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7-25-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 25, 2013

·       The Phoenix Rotary 100 Will Host A City Council Debate At 11:45 Am, July 26 at the Phoenix Country Club with 14 candidates from four districts. Confirmed candidates include:

o   District 2: Virgel Cain

o   District 4: Jeffrey Brown; Dan Carroll; Scott Fistler; Austin Head; Justin Johnson; David Lujan; Laura Pastor

o   District 6: Sal DiCiccio; Karlene Keogh Parks

o   District 8: Kate Gallego; Carolyn T. Lowery; Luis F. Rodriguez; Warren H. Stewart Sr.

Contact: Exec Director Beth Baldacchino    602.604.8221.


·       Governor Jan Brewer: Lowering Flags for Arizona Soldier and Hero, 1st Lt. Jonam Russell “On behalf of all Arizonans, I extend my sincerest condolences and prayers for the family of a fallen Arizona soldier and American hero. On Tuesday, United States Army 1st Lieutenant Jonam Russell, 25, of Cornville, Arizona, gave his life in the line of duty. He was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in the Wardak Province of Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device detonated near his dismounted patrol. Lt. Russell had been assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, and was based at Fort Stewart, Georgia.In honor of 1st Lt. Jonam Russell, I have ordered that flags at all State buildings be lowered to half-staff until sunset today, July 25, 2013. Additionally, I have ordered that flags again be lowered on the day of his interment, for which services are pending.”


·       GOTV Is Sponsoring A Laveen Precinct Walk For Phoenix City Council #8 Candidate Luis Rodriguez is scheduled at 9 am, July 27 at the TCF Bank parking lot (SW corner of Southern/35thAvenue, Phx. They will also be gathering referendum petition signatures. Volunteers gathering petitions signataures should bring a legal size clipboard and pens.  Wear sensible clothing, comfortable shoes and bring water.  RSVP: Andrew Costanzo, 480 677-0697 or


·       Congressman Matt Salmon has sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security seeking information regarding two reports mentioned in the July 20, 2013 Arizona Republic front page story that revealed a series of gaping holes in our nation’s border security operation.


·       Richard Newcomer Was Elected Chairman And Treasurer of the newly formed Estrella Conservative Republican Club this week. Other officers are Vice Chairman Sean Adams and Secretary Walt Steiner. Contact: Newcomer


·       The-Statistics-Show-Passing-Amnesty-Will-Not-Move-Hispanic-Voters-Into-GOP-Column Flake, McCain insult immigrants pretending to know what they want: The immigrant experience: Why it is so insulting for guys like Flake and McCain to pretend to know what people want?    JoseBorrajero  Op-ed


·       U.S. Census Bureau Releases My Congressional District showing the latest demographic and economic statistics for every district of the 113th Congress, including age, race, veteran status, employment, housing, education, income, and much more.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club “Meet-UP” social is scheduled at 7 pm, July 31 at the Saddlebronc Gill, 11056 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. No meeting, enjoy food, drink and conversation with fellow Republians. No RSVP required. Contact: President Tait Elkie  (480) 766-1231


·       AZGOP Graham Supporting Effort To Protect Ballot Integrity Law: Opposes Democrat-led Referendum, Supports Law to Protect Voters from Interference, Fraud  -  A new elections law passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Brewer this spring has the support of state and county elections officials from both parties, and the Arizona Republican Party is now actively countering efforts by Democrats to overturn the law, according to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham.

"Last November we witnessed the nefarious techniques used by leftist groups to confront voters at their homes, manipulate ballots and harass elections officials counting ballots. One Democrat group even used a 15 year old child to collect ballots," said Graham.  "The Legislature and the Governor responded to bring voters and elections officials some relief, passing a new law to prevent groups from disturbing voters at their homes to 'round up' ballots."

      The law, House Bill 2305, includes a provision to make it illegal for groups to collect massive amounts of ballots from voters as they did in 2012.  That activity delayed the vote tally and election results for weeks in some of Arizona's elections.  Supporters of the law include every county recorder in Arizona (both Republican and Democrat) and the Secretary of State -- the officials responsible for overseeing elections.

      "Our role as a party is to help serve as stewards of the election process, ensure every vote is counted and all voices are heard.  We watched very closely what our opponents did to manipulate the process in the past and it's about time we put an end to this high-risk opportunity for voter fraud," Graham added.

Graham noted that the Democrat-led referendum is a clear, direct, and partisan assault on legitimate efforts by the Legislature, Governor and all 15 county recorders to prevent voter fraud.  Unlike other laws which are being challenged and in which the state party has remained neutral, Graham is working to pit state party resources directly against Democrats trying to overturn the law.

