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7-31-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

July 31, 2013


·       Bilsten defends DiCiccio: I served with Sal DiCiccio on the Phoenix City Council and have known him for over 20 years.He is a man of honor and integrity.There is no record of any complaints against Sal. It's a false accusation. - Peggy Bilsten --
Executive Director, Coalition to End Arizona Sexual Exploitation
Former Vice Mayor and Phoenix City Councilwoman for 14 years


·       Phx City Council Candidate Sal Diciccio Responds To Campaign Attacks: If you thought 14 negative mailers was bad, you haven't seen anything yet.We just learned the government unions are spending $232,000 on negative attacks ads. This new spending is in addition to the 14 negative mailers they have already sent to voters attacking me with lies and negative smears.

Why are the government unions so desperate to defeat our reform agenda?The answer is clear:

ü  I am against giving them $3.7 million a year of taxpayer money to fund their union activity. My opponent supports giving your money to the unions. She supports this even after a Maricopa County Judge ruled it illegal.

ü  I have consistently worked to reign in the unsustainable pension system and end the practice of pension spiking. The government unions and my opponent want to keep the status quo even if it means Phoenix becomes the next Detroit.


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Guidance Committee ( MCRC EGC) will be updated Aug 1 on the ‘Future of Arizona’s Power Grid and Water Resources: Net Metering, Reregulation and the Navajo Generating Station by Arizona’  by Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith and Consultant Thayer Verschoor, former AZGOP Executive Director. The 7 pm meeting is scheduled at the AZGOP Headquarter, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. No news media, audio and/or video recording will be allowed. Contact: Chairman A J LaFaro


·       Congressman Trent Franks will be participating in a RSC meeting to discussion Obama Administration Abuses of Power at 2 pm, Aug 1 at the Capitol’s Visitor’s Center in Washington DC/. Live-Streamed by Tea Party Patriots at


·       Surprise District 1 City Council Candidates Ted Cimino and Roland Winters will debate at 7 p.m. Aug. 1 at Willow Canyon High School’s lecture hall, 17901 W. Lundberg St


·       The Garfield Organization, the Evans Churchill Community Association,  Roosevelt Action Association, and Roosevelt Row CDC held a Phoenix City Council District 8 Candidate Forum this evening at the First  Missionary Church, 902 E. McKinley in downtown Phoenix.


·       A Phoenix City Council candidates forum for Districts 2, 6, & 8 is scheduled at 5:30 pm, Aug 1 at the Phoenix Center  for the Arts (1200 North 3rd Street). Please RSVP at


·       The Luis Rodriquez for Phoenix City Council #8 has scheduled at sign posting for Aug 1. Contact Auggie  or call Mark Baker 602-301-0083


·       Walking For Luis Rodriguez is scheduled at  8:45 am, Aug 3. Meet at the Fry's Food parking lot at the NE corner of  Baseline/49th St.,  Phoenix (park at the SW corner of  the parking lot).  Walked: Elwood (LD 26) and Vineyard (LD 27) precincts.  RSVP to  Andrew Costanzo,  480 677-0697 or


·       Retired Border Patrol Officials Speak Out: Dear Fellow Americans:  Transnational criminal enterprises have annually invested millions of dollars to create and staff international drug and human smuggling networks inside the United States; thus it is no surprise that they continue to accelerate their efforts to get trusted representatives in place as a means to guarantee continued success. We must never lose sight of the fact that the United States is the market place for the bulk of transnational criminal businesses engaged in human trafficking and the smuggling, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Organized crime on this scale we are speaking about cannot exist without political protection.

Most heroin, cocaine, meth, and marijuana marketed in the United States is produced outside of our country, and then smuggled into the United States. The placement of trusted foreign employees inside the United States is imperative to insure success in continuing to supply the demand, and returning the profits to the foreign organization. Members of these vicious transnational crime syndicates are already well established in more than 2,000 American cities and their numbers are increasing as networks expand and demands accelerate.

These transnational criminals present a real and present danger to all Americans, and they live among us. Employees of these transnational criminal enterprises are not American citizens who were chosen at a job fair. They are absolutely controlled and totally committed members of foreign drug cartels who have demonstrated an ability and willingness to follow the business model of criminal enterprise which is simply to supply the demand for illegal drugs and aliens in the United States and return the profits to their handlers abroad, at any cost.

Sanctuary cities established throughout the United States discourage even the most basic law enforcement initiatives within their boundaries against these predatory criminals. Encouraged by Congress and a disinterested mainstream news media, these havens deny the American public their constitutional right to national security and public safety while providing relative safety for dangerous foreign criminals.

