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8-26-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Aug 26, 2013


·       A  One-Hour “Conversation On Immigration” (invitation only) With Sen. John McCain And Sen Jeff Flake that is scheduled between 10-11 am, Tuesday, Aug 27 at the Mesa Art Center has stirred up a hornet’s nest.  The one-hour meeting on one the hottest issues facing the nation has limited seating and tickets are NOT available to the general public. So, who got invitations for the limited tickets?  The event will be streamed live on  and will be broadcast at 8 am, Sept 1 on “12 News Sunday Square Off.” Sponsored by the The Arizona Republic, 12 News, and USA Todayimmigration-conversation-john-mccain-jeff-flake


·        Contact Info: Sen. John McCain   602-952-2410     202-224-2235  

Sen. Jeff Flake             602-840-1891    202-224-4521


·       A Protest Rally Against The “Gang Of 8” Amnesty Bill will surround the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa with “No Amnesty” signs from 7:30 am until noon today in protest to the one-hour “invitation only” McCain/Flake  immigration discussion scheduled at 10 am. Participants are asked to bring water and an umbrella/hat/sunscreen, etc. Organized by Riders United For A Sovereign America.  call-to-action-mccain-and-flake-to-hold-another-staged-town-hall-farce


·       McCain-Flake-Stage-A-One-Way-Conversation


·       John McCain And His Sycophant, Jeff Flake


·       ‘We Are American Rally’ Fliers will be available for pick up at the Flake/McCain protest rally at the Mesa Arts Center tomorrow morning. Find Anna, Brandy or Catherine.  Contact:  Barb Heller


·       Volunteers Are Needed by Candidates Sal DiCiccio and Luis Rodriquez as phone bank callers and  poll workers -from 6 am-7 pm. Aug 27 at:

1)North Phoenix Baptist Church, 5757 N. Central Ave.
2) Devonshire Senior Center, 2802 E. Devonshire Ave.
3) Memorial Presbyterian Church, 4141 E. Thomas Rd.
4) Pecos Community Center, 17010 S. 48th St.

     Sal DiCiccio campaign contact: Michael Ritchie:  623-670-3928 
      Luis Rodriquez contact:


·       LD17 – Aug 27 – meeting 6:30 pm.  7:15 pm PC training workshop by Laddie Shane, AZGOP administrators Laddie Shane and Mark Naufel.  Contact: LD17 Chr Tyler Bowyer


·       Volunteers Are Needed Throughout The State until Sept 10 to help man drive-up tables for the URAPC petition drive. 

ü  Red Mountain Library in Mesa has a table set up daily.  Mon-Thur 10am-7pm ,  Wed 7am-7pm,    Fri-Sat 10am-5pm.  Contact  Karen Winfield at  

ü  Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert on Greenfield and Guadalupe. Table set-up daily  10 am to 5pm.   Contact Cindy Biggs at

ü   Pioneer Park in downtown Mesa at 526 E. Main Street, and across the street from the LDS Temple. Mon to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm.

ü   Arizona Project, 3375 E Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phx 85028. Tues- Friday, 1-3 pm. Sign, drop off and notarize at one location just off the 51 Hwy, Exit 9.

Christine Bauserman - United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives  520-235-2234    


·       A Grand Opening For Nine Drug Drop Boxes Will Be Held At 11:30 Am, Aug 27 at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence. 


·       LD15 will meet at 6:30 pm, Aug 27 in the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant. Secretary of State Ken Bennett and LD13 Rep Steve Montenegro are the scheduled speakers. The drawing for an AR15 Bushmaster Rifle will be held and petitions will be gathered to place the Medicaid expansion on the ballot. Contact: Chairman David  Henderson


·       Congressman David Schweikert is planning a CD6 coffee cup club/breakfast from 8:30-10:30 am, Sept 3 at the Chaparral Suites Conference Center, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. $100 admission. $250 co-host.  Admission $50 if RSVP by Aug 30 to Allison  or 480-628-2763


·       Estrella Conservative Republican Club members will hear Supt of Public Instruction John Huppenthal at 7 pm, Aug 28 in the Starpointe in Estrella. Starpointe (Elliot Rd immediately off Estrella Pkwy), Goodyear.  Contact:  Richard Newcomer:  216-389-0533


·       LD1 will host LD13 Rep. Steve Montenegro, and Thayer Verschoor on Corporation Commission Deregulation at the 7 pm, Aug 29 meeting scheduled at the Tramonto Fire Station #56, 4310 W. Canotia Place (North of Denny’s, east of In ‘n Out), Phx.


