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7-19-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 19, 2013


·       CORRECTION:  Briefs accidently lost the wording “not correct to assert”  for this posting last night. The posting should have read: The 7-17-13 Yellow Sheet Reports That AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s right hand man Tim Sifert says that it is "not correct" to assert that the state party or Graham is supportive of the anti-Common Core referendum effort by Wes Harris and the anti-Medicaid expansion URAPC efforts…and emphasized that “the party has steered clear of taking sides on Medicaid expansion.”


·       Local Republican Candidates And Campaign Workers will train with nationally-recognized expert Holly Robichaud as part of the National Federation of Republican Women's (NFRW) Campaign Management School scheduled from 8 am-4:30 pm, Oct. 24 at the  Prescott Resort and Conference Center 1500 State Route 69, Prescott. Registration  available soon Contact Maria Jeffrey, political director, at 703-548-9688 or Loraine Pellegrino, AzFRW 1st VP, at 480-577-0291


·       Krauser/Lafaro Radio-Broadcast   Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman, A.J. LaFaro, joins Shane Krausesr to discuss his controversial leadership and what the Republican Party must do in the future


·       Comedian Brad Zinn Will Be On “Arizona’s Morning News Weekend” KTAR FM Radio 92.3 with Bob McClay at 7:30 am July 20 .


·       A URAPC “Petition Pick Up” Is Scheduled At 6:30 pm, July 20 on the Capitol Lawn, 1700 W. Washington, Phx.  Completed petitions can be delivered to the site. Notaries will be on site. Contact: Chairman Christine:  520-235-2234


·       Volunteers Wishing To Gather “People’s Veto” Petitions Signatures at the West Gun Show at the State Fairgrounds this weekend in Phoenix should contact Bauserman at 520-235-2234  or show up and find URAPC event coordinator Mike Richardson for guidance.  She could also used volunteers for other gun shows scheduled the rest of the summer throughout Arizona.


·        Congressional Candidates Lt Col Wendy Rogers- CD9 And Gabriela Saucedo Mercer – CD3, along with AZ Latino Republican Association (ALRA) president Reymundo Torres will address the Fountain Hill Republican Club in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills at 9 am, July 20. Contact: Tait Elkie, President, 480 345-2993; Edith Stock, Treasurer, 480 298-7818; or


·        Wes Harris Will Discuss “Common Core” at 4:30 pm, July 22 on Channel 3’s “2 on your side”


·       The Arizona Project Will Present Sheila Muehling of the Scottsdale Tea Party as its primary speaker at 6:30 pm, July 22 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd, #2, Phoenix.  Muehling will address Common Core Education.  The Conservative Business League (CBL TV) will live-stream her presentation. To view the program on line, enter the into your browser.  When the website appears, click the tab titled "Join the Meeting".  Please join the meeting at about 6:55 pm and follow the instructions on the screen.  Sheila will speak at 7 pm. Contact AZ Project President Ron Ludders   at 602.677.1496


·       The Yuma County Republicans will meet at 7 pm, July 23 at Booth Machinery. Speakers include candidates running for local offices.  Contact: YCR Secretary Lorna Brooks928-317-9120   Email:


·       Thayer Vershoor, Former State Senator and past AZGOP Executive Director, will address the “Arizona Power Consumers Coalition” at the 6:30 pm,  the July 29 Arizona Project meeting. Live-stream – 6:55 pm at, click “join the meeting” Contact: Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


·       Justin Scott Pierce Has Formed An Exploratory Committee for the Secretary of State race. He is the son of Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will view the documentary “They Come to America: The Cost of Amnesty” at 6 pm, Aug 6 at 14465 W. RH Johnson Blvd, Sun City. The film exposes human and financial costs of illegal immigration on the economc, schools, prosperity and safety.


·       The City Of Phoenix Is Sponsoring The 12th Annual "Back-To-School and Health Fair" between 9 am-2 pm, July 27 at Metrocenter Mall, 9617 N. Metro Parkway West (event participants should use the south entrance between Macy's and Dillard's). Contact: 602-262-6864 or by, 602-262-7442 or e-mail


·       Time is running out to purchase raffle tickets for the Arizona Project Arizona Project AR-15 drawing fully operational AR-15, a rifle carrying case and 100 rounds of 223/556 ammunition.)  $15 per tickets or 2 for $25. The winner may elect to take cash $1,000 in lieu of the AR-15. Winner must be able to pass the Federal background requirements.
 Drawing scheduled for August 5. Tickets: Call 602—677-1496.