"The GOP at the state level is here to tell our Republican story, bring new communities into our party, register voters, and get them out to vote.  We always serve the needs of our precinct committeemen, local GOP leaders, and candidates -- and we support them all being active in whatever causes they choose.  But we are absolutely opposed to voter fraud, so our emphasis right now is looking after the long-term integrity of the structural and election-winning purposes of the party," said Graham.


·       The Third Annual Western Conservative Summit between 7 am and 8:30 pm, July 27 at the Scottsdale Resoft/Conference Center, 7700 E.McCormick Parkway,Scottsdale. Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner. Tickets:centennial/email/awcs. Speakers: Congressmen Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert -- and editor Guy Benson. Via big screens national speakers Governor Mike Huckabee, Victor Hanson Davis, Charles Murray and Senator Ted Cruz will also address the assembly. Last minute tickets available


·       Tell your Representative what you are thinking:

o   David Schweikert  202-225-2190 or  480-946-2411

o   Matt Salmon   202-225-2635 or  480-699-8239

o   Paul Gosar   202-225-2315  or  928-445-1683

o   Trent Franks   202- 225-4576  or  623-776-7911


·        Arizona-Voter-Registration-Numbers-Up

·        Get-Ready-For-The-Obamacare-Ad-Blitz

·        Sen. McCain Ditches Combative Role To Become Ally Of Obama    Mccain Said There’s "Nothing Unusual" About His Partnerships, Compromises With Democrats

·        Snark-Was-Uncalled-For   Leona Johnston, Immediate Past President Of Az FRW

·        Arsonist Set Wildlandfires    Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott

·        Queen-Creek-Redneck-Day: FBI Investigation

·        McCain-$1-Coin-Could-Lead-To-Bigger-Tips-For-Strippers

·        Arizona-Common-Core-Achievement-Test-Causes-Costs-To-Soar

·        Tucson-School-District-Pressured-By-Newspaper-To-Release-Superintendent-Candidate-Names

·        How Is Immigration Reform Faring In House?   Opinions: GOP Debating Smaller Bills To Reform The System. Here's What They Entail, Where They Stand.

·        5 Dems Back Parental-Bereavement Bill

·        Mayor Seeks To End Pension ‘Spiking’

·        Slow Pace For Forest-Thinning Project

·        Fountain Hills Gets Its 1st Marijuana Clinic

·        House Bill To Halt Casino Moves Forward

·        Forest-Thinning Company Hopes To Make Jet Fuel

·        8 Month Old Is Tortured Then Dies   Laurie Roberts

·        Marine-In-Afghanistan-Speaks-Out-About-Obamas-Lack-Of-Mission-Strategy-Identifies-Islam-As-The-Problem

·        Former Legislative Aide Mills Found Guilty In Wire Fraud Case

·        Agenda 21 - Report On The United Nations Plan,  Also Known As Sustainable Development - Www.Nfrw.Org/Documents/Issues/Agenda21.Pdf   Contact Info: Www.Nfrw.Org/Contact.Htm

·        Customers Overcharged At Arizona Gas Stations

·        Computer Woes Slow MVD Services Across AZ

·        Arizona Experts Closely Watching Fast-Spreading Stomach Bug

·        Immigrants-Bring-Fight-To-White-House-Demand-End-To-Deportations

·        2 Killed When Lightning Hits AZ Scenic Overlook

·        AZ-Senator-Rick-Murphy-Blasts-Child-Protective-Services-After-Peoria-Police-Decide-Not-To-Pursue-Child-Sexual-Abuse-Charges-Against-Him

·        Rick-Murphy-Abuse-No-Charges  One Teens Recants, No Witnesses To Alleged Incidents

·        Senators-Suggest-Studying-Firefighting-With-Drones

·        200 Charter Schools Plan To Sue State Over Funding

·        Reading-Writing-Rithmetic-Retention-Third-Graders-Face-New-Reading-Standards

·        US-House-Committee-Oks-Bill-To-Block-Planned-Casino-In-Glendale

·        Renzi Asks For Sentencing Hearing Be Moved To Oct.

·        Mohave County GOP Joins Censure Effort Over Medicaid Vote

·        Must See: Congressman Mike Rogers' Opening Statement On Health Care Reform In Washington, Dc

·        Behind-The-Curtain-New-Power-Triangle  Sen John Mccain (R), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) , And Denis McDonough, A White House Chief Of Staff



·        Arizona-Senator-John-McCain-Becomes Obama Ally

·        AG-Eric-Holder-Tangles-With-Texas-On Voting Rights

·        College-Republicans-Refused-Entrance-To Obama Speech

·        Arizona & Several States Pays Unemployment Benefits To Prisoners

·        White House Lobbies To Keep NSA Program

·        Speaker Boehner And GOP Leaders Set To Cave On Amnesty Bill Says Illegal Immigration Watchdog

·        Misleading The Public Congressman Paul Ryan Wants Legalization Before Border Security

·        Will Two Of US Largest Home Builders Go Belly Up?