Congress must abandon their focus on rewarding illegal behavior for millions of persons by the grant of amnesty in favor of protecting American citizens who suffer daily at the hands of these seasoned criminals. To do otherwise makes a mockery of our laws, and encourages countless millions more from around the globe to do the same. Transnational organized crime nationwide has flourished under these conditions.  -

ü  Claude E. Guyant,  Border Patrol Chief Border,  Patrol Agent (Ret.) U.S. /Canadian Border

ü  William E. Glenn, Patrol Regional Border Patrol Chief,   Chief Intelligence Agent (Ret.) Patrol Agent (Ret.) Southwest Region U.S

ü  Gene Wood, Border Patrol Chief., Patrol Agent (Ret.)  Mexico Border


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham: Arizona Republican Party Inquiry Triggers Arizona Democrat Party To Delete Their Files: Democrats, Facing Heavy Debt and Criticism of Candidate Nomination Process, Now Deleting Important Files and Records from Their Own Website  - In an apparent response to criticism earlier this week from Chairman Robert Graham of Arizona Republican Party of the process Arizona Democrats have been using to select their candidates, the Democratic Party of Arizona has scrubbed all traces of their own meeting minutes from their website.  Several years' worth of agendas, minutes and event reports have vanished from the website

"Not only do these deleted files show the Democratic Party in Arizona in heavy debt for at least the past six months, they're evidence of the great trouble they have raising funds," said Graham. "What's even more troubling is that the files also show how they're hand-picking their candidates, leaving voters entirely out of the process.  And to top it all off they're in total denial, trying to delete the truth about the way their party really operates."

      In Arizona, each political party conducts a primary election in which the one candidate from each party is selected to advance to the general election for county, state and federal office.  Republicans have a long history of offering primary election voters a variety of candidates in an open process in which voters make the decision.  The Democrat Party in Arizona, however, seems to be denying voters that choice by strongly discouraging challengers within the party, leaving a single candidate apparently chosen by a handful of party elites to be the only candidate on the ballot.

In 2012 President Barack Obama recruited Richard Carmona to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona and other candidates soon dropped out.  Carmona was on the general election ballot but lost to Senator Jeff Flake.  Republicans currently have numerous candidates vying for the party nomination for governor, but Democrats have just a single active candidate for the office, meaning Democrat voters are being denied the opportunity to make a choice in their own election.


·       The Southern Arizona Conservative PAC is scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm,  Aug 17 in the Quail Creek Country Club Ballroom, 2055 E. Quail Crossing Blvd, Green Valley, AZ.   Speakers: Sharron Angle (ran against Harry Reid), TV/Radio personality Tammy Bruce, former AZ State Sen Frank Antenori,  former AZ State Rep, LD11 Candidate Terri Proud, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, AZ Sec of State Ken Bennett, AZ Corporate Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith, Tom Jenney (AFP), Dr. Carl Goldberg, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet  (, Christine Jones (AZ Research Project), and retired Border Patrol Agent Zack Taylor. Contact: Patti Woolley  520-256-5333/520-869-2992 


·       Check out Bumble Bee Ranch Event coming up Feb 1, 2014 See "Road to Victory 2014."


·       Congressman David Schweikert Has Openings For Full-Time, Unpaid Fall Internships in his Washington D.C. and Arizona offices for the 2013 fall term (August through December) . Applicants must have successfully completed two semesters of college. Submit resume and cover letter to  Washington applicants to


·       A New PC Training And Coordination Center For East Maricopa County URAPC petition drive will be open from 6:30-8:30 Wednesdays through Sept 4 at the Community room in the City of Mesa Utilities Building,  640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201 (map  This training center is mostly for GOP PC training, turning in petitions for notary processing, petition inspection, supplies and tracking for east Maricopa County.


·       Arizona Congressman Trent Franks is among Five Members of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus who introduced legislation that would transfer the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, sending a message of commitment and resolve to Israel and also presenting the U.S. government with a cost-saving measure at a time of major budget cuts.  The bipartisan bill, known as the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel Act (H.R. 2846), comes as Israelis and Palestinians are resuming peace negotiations after a three-year hiatus, and is intended to offer an unflinching sign of support on Capitol Hill for Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital.

Co-sponsors include Brad Sherman (D-CA), Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Juan Vargas (D-CA), and Gene Green (D-TX) is now being circulated among members of Congress. The initiative is unique because it recommends that the United States government either repurpose the current Embassy property in Tel Aviv to a consulate, or sell the property, which has the potential to garner an estimated hundred million dollars at market value.   

