Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9-16-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Sept 16, 2013


·        McCain/Graham On US/Russian Agreement On Syria

·        The-Right-Struggles-To-Hide-Its-Disappointment-With-Diplomatic-Progress

·        McCain-Some-Republicans-Oppose-Obama-On-Syria-Because-They-Dislike-Him

·        McCain-Hinting-At-Retirement-In-2016

·        McCain-Has-Abandoned-Core-GOP-Principles  Trouble In McCain’s Backyard

·       Arizona-GOP-Group-Tells-McCain-Knock-It-Off-Act-Like-A-Republican


·       Senator John McCain Will Deliver Remarks on recent developments in Syria at the Council on Foreign Relations at 6:30 pm (ET), Sept 17 at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, DC.  Livestream here.


·       Senator John McCain’s Staff, the Veterans Affairs Regional Office and Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) will hold a veterans informational forum from 1-3 pm, Sept 20 at Banner Olive Branch, 11250 N 107th Ave., in Sun City The forum will provide information regarding the new Fully Developed Claims (FDC) process which was created to expedite the new claims process for veterans. This forum is aimed at explaining the FDC process for new claims only – VA representatives and VSOs will not be able to answer questions regarding existing claims. McCain said, “I am pleased the Veterans Administration has evaluated its procedures and recognized the need for the new Fully Developed Claims process (FDC). “It will greatly expedite the process for new claims – with a goal of processing them within 90 days – allowing our veterans to receive their benefits in a timely manner. I hope Arizona veterans and their families will take advantage of these informational forums and the new claims process.” Additional forums will be held in the coming weeks in Yuma, Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Prescott, Cottonwood, Flagstaff and Payson. Senator McCain’s office will announce the time and locations of these future forums closer to their dates. Contact: McCain’s Phoenix Office at (602) 952-2410.


·       Attn Petition gatherers:  If you turned in URAPC petitions to Rep Carl Seel or Linda Brickman at the Capitol on Tuesday or Wednesday please call or email United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives (URAPC) Chaiman Christine Bauserman  with an exact number of estimate at or 520-235-2234.


·       Verna Anderson Is The Incoming Chairman For The Arizona Tea Party Patriots (ATPPA). She started the Daisy Mountain Tea Party four years ago and has been very active in the movement working with groups all across the state.  She has been an outstanding leader in fighting for fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government.  Anderson is the fourth ATPPA chairman, following former chairs Pam Stevenson, Annette McHugh and Courtney Snell."    Contact: Vera Anderson


·       Here's How To Clean Out Bad Politicians: Each state has different statutes. In November 2010, the people of Iowa recalled three Supreme Court justices by Devvy Kidd


·       LD26 Precinct Committee Passed A Resolution To Rebuke & Condemn Sen. John McCain by a 24 to 13 vote and 4 abstentions Tuesday evening.  See 9-10-13 Briefs to read full resolution 


·       Breitbart News Reported that South Carolina Tea Party activists drafted a resolution to replacement of Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., citing 29 points against the Republican senator. In August, the Chesterfield County GOP passed the resolution with 98 percent of those present voting to approve the measure.


·       Phx City Councilman Sal Diciccio has appointed Chris Shipley as his new Chief of Staff. Shipley has worked with DiCiccio’s office for more than a year, and has been an instrumental part of DiCiccio’s fight to end pension spiking and rein in out-of-control retirement costs.


·       Gov Jan Brewer - Flags Lowered For Victims Of Navy Yard Shooting:   “With the entire nation in shock and sorrow over today’s heinous mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, I ask that all Arizonans join me in prayer for the victims, their loved ones and everyone affected by this senseless rampage. Let us pray also for the first responders and medics as they tend to the wounded, and for members of law enforcement as they work to piece together this tragedy. In honor of the victims, and in coordination with the President’s proclamation, I have ordered that flags at all State buildings be lowered until sunset, September 20, 2013. I encourage all Arizonans to participate in this tribute.”


·       LD17’S CLUB 20 ($20 donations to LD17) membership is growing. Members include: Charlie Schinke,  Ed & Jane Crawford, Carol & Luke Clesceri, Chris & Sharon Ames, Ed Sarlo, Bonnie DeGranier, John & Tamara Platt,  John Cain, John Dovris, Mike & Sandy Tennant,  Carolyn McCorkle,  Tyler Bowyer, Bert Moll, Marc & Sandi Bartlett,  Judge Frankel, Pat Andersen,  Brad Townley, Patricia Koepp,  Donald & Ullrike Langlois,  Nancy Chandler, Nancy & David Conner,  Angi Stamm, Chris & Kerry Heil, Karen & Leo Mahoney and Steve & Linda Yarbrough.


