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9-12-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs
Sept 12, 2013
“Governor Brewer’s Team can declare a victory against the Republican Precinct Committeemen and the Principled Conservatives across the entire state of Arizona that stand on the Republican Party Plank: Repeal Obamacare. An unprecedented $364,000 was spent to cause confusion amongst voters and to hire professional blockers to intimidate petition signers and ensure a victory for big government.” -  Christine Bauserman, Chairman of United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC).
·        Petition-Drive-Short-By-5056-Signers  … Shortfall Laid At The Feet Of The Arizona Republican Party (Refused To Stand Up For Its Own Principles And Platform)
·       LD26 Precinct Committee Passed A Resolution To Rebuke & Condemn Sen. John McCain by a 24 to 13 vote and 4 abstentions Tuesday evening.  See 9-10-13 Briefs to read full resolution  "John McCain is the poster child for term limits, his back room dealings, insatiable war drum, and eroding base call to question why this man is our Senator. It is my hope that Senator's McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans," Third Vice Chairman Matt Papke commented.
·       Key Ariz. Republicans: Sen. McCain Has Abandoned Core GOP Principles Several key members of the Arizona GOP are calling out John McCain for his abandonment of core Republican principles.
·       Shane Wikfors, Former Communications director for the AZGOP, will be be part of the guest panel on TV-12's Sunday Square off this weekend.
·       Brewer's Obama-Like Medicaid Expansion Must Be Challenged - Thomas: Vote on 'fees' violates Prop. 108, Constitution   my turn - op-ed
·       District 3 Phx City Councilman Bill Gates and AZ AG Tom Horne, the Phoenix/Fire Dept will meet at 9 am, Sept 13 in the Devonshire Senior Center, 2802 E. Devonshire, Phx to discuss safety issues.  Light refreshment provided. Open to the publc.
·       The Public Is Invited To Join Phx City Councilman Bill Gates at the Grand Opening of the Royal Palm Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge is scheduled at 8:30 am, Sept 14 (1/8th mile north of Dunlap Avenue on 15th Avenue.) Parking is available on nearby neighborhood streets south of Dunlap.
·       The Arizona Game And Fish Dept Will Conduct A Dove Hunting Clean Up – targeting fields used by dove hunters – between 6-11 am,  Saturday, Sept 14, near Yuma. Staging area: Sprague's Sporting Goods, 345 W. 32nd St. in Yuma. Trash bags, water, and maps to areas identified as in need of cleaning will be provided at the staging area. Participants should bring sunscreen, hats, gloves, and a vehicle to transport shells, ammo boxes and other trash back to Sprague's where there will be a large trash receptacle available. Contact the Yuma offices of the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 928-342-0091. yuma cleanup-dove
·       AZ National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash: Harry Reid has announced that "the anarchists have taken over the US Congress" referring to Republicans and the Tea Party's influence. The Senate Majority Leader's comments were in reaction to Republican David Vitter's amendment to an energy bill that would require congressional and White House staff to enroll in ObamaCare exchanges just like the rest of America must do. Well, if Congressional Tea Party Republicans are the enemy as Reid is fond of saying what would he say about labor union leaders who are also on the war path with the President and the Democrat congress who passed ObamaCare? If the Affordable Care Act is not fixed and it destroys the health and welfare funds... then I believe it needs to be repealed, said Terence  O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers International Union of North America. We want it to be fixed, fixed, fixed.  Union leaders see ObamaCare killing their member's jobs. Perhaps unions and Republicans might use ObamaCare as a common issue to join together in the upcoming year. Republicans and the labor movement --what a great coalition for actually changing or repealing ObamaCare. Coalitions are a good thing and if Republicans  think tactically  ObamaCare might just be an issue we can work together on. Yes?? Maybe there is anarchy in the air but what  a unique alliance to fix ObamaCare 
·       A Week After Winning Re-Election To The Phoenix City Council in a grueling and expensive campaign, Sal DiCiccio vowed, "I will clean up City Hall within two years."
·       On Tuesday, Nov. 5, The City Of Phoenix will conduct a scheduled runoff election for voters in Council Districts 4 and 8 to elect a council member. runoffelection
·       Mohave County Republican Committee Chairman Ron Gould is calling for volunteers for the Sept 12-15 Mohave County Fair GOP booth. It’s a great time to register voters.  Contact: John Slaughter at to reserve a space on the volunteer
·       Utah Sen Ken Ivory Will Discuss ‘Restoring Land In AZ/Utah’ on Cross Roads With Van at 4 pm, Sept 13 talk show.
