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8-28-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

August 28, 2013


·       Condolences to the family of Mr. Grochowski whose funeral was held yesterday at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Phoenix. Mr. Groschowski has escaped Communist Poland and requested GOP representation at his services.  Our prayers and sympathy are with Maria and Iwona Groschowski. Family contact: John Kukowski  at 623-640-5552


·       Petitions For The URAPC Can Be Drop Off At The Sept 5 Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance  Committee (MCRC EGC) meeting scheduled at 7 pm in the AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.  Sign in opens at 6 pm.  URPC leaders Frank Antenori and Christine Bauserman will provide an update on the URAPC movement and collect signed petitions get the anti-Medicaid Expansion issue on the ballot.   Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute will address “The Future of Energy Policy: Choice and Competition. Plans for the MCR Mandatory January 11, 2014 meeting will be discussed. During the open mike – ‘We the People’ session LD22 Chairman Eric Morgan will address LD22’s ‘paradigm to voter registration’  and Supt of Public Instruction candidate Diane Douglas and Tempe City Council candidate Matt Papke have asked to speak. All attendees are required to sign in. Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted.  The October 3 MCRC EGC meeting will be a Republican Governor Candidate Forum. Contact: Chr A J LaFaro


·       The Red Mountain Tea Party turned over 6,000 petitions signatures to United Republican Alliance Of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Leaders Christine Bauserman And Frank Antenori Monday Evening… And many members/petition collectors  couldn’t make it to the meeting due to the storm.


·       Volunteers Are Needed Throughout The State until Sept 10 to help man drive-up tables for the URAPC petition drive. 

ü  Red Mountain Library in Mesa has a table set up daily.  Mon-Thur 10am-7pm ,  Wed 7am-7pm,    Fri-Sat 10am-5pm.  Contact  Karen Winfield at  

ü  Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert on Greenfield and Guadalupe. Table set-up daily  10 am to 5pm.   Contact Cindy Biggs at

ü   Pioneer Park in downtown Mesa at 526 E. Main Street, and across the street from the LDS Temple. Mon to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm.


·       New Daily Locations (URAPC) petitions can be found:

ü  A2Z Electronics, 9333 E. Main Street, across the street from the LDS Temple.          M-F 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am-3pm

ü  DMV,  east of Scottsdale Road on Paradise Lane. Thursday, August 29th, 9-11 am, Join Senator Nancy Barto to sign the "People's Veto".

The website has a full list of locations:

Tucson locations: :

Contact: Chairman Christine Bauserman   520-235-2234


·       Voters Can Sign, Drop Off And Have Petitions Notarized  at the Arizona Project office, 3375 E Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phoenix, AZ 85028 (just off the 51 Hwy, Exit 9).


·       Petitions Will Be Available At The Taylor Corn Festival in Taylor in the White Mountains between 9 am and 5 pm, Aug. 31. Contact:  Christine Wilson for details:  480-451-4825 or  928-358-4734


·       Christine Bauserman, URAPC Chairman, reports that at least 200 more signatures are needed this week. She suggests gathering signatures at the upcoming Labor Day weekend events  such as Exercise clubs, Door to door, Cookouts, Labor Day picnics, VFW Friday Fish Frys,  Volunteer to sit at a table.The website has a full list of locations:


·       Out Wickenburg Way, GOP activitist and LD13 Second Vice Chairman Ernie McCollum has  the URAPC petitions available to sign in front of the Wickenburg Library Building from 9-11 am, tomorrow (Aug 29) and from 9-11 am near the post office in the Alco/CVS Shopping Center, Hwy 60/Vulture Mine Road. 


·       A GOP Coffee Klatch Is Held At 10 Am Every Tuesday Morning at the Maricopa County West Valley GOP Headquarters 10050 W. Bell Road #49, Sun City.  Stop by for a cup of coffee, donut and chat about various issues. Phone 623-977-4532


·       Congratulations To Newly E-Elected Republican Phoenix Council Candidates Sal Diciccio #6 And Jim Waring #2.  Justin Johnson #4 faces a Nov 5 run-off against Laura Pastor, daughter of Congressman Ed Pastor.