"The United States was the first nation to recognize Israel's sovereignty, a mere 11 minutes after the new state was formed in 1948. Today, 65 years later, Israel remains a uniquely precious ally. Just as the United States has assisted the Jewish people in restoring their ancient state, it is only fitting that we lead the way in recognizing Jerusalem for what it is: the undivided, eternal capital of Israel," said Congressman Tent Franks.  Successive U.S. administrations including Presidents Clinton Bush and Obama have repeatedly used the presidential waiver to delay moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in accordance with a 1995 law which authorized the embassy's relocation but which gave the President the power to postpone its implementation every six months.


·       House Majority Leader Eric Cantor And AZ Congressman David Schweikert will host a “Pro-Israel Breakfast’ Aug 4 at the Chaparral Suites Conference Center, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. 8 am VIP Round Table (photo). 8:30 am Kosher continental breakfast. RSVP: Allison Mary (480) 628-2763 or


·       The Newly Formed Estrella Conservative Republican Club has scheduled a 7 pm, Aug 28 meeting at Starpointe, (Elliot Road, immediately off Estrella pkwy) Goodyear. Contact:  Chairman Richard Newcomer:  216-389-0533


·       The Chino Valley Pachyderm will meet at 6 pm, Aug 15 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant on Hwy 89 in ChinoValley.  Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas will speaker.  Former Senator Thayer Vershoor will address the utility rate issue. RSVP required. Contact Chairman Sue at -


·       Nick Dranias Of The Goldwater Institute requests the groups hosting opposition to restructuring Arizona’s electricity market presentations give him equal time to give the other side of the issue.  moving-forward-road-map-choice-and-competition


·       Phoenix City Council District 8 Conservative Candidate Luis Rodriguez (R)  needs phone bank volunteers  from 5:30-8 pm Aug 2 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. RSVP Auggie:  Rodriguez is running against four liberals.


·       ATTN United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Petitions Collectors. Before you mail in completed petitions please verify:

ü  On the FRONT - verify : 1.  check Volunteer, 2.the County blank space is filled in - it is at the end of the petition language before the warning.

ü  On the BACK - every single line needs to be filled out.  You fill yours - notary fills out theirs.

ü  Verify your Notary: 1.  Fills in every line;  2.  Stamps 3. Fills out a journal entry and you sign the journal.

All of this information is online: 

Mail Completed petitions to: URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman, 120 S. Houghton Rd. #138-177, Tucson, AZ 85748.  Bauserman is also planning petition pickup drives. Questions regarding URAPC should be directed to : Bauserman at 520-235-2234


·       Completed “Overturn Rep Heather Carter’s HB 2003” petitions should be returned to: signatures to put the bill on the November 2014 ballot.  “ HB2003” petitions are available at:  Wes Harris, 14802 N. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix AZ 85023   602-942-9281, 602-432-2871 (Cell) 602-942-5327 (fax) or


·       URAPC Petition Gatherers Needed at Gilbert Library Monday-Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm, and from 10 am-5 pm on Friday/Saturday.  One or two hour shifts. Contact: Cindy Biggs at for scheduling. General information: URAPC.ORG.


·       Phoenix Voters May Cast An Early Ballot for the Phoenix City Council Elections during business hours at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St., 15th floor, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting Thursday, Aug. 1, through Friday, Aug. 23. Information:


·       The LD21 Movers and Shakers will meet from 9-11 am, Aug 3 at the Plaza DelRio Community Center, 13215 N. 94th Dr, Peoria. The August panel consists of Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, AZ Americans for Prosperty Director Tom Jenney, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and AZ Latino Republican Association president Rey Torres.  Tickets: $10 each at


·       Attorney General Tom  Horne will address the Aug 8 Paradise Republican Woman’s Club “Politics Uncorked” gathering between 5:30-7:30 pm, Aug 8 at Fleming’s Steakhouse, 6333 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale. Admission is free. Limited reservations. No host bar and dinner. $6 wine. $6 burgers.   RSVP Jane DiGiulio by July 29.    480-473-1290


·       Tell your Representative what you are thinking:

o   David Schweikert    202-225-2190 or  480-946-2411

o   Matt Salmon 202-225-2635 or  480-699-8239

o   Paul Gosar    202-225-2315  or  928-445-1683

o   Trent Franks   202- 225-4576  or  623-776-791



·        2-Shuttered-Snowflake-Power-Plants-Purchased-By-Senator-Worsley

·        Ugh-John-McCain-Not-Sure-Who-he’d-Support-In-Hillary-Clinton-Versus-Rand-Paul-Race

