Monday, July 8, 2013

7-8-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 8, 2013


·       POLL: Can The Arizona GOP Afford To Have Leaders Who Espouse Divisive Opinions?  Poll can be found to the left of aj-lafaro-maricopa-republican-future story. As of this evening, the poll favored LaFaro by 48%.


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro Message: Maricopa County GOP Head A J Lafaro In Battle For Party 's Future appeared in Sunday's Valley & State Section of the Arizona Republic. I would appreciate it if you take a few moments and read the article, possibly make comments BUT more importantly - have your voice heard by voting in the poll located on the left side of the page.
      It's truly unfortunate the situation has gotten to this point within the Arizona Republican Party; however, it was (Gov. Jan) Brewer, her crony capitalists like Chuck Coughlin, Peter Burns III, Jaime Molera, Glenn Hamer et. al, and the 15 state legislators that have betrayed our party - including the ones quoted in this article.
      I'm just one person of a much larger team trying to fight for the Christian conservative principles America was founded on and hope we all believe in. With my deepest appreciation,  A. J.


·       July 9 is the deadline for making reservations for the July 13 “Walk The Line” - An Education Forum On Immigration in Prescott Valley. Speakers: Zack Taylor - former Head of Federal Border Patrol and current chairman of the FRBPA (fighting illegal immigration), Tom Tancredo - former Colorado US representative now running for Gov of CO, Congressman Paul Gosar and retired INS Senior Special Agent Mike Cutler.  Tickets are $25, including catered dinner. Reservations: Sue at or 928-636-7355.  Mail checks to CV Pachyderm Mo., 1905 W. Road 2 S. Chino Valley, AZ 86323.


·       LD13 Will Not Meet July 9 And Aug 13.  Meetings will resume meetings Sept 9. Contact: Chairman Robert Branch


·       LD20 Will Meet July 22 (4th Monday, July Only) at 7 pm.  Washington Elementary School District Office, 4650 W Sweetwater Rd, Glendale.  Guest Speaker Andrew Thomas.  Contact:  Chairman: Ray Malnar


·       State Representative Adam Kwasman Announced today the formation of an exploratory committee in Congressional District 1. Contact: Chris DeRose  480-343-8949


·       A Randy Miller For Surprise City Council Fundraiser is scheduled from 1-4:30 pm, July 17 at Las Fuentes Restaurant, 13621 N. Litchfield Rd, Surprise. Armondo, the owner, is donating 10% of the total checks to Miller’s campaign.  Contact: Miller


·       The Apache County Republican Party Has Passed Nine Resolutions since March, according to Chairman Delos Bonds, The resolutions will be posted on the Maricopa County Republican Web site within a few days.  They are:

1. Opposition To Expand Medicaid

2. Affirming The 2 Amendment

3. Liberty Preservation Act (AntiNdda)

4. Privacy Protection Act (Anti–Drone)

5. Opposition To Common Core In Schoo

6. Restore Republican Grass Roots

7. ProLife

A. AntiE Mbryonic Cell Research

B. AntiCloning

C. Opposing Obam

8. Definition Of Marriage (1 Man, 1 Woman)

9. Opposition To Agenda 21


·       The United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) is the official committee leading efforts to obtain enough signatures by Labor Day to put the “People’s Veto”  referendum of the November ballot to reverse the AZ Medicaid Expansion.  URAPC leadership consists of Christine Bauserman and former senators Ron Gould and Frank Antenori.  Bauserman cautions: “URAPC is the only organization that can submit petitions to the Secretary of State for this referendum,”  therefore, it is recommended that you follow only procedures and directives approved or disburst by URAPC.

·       The URAPC petition is filed with the Secretary Of State’s Office and URAPC petitions have R-01-2014 printed in the lower right-hand corner.

·       URAPC has not authorized any other organization to collect donations for URAPC petition signature gathering.

