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7-29-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 29, 2013


·       ATTN GROUP CHAIRMAN:  Please check your postings in the 7-28-13 calendars to make sure this calendar reflects the constant changes that occur. Please include your group name, meeting time, location, speaker and contact person when you submit updated information.  Contact: Editor Frosty Taylor


·       Phoenix City Council District 8 Conservative Candidate Luis Rodriguez needs phone bank volunteers  from 5:30-8 pm July 30 and Aug 2 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. RSVP Auggie:  Rodriguez is running against four liberals.


·       Nick Dranias Of The Goldwater Institute requests the groups hosting opposition to restructuring Arizona’s electricity market presentations give him equal time to give the other side of the issue.  moving-forward-road-map-choice-and-competition


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee ( MCRC EGC) will be updated Aug 1 on the ‘Future of Arizona’s Power Grid and Water Resources: Net Metering, Reregulation and the Navajo Generating Station by Arizona’  by Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith and Consultant Thayer Verschoor, former AZGOP Executive Director. The 7 pm meeting is scheduled at the AZGOP Headquarter, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. No news media, audio and/or video recording will be allowed. Contact: Chairman A J LaFaro


·       Luis Rodriguez, Conservative Phoenix City Council #8 Candidate is asking for volunteers to meet at 9 am, Aug 3 to walk the Elwood (LD26) and Vineyard precincts (LD27). Volunteers should meet in the Fry’s Food parking lot on the NE corner of 48th Street/Baseline (park on the SW corner of the parking lot). RSVP Andrew Costanzo, 480 677-0697 or  Bring water, wear comfortable clothing.  Bring a legal size clip board and pens if  also collecting referendum signatures. Walking list, literature and referendum petitions will be available.  Visit: &


·       Message From AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham:  Arizona DNC Committeewoman Carolyn Warner Told Fellow Democrats to Stop Supporting White Male Candidates -   As Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal continues to enjoy a curiously clear field as he seeks the nomination to represent his party on the November 2014 ballot,  Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham asked why so few Democrats are seeking election to public office in Arizona.  Democrats are also apparently ignoring the explicit (and insensitive) advice given by Carolyn Warner, one of the Arizona Democratic Party's most experienced leaders, that Democrats "quit spending money on white men."

"The divisions among the Democrat party elite appear to be severe and personal, and that's a disservice to voters looking for choices on the ballot," said Graham,.  "I invite every Democrat voter disappointed with their party in Arizona to learn more about the Arizona Republican Party, and to take a serious look at our efforts to move our state forward on jobs, opportunity, prosperity, and safety."

Warner's comments are reflected in the minutes of the Arizona Democratic Party's Executive Board Meeting on November 17, 2012.  Warner, one of the most experienced Democrat party leaders in Arizona, ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1976, and was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Arizona in 1986.  She was elected by the Democratic Party of Arizona to represent them at the DNC in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

"The Republican Party has a vigorous and competitive primary process, and with the governor's seat opening up next year there will be a lot of discussion going on within the party about our GOP candidates and who can best lead our state.  The Democrats, however, are fast-forwarding through the competition and excitement of the primary race, creating a lot of bored voters and even more boring candidates," Graham added.


·       Congressman David Schwiekert will address the Aug 14  Arizona Republican Lawyers Assocation luncheon at Polsinelli, One East Washington #1200, Phx. RSVP to  and arrive no later than 11:45 am. $20 for members. 435 for non-members. Contact: David Francis


·       Prescott Mayoral And City Council Republican Candidates will address the Yavapai Republican Mens Forum at noon, Aug 12 at 11:30 am in the St. Michael’s Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott.  $18 per person. RSVP:  Bob Luzius at (928) 717-2551 or email to


·       The newly formed Estrella Conservative Republican Club has scheduled a 7 pm, Sept 28 meeting at Starpointe, (Elliot Road, immediately off Estrella pkwy) Goodyear. Contact:  Chairman Richard Newcomer:  216-389-0533


·       Road To Victory Training will be held at Bumble Bee Ranch Feb. 1. Contact:  Nina Marlow



·        Family-Of-Murdered-Border-Patrol-Agent-Nothing-Phony-About-Deaths-Linked-To-Fast-And-Furious

