Phx.  Completed petitions can be delivered to the site. Notaries will be on site. Contact: Chairman Christine:  520-235-2234
·       Volunteers Wishing To Gather “People’s Veto” Petitions Signatures at the West Gun Show at the State Fairgrounds this weekend in Phoenix should contact Bauserman at 520-235-2234  or show up and find URAPC event coordinator Mike Richardson for guidance.  She could also used volunteers for other gun shows scheduled the rest of the summer throughout Arizona.
·       The AZGOP Triple Crown Competition Is Underway Through September 30 between GOP LDs for gathering registrations, collections and precinct committeeman recruitment.  LDs within Maricopa County will compete against each other. Other county LDs will compete county vs county. Check with your County or LD Chairman for details.  Or call GOP HQ at 602-957-7770
·       The Latest Voter Registration Figures compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district are available on the Sectary of State's website, or call 1-877-THE-VOTE.
·       Yavapai County Republicans Will Hold Voter Registration Classes from 9:30-11:30 am, Aug 8 at YavGOP HQ, 112B E. Union St., Prescott.  Contact: (928) 776-4500. to download PEVL form.  Registration forms are available online at or you can pick them up at YavGop headquarters. 
·        Congressional Candidates Lt Col Wendy Rogers- CD9 And Gabriela Saucedo Mercer – CD3, along with AZ Latino Republican Association (ALRA) president Reymundo Torres will address the Fountain Hill Republican Club in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills at 9 am, July 20. Contact: Tait Elkie, President, 480 345-2993; Edith Stock, Treasurer, 480 298-7818; or
·       Yavapai County Gop Headquarters is in need of a vacuum and a cross-cut paper shredder.  If you have one you can donate, call Brenda, Office Manager, (928)776-4500
·       The Sedona Men's Republican Club, Mingus Mountain Republican Club, The Verde River Republicans, and the Verde Valley Republican Women's Club are dark during the months of July and August.  They will be starting up again in the fall.
·       Joint Statement From The Phoenix And Tucson Chapters Of The Arizona Latino Republican Association  The Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) is urging the Superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District, Dr. H.T. Sanchez, to reevaluate the multicultural curriculum offered for the board’s approval by Dr. Augustine Romero. ALRA, Arizona's largest Latino Republican organization, is committed to educational excellence for all children and is concerned with the findings by the Arizona department of education that the current curriculum lacks rigor and denies equal access to a legitimate educational experience for all students.  We are also concerned that the curriculum is intellectually dishonest in that it displays a blatant bias against established historical data, uses false premises to urge students to revise history according to prejudicial ideology and in so doing, deprives students the opportunity to learn accurate historical facts, examine, question and use critical thinking skills to analyze historical occurrences.
Since taking office, the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (John Huppenthal) has demonstrated a commitment to integrating legitimate studies of Latino culture and history into the general educational experience of Arizona’s Latino students. Furthermore, we feel confident that the Arizona Department of education has thoroughly reviewed the curriculum in question and given it an accurate evaluation.
Aside from the historical inaccuracies and poorly researched material that serve as the ideologically charged basis of the curriculum, ALRA has serious concerns expressed by TUSD board member Mark Stegeman that the curriculum is political in nature and one-sided.  Over and above what Dr. Stegeman has expressed, ALRA clearly sees this curriculum as simply a means to steer children’s thinking into Dr. Romero’s viewpoint and is therefore counterproductive to the goal of true education.    
As a group dedicated to values shared by the vast majority of Latinos, we urge Dr. Sanchez to begin the process anew by publicly soliciting and integrating input from Latinos from across the community of Tucson. This will ensure a more legitimate representation of the Latino community as well as the historical accuracy of the curriculum.
To that end, ALRA offers our cultural experience and expertise in matter of the study of history of Mexico as well as that of Arizona to Dr. Sanchez. Furthermore, we fully support his efforts to create an excellent educational opportunity for all children as we believe that through those efforts, all students will be put on the path to achieving the American dream.  Contact:  480-788-2572   602-345-0659.
·       #6 of nine Apache County Republican Resolutionso passed this spring:
WHEREAS, high student performance and closing the achievement gap is
fundamentally linked to an overall reform of our public education system through
a strong system of accountability and transparency built on state standards; and
WHEREAS, the responsibility for the education of each child of this nation
primarily lies with parents, supported by locally elected school boards and state
governments; and
WHEREAS, in 2009 and 2010, the State was offered the chance to compete for
education funding through the "Race to the Top" program created by the U. S.
Department of Education (UED"); and
WHEREAS, the only way to achieve a score in the competition sufficient to
qualify for funding was to agree to "participation in a consortium of States that ...
is working toward jointly developing and adopting a common set of K-12
standards ... "; and
WHEREAS, the only such "common set of K-12 standards" existent at that time,
or since, is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative ("CCSSI") and
was developed without a grant of authority from any state; and
WHEREAS, the CCSSI standards were released in June 2010, and to meet the
ED "Race to the Top" requirements the State had only 60 days to evaluate them
and agree to adopt them; and
WHEREAS, local education officials, school leaders, teachers, and parents were
not included in the discussion. evaluation and preparation of the CCSSI
standards that would affect students in this state; and
WHEREAS, citizens had no opportunity to review and comment on the final
version of CCSSI standards, and states were not offered an option to modify
those standards before their adoption; and
WHEREAS, no empirical evidence indicates that centralized education standards
result in higher student achievement: and
WHEREAS, adoption of the CCSSI standards would force several states to lower
the rigor and quality of their standards; and
WHEREAS, the National Assessment of Educational Progress national test
already exists and allows comparisons of academic achievement to be made
across the states, without the necessity of imposing national standards, curricula,
or assessments; and
WHEREAS, imposing a set of national standards is likely to lead to the imposition
of a national curriculum and national assessment upon the various states, in
violation of the General Education Provisions Act, the Elementary and Secondary
Education Act; and the Department of Education Organization Act and
WHEREAS, claims from the Common Core Initiative that the CCSSI standards
will not dictate what teachers teach in the classroom are refuted by language in
the standards as written; and
WHEREAS, common standards will lessen the ability for local stakeholders to
innovate and continue to make improvements over time; and
WHEREAS, when no less than 22 states face bUdget shortfalls and Race to the
Top funding for states is limited, $350 million for consortia to develop new
assessments aligned with the CCSSI standards will not cover the entire cost of
overhauling state accountability systems, which includes implementation of
standards and testing and associated professional development and curriculum
restructuring; and
WHEREAS, special interest groups can manipulate the vulnerability of the
centralized decision making that governs common standards and lower the
standards' rigor and quality over time to suit 'their priorities;
REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE calls upon the State of ARIZONA to reject any
policies and procedures that would be incumbent on the state based on the
Common Core State Standards Initiative.
Passed   April 11, 2013    Delos Bond (Chairman) Apache County Republican
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·        Report For Jury Duty What Happens To People Who Don’t Show Up To Jury Duty In Maricopa County.
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·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  
·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily
·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.

·        McCain: I-Dont-Know-How-Many-Passports-We-Let-You-Forge … He Helped Write The Bill!

·        A Jobless Recovery Is A Phony Recovery  More People Have Left The Workforce Than Got A New Job During The Recovery—By A Factor Of Nearly Three.

·        Napolitano-Oversaw-A-Massive-Ethnic-Cleansing-Campaign-Against-Immigrants    The ‘Feathered Bastard’ shreds Janet Napolitano
·        Obamas-Got-No-Class
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