·       The signer must complete the entire line. Everything. Address, Zip Code, City, Date. Fill it out completely. This is a 2011 change to the law.  Circulators are now prohibited from completing the line for referendum petitions

·       All questions regarding petitions or  donations should go to Bauserman at 520-235-2234

·       Recently A Committee Named "AZ Taxpayers Protection Committee" Mailed Out A Petition With The Initials 'TP' In The Corner. These Petitions Were Mailed And The Envelope Contains Their Name In The Return Address. Do Not Use These Petitions. Please Go Online to: and print out the petition without the 'TP' in the corner,” according to Bauserman

·       To obtain petitions:

·       To volunteer: URAPC volunteer sign up 

·       For information:


·        Yarnell-Fire-Memorial-Service-Tickets Sold Out: How-To Watch

·        Demand Change, In Memory Of The Yarnell 19   Laurie Roberts

·        Yarnell Evacuation Order Lifted; Residents Return To Their Homes

·        Yarnell Hill Fire: Fallen Firefighters Brought Home In Stirring Procession

·        Wildfire Growing East Of Florence; Evacuation Ordered

·        Judge Tosses Campaign Lawsuit Against Diciccio

·        Ariz-GOP-House-Delegates-Cool-Reform

·        Now-Hiring-Dept-Of-Public-Safety

·        Be Smart When-You Give-To Charity

·        Dozen-People-Found-Inside-U-Haul-Picacho

·        State-Gets-Close-To-Half-Of-Revenue-From-Feds-Near-Top-In-Nation

·        Business-Leaders-Mull-Change-In-Tucsons-Nickname

·        One-Third Of Us Population Gets Food Subsidies

·        What If Citizens Secured The Border Themselves?

·        Democrats-Lie-Cheat-And-Resort-To-The-Mob-To-Get-Their-Way

·        AZ-Lawmakers-Achieved-Election-Tax-Tort-Reforms-In-2013  AZGOP

·        AZ-2013-Legislative-Session-Featured-Rare-Political-Courage  AZDEM

·        Southern Border Fence? Works Great Here!

·        More Shot In Chicago Than The Conflict In Egypt?

·        73%_Oppose_U_S_Involvement_In_Egypt

·        They Come To American Ii    Hannity Special: The Cost Of Amnesty W/ Dennis Michael Lynch 

·        The Constitution  — Take Time To Read It

·        Freedom Is Not Free – President Ronald Reagan

·        American Commitment Thanks Arizona's True Conservatives

·        Singer Ray-Stevens:  The-Obama-Budget-Plan-Is-A-Disaster

·        National Petitions To Consider:

·        Tell House Members: Secure The Borders First, Ignore Gang Of Eight!

·        Tell Senator To Oppose The Arms Tradae Treaty

·        Tell Congress: Publish Federal Credit Card Transactions Online

·        Tell Congress To Reject All Gun-Control Bills

·        Tell Congress: No Biometric Database, No National Id



·        The-Senate-Immigration-Law-Hurts-All

·        Texas Governor Rick Perry Will Not Seek Fourth Term

·        Former Democrat Ny Governor Spitzer: Here We Ho Again

·        Former Ny Governor Spitzer To Face His Former Madam For Comptroller Bid

·        Obama’s Delays The Healthcare Employer Mandate To Play Politics

·        Businesses Will Still Be Hit With Billions In Penalties After Healthcare Mandate Delay

·        Healthcare Mandate Delay Bad For Employees And Taxpayers

·        Healthcare Mandate Delay A Setback For Obama

·        Obama Delays Healthcare Mandate For Business Until After 2014 Elections

·        Arizona Senator John Mccain Traitor Or Hero?

·        Egyptians By The Millions Protest In Rival Demonstrations

·        Mexican-Border-Global-Pathway-To-Us-For US From Horn Of Africa

·        Arizona-125-Mile-Procession-Takes-The Fallen 19 Firefighters Home

·        Police In Henderson Nevada Seize Home, Arrest Owners To Gain ‘Tactical Advantage’ Investigating Neighbors

·        Rep. Raul Labrador Bad Immigration Reform Spells 'Death Of The Republican Party'

·        TX McCaul On Face The Nation: Senate Immigration Bill Throws 'Candy' At Border

·        Obama Admin Continues To Miss Deadlines/Mislead The Public About Obamacare

·        113th Congress The Leader's Weekly Schedule - Week Of 7/8/13

·        Ted Cruz's Cuban Father Delivers Epic Speech Comparing Obama To Castro

·        FEMA Signs Agreement With Russia To Allow Russian Soldiers On USA Soil

·        Rep Lynn Jenkins On Student Loan Interest Rate

·        God Lives Under The Bed


·        Decapitations: A Culture Worthy Of Importing?