·       The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 9 am, July 22 in the Evans  House, 1100 W. Washington, Phx. Not to be streamed online. Agenda Info  (602) 542-5221


·       LD19 Is Raffling Two Percussion .44 Caliber Pistols and a few accessories. These Cowboy Guns are “cap and ball” black powder pistol designs from the 1850s and 1860s. 

ü  Colt Walker inspired .44cal. Dragoon #3 (a.k.a..44cal. 1851 Navy Colt) (5 shots fired!) and

ü  Remington .44 caliber Model 1858 (never fired!)

Winning tickets will be drawn at 7 pm, Aug 12. Ticket donations are $4 or three for $10. Remote entries can be made by sending payment (check or cash) to LD-19 Chair Cherie Scott, 3609 N. 127th Drive, Avondale, AZ 85392. Include your name, phone number and/or email address. Contact: Joseph Hobbs or 480-381-2380.


·       The AZGOP Triple Crown Competition Is Underway Through September 30 between GOP LDs for gathering registrations, collections and precinct committeeman recruitment.  LDs within Maricopa County will compete against each other. Other county LDs will compete county vs county. Check with your County or LD Chairman for details.  Or call GOP HQ at 602-957-7770


·        Team Arpaio: Sheriff Joe Personally Contacting Receptive Congressmen About Obama Fraud

·        Elections-Law-Changes-Good    LD23 Rep Michelle Reagan

·        AZ-Legislator-Seeks-To-Block-Possible-Referendum-On-Voting-Law

·        Void-Increased-Campaign-Limits-Clean-Elections-Officials-Ask-Court

·        18 Maricopa County Programs Win NACO Achievement Awards

·        Jordan Tygh: I Am A Republican

·        Video: Sworn Officers Plan To March On DC Sept. 9th

·        Republicans_Target_House_Democrats

·        Janet-Napolitanos-Orwellian-Legacy

·        Janet_Napolitano_Protested, Regents Confirm Her As UC President

·        Howobamacareworks

·        McCain: I-Dont-Know-How-Many-Passports-We-Let-You-ForgeHe Helped Write The Bill!

·        Flake-McCain-Insult-Immigrants-Pretending-To-Know-What-They-Want

·        McCain-Concedes-Gang-Of-Eight-Losing-Immigration-Debate

·        Gang-Of-Eight-Coordinating-With-Big-Business-To-Target-100-House-Republicans-On-Immigration

·        McCain-Orchestrates-Another-Gop-Surrender

·        Emboldened-McCain-Eyes-Lead-Role-In-Showdown-Over-Debt-And-Deficit

·        Politico: McCain-Sane-For-Authentically-Not-Being-Conservative

·        Report: Brewer Among Worst U.S. Governors   Her Office Is Striking Back.

·        Gasoline Prices In Arizona At $3.55 Per Gallon

·        Arizona's Unemployment Rate Rises To 8 Percent

·        Report For Jury Duty What Happens To People Who Don’t Show Up To Jury Duty In Maricopa County.

·        Brewer-Lauds-Bill-In-Congress-To-Require-Voters-To-Prove-Citizenship

·        Napolitano's Vanishing Legacy   Robert Robb

·        Mcrino-Gushes-Over-Very-Deep-Bond-With-Harry-Reid

·        Democrats-Gaining-Leverage-As-Mccain-Becomes-Reid's-Favorite-Republican

·        Medicaid-Wounds-Still-Raw-In-GOP

·        Muslim Attempt To Infiltrate TEA Party To Advance Sharia Law

·        America Govt Causes Financial Suicide To Our Nation  by Lyle Rapacki

·        Map-Shows-State-By-State-Look-At-Food-Stamp-Participation



·        Texas-Four Homeless Men Held Captive In Houston Home

·        Republicans Pass H.B.5 Bill To Shift No Child Left Behind Oversight To States

·        Obama Executive Order -- Mandatory HIV Testing For All Citizens

·        AZ Senator Mccain Didn't Know There Was A Provision Concerning Forged Passports In His Bill S744.

·        The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance Sued The Maricopa County Special Health Care District

·        Phoenix Arizona- Womans Body And 35 Abused Animals Found In Bug-Infested Van

·        Sierra Vista Arizona-Daniel Genaro Found Dead With Two Rattlesnakes In Backpack

·        Detroit- Hiroshima 1945 Detroit-Hiroshima 2012

·        Shabbat Shalom


·        Brewer’s Turncoats Undermine Republican Message

·        MC GOP Chair A. J. Lafaro Maintains Fidelity To Campaign Promises

·        Where Are The Hispanics?