·        America Will Become A 'New Nation' If Amnesty Bill Becomes Law

·        Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: Attorney General Holder Shows Disregard For The Rule Of Law

·        How Arizona Congressmen Voted To Curb NSA Surveillance

·        Arizona Rep Paul Gosar Votes In Favor Of Amash-Conyers Amendment To Stop NSA Spying

·        113th Congress The Leader's Daily Schedule - 7/25/13


·        Great Britain’s Future Looks Bleak For Baby George

·        Obamacare Architect Baucus Does Switcheroo; Quits

·        Disgusted With Maverick Mccain? Obama’s Not

·        McCain’s Enzi Endorsement A Plus For Liz Cheney

·        Trayvon Martin: The Rest Of The Story 

·         Gov. Jan Brewer’s Major Disconnect

·        Weekend Reading Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

·        McCain, Flake, Gangsters Admit Amnesty Assault

·        MC GOP Chair A. J. LaFaro Maintains Fidelity To Campaign Promises


·        Americans For Prosperity Arizona Kicks Off Healthcare Tour In Flagstaff

·        Breaking: Environmentalists Holding Secret Meetings With SRP – Deal Imminent

·        Brewer And The Rogue Republicans Versus Reagan And The PCs.

·        AZPIA Files Lawsuit To Halt Betsey Bayless’ Misuse Of Maricopa County Taxpayer Funds

·        Americans For Prosperity Arizona Kicks Off Healthcare Tour In Flagstaff

·        Jim Sharpe: Stop Protecting Bar Disciplinary Judge O’Neil And Release Public Documents


·        Scooped! RM In WSJ, But Not In The Republic.

·        Biggest Liar

·        Kids, Don't Try This At Home

·        Rural Metro In Serious Trouble..

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Navy Seal’s Father: Obama Set Up My Son To Be Executed!

·        My Advice To Huma Abedin–Get A New Therapist!

·        Congress Just Invented A Brand-New Accounting Scam

·        Kracka Killa Klub

·        Who Told These Republican “Experts” They Know What They Are Talking About?

·        Congressman Goes Off On Obama Adviser

·        Obama To Spend $700 Million To Plug Obamacare

·        Zimmerman Trial Aftermath- A Race-Baiting Circus

·        “Defying The King”

·        Weiner Heckled At New York Appearance

·        Honest Discussion Needed

·        Eric Holder Begins Assault On Texas

·        George H.W. Bush Shaves Head To Support 2 Year Old Leukemia Patient

·        Msnbc Host Flips Out At Jay Carney

·        How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin

·        Obama: False Hope, False Messiah

·        Chris Matthews Apologizes To Black Colleagues On Behalf Of ‘All White People’

·        The Zimmerman Speech Obama Should Have Given

·        Impeach-Obama Protesters Harassed/Intimidated

·        Pro-Abortionists Call For The Rape Of Legislators’ Daughters

·        Did Warren Buffett Just Become The World’s Biggest Spammer?

·        Debt Ceiling Quietly Raised $51 Billion With No Vote


·        Frank Gaffney On Closing Gitmo: “Are You Feeling Lucky?”

·        Communists Push “Immigration Reform” – Only The Tea Party Can Stop Them

·        Larry Grathwohl: Eyewitness To Communist Terrorism

·       This Week’s Watcher’s Council Nominations – Black And White Edition




·        Benghazi “Just A Fiery Death In A Blazing Hell Defending The Country We Loved So Well.”    Allen West



·        Holder Targets Texas In New Voting-Rights Push

·        Video: Eric Holder Begins Assault On Texas

·        Holder Seeks To Reassert Federal Power Over State Voting



·        Concealed Carry Maps: Gun Owners Have Won



·        Weiners-Al-Qaida-Connection

·        The Private Lives Of Scandalous Politicians

·        Congress-To-Probe-Lethal-Seal-Crash



·        Feds-Tell-Web-Firms-To-Turn-Over-User-Account-Passwords

·        Move To Curb Nsa Surveillance Program Defeated In House



·        Barry Soetoro Registered To Vote In Washington D.C.

