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8-22-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Aug 22, 2013


·       ATTN  GOP Candidates And Petitions Gatherers:  Petitions gatherers for Republican candidates and GOP supports ballot issues are welcome to bring their petitions to the 7 pm, Aug 26 Wickenburg Republican meeting in the Lifeline Ambulance Building, 1155 Tegner, Wickenburg.  Interested campaign staffers or petitions gatherers should contact WRC Chairman Frosty Taylor at this weekend.


·       Message From AZ RNC Committeeman Bruce Ash: Has Hilary Clinton disqualified herself as a bone fide presidential contender in 2016? I certainly think so.

But don't just take my word for it...noted liberals feel the same way including Camille Paglia who  says of Hilary Clinton , "she has more sooty baggage than a 90 car freight train."

Paglia goes on to ask, " What has she ever accomplished besides bullishly covering for her philandering husband?"

The Clinton's may also have alot of questions to answer for the cronyism and failures of bill's foundation. Even the New York Times has turned against them saying ,"There's never enough money for the Clinton's."

She has worked hard as a Us Senator and Secretary Of State but she has little to show for her efforts.

Her colossal failings as Secretary Of State contributed to the deaths of one of our ambassadors and 3 other brave Americans in Libya last fall. And to quote Paglia once more…"As far as I am concerned she disqualified herself for the presidency in that fist pounding moment giving her reluctant testimony when she asked ( fill in with sound clip -- “What difference does it make what we knew and when we knew it, Senator?” )

Democrats will have to shake off the Clinton albatross by 2016 but it won't be easy because unlike the Republicans there are few fresh faced Democrats and the current failed incumbent has sucked most of the air out of his party .


·       Day 17  Town Halls scheduled during our Arizona Delegations five week break from Washington: 

o   Sept 23 - CD4 Townhall: - Rep Paul Gosar, 6 pm, 7401 East Civic Circle, Prescott Valley.


·       AZ Delegation: During your campaigns you reached out to us – proclaiming the precinct committeemen were the most important members of the party. Questions PCs are asking? Questions :

ü  Do you support the Republican Party Platform? Do you (John McCain and Jeff Flake) know what that is? Can you recite any of the principles from the Republican Party Platform?

ü  What recourse do voters have to sanction Senators who campaign to the right and vote to the left? Is “Recall” a viable options? Is a vote of “No Confidence” a viable option?

ü  When you take an Oath, do you intend to keep it? Do you think there is anything in your current actions that is in conflict with the oath you have taken? Can you recite your oath of office right now?


·       Contact your Arizona Senators:

·       Contact your Arizona Representatives

·      1st Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D]

·      2nd Rep. Ron Barber [D]

·       3rd Rep. Raúl Grijalva [D]

·       4th Rep. Paul Gosar [R]     928-445-1683               202-225-2315

·       5th Rep. Matt Salmon [R] 480-699-8239  202-225-2635

·       6th Rep. David Schweikert [R] 480-946-2411   202-225-2190

·       7th Rep. Ed Pastor [D]

·       8th Rep. Trent Franks [R] 623-776-7911 202- 225-4576

·      9th Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D]


·       Secretary of State Ken Bennett and LD13 Rep Steve Montnegro will address LD15 at 6:30 pm, Aug 27 in the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant. The drawing for an AR15 Bushmaster Rifle will be held and petitions will be gathered to place the Medicaid expansion on the ballot. Contact: Chairman David  Henderson


·       URAPC Phoenix Sign-Up Location: Conservative Business League, 3375 E Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phoenix, AZ 85028.  Every Tuesday through Friday, 1-3 pm. You can sign, drop off and notarize at the central Phoenix location just off the 51 Hwy, Exit 9. Christine Bauserman


·       Congressman Matt Salmon spoke at the NFIB/Arizona Small Business Forum at the Goldwater Institute.


·       GOP activist Shane Wikfors is heading for Denver to participate in a planning session for the  2014 Western Conservative Summit - CPAC of the West.



·        Salmon To Help Target ‘Obamacare’

·        Petition To Jeff Flake:    Do Not BAIL OUT Barack Obama's Anti-Gun Agenda

·        Sen. Flake Tackles Issues At Gilbert Breakfast

·         "2013 Legislative Report Card For Arizona's Fifty-First Legislature, First Regular Session"

·        "2013 Legislative Report Card Appendix"

·        Look Up Your Legislators' Scores

·        Report: Valley Leads Nation In Idle Youths

·        Arizona-Clemency-Board-Ex-Chairman-Quit-Inappropriate-Behavior

·        Arizona-Best-Worst-List

·        Robb: Shouldn't Be Jobs Americans Won't Do What Does It Mean That Americans Won’t Do Entry-Level, Low-Skilled Physical Labor?

·        Crandall-Delays-Resignation-From-Arizona-Legislature

·        Former-Dannys-Car-Wash-Worker-Confirms-Allegations

·        Ahwatukee-Grad-Gives-Jawdropping-Convocation-Speech-At-Georgia-Tech

·        Glendale-Mayor-Wants-Council-Meetings-To-Begin-With-Prayer

·        New-Poll-Says-Arpaios-Approval-Rating-Declining   A Campaign Spokesman Calls The Numbers "A Bit Suspect."

·        Anti-Abortion Medicaid Law Struck Down  Ruling: Arizona Cannot Strip Medicaid Funding From Doctors And Clinics That Perform Abortions.

·        Health Group To Hire Hundreds In Phoenix

·        Democrats-Gather-In-Scottsdale-For-2-Day-Meeting

·        Phoenix-To-Begin-National-Search-For-City-Manager

·        Gosar, Kirkpatrick A Bipartisan Boost For Mine

·        Cave-Creek-Town-Manager-Sues-Over-Termination-And-Open-Meeting-Law-Violation

·        Audit: Glendale Covered Up Losses

·        Valley Residents Recall Civil Rights March, MLK Speech In 1963

·        14,500 Without Power After Yuma Monsoon Storms

·        Yarnell Begins Issuing Rebuild Permits

·        Judge Finds Problems With Scottsdale Crime Lab And Tosses DUI Cases

·        Death Sentence Upheld In Killing-Of Ex-Reporter

·        Implementation Of Pinal County Water Rule Delayed

·        A Granite Mountain Hotshot's Father Says The Blaze That Incinerated His Son Could've Been Controlled By John Dougherty

·        57M-Americans-Out-Work-Same-Number-Senate-Amnesty-Would-Bring In

·        Arizona-Sues-Force-Proof-Citizenship-Vote-Registration

·        Salmon Townhall:  Immigration & Impeachment Of Obama

·        Bikers-To-Counter-Muslim-March   Grass-Roots Movement Plans To Descend On Washington On 9/11






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