·        Amnesty-Bent AZ Sens. McCain, Flake Ignore Dire UN Warnings

·        JD Radio: Guest Hosts For Savage Tonight 6 – 9 Pm

·        TUSD Sells Out For $465,000: Group Tied To Muslim Brotherhood

·        Americans Need Jobs, Not Imported Competition

·        Arizona Conservative Coalition: Gov. Brewer A RINO


·        Adam Kwasman Forms Exploratory Committee For AZ CD 1

·        AZ Bar Disciplinary Judge Using Work Resources To Investigate Political Opponents?

·        Bar Disciplinary Judge’s Unethical Short Sale Going Viral, Makes Radio Show

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates


·        Good Bye To "First Thing's First" And Prop 105


·        Rescuing-Citizenship-And-Civic-Virtue

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        China Is One Breath From Disarming The Entire U.S. Military

·        Sen. Cruzs’ Fathers’ Epic Speech – Compares Dictators Obama & Castro

·        Obama Setting Traps For Single Payer Healthcare

·        Egyptian Crowd: Obama Supports Terrorists

·        Obama Fail-O-Meter Through The Roof

·        Obamacare: More Than Just Your Health – It’s Your Job

·        New Video Of Sfo 777 Crash

·        Mystery Break-In To Whistle-Blower Law Firm Office

·        Obamacare: A Slow Motion Train Wreck

·        American Exceptionalism: An Empirical Fact

·        Obama’s Global War On Women

·        Churches Consider Dropping Tax Exemption And Telling Irs…

·        “Impeach Obama” Protesters Threatened In California

·        The Obama Administration Is Dangerously Inept

·        Congressman: Tea Party Helping To Stop Dhs Ammo Buy


·        Legislative-And-URAPC-Update


·        Chokwe Lumumba, Van Jones, Rev. Jeremiah Wright – Race Radicals, Marxist Militants



·        Not-Everyone-Refused-To-Attempt-Rescue-In-Benghazi  Bill Whittle



·        Should Congress Impeach Eric Holder



·        Chicago Erupts In Gun Violence: 74 People Shot, 12 Killed Over July 4 Weekend

·        Recent-DC-Arrests-Demonstrate-Futility-Of-Gun-Bans



·        July 4 Protests Target NSA Surveillance As Fourth Amendment Violations

·        Memories-Of-Stasi-Color-Germans



·        Oopsie-IRS-Exposed-Online-Thousands-Of-SS-Numbers

·        Shock-Disabled-Veterans-Targeted-Have-Checks-Stolen-By-Irs



·        Sheriff-Joe-Lead-Obama-ID-Fraud

·        Obamacare Subsidies Doled Out Using ‘Honor System’; Billions In Fraud Feared



·        Were Law Offices Representing State Dept. Whistleblower Broke Into By Hillary Clinton's Associates?

·        Scandal_Staining_Hillarys_Record



·        Spitzer’s Madam To Challenge Him In New York Race

·        California Town Still Trying To Recover Costs Of Obama Campaign Fundraising Visit



·        Mexican-Police-Chief-Killed-With-Rifle-From-Obama-And-Holders-Fast-And-Furious-Gun-Running-Scheme



·        What If Citizens Secured The Border Themselves?

