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7-26-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs
July 26, 2013
·       GOTV Is Sponsoring A Laveen Precinct Walk For Phoenix City Council #8 Candidate Luis Rodriguez is scheduled at 9 am, July 27 at the TCF Bank parking lot (SW corner of Southern/35thAvenue, Phx. They will also be gathering referendum petition signatures. Volunteers gathering petitions signataures should bring a legal size clipboard and pens.  Wear sensible clothing, comfortable shoes and bring water.  RSVP: Andrew Costanzo, 480 677-0697 or
·       Sal Diciccio Needs Your Help. One of the most conservative City Councilman in Phoenix, Sal Diciccio, is under siege by the unions and opposition candidate Karlene Keogh.  Sal needs help with making phone calls over the next three to four weeks.   Contact:  Mike Ritchie for instructions/phone numbers/scripts.  Please put Calls for Sal in the subject line.  You do not have to be a resident of Phoenix to help.
·       Anthony Kern Has Announced His Bid For LD20 Representative.  Contact:
·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Cautions: If You're Too Young To Drive, vote, or stay out after 10 pm you probably should not be going door to door scavenging live ballots from unsuspecting voters. But that's exactly what Democrats had this 15 year old doing recently. News video here. A new law was just passed to outlaw the bulk collection of ballots, but those same Democrats are trying to overturn the law.
·       A Note From Jim Ehl Reads:  The AZGOP has finally come out on an issue.   To quote:  “Arizona Republican Party is now actively countering efforts by Democrats to overturn the law, according to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham.”  The Arizona Republican party???  Is Mr. Graham speaking for the 15 county chairs and their PCs, or is he just speaking for himself?  Time will tell. Hmmmm, wondering what the “actively countering efforts “ are?   It says, “working to pit state party resources directly against Democrats trying to overturn the law.”  How?  What? 
·       Thayer Vershoor, Former State Senator And Former Executive Director Of The Arizona State Republican Party Will Address The ‘Arizona Power Consumers Coalition’ At The  6:30 Pm, July 29 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E.Shea Blvd, Phx. Live Streamed At: Conservativebusinessleague.Com .  Click "Join The Meeting" Tab At 6:55 Pm And Follow The Screen Instructons. Contact: Chairman Ron Ludder  602-677-1496
·       The Andrew Thomas For Governor Kick Off is scheduled at 7 Pm, Aug 24 At The Home Of Byron & Vicki Main In Scottsdale. $25 Minimum Suggested Contribution.
·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Conducted An Informal Focus Group at the party's headquarters this week and concluded that likely Democrat gubernatorial nominee Fred DuVal will be perceived by many as "the most uninteresting man in the world."
"Democrats in Arizona clearly have a lot of work to do to find candidates that people can relate to. They've always had trouble with low turnout, not just among voters but among candidates themselves and they keep making the same mistakes," said Graham.  "Perhaps it's despair over the failures of Obamacare, or the lack of impact by Democrats at the legislature, or maybe that the only successful Democrat candidate in the last two decades just moved to California."
When provided with DuVal's Wikipedia biography and photo, respondents were asked to pick out the most negative things about him -- "lobbyist" and "federal bureaucrat" topped the list.  Asked to decide what was most appealing about the candidate, participants cited positives such as "good hair" and "he graduated from college."
·       Editor’s Note: This afternoon, Briefs received messages calling the “uninteresting man” memo  “juvenile, stupid, childish, foolish”  among other adjectives …and they weren’t talking about DuVal.  They also pointed out DuVal benefits from the publicity. Hey folks, it's not a MCRC memo.  Take it up with the State GOP. Contact: State GOP: (602) 957-7770  |  Info@Azgop.Org  |  AZGOP.Org
·       Congressman Matt Salmon Will Speak to the Aug 13 Sun Lakes Republican Club meeting at 6:30 pm in the Arizona room at the SL Country Club, 25601 N. Sun Lakes Blvd, Sun Lakes. Sen Steve Yarbrough will give an update on the AZ senate. Contact: 480-802-0178.  Cell:  262-880-4620
·       Check out Bumble Bee Ranch Event coming up February 1, 2014 See "ROAD TO VICTORY 2014."
·       United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives ChairmanChristine Bauserman Responds To Gov. Jan Brewer’s Letter To Sec. Of State Ken Bennett:
On Wednesday the Governor and her allies wrote a letter to Secretary of State Ken Bennett asking him to “offer an assessment of the long-term viability of the referendum application and the sample petition on which URAPC relies.”
The URAPC referendum application was accepted by the Secretary of State’s office on June 25th at 1:28 pm. The Secretary of State’s office issued referendum number, R-01-2014, which is on the bottom of every URAPC petition making URAPC the valid committee and ours the only valid petition to refer the Medicaid expansion and the associated bed tax to the 2014 ballot for a People’s Veto. The issuance of the number is the Secretary of State’s statement that the petition was accepted. That is the job of the Secretary of State’s office.