·        Zogby-Poll-Hows-That-Hope-N-Change-Working-Out

·        Black Violence Grips Us In Wake Of Florida Verdict   Egged On By Eric Holder


·        Radio Talk Show Host Jim Sharpe Shocked That Nothing Has Been Done About AZ Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil



·        Video: Survivors Of Benghazi Attack Forced To Sign Gag Order

·        Despite-Pentagon-Claims-Marine-Colonel-Sought-Benghazi-Investigation-Not-Yet-Retired



·        Eric-Holder-Holds-Zimmermans-Gun



·        Nicole-Goeser: How-A-Strict-Gun-Law-Denied-Her-A-Chance-To-Save-Her-Husbands-Life


·        Hastings-Cremated-Without-Family-Consent-More-Proof-Of-A-Cover-Up-Conspiracy-

·        Zimmerman's Lawyer's-Daughter Threatened With Rape



·        Bipartisan-Backlash-Grows-Against-Domestic-Surveillance

·        Patriot-Act-Author-Blasts-Government-Collection-Of-Phone-Records



·        The Watchdog: Rep. Darrell Issa Takes On The IRS

·        Video: Congressman Slams Democrats At IRS Hearing

·        Video: Congressman ‘Fascinated’ By Ever-Changing Defense In IRS Scandal

·        Chaffetz: 'Rogue Agents' Not To Blame For IRS Scandal

·        William Wilkins: The G. Gordon Liddy Of The Irs Scandal?

·        Noonan: A Bombshell In The IRS Scandal - A Higher Office Is Implicated   

·        IRS-Lawyer-Says-Scandal-Was-Overseen-By-DC

·        IRS-Chief-Counsel-Conspired-IRS-To-Target-Pro-Life-Conservative-Groups

·        Rep-Jason-Chaffetz-Explodes-At-IRS-Panel-Tired-Of-Obama-Admin-Needing-To-Keep-Having-These-Hearings



·        Team Arpaio: Sheriff Joe Personally Contacting Receptive Congressmen About Obama Fraud

·        Obama-Personal-Attorneys-Trying-To-Make-A-Last-Ditch-Effort-To-Influence-Judge-Henry-Wingate-In-The-Obama-Id-Fraud-Case

 ·        Arpaios-CCP-Obamas-Shocking-Past-Revealed

·        Eligibility-Resurrected-Congress-Pays-Attention

·        Barry-Soetoro-Registered-To-Vote-In-DC   And You Won't Believe What He Lists As His Address

·        Cincinnati-Poll-Worker-Sentenced-To-5-Years-For-Voter-Fraud-In-Presidential-Elections



·        Video: Secrets Buried In The Immigration Reform Bill

·        Maine Mayor To New Somali Muslim Refugees: "Accept Our Culture: Leave Your Culture At The Door."

·        McCain: I-Dont-Know-How-Many-Passports-We-Let-You-Forge

·        Flake-McCain-Insult-Immigrants-Pretending-To-Know-What-They-Want

·        Violent-Criminals-Released-By-ICE-If-They-Are-Obama-Dreamers-Video

·        Media-Blackout-Illegal-Alien-Dragged-Paralyzed-Woman-From-Wheelchair-Raped-Her

·        Tea-Party-Protesters-Threaten-To-Bring-Down-Boehner-If-He-Supports-Amnesty

·        Napolitano-Oversaw-A-Massive-Ethnic-Cleansing-Campaign-Against-Immigrants    The ‘Feathered Bastard’ Shreds Janet Napolitano

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Obama-Appointee-Claims-Sharia-Law-Is-Superior-To-American-Law

·        Georgia-Defiant-Muslim-Tons-Of-Fun-Murder-Suspect-Says-Allah-Is-Her-Attorney-As-She-Threatens-Everyone-In-The-Courthouse

·        Activists-Warn-Us-Women-Of-Sharia-Law-Threat

·        Call-To-Purge-Muslim-Brotherhood-Influence-From-Us-Government-Civic-Life

·        Maine Mayor To New Somali Muslim Refugees: "Accept Our Culture: Leave Your Culture At The Door."