·       CANCELLED: The Yuma County Republican Aug 27 meeting has been cancelled due to the City of Yuma election on that day. They will resume meeting in September. Contact: Secretary Lorna Brooks 928-317-9120


·       Gun Rights Activist Throughout The Nation Are Urging Voters To Contact their national senators and representatives in to pressure President Obama not to sign the ‘United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty’. See Arizona delegation list below.


·       A New PC Training And Coordination Center For East Maricopa County URAPC petition drive will be open from 6:30-8:30 Wednesdays through Sept 4 at the Community room in the City of Mesa Utilities Building, 640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201. This training center is mostly for GOP PC training, turning in petitions for notary processing, petition inspection, supplies and tracking for east Maricopa County.


·        Reservations deadline is Aug 30 to get Tickets For Gov Jan Brewer Presentation at the Fountain Hills Republican Club 5 pm, Sept 5 Dinner Meeting.  Limited seating scheduled at the Fountain Hills Community Center. Other speakers include Dr. C.T. Wright, president of the FH School Board and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. $15 members.  $18 non-members.  Contact: Edith Stock at 480-298-7818 or


·       Day 21  Town Halls scheduled during our Arizona Delegations five week break from Washington: 

o   Sept 23 - CD4 Townhall: - Rep Paul Gosar, 6 pm, 7401 East Civic Circle, Prescott Valley.


·      AZ Delegation: During your campaigns you reached out to us – proclaiming the precinct committeemen were the most important members of the party. Questions PCs are asking? Questions :

ü  Why are you hiding?

ü  Congressman Franks:  Why did you not hold a Town Hall during your August break?

·       Contact your Arizona Senators:

Sen. John McCain [R]                        602 952 2410     202 224 2235

Sen. Jeff Flake [R]                 602-840-1891    202-224-4521

·       Contact your Arizona Representatives

CD1 - Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D]

CD2 - Rep. Ron Barber [D]

CD3 - Rep. Raúl Grijalva [D]

CD4 - Rep. Paul Gosar [R]    928-445-1683               202-225-2315

CD5 - Rep. Matt Salmon [R]             480-699-8239  202-225-2635

CD6 - Rep. David Schweikert [R] 480-946-2411   202-225-2190

CD7 - Rep. Ed Pastor [D]

CD8 - Rep. Trent Franks [R] 623-776-7911 202- 225-4576

CD9 - Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D]


·       National Telephone Poll:  call 800-713-4116 and press 1 to reject funding for Obamacare.


·        Latest-Push-To-Help-Get-Obamacare-Medicaid-Expansion-On-Ballot

·        Private-Lobbyists-Get-Public-Pensions-In-20-States-Including-Arizona

·        John-McCain-Presidential-Campaign-Committees-Fined-For-Exceeding-Contribution-Limits

·        Horne Believes Voter Fraud 'Serious Problem'  Video

·        Yeah - About That 'The DHS Is Hoarding Ammo' Meme...

·        Az-Sen-Don-Shooter-Reaches-Deal-To-Dismiss-Criminal-Charges-Yuma

·        Republicans Implore Obama: Get Off The Sidelines On Syria Issue; U.N. To Visit Attack Site

·        Tyranny-Has-Arrived-On-Our-Doorstep  

·        Shane Krauser Blasts IRS At Us Congressional Field Hearing In Az

·        Arizona-Highways-Challenges-Vermonts-Fall-Foliage

·        Watch-Obama-Promise-To-Never-Wiretap-Americans-In-This-2007-Speech

·          Judge Jeanine: We Keep Being Lied To; I’d Be Hauling Butts To Jail

·        Must See:  The IRS Scandal... By The Numbers

·        Medicaid-Expansion Foes: Efforts On Track  They Say They’re On Track To Submit Enough Signatures To Put The Measure On Hold Until 2014.

·        Bikers-Organize-Massive-Counter-Protest-To-Million-Muslim-March

·        Me-And-My-Obamaphones

·        Lifeline-Program-Under-Fire-For-Waste-And-Fraud

·        Closer-Look-Chain-Migration

·        Immigration Reform A Gamble For McCain, Flake

·        Immigration-Conversation-John-McCain-Jeff-Flake  

·        Fec Fines Sen. McCain's 2008 Campaign   Senator's Committees Fined $80,000 For Accepting Campaign Contributions That Exceeded Fed Limits.

·        Judge Jeanine: Us Gov’t Full Of Nothing But Hot Air?