·        AZ AG Tom Horne Wants Commission To OK Voter Proof Jeff-Flake-Most-Beautiful Person  

·        Ugly Reality About Pretty Boy Flake

·        Leave-Americans-To-Die: To-Get-American-Patriot-Award   Hillary

·        McCain-Without-Immigration-Reform-GOP-Cannot-Win-A-National-Election

·        Police-Warn-Of-Self-Described-Islamist-Jihadist

·        Loved-Ones-Speak-Out-On-Fire-Officials-Words

·        Investigative Report On Yarnell Wildfire Refuted

·        Travis Angry: I Am A Republican

·        Horne Wants Panel To OK Voter Proof

·        West Nile Virus: Elderly Woman Is First Death In Maricopa Countya

·        Obamanomics: Only Government Matters

·        Obama-To-Discuss-Homeownership-Tuesday-In-Phoenix    Robert Robb

·        Customers-Overcharged-At-Valley-Gas-Stations

·        Arizona-Ruling-Says-Police-Can-Temporarily-Take-Guns

·        Arizona-Wildlife-Agency-Looks-To-Adopt-Out-Tortoises

·        Moving-Scams-On-The-Rise-Across-The-Valley

·        AZ Female Corrections Officer Nearly Beathen To Death By Inmates

·        The IRS Scandal: When A "Scandal" Is Actually A Scandal  Doug MacEachern

·        Remarks On Yarnell Fire Lead To Backlash

·        Tempe To Weigh Revising Town Lake Plan

·        Subsidy Debate Key To State’s Solar Future

·        Phoenix District 4 Voters Get 7 Options

·        Agreement Quantifies Tribe’s Water Rights

·        No Word On Federal Aid For Yarnell Hill Blaze

·        Gosar Defends Solar Tax Incentives

·        Northeast Phoenix Council Race Lacks Drama

·        Petition Started To Honor Granite Mountain Hotshotsadd To Reading List

·        Phoenix-Area Bus Drivers Vote On A Possible Strike

·        AZ-Woman-Part-Of-Lawsuit-Allegeding-Military-Rape-Coverup

·        SRP Recycles 50,000th Refrigerator

·        Suit Filed Over Ariz's Campaign-Contribution Limit

·        Grand Canyon University Picks Mesa Site For Campus

·        I-Love-Head-Campaign-Signs-Being-Stolen

·        Sex-Predators-Granted-Bond-Because-Of-Communication-Failure

·        Add To Reading List

·        American Dream Slipping Away — Homeownership At
18-Year Low

·        US Unemployment Rate Is Really 14.3%

·        Federal And State Subsidy Debate Key To Arizona’s Solar Future

·        FDA To Scrutinize HPV Test Linked To False Readings

·        Crackdown On Illegal Pot Clubs Urged

·        McCain-Graham-Heading-To-Egypt-At-Presidents-Request

·        While-Treasury-Says-Government-Out-Of-Funds-Obama-Cuts-Check-To-Palestinian-Authority-For-$500-Million




·        TX-Senator-Ted-Cruz-GOP-Terrified-Of.Fighting To Defund Obamacare

·        O'Reilly: Keep Those Right-on Commentaries Comin' White Boy

·        Defunding Obamacare Explained in One Infographic

·        Detroit Democrat Mayors Have Their Priorities

·        Arizona Has Three Communist Party Affiliated Congress Members


·        Unprincipled McCain Admits Amnesty Deception To Unionists

·       The AZ Republic’s Dual Agenda


·       CD-09: Andrew Walter’s Foreclosure Shows His True Colors

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·        If CNN Can Interview Suspect In Benghazi Attack, Why Can't FBI?

·        Stand-Down-Orders   Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came From Obama

·        Aim-Announces-Formation-Of-Citizens-Commission-On-Benghazi

·        New-FBI-Director-To-Face-Gop-Heat-For-Benghazi-Investigation



·        GOP Report: Holder Misled Congress

·        Letter From GOP Lawmakers Calling For Change Of Leadership At Justice Dept



·        Colorado's Strict Gun Laws Results In Record Number Conceal Carry Permits

·        Government Inability Helps The Second Amendment In Cook County Illinois

·        The-2nd-Amendment-A-Free-Pass-To-Arrest

·        Charts On Chicago Shootings

·        Bloomberg-Anti-Gun-Group-Backlash

·        CFR Steps Up Attack On The Second Amendment Using Discredited Statistics



·        Weiner-Didnt-Declare-Costs-For-Lavish-2010-Wedding-To-Long-Suffering-Wife



·        Senators Angry Over Timing Of NSA Releases

·        Government Unveils Secret Order To Verizon

·        government Braces For Coming Changes To NSA Powers

·        NSA Program Reportedly Allows Analysts To Track Emails, Chats, Web Searches

·        Newly Declassified Documents Show Range Of Potential Access To NSA Phone Records

·        NSA-Top-Secret-Program-Online-Data

·        Reps Who Voted Against Amash Got Millions In Defense Industry Donations



·        House-Committee-Leaders-Accuse-IRS-Of-Colluding-With-FEC-Against-Conservative-Groups

·        IRS Stonewalling Targeting Probe?