·        Muslim Attempt To Infiltrate Tea Party To Advance Sharia Law



·        Activists-Warn-Us-Women-Of-Sharia-Law-Threat

·        Norwegian-Woman-Reported-Raped-Dubai-Jailed-16-Months



·        Black-Conservative-Deneen-Borelli-Blacklisted-From-NAACP-Convention

·        Video: Flashback: “Beat Whitey” Night At Iowa Sate Fair

·        Video: Riots And Rallies 101: Trayvon Martin Fans Biting Hands That Feed Them

·        Tim-McNabb: Black-Man-Shoots-White-Teen-Jury-Says-Self-Defense-And-Nobody-Cares

·        What_The_Media_Choose_Not_To_Know_About_Trayvon

·        Obama-Blasts-Stand-Your-Ground-Law-During-Press-Briefing

·        George-Zimmerman-Trial-Media-Incites-Nationwide-Violence

·        Obama Speaks On Trayvon Martin

·        Video: Zimmerman’s Parents Speak Out

·        DOJ-Ignores-Jury-Verdict-Trying-Zimmerman-Again

·        Zimmermans-Double-Jeopardy-Dilemma

·         Obama Enters Martin Debate With Personal Remarks, Questions 'Stand-Your-Ground'

·        Alexandeeer Rebuts Obama On Zimmerman/Martin

·        Black Pastor Defends Zimmerman, Calls Trayvon A ‘Pot-Smoking Paranoid Boy’

·        Jay Carney Scolds High School Intern For ‘Ridiculous’ Zimmerman Inquiry During Press Briefing

·        Gun-Shop-Offers-Free-Gun-To-George-Zimmerman Not Guilty

·        DOJ-Places-Hold-Trayvon-Martin-Trial-Evidence-Including-George-Zimmermans-Gun--Florida-Law-Says-Returned-Him

·        Charles-Barkley: I-Dont-Think-Media-Has-Pure-Heart-Or-Clean-Hands-When It Comes To Race

·        Blacks-Benefit-From-Florida-Stand-Your-Ground-Law-At-Disproportionate-Rate

·        Holder-Obama-Sharpton-Style-Race-Baiting-Criminals



·        Families-Of-Seal-Team-6-Beg-Mainstream-Media-To-Help-Them-Uncover-The-Truth-About-Their-Sons



·        Feds To Spend $500k For Job Creation – In Belize



·     The Watchdog: Rep. Darrell Issa Takes On The Irs

·     Video: Congressman Slams Democrats At Irs Hearing

·     Video: Congressman ‘Fascinated’ By Ever-Changing Defense In Irs Scandal

·        McCain: I-Dont-Know-How-Many-Passports-We-Let-You-Forge … He Helped Write The Bill!

·        Flake-McCain-Insult-Immigrants-Pretending-To-Know-What-They-Want



·        Pentagon Spends $81K On TVs For Gitmo While Civilian Workers Are Furloughed



·        A Jobless Recovery Is A Phony Recovery  More People Have Left The Workforce Than Got A New Job During The Recovery—By A Factor Of Nearly Three.

·        Detroit-Has-Filed-Chapter-9-Bankruptcy , setting off battles with creditors, pensions, unions



·        Howobamacareworks

·        Associated-Press: Yeah-Obama-Is-Exaggerating-Benefits-Of-Obamacare




·        Chicago-Public-Schools-Lay-Off-2113-Employees-As-Union-Made-Disaster-Worsens



·        Student-Booted-From-US-College-For-Favoring-English



·        Common-Cores-Abstraction-Distraction  The Latest Educational Fad Won’t Boost American Competitiveness

·        Common-Core-Wont-Make-Kids-Smarter



·        False-Report-TSA-Airport-Car-Searches

·        Janet-Napolitanos-Orwellian-Legacy

·        Janet_Napolitano_Protested, Regents Confirm Her As Uc President

·        Napolitano-Oversaw-A-Massive-Ethnic-Cleansing-Campaign-Against-Immigrants    The ‘Feathered Bastard’ shreds Janet Napolitano



·        Obama-Appointee-Claims-Sharia-Law-Is-Superior-To-American-Law

·        Study-Finds-Obamas-Extravagant-Travel-Costs

·        New-Law-Allows-Obama-To-Take-Over-All-Media

·        Obamas-Latest-Blunder-Is-Treasonous-In-178-Countries

·        Barack-Obama-Executive-Order-Americans-Must-Be-Tested-For-HIV-AIDS

·        Obama Asked Aides How To Govern Without Congress

·        Obama Insults Dominicans, Gay Ambassador Not Welcome

·        Obamas-Got-No-Class



·        Egyptian-General-Hamas-Smuggled-Rockets-To-Muslim

·        Afghanistans-Thanks-For-Us-Generosity-With Harsh-Exit Levies

·        British-Public-Schools-Mandated-To-Teach-Islamic-History



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