·        Palin: Establishment Republicans Emboldened Obama By Censoring Me  John McCain's (R-Az) Presidential Campaign In 2008 Banned Her From Bringing Up Then-Candidate Barack Obama's Record

·        Obama & Mccain: Washington's Newest Odd Couple

·        Obama-And-The-Suck-Up-Senator   McCain Crosses Aisle To Stand With Obama

·        Judge Jeanine Pirro Statement: Destroys Obama Administration

·        Domestic Violence-Strangulation-Cases-Get Aid

·        Pima-Community-Colleges-Governing-Board-To-Receive-Training

·        Moving-Forward-Road-Map-Choice-And-Competition  Goldwater Institute On Utility Rates

·        PV High-School Students Will Wear ID Badges

·        Charter Schools Sue State Over Funding

·        Cocaine-Valued-At-$240K-Seized-At-Az-Border

·        Prescott-Valley-To-Get-180-Acres-Of-Open-Space

·        Sheriffs-Posse-Makes-Mistakes:-Aims-To-Fix-Before-School-Year

·        Cocaine-Valued-At-240K-Seized-At-Az-Border

·        Obamas-Secret-Meeting-To-Screw-Conservatives

·        Stop-Giving-Money-To-Countries-That-Hate-Us: They-Can-Hate-Us-For-Free

·        Farmers, Laborers Caught In Middle Of Immigrant Debate

·        Organization-Launches-National-Refuse-To-Enroll-In-Obamacare-Campaign

·        Costs Of Rooftop Solar Out Of Reach For Many In Arizona

·        Bus Driver In Flood May Be Charged Under State's 'Stupid Motorist Law'    The Bus Stalled And Was Swept Nearly Half A Mile Down A Fast-Moving Wash, Authorities Have Said.

·        McCain: More Transparency On NSA

·        Protesters March In Phoenix Against SB 1070

·        Political Insider: Thedirty.Com Goes National

·        Gov. Brewer Spokesman Reflects On Service

·        Report: AZ Registrar Of Contractors Not Protecting Public

·        FBI-Raids-Rescue-105-Kids-Forced-Into-Prostitution

·        Black-Boxes-To-Be-In-All-Cars-By-2014

·        Abandoned-Fawn-Leaving-Tucson-For-Prescott-Zoo

·        Group: Fix Old Madera Canyon-Area Bridges, But Don't Replace Them

·        FBI-Raids-Rescue-105-Kids-Forced-Into-Prostitution

·        Army-Soldier-Set-To-Receive-Medal-Honor-Recounts-Battle-With-Taliban-Fighters

·        California Republican (In 60% Hispanic District) Wins State Senate Seat, Beats Hispanic Democrat    By Allan Wall

·        Arizona’s Three Communist Affiliated Congressmembers

·        McCain, Obama Are Dc's Odd Couple    2008 Rivals In Near-Daily Contact On Variety Of Issues

·        Terrorist Starting Fires In Us:   Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott

·        Sarah-Palin: We-Weren't-Allowed-Tell-Truth-About-Obama-2008-Campaign “ ‘Elitists,’ Those Who Are The Brainiacs In The GOP Machine, Running John McCain’s Campaign”    



·        TX-Senator-Ted-Cruz-GOP-Terrified-Of.Fighting To Defund Obamacare

·        AZ-Democrat-Carolyn-Warner-Quit Spending Money On White Men

·        Defunding-Obamacare-Explained-In-One Infograph

·        Detroit-Democrat-Mayors-Have-Their Priorities

·        Arizona-Has-Three-Communist-Party.Affiliates Congress Members

·        Arizona-Floodwaters-Flips-Over-Tour-Bus

·        Obamas-Phony-Scandals

·        World-View Us: Drone-Strike-Kills-6-In Pakistan


·        McCain Campaign Muzzled Palin In 2008    Palin Forbidden From Telling The Truth About Obama

·        Mueller Out; New FBI Director Confirmed

·        Phx Council Races: Sal Diciccio Deserves Your Vote    Dirty Politics Front And Center

·        McCain And Obama: The Odd Couple

·        McCain Campaign Muzzled Palin In 2008

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        In Response To Governor Brewer's Latest Letter: Let's Go For 200,000 Signatures

·        URAPC  Petition Gatherers Needed At Gilbert Library


·        Now That's An Honest Sign.