·       McCain/Flake “Conversation on Immigration” will broadcast at 8 am, Sept 1 on “12 News Sunday Square Off.”


·       The Sun City West Republican Club will resume meeting at 8 am, Sept 7 in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundation Building, 14465 HR Johnson Blvd, SCW. Supt of Public Instruction John Huppenthal is the scheduled speaker. $2 donation to cover rental expenses.


·       The Sept 16 AZRLA luncheon has been changed to Sept 13 to accommodate Congressman Mat Salmon’s schedule.  The event is scheduled at 11:45 am at at Polsinelli, One East Washington Street, Ste. 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85004. $20 for members and $35 for non-members. RSVP:


·       Reservations deadline is Aug 30 to get Tickets For Gov Jan Brewer Presentation at the Fountain Hills Republican Club 5 pm, Sept 5 Dinner Meeting.  Limited seating scheduled at the Fountain Hills Community Center. Other speakers include Dr. C.T. Wright, president of the FH School Board and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. $15 members.  $18 non-members.  Contact: Edith Stock at 480-298-7818 or


·       The Arizona Family Project 2013 “Friend Of The Family” legislative awards.  

ü  Senate winners include Nancy Barto, Andy Biggs,  Judy Burges, Chester Crandell, Gail Griffin, Al Melvin, Don Shooter, Kelli Ward, Steve Yarbrough and Kimberly Yee.

ü  House winners areJohn Allen, Brenda Barton, Sonny Borrelli, Paul Boyer, Karen Fann, Eddie Farnsworth, Tom Forese, David Gowan, Rick Gray, John Kavanagh, Adam Kwasman, Debbie Lesko, David Livingston, Phil Lovas, Javan Mesnard, Darin Mitchell
Steve Montenegro, Justin Olson, Warren Petersen, Justin Pierce, Carl Seel, Steve Smith, David Stevens, Robert Thorpe, Andy Tobin, Kelly Townsend and Michelle Ugenti.


·       Governor Jan Brewer Is Appointing Colonel Michael T. Mcguire As The Next Adjutant General Of The Arizona National Guard, A Role In Which He Will Serve Concurrently As The Director Of The Arizona Department Of Emergency And Military Affairs (DEMA). Mcguire Will Replace Retiring Adjutant General, MG Hugo Salazar, Effective September 9, 2013.


·       LD1 will host LD13 Rep. Steve Montenegro, and Thayer Verschoor on Corporation Commission Deregulation at the 7 pm, Aug 29 meeting scheduled at the Tramonto Fire Station #56, 4310 W. Canotia Place (North of Denny’s, east of In ‘n Out), Phx.


·       Day 22  Town Halls scheduled during our Arizona Delegations five week break from Washington: 

o   Sept 23 - CD4 Townhall: - Rep Paul Gosar, 6 pm, 7401 East Civic Circle, Prescott Valley.


·       LD18 Message – Chairman David Bushman: Many of you are now aware of the election victory we had last night.  Sal DiCiccio was re-elected to the Phoenix City Council.  Certainly Sal and his campaign staff deserve credit for a well-earned victory.  His wife, Debbie, and their children endured an endless onslaught of lies and character assassination of her husband and their father.  I am personally grateful for their strength throughout the process.  Ultimately, whatever the outcome might have been, we can all be proud to say we did the right thing, no matter what.  To all of the many PCs and volunteers who have walked, talked, and called on behalf of Sal, I extend my deepest thanks.  As Phoenix goes, so goes the state.  We know we have someone in Sal who will fight for our families to keep government effective, efficient and accountable.  While we have this victory now, we all know that there is ever ongoing need to keep vigilant.  We will keep moving ahead. We will continue to work hard.  We will do what it takes to do the right thing.  Again, congratulations to Sal.