·        Trayvon Martin Being Used As Poster Boy To Promote Voter Fraud



·        Ugh-John-McCain-Not-Sure-Who-Id-Support-In-Hillary-Clinton-Versus-Rand-Paul-Race

·        Report-Lewinsky-Sex-Tape-To-Clinton-Surfaces

·        Hillary-Clinton-Really-Angry-That-Huma-Is-So-Much-Like-Her

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·        The-Explosive-Secret-Huma-Is-Hiding-Media-Ignore-Radical-Ties-Of-Wife-Standing-By-Her-Man



·        Ugh-John-McCain-Not-Sure-Who-Id-Support-In-Hillary-Clinton-Versus-Rand-Paul-Race

·        Dick Morris Super PAC Gives $150k To Support McConnell, Graham

·        Paul Crowns Christie "King Of Bacon"

·        Paul Offers To Bury The Hatchet With Christie Over Beer



·        How-Mexico-Treats-Illegal-Aliens

·        Be United On Border Security   By Dick Morris

·        Immigration-Advocacy-Grinds-On-Despite-Poverty-And-Unemployment

·        Inside-Boehner-S-Strategy-To-Slow-Walk-Immigration-To-The-Finish-Line   House Leaders Put Off Immigration Votes Until After August Recess, Seeing Delay As The Best Way To Pass Reform.

·        McCain-Without-Immigration-Reform-Gop-Cannot-Win-A-National-Election

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras  

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic.



·        Video: Fischer: Weiner Will Allow For “Jihadist Activity” If Elected Mayor

·         Are-Muslims-Waging-Stealth-Jihad-In-American-Schools

·        The-Explosive-Secret-Huma-Is-Hiding-Media-Ignore-Radical-Ties-Of-Wife-Standing-By-Her-Man



·        Vet-Fights-To-Fly-American-Marine-Corps-Flags



·        The-7-Most-Dysfunctional-State-Parties

·        Testy-Meeting-Among-Senate-GOP-On-Nuclear-Option-Deal



·        Republicans Say Obama Comments Jeopardize Keystone XL Pipeline

·        Republicans-Press-New-FBI-Director-On-Benghazi-Probe

·        Millions-Of-Americans-Set-To-Gather-In-DC-On-Sept-9th

·        Inside-Boehner-S-Strategy-To-Slow-Walk-Immigration-To-The-Finish-Line   House Leaders Put Off Immigration Votes Until After August Recess, Seeing Delay As The Best Way To Pass Reform.

·        Reps Who Voted Against Amash Got Millions In Defense Industry Donations

·        House Oks Lower Rates On Student Loans

·        House Agenda: Embarrass The White House

·        Ayotte: Shutting-Down-Government-Wont-De-Fund-Obamacare

·        Rogers-Decries-Decision-To-Pull-Transportation-Spending-Bill-From-Floor

·        GOP Leaders Face Libertarian Revolt Over NSA, Egypt, Syria

·        Democrats Try Hardball On The Vanilla Issues Of Legislating

·        The-7-Most-Dysfunctional-State-Parties

·        Testy-Meeting-Among-Senate-Gop-On-Nuclear-Option-Deal

·        In-A-Government-Shutdown-Heritage-Action-Lacks-A-Plan-B

·        Would-Dave-Camp-Clear-The-Gop-Field-Michigan

·        House Approves Senate Bill On Student Loan Interest Rates, Sends It To Obama For Signature

·        House Panel Probing Whether IRS-FEC 'Inappropriately' Shared Confidential Tax Information



·        Feds Gave Company $100M For Electric Car Stations



·        Hawaii Lawmakers Want To Buy Homeless One-Way Tickets Off Island



·        Obamanomics-Great-For-The-1%-Horrible-For-Everyone-Else/

·        Obama Push For Blue-Collar Jobs Ends With Keystone

·       Fed: Persistently Low Inflation 'Poses Risks' To Economy



·        Hagel: Cuts Could Force Navy To Sideline 3 Aircraft Carriers



·        Howard Dean Admits Palin Was Right All Along About Obamacare

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