·        Conservatives Must Remove Traitor Rinos In Primaries Or By Recall

·        Must See:  Why I Am A Republican - Former Dem Sen Elbert Guillory 






·        ICE Going Easy On Illegal Alien Parents With Minor Children

·        New Obama Policy Warns Agents Not To Detain Illegal Immigrant Parents

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·   law enforcement: illegal human and drug traffic



·        10,000 Pages Needed To Answer Common Core Questions

·        Video- For Obamacare Video Contest Submitted By Crossroads

·        Colin Powell Sings ‘Blurred Lines’ On A Stage- More Mid-Life Crisis Or Wasted?

·        Sunrise Bank Of Arizona Closed By Regulators, Fifth Bank Collapse For Capitol Bancorp In Three Months

·        Chicago's Col James Pritzker Comes Out As Jennifer Natalya Pritzker

·        Video-Ted Cruz On Defunding Obamacare, The Grassroots Tsunami, And Birth Cerificate On CNN's State Of The Union

·        Police Arrest 2nd Black Suspect In Savage Beating Death Of 88-Year-Old WWII Vet In Spokane

·        Report-Welfare More Profitable Than Work In 35 States

·        The Work Versus Welfare Cato Institute By Barbara Espinosa

·        Arizona- Senator Jeff Flake Tells Tucson It Will Lose 5,000 Jobs Audio And Cartoon


·        Mccain-Flake-Stage-A-One-Way-Conversation

·        Biggs, Burges Ace Goldwater Legislative Report Card

·        Weekend Reading Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

·        FEC Fines McCain $80K For Campaign Finance Violations


·        URAPC – Survey Medicaid Expansion / Obamacare In Arizona

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Rep-Steve-Smith-Begs-Republicans-Dont-Drastically-Increase-Abortions-In-Arizona

·       Medicaid-Expansion-Is-The-Cornerstone-Of-Obamacare-Killing-Off-The-Least-Of-These


·         "2013 Legislative Report Card


·        Cokie Roberts Asserted That TX, NC, And Others Who Support Voter ID Are “Evil.”

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Seattle Police Hand Out Free Munchies To Pot Heads



·        Washington Post Attacked As Terrorist Mouthpiece




·        Continuing Benghazi Chaos - Group Aiming To Bring Truth About The Benghazi Terrorist Attack

·        Obama Administration Covers Up Missile Theft



·        The Hill: Jindal Slams DOJ For Court Suit Against Voucher Program



·        New Illinois Gun Law Requires Owners To Report Missing Firearms

·        Chicago: Gangland-14-Year-Old-Boy-Dies-Among-At-Least-10-Shot-Overnight

·        Colorado Voters Don't Like Their New Gun Control Laws

·        “Absolutely Not, No Way” Would Gun Control Laws Have Stopped Oklahoma Murder

·        Tiny Gun Control Group’s Starbucks Boycott Gets Nowhere

·        Obama: Assault Weapon Industry’s No. 1 Customer, Buys 600,000 Ak-47 Magazines



·        These-Shady-Foxes-To-Guard-Nsa-Henhouse    Controversial Figures To 'Probe' Government Surveillance



·        IRS Sued For Not Releasing Tax-Exempt Training Manuals

·        Must See:  The IRS Scandal... By The Numbers

·        American Legion Says IRS Now Has Veterans In Crosshairs



·        ‘Nothing More Impeachable' Than War Without Authorization, Says Constitutional Scholar



·        Hillary, Obama’s Loyal Co-Conspirator

·        Top-5-Sins-Of-Hillary-Clinton



·        Who-Betrayed-Navy-Seal-Team-6?     Congress Must Discover How They Were Marked For Death



·        Dr. Ben Carson The Cure For 2016? Will Famed Neurosurgeon Run For President?

·        Ted-Cruzs-Moment-In-Time

·        Challengers To SC Senator Are Lining Up On The Right   Oppose  Lindsay Graham

·        In Arkansas, The Senate Battle Is Already Brutal



·        Me-And-My-Obamaphones

·        Lifeline-Program-Under-Fire-For-Waste-And-Fraud



·        Ft. Hood Killer Admits He Committed Act Of Terrorism



·        The Man Behind The Million Muslim March – Served In Us Military, Campaigned For Obama & Received A White House Invitation

·        2-Million-Bikers-To-Counter-Muslim-March-Planned-For-911



·        George Will: Biggest Threat To Minorities Is Single Moms, Not Lack Of Rights