·       The Yuma County Republicans Will Meet At 7 Pm, Sept 24 at Booth Machinery in Yuma. Speakers:  Yuma City Council candidates. Contact: Sec Loran Brooks   928-317-9120
·       The Yuma ‘Freedom Library’ Open House is scheduled from 4-6 pm, Sept 17 celebrate the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The library is located at 2750 S. Pacific Ave., Suite B, Yuma. Hors d'oeuvres will be served. A Constitution class starts at 6 pm.  This is a locally owned library, run by Howard Blitz, specializes in books on the Constitution, the Founders, and Freedom.
·        Mohave County Republican Chairman Ron Gould will co-host the “ Speak Out” Radio Talk Show at 11 am, Sept 13 on Voice of the Free 106.3 FM Listen live
·       You Are A Masterpiece/ ‘180’ will be presented Sept 21 at the DoubleTree San Tan Elegance, 1800 S San Tan Village Parkway, Gilbert. Check in/free continental breakfast 9-10 am. Congressman Trent Franks at 10 am. ‘You are a Masterpiece’ for 5-12 year olds 11 am. “180” documentary for teens/adults at 11 am. $15 per teen. $20 per adult – includes lunch. Political rally at 3 pm.  Tickets 480-216-7217

·       Sept 13 - AZRLA luncheon 11:45 am at at Polsinelli, One East Washington Street, Ste. 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Speaker: Congressman Matt Salmon.  $20 for members and $35 for non-members. RSVP:

·       Sept 13 - Women Korean War Veterans (KWWV) Phoenix Mercury ‘Military Appreciation Night’ 5:30 pm. Sponsored by Veterans First, Phoenix Mercury and the Phoenix VA Healthcare. Tickets: Contact Joan Sisco at or 602-841-7663 .
·       Sept 14 - THE AZ GOP’S MILITARY AND VETERANS SERVICE COMMITTEE  (2nd Sat) 10:30 am, AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Contact: Chr Chairman Vern Bagley at
·       Sept 14 – PARADISE REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S CLUB. 11:15 am. Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 Gainey Club Dr., Scottsdale. Luncheon: $28 per person. Speaker: Congressman David Schweikert (CD6). Reservations required.  Checks to : Linda Brickman, 19425 N. 36th Way, Phx 85050  Contact: Brickman (602) 330-9422 or  
·       Sept 14 - The Central Arizona Friends Of The National Rifle Association host  “100 Big Bangs for Freedom” Sporting Clays Tournament at the Ben Avery Shooting Range, in north Phoenix.  8 am-11 am Target Fun Shoot includes ammo, targets and shotguns – if needed. $25 per person.  The 100 Target Sporting Clays Tournament starts at 9 am (registration 7 am). $65 early bird registration by 8/31/13. Includes 100 clay targets, catered lunch, prizes! Registration call: 602-571-4055 email  Contact: Chairman Larry Welton 602-531-2400 Cell or 602-571-4055
·        Editor’s Note: See Separate “Syria” Section Below For More Information.
·        Somebody-Finally-Noticed-Ed-Pastor  AZ CD7 Democrat
·        CIA Begins Arming Syria Rebels
·        Kerry’s Syria Source Bounced Over Padded Resume - Elizabeth O'Bagy, who wrote a WSJ editorial that Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., cited as evidence that the Syrian opposition had not been heavily infiltrated by al Qaeda, lost her post Wednesday at the Institute for the Study of War for lying about holding a doctorate from Georgetown University. O’Bagy, who made a media circuit that included Fox News, was a staunch proponent of U.S. strikes. She was previously found to have failed to disclose her ties to Syrian rebel groups.
·        Expert: So-called 'moderates' are Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamists Israeli academic who traveled with Syrian rebels contradicts Obama administration's claims
·        Syria-Campaign-Patch
·        Ungrateful-Syrian-Rebels-Us-Supplied   Syrian Rebels: Trickle Of U.S. Arms Not Enough
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·        Petition-Drive-Short-By-5056-Signers  … lay the blame for this shortfall at the feet of the Arizona Republican Party…that refused to stand up for its own Principles and Platform.
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·        Petition-Drive-Short-By-5056-Signers  … Shortfall Laid At The Feet Of The Arizona Republican Party (Refused To Stand Up For Its Own Principles And Platform)
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·        Opposition To Syria Boosts Congressional Approval
·        AFL-CIO Makes Its Obamacare Demand - Washington Examiner: The nation’s largest labor union, the AFL-CIO, approved a resolution calling for major changes to ObamaCare: “[The Affordable Care Act] should be administered in a manner that preserves the high-quality health coverage multi-employer plans have provided to union families for decades and, if this is not possible, we will demand [the law] be amended by Congress.”
·        Video: Obama Is Delusional!
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