·        Scooped! RM In WSJ, But Not In The Republic.

·        Biggest Liar


·        Moving-Forward-Road-Map-Choice-And-Competition

·        A Time For Choosing: Why Choice & Competition In Electricity Are Right For Az


·        In Violation Of Their Oath Of Office  


·         Allen West “Western Conservative Summit 2013″ Video

·        Allen West ” I Find It Perplexing And Disturbing That Our Current Commander-In-Chief Would Refer To Ho Chi Minh As Being “Inspired” By Our American Founders.

·        Benghazi “Just A Fiery Death In A Blazing Hell Defending The Country We Loved So Well.”   


·        Black America’s True Nemesis: Liberals, Not Zimmerman


·       URAPC-Responds-To-The-Governor's-Accusations


·        Arizona’s Three Communist Affiliated Congress Members

·        Backstory On Obama’s Ho Chi Minh/Thomas Jefferson Remarks



·        US-Benghazi-Hero-Waited-20-Hours-For-Help-With-A-Shredded-Leg-While-Obama-Campaigned-In-Las-Vegas



·        Criminals-Always-Have-Guns



·        NYC Welfare Food Is Shipped In Barrels To The Dominican Republic - Then Sold On The Black Market

·        Weiner-Mother-In-Law-Is-Part-Of-Muslim-Brotherhood

·        Us_Spends_$24_Million_On_Propaganda_Plane_That_No_One_Can_Hear  For the last six years, the U.S. government has spent more than $24 million to fly a plane around Cuba and beam American-sponsored TV programming to the island's inhabitants. But every day the plane flies, the government in Havana jams its broadcast signal. Few, if any, Cubans can see what it broadcasts.

·       Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama For Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’



·        Lew-Wont-Say-Whether-Chief-Counsel-Has-Been-Asked-About-IRS-Scandal



·        Ben Carson: Honoring-The-Right-Of-The-Ballot



·        Huma-Abedin-Raked-In-$360,000-In-Consulting-Fees-While-Working-As-A-State-Department-Employee-For-Hillary-Clinton

·        Obama-To-Host-Hillary-Clinton-At-White-House-Lunch

·        Weiner-Abedin-And-The-Clintons: The-Joke-Is-On-All-Of-Us

·        NBC To Air 4 Hour Miniseries On Hillary Clinton

·        Weiner's A Problem But Huma Abedin Is A Bigger Problem

·       Obama Nominee Under Investigation For Intervening On Behalf Of Hillary's Brother



·        Sarah-Palin: We-Weren't-Allowed-Tell-Truth-About-Obama-2008-Campaign

·        US-Benghazi-Hero-Waited-20-Hours-For-Help-With-A-Shredded-Leg-While-Obama-Campaigned-In-Las-Vegas



·        Family-Of-Murdered-Border-Patrol-Agent-Nothing-Phony-About-Deaths-Linked-To-Fast-And-Furious/



·        Cocaine-Valued-At-$240K-Seized-At-Az-Border

·        Video: Breitbart News' Brandon Darby Exposes Unsecured Border

·        Cocaine-Valued-At-240k-Seized-At-AZ-Border

·        Immigration-Bill-Filled-With-Millions-To Special-Interests   La Raza In Line To Pocket Reform-Bill Slush Funds

·        Sen-Sessions-Lays-Out-Plan-To-Flip-Immigration-Debate-On-Its-Head-So-GOP-Can-Win-Democrats-Lose

·        Sessions-Republicans-GOP-Elite-View-Immigration-Nonsense

·        Family-Of-Murdered-Border-Patrol-Agent-Nothing-Phony-About-Deaths-Linked-To-Fast-And-Furious

·        Immigration-Bill-Shackles-Border-Agents   Bars Them From Considering Race Or Ethnicity 'To Any Degree'

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Terrorist Starting Fires In US:   Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott



·        Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement: Destroys Obama Administration



·        The Muslim Brotherhood In American Schools :  Brigitte Gabriel

·        Saudi-Cleric-Raped-Murdered-Daughter-Claimed-Injured-Doubted-Virgin

·        Weiner-Mother-In-Law-Is-Part-Of-Muslim-Brotherhood

·        Supreme Court Justice Elena-Kagan Is Pro Sharia Law

·       How Long Will Muslim Brotherhood Force Huma Abedin To Stay Married To Anthony Weiner?