·        Poll-Worker-Headed-To-Prison-For-Voter-Fraud



·        Texas-Ag-Tweets-At-Eric-Holder-If-Its-War-You-Want-Its-War-Youve-Got

·        Peter-King-Shows-Gop-Desperate-For-Anything-To-Avoid-Rand-Paul-Win



·        Illegal-Alien-Brutally-Rapes-Beats-And-Murders-93-Year-Old-Nebraska-Woman

·        Immigrants-Bring-Fight-To-White-House-Demand-End-To-Deportations

·        Big-Sis-Shockingly-Dirty-Secrets-Go-Public   'There's Just Something Really Weird That Happened Under Janet Napolitano'

·        The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain

·        Video: Secrets Buried In The Immigration Reform Bill
M3 Report
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·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        11-Year-Old-Girl-Marry-Me-Off-Ill-Kill-Myself  'Don't They Have Any Compassion? I'm Better Off Dead'

·        Coming Soon: America’s Own Islamic ‘No-Go’ Zones

·        The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain



·        11-Year-Old-Girl-Marry-Me-Off-Ill-Kill-Myself  'Don't They Have Any Compassion? I'm Better Off Dead'



·        Black-Mob-Leaves-Waiter-With-Broken-Jaw

·        Zimmerman Trial Aftermath- A Race-Baiting Circus

·        Black Conservative: O’Reilly Spot-On In Comments About Obama, Race

·        The Inside Dope On Trayvon Martin

·        Trayvons-Father-Belonged-To-A-Gangthe-Crips-The-Side-Of-The-Story-That-Has-Been-Covered-Up



·        Navy-Seal-Speaks Out: Forcibly Incarcerated After Criticizing Obama

·        Video: Navy Seal’s Father: Obama Set Up My Son To Be Executed!

·        Congress-To-Probe-Lethal-Seal-Crash



·        Who Told These Republican “Experts” They Know What They Are Talking About?

·        Allen-Wests-Weekly-Wrap-Up



·        Feds Raid Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington

·        US Marshals Lose Track Of Encrypted Radios Worth Millions



·        Judge-Rejects-Couple’s-Apology-Letter-Defrauding-USAF-Out-Millions

·        Scalia: Judges Should Not Be Policy Makers



·        Congress Just Invented A Brand-New Accounting Scam

·        Video: Congressman Goes Off On Obama Adviser

·        House Narrowly Rejects Move To Stop Nsa Snooping

·        Congress-To-Probe-Lethal-Seal-Crash

·        GOP-Lawmaker: Obamas-Using-Air-Force-One-As-Personal-Toy

·        Senators-Suggest-Studying-Firefighting-With-Drones

·        Behind-The-Curtain-New-Power-Triangle  Sen John Mccain (R), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) , And Denis Mcdonough, A White House Chief Of Staff.

·        Ted-Cruz-Warns-That-Charging-Pastors-With-Hate-Speech-Is-Next-Step

·        Move To Curb Nsa Surveillance Program Defeated In House

·        Boehner Clashes With Rep Over Immigration Remarks

·        Fox News Poll: Voters Doubt Immigration Reform

·        Santorum On 'Phony' President Obama



·        For Every Job Created By Obama, 2 Americans Enroll In Food Stamps

·        25-Facts-About-The-Fall-Of-Detroit-That-Will-Leave-You-Shaking-Your-Head



·        Military-Censors-Christian-Chaplain-Atheists-Call-For-Punishment

·        Libya Hero Fought With Fallen Seals



·        Multimillion-Dollar-National-Ad-Campaign-Will-Pitch-Obamacare-To-The-Uninsured

·        Warning To Young People: Don't Fall For Health Care-Hard-Sell



·        Worker Centers Offer A Backdoor Approach To Union Organizing Community Groups Aren't Restricted By National Labor Laws Governing Unions



·        College-Republicans-Banned-From-Obamas-Campus-Speech

·        The US Government Cannot Demand Grant Recipients Preach Their Message

·        What-American-Parents-Should-Know-About-The-Common-Core-Standards



·        Arizona-Common-Core-Achievement-Test-Causes-Costs-To-Soar

·        Agenda 21 - Report On The United Nations Plan,  Also Known As Sustainable Development - Www.Nfrw.Org/Documents/Issues/Agenda21.Pdf   Contact Info: Www.Nfrw.Org/Contact.Htm



·        Big-Sis-Shockingly-Dirty-Secrets-Go-Public   'There's Just Something Really Weird That Happened Under Janet Napolitano'


·        Obama-Collective Responsibility   Forget Individual Liberty

·        Obama-Blames-Five-Years-Of-A-Bad-Economy-On-Phony-Scandals-And-Distractions

·        Obama Economy:  All Sizzle, No Steak

·        Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets To 25% Among Independents

·        New-Polls-Are-Bad-News-For-Obama-And-Worse-For-Congress



·        $50 Million Justice Project In Afghanistan Has 'Serious Deficiencies,' Report Finds




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