The rest of the letter is viewed by URAPC as an act of desperation and a continuation of the deceitful practices the opposition has chosen to utilize. The Secretary of State is not a lawyer and he does not issue legal opinions. The opposition admits to their deceit at the end of the letter when they ask the Secretary of State to write an assessment and then say that “the courts, rather than your office, must ultimately decide the legality of URAPC’s actions to date.”
They are hoping you will not read the lengthy legalese and instead be confused by semantics and insinuation by one of their high priced “legal guns.” If lawyers knew everything we wouldn’t need judges and juries now would we?
For the record, the URAPC attorneys reviewed the letter and found it laughable. URAPC attorneys will do their work in the courtroom and will not participate in the political circus of propaganda, chicanery and deceit led by the Governor and her team at Restoring Arizona. The Governors Team is free to continue their “pen pal” relationship with the Secretary of State. While they do that, URAPC will continue to gather signatures.
We thank the Secretary of State’s office for agreeing with URAPC in their official statement: “spokesman Matt Roberts said Wednesday that the office would not get involved. “These things fall out of jurisdiction of the Secretary of State’s Office,” Roberts said. “These would be for courts to decide.”
While URAPC appreciates the concern for our volunteers in the summer heat, we would like to note that just a few weeks ago they predicted we would be unable to find volunteers due to the 100 degree temperatures. Instead they now find themselves faced with a clipboard and pen equipped army at malls, restaurants, and shopping centers across the entire state of Arizona. Our opposition attempted to deceive the public with a “fake” petition drive but failed.  They couldn’t find enough people willing to take their money to gather signatures and convince the citizens of this state to help the health care industry become the largest corporate welfare recipient in history.
The letter from the Governor’s Team is just another failed attempt to confuse and discourage our volunteers; this is just the beginning. The arrogance is blatant. We may be lowly precinct committeemen, small businessmen, and hard-working taxpayers but we can read the Arizona Constitution which affords us the right to veto legislation. Throughout history when the people stand together they have prevailed against the arrogance of the elite and powerful, from the time of Goliath to the British Crown.
To our loyal and hardworking volunteers: Do not be distracted. These attempts are intentionally designed to stall principled conservatives from gathering signatures while you search for answers to erroneous questions. This is just the beginning of a well-funded campaign to misinform and confuse, and its right out of the playbook of liberal Chicago style politics.
URAPC challenges you to instead help us show the elite, the establishment, and the arrogant, that our voices still matter in Arizona by raising your personal goal by another 200 signatures. If we can submit 200,000 signatures the chances of a court case will dwindle.
URAPC would like to request a letter of our own from Ken Bennett, not in the capacity of Secretary of State, but as soon to be gubernatorial candidate. We, the Principled Conservatives of Arizona, would like a letter stating where you stand on the Medicaid Expansion and the implementation of Obamacare in Arizona. - Christine Bauserman – Chairman United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives
·       U.S. Census Bureau Releases My Congressional District showing the latest demographic and economic statistics for every district of the 113th Congress, including age, race, veteran status, employment, housing, education, income, and much more.
·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club “Meet-UP” social is scheduled at 7 pm, July 31 at the Saddlebronc Gill, 11056 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. No meeting, enjoy food, drink and conversation with fellow Republians. No RSVP required. Contact: President Tait Elkie  (480) 766-1231
·       Tell your Representative what you are thinking:
o   David Schweikert  202-225-2190 or  480-946-2411
o   Matt Salmon   202-225-2635 or  480-699-8239
o   Paul Gosar   202-225-2315  or  928-445-1683
o   Trent Franks   202- 225-4576  or  623-776-7911
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·       JW Sues Obama State Department for Benghazi Talking Points This Week A Group Of Special Operations Veterans Unfurled A 60-Foot Petition on the steps of the U.S. Capitol demanding answers on the Benghazi cover-up.  These heroes face a significant stone wall erected by the Obama administration to keep secret the truth behind the Benghazi attacks, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.
·        Steel-Utah-Fire-BLM For years, target shooting was thought to have ignited wildfires in Utah and other states, and now that Mark Finney, a research forester with the U.S. Forest Service’s Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, found that solid copper ammunition, steel-jacketed, and steel-core ammunition reliably ignite fine, dried fuels, the Bureau of Land Management promptly banned the use of steel ammo on public land in Utah.
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·        Fox News Poll: Voters Doubt Immigration Reform
·        A 54-Year-Old Burlington, Vt., Man Was Arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents earlier today on charges that he obtained his naturalized citizenship through fraud by failing to disclose his prior acts of persecution and crimes committed during the Bosnian conflict.
·        Video: Secrets Buried In The Immigration Reform Bill
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·        Obama: The Affirmative Action President  By Matt PattersonObama-Hosts-Ramadan-Dinner-White-House
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