·        Saudi-Cleric-Raped-Murdered-Daughter-Claimed-Injured-Doubted-Virgin



·        Now-Its-Racist-To-Pass-On-Hiring-Ex-Cons   Obama Calls Racism On Criminal Background Checks: EEOC Would Force Ex-Cons On Employers

·         Zimmerman's Dad: Blacks Are The Racists

·        Donald Trump: Blacks, Hispanics Commit Most Violent Crime

·        Bill Whittle:    A 21st Century Lynching

·        Race-Relations-Have-Plummeted-Since-Obama-Took-Office: Poll

·        How-Obama-Poisoned-Race-Relations-In-America



·        Injured-Afghanistan-Vet-Told-She-Cant-Fly-American-Flag-By-Apartment-Management

·        Marking 60th Anniversary:  Korean War Vets ‘Deserve Better’

·        Dear-President-Obama: The-Loss-Of-Glen-Dohertys-Life-Is-Not-A-Fake-Scandal-America-Doesnt-Take-It-Lightly

·        Navy-Seal-Speaks Out: Forcibly Incarcerated After Criticizing Obama



·        RNC-Names-Chuck-DeFeo-Chief Digital Officer

·        Obamacare Funding Battle: Tea Versus GOP



·        Parental_Rights_Amendment: Federal_Government_Families Deceptive 'Parental Rights Amendment' To Hand Over Control Of Your Children To Federal Government

·        Sen-Sessions-Lays-Out-Plan-To-Flip-Immigration-Debate-On-Its-Head-So-GOP-Can-Win-Democrats-Lose

·        Sessions-Republicans-GOP-Elite-View-Immigration-Nonsense

·        SC-Tea-Party-Activist: Lindsey-Graham-Everything-That-Is-Wrong-With-Washington

·        House Rejects Call To Allow Nonreligious Military Chaplains

·       Sen. Cruz: Defund Obamacare Before Americans Become ‘Addicted’ To Subsidies



·        NYC Welfare Food Is Shipped In Barrels To The Dominican Republic - Then Sold On The Black Market

·       5-Insane-Welfare-Programs-That-You-Paid-For



·        More Doctors Steer Clear Of Medicare   Some Doctors Opt Out Of Program, Frustrated With Payment Rates And Mounting Rules

·        Organization-Launches-National-Refuse-To-Enroll-In-Obamacare-Campaign

·        Sen. Cruz: Defund Obamacare Before Americans Become ‘Addicted’ To Subsidies



·        Wisconsin-Teachers-Unions-In-Full-Collapse

·        Unions Ask Obama For Detroit Bailout



·        Common-Core-In-Jeopardy-As-More-States-Withdraw

·        Ohio-District-Seeking-Permanent-Tax-Increase-To-Cover-Common-Core-Costs



·        Obama-Vineyard-Vacation-$76m-Private-Resort, Over-75-Rooms-Booked-Staff

·        US-Benghazi-Hero-Waited-20-Hours-For-Help-With-A-Shredded-Leg-While-Obama-Campaigned-In-Las-Vegas

·        Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement: Destroys Obama Administration

·        Palin: Obama-Stalling-And-Stirring-Chaos-With-Phony-Claim

·        Obama On Unilateral Action: Lawyers? I Don't Need Lawyers



·        Egypt-Clashes   Bloodshed Rises In Streets Of Egypt: A Doctor Sees Victims Of Tear Gas First, And Then Gunshot Wounds As Security Forces And Civilians Try To Break Up A Protest By Morsi Supporters In Cairo.

·        Nigerian-Cleric-Describes-Open-Season-On-Christians

·        US_Spends_24_Million_On_Propaganda_Plane_That_No_One_Can_Hear

·       UN & US Protects Muslims And Not Christians Since Serbia-Croatia





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