·       AGOP Message: Republicans Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring Elected to Phoenix City Council Proof of Voter Support for GOP in Local Government -  With the vast majority of the ballots tallied, yesterday's election results in the City of Phoenix election show that voters strongly support the GOP's promise of fiscal responsibility and the party's candidates who have the experience and dedication to fight on behalf of taxpayers.

In Phoenix's District 2, longtime Republican leader Jim Waring handily defeated his opponent by more than 50 percent.  In District 6, the GOP's Sal DiCiccio won a decisive victory in a race many thought would be a toss-up.  DiCiccio's opponent was strongly backed by liberal Democrats and enjoyed apparently limitless campaign funding from labor unions angry with DiCiccio's taxpayer advocacy.

"This election was about more than just local issues in Phoenix, it was about the stranglehold labor unions have on so many government officials throughout our nation," said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  "And Sal DiCiccio won because voters know him as a Republican who stands up to the unions, and because the Arizona Republican Party joined him in the ongoing fight against these kinds of corrupting influences at all levels of government."

Graham also met today with Luis Rodriguez, who ran a lively and enthusiastic campaign in Phoenix's District 8 but encountered a voter turnout rate of about 17%. "Luis Rodriguez is a true leader and has given himself a head-start as an emerging Republican leader and activist in his district, and we know voters and elected officials will continue to hear him loud and clear in the near future," Graham added.  |


·       Bruce Ash – National Republican Committeeman says: When founding father and Continental Army General George Washington was leading America's fight for independence he understood the value of secrecy. Just ask the Hessians. They certainly didn't expect the attack at Trenton. They were surprised and nearly destroyed. Before D Day in 1944 the Germans were convinced George Patton's "ghost army" would attack at Callais . But the attack came at Normandy. Dwight Eisenhower understood the value of secrecy.     Flash forward to 2013………"anonymous Pentagon sources" leak the battle plan and the target sites for a missile attack on Syria. The Washington Post reports the attacks will last no longer than two days. And senior administration officials even report that the attack will likely come before the G 20 talks.

The current Commander in Chief Barack Obama even sends his press secretary to announce that, " attacks against Syria would not be designed to force regime change."

Wow… this rate will the administration also reveal the name rank and serial number of the sailor who presses the button to send cruise missiles ?

The Wall Street Journal  correctly asks, "why pursue Edward Snowden when the administration is giving away their plan of attack to anyone?"

Many question the national self- interest that supports an attack on Syria and probably helps Al Queda but if we do strike it seems like maybe America ought to do it on the QT. 


·       Congressman Matt Salmon -  following statement in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” Speech: “Fifty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most powerful and significant speeches in the history of our nation. From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital, he stirred and inspired the hearts of Americans with his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Today we honor his amazing legacy and strive to live out the principles he championed.”  Salmon (AZ-05) serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. He is also a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

·       Franks Calls For Release Of Abedini, Criticizes Administration's Silence: Yesterday, an appeals court in Tehran rejected the appeal of Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen, and refused to reduce his 8-year prison sentence. Congressman Trent Franks, R-AZ, co-chairman of the International Religious Freedom Caucus today released the following statement: “Iran has once again demonstrated an utter disregard for fundamental human rights by continuing to insist that Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, be unjustly imprisoned in Iran.  I will continue to exhaust every available avenue to continue to advocate for Pastor Abedini’s immediate and unconditional release.

“The American people would be outraged to truly know how our own State Department has responded with such deafening and cowardly silence when an American father, husband, and pastor is thrown into a harsh prison under an oppressive regime for having the "nerve" to practice his Christian faith.  The U.S. State Department, under John Kerry, should be utterly ashamed of its failure to speak out on behalf of Saeed Abedini and his precious family. No wonder the oppressive Iranian government holds the Obama Administration in such total derision as it proceeds to build nuclear weapons with which to threaten the peace and security of the entire free world.

“I hope that the American people will hold the Obama Administration and State Department accountable for its absolutely criminal silence in the face of such a heartless injustice forced upon this beloved American pastor, his innocent family, and so many others.”


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