·        Mike-Kelly-Political-Consultants-Sitting-Around-Drinking-Brandy-And-Smoking-Cigars-Cooked-Up-Senate-Immigration-Bill

·        Ted-Cruz-Exposes-Amnesty-Bill-$5000-Penalty-For-Hiring-Citizens-Over-Legalized-Aliens

·        Case-Worker-Illegal-Aliens-Got-Food-Stamps-By-The-Vanload

·        Illegal Immigration   Ray Stevens

·        Southern-Border-Fence-Works-Great-Here   Government Claims New Construction Stops 99% Of Illegal Immigrants

·        They Come To American 2    The Cost Of Amnesty W/ Dennis Michael Lynch 

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·           Canada-Man-Arrested-For-Walking-Dog-At-Near-Muslims-In-Public-Park



·        Obamas-Global-War-On-Women



·        Navy Vet Asks If NSA Is Spying On Him - NSA Says It's None Of His Business

·        Wounded Purple Heart Marine Flagged By TSA For 'Too Much Metal' At California Airport

·        Shock-Disabled-Veterans-Targeted-Have-Checks-Stolen-By-IRS



·        Why-Republicans-Are-Abandoning-The-GOP



·        Mike-Kelly-Political-Consultants-Sitting-Around-Drinking-Brandy-And-Smoking-Cigars-Cooked-Up-Senate-Immigration-Bill

·        Congress At Odds Over Continuing Aid To Egypt 

·         McCain, Republicans: Slash Funding To Egypt

·        Obama ‘Jamming’ Amnesty On House

·        Republicans Challenge Authority To Delay, 'Ignore' Obamacare Provision

·        Sen. Cruzs’ Fathers’ Epic Speech – Compares Dictators Obama & Castro


·        Power-Plant-Rules-And-More-Coming-From-EPA-Administration



·           Progressive-Insurance-Is-Destroying-The-American-Way-Of-Life



·        Us-Troops:-Foreign-Aid-To-Egypt  It Has Become Character Of The Obama Administration To Actively Provide American Troops, Arms, Funds, And Other Forms Government Assistance To Radical Islamic Factions In The Middle East And Africa.

·        Pentagon Furloughs Begin For More Than 650k Civilian Workers

·        US Military Blocks Access To The Guardian Website For Troops

·        Grieving Parents Sue Air Force For Answers In Daughter’s Death

·        China Is One Breath From Disarming The Entire U.S. Military



·        Republicans Challenge Authority To Delay, 'Ignore' Obamacare Provision

·        Indiana Hospital Chain Fires 865 Employees Because Of Obamacare The Job Cuts Are To Save Money As Obamacare (Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act) And Congressional Budget Cuts Promise To Take A Bite Out Of Hospital Reimbursement Rates.

·        Obamacare Subsidies Doled Out Using ‘Honor System’; Billions In Fraud Feared

·        Troubled Obamacare Scraps Income Rule Deadline

·        McClellan-Trying-To-Unravel-The-Mysteries-Of-Medical-Billing



·        WSJ Editorial: Gov’t Student Loan Program A 'Scam'



·        Wounded Purple Heart Marine Flagged By TSA For 'Too Much Metal' At California Airport


·        White House Pays $53 Million For Voter ID In Kenya While Opposing Same In US

·        White-House-Wont-Call-Egypt-A-Coup-At-Least-For-Now    

·        Obama Admin's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Collecting Credit Card Data

·        Obama-Admin-Phoned-It-In-On-Egypt

·        California Town Still Trying To Recover Costs Of Obama Campaign Fundraising Visit

·        Obama Tells Muslim Brotherhood: I’ve Got Your Back

·        Obama Channels His Inner Al Gore In Climate Change Messaging Shift

·        White House Still Claiming Stimulus Worked

·        US-Troops:-Foreign-Aid-To-Egypt  It Has Become Character Of The Obama Administration To Actively Provide American Troops, Arms, Funds, And Other Forms Government Assistance To Radical Islamic Factions In The Middle East And Africa.


·        Leaked-Pakistani-Report-Reveals-Life-And-Death-Of-Bin-Laden

·        More Shot In Chicago Than The Conflict In Egypt?

·        Egyptian-Cop-Accused-Of-Leaking-Intelligence-To-The-Muslim-Brotherhood

·        Egyptian Crowd: Obama Supports Terrorists

·        Egypt Without Illusions: What Is Obama’s Obsession With Muslim Brotherhood?

·        New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

·        Egyptian Intifada Begins: Army Kills Over 40 Muslim Brotherhood Demonstrators

·        Russian Paper: 'There Is No Longer A Real Powerful Conservative In The West The Liberals Fear'

·        Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Threaten Defense Minister With Suicide Squads And Burning Of Christians




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