·        Colin_Powell_Sprinkles_Gasoline_On_Racial_Fires_Of_Resentment



·        DOD Training Guide Calls Conservatives ‘Extremists,’ Ignores Islam

·        WWII-Vet-Andy-Nowicki-Faces-Eviction-Smoking

·        Vandals-Spray-Paint-'USMC-Sucks'-On-Retired-Marines-Car

·        VA Paid $11K Bonus To Surgeon Who Left Op Room Before End Of Surgery

·        Military-Voting-Rights-Hang-In-The-Balance-Now

·        Daughter-in-law says WWII Veteran Delbert Benton beaten to death with big heavy flashlights

·        Who-Betrayed-Navy-Seal-Team-6?     Congress Must Discover How They Were Marked For Death

·        War Vet Theater Owner Won’t Show ‘The Butler’ Featuring Hanoi Jane

·        American Legion Says IRS Now Has Veterans In Crosshairs



·        Feds-Want-Frog-Protection-Over-2-Million-Acres-Of-Sierra-Nevada

·        Fda’s Rules Will Shut Down Organic Farms

·        Housing Vouchers: Equal Opportunity Crime-Sharing



·        Judge Strikes Down Obama’s ‘Improper’ Nlrb Recess Appointment



·        Ted Cruz: 'Grassroots Tsunami' Needed To Defund Obamacare

·        Obama Hasn't Called Boehner On Syria — Yet

·        Coburn: Not A ‘Smart Strategy’ To Shut Down Gov’t For Obamacare

·        Must See:  Why I Am A Republican - Former Dem Sen Elbert Guillory    

·        Cruz Presses Ahead With Defunding Obamacare, Says It Will Take A ‘Tsunami’ Of Support

·        McCain, Graham: Obama Should Hit Syria Now

·        The Hill: Black Lawmakers Lament Flaring Of Racial Tensions Under Obama



·        Up-To-Our-Ears-In-Snake-Oil …. Gore’s Climate Control



·        Obama Admin May “Delay” Keystone Pipeline Decision



·        Black Unemployment Returns To Double White Rate Under Obama



·        US-Economy-Durables Goods Post Largest Drop In Nearly A Year

·        The Biggest Failure Of The Obama Administration...Lack Of A Vibrant Economy

·        Incomes Down More During Obama 'Recovery' Than During Recession

·        Terrorist Setting Wildfires In US?  Economic Warfare



·         Really? Obamacare Hires Employees Without Background Checks To Collect Your Personal Info

·        Obama Hides Obamacare Subsidies To Foreign Students, Workers

·        Cruz Presses Ahead With Defunding Obamacare, Says It Will Take A ‘Tsunami’ Of Support

·        Ted Cruz: 'Grassroots Tsunami' Needed To Defund Obamacare

·        Coburn: Not A ‘Smart Strategy’ To Shut Down Gov’t For Obamacare



·        AFL-CIO Nevada Passes Resolution To Openly Criticize Obama Administration Over Obamacare



·        UNBELIEVEABLE: San-Bernardino-Schools-Force-Students-to Kneel-To Administrators-Before Dismissal

·        Obama Plan Encourages College Admissions To Discriminate Against Families Earning $60,000+



·        A-Monstrous-Story-For-A-Monstrous-Curriculum-The-Ugly-Heart-Of-Common-Core



·        Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic    By FSM NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM :  This President - More Than Any Other In Our Lifetime - Has Weakened America, Opening Us To Attacks From Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic.

·        DHS Employee Behind Website Promoting Race War On Paid Leave

·        Sarah Palin: Blasts DHS' Stupidity...Has High Praise Of Ashton Kutcher's Speech



·        Judge-Jeanine-US-Has-Lost-Credibility-World-Stage    Jeanine's Message To Obama: 'No One, Including Assad, Is Afraid Of You'

·        The Biggest Failure Of The Obama Administration...Lack Of A Vibrant Economy

·        Rush Limbaugh: Nobody Is Listening To Obama Anymore

·        Obama Should Express Condolences For Lane’s Death, Says Governor

·        Judge Strikes Down Obama’s ‘Improper’ NLRB Recess Appointment

·        Obama Administration Covers Up Missile Theft

·        Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic    By FSM NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM :  This President - More Than Any Other In Our Lifetime - Has Weakened America, Opening Us To Attacks From Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic.

·        The Hill: Regulation Nation: Obama Bypassing Congress On Climate



·        3,600 Syrians Treated For ‘Neurotoxic Symptoms’

·        Don't Rescue The Muslim Brotherhood







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