·       Ten Volunteers Needed For Prager/Hewitt/Grudem Event (a three-way interfaith conversation):  The 10 volunteer workers will be given free admission to hear Dennis Prager/HughHewitt/Wayne Grudem at 5 pm, Sept 22 at the Scottsdale Bible Church, 7601 E.Shea Blvd, Scottsdle.  A 4 pm reception is planned for VIP ticket holders.  Contact: Suzanne Cavalier at   Details:

·       Prager/Hewitt/Grudem Event (a three-way interfaith conversation):  4 pm reception. 5 pm, Sept 22, Scottsdale Bible Church, 7601 E.Shea Blvd, Scottsdale.  Panel: Dennis Prager/HughHewitt/Wayne Grudem. Tickets: Suzanne Cavalier at   Details:


·       Rev. Clyde Bowen, Chairman Of The Arizona African-American Republican Club, will address the Palo Verde Republican Women at 11:30 am, Sept 25 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, Fairway House, 8620 E. Thompson Peak, Scottsdale. CD9 candidate Wendy Rogers and Clerk of the Court candidate Michael Jeans will also speak.11am social.   $25 luncheon – per person. For reservations: 480-298-7818, before Sept. 23rd


·       Rep John Kavanagh Will Be On The 4 Pm, Sept 17 “Hair Of Fire” radio talk show with co-hosts Barbara Espinosa and Randy Pullen. Topic: Goldwater lawsuit vs State of Arizona (Gov Brewer) over Medicaid Expansion.  or iTunes.  Questions to:


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will hear Congressman David Schweikert and Goldwater Institutes Clint Bolick at 9 am, Sept 21 at the Fountain Hills Community Center. Bolick co-wrote “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution” with Gov Jeb Bush of Florida. Contact:  FHRC President Tait D. Elkie, (480) 766-1231


·       Sept 17 - The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) nationwide “stand up for the Constitution” gathering at every State Capitol and smaller towns throughout the US. On Sept 17 and a yet to be announced Saturday in Oct.  11 am (Pacific) 1 pm (Mtn & Central) and 2 pm (Eastern)   Let's Roll American

·       Sept 17 – CHANDLER REPUBLICAN WOMEN. 6:30 pm, Itericom, 250 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler. Speaker: Supt of Public Education John Huppenthal – Common Core and the future of Arizona’s Education.  Contact: Lisa Askey, media chr  602-320-9291

·       Sept 18 - Coffee Chat With Phoenix Vice Mayor Bill Gates . 7:30 am, Shadow Mountain Senior Center, 3546 E. Sweetwater Ave., Phx. Featuring: Marsha Goodman, an Elder Care Attorney and Phx police detective Brown who will address elder abuse.

·       Sept 18 – PALO VERDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S CLUB. (3rd Wed) registration 11 am, 11:30 am lunch. $25 per person. Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale. RSVP: Jan Stephenson at on Mon, June 17.

·       Sept 19– LD16 (3rd Thur), 6:30 pm social,  7 pm mtg. Liberty Arts Academy, 3015 S. Power Rd., Mesa. Just south of Guadalupe on east side of Power Rd. In the Auditorium. Speaker: Joseph Sigg – Arizona Farm Bureau. Contact: Chr Jerry Clingman Cell 480-861-4958  Home 480-986-5236

·       Sept 19 – LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 mtg. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Speaker:. Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:

·       Sept 19 -  LD24 (3rd Thur) 7 pm, AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Contact: Chairman Brian Kaufman, LD24 Republicans  480 442 2424

·       Sept 19  – LD25  (3rd Thurs) 6:30 pm, Mesa Utilities Bldg., 640 N Mesa Drive Road, Mesa. Chr Paul Whetten


·        Editor’s Note: See Separate “Syria” Section Below For More Information.

·        Three-Arizona-Run-Power-Plants-Make-The-List-Of-Nations-50-Dirtiest

·        National-Federation-Of-Republican-Assemblies-Passes-Anti-Amnesty-Resolution

·        Senators -McCain-And-Lindsey Need To Shut Up On Foreign Policy

·        Map: All The Countries John McCain Has Wanted To Attack   Syria, Iraq, Russia, North Korea, And Nine Other Nations The Arizona Senator Has Been Eager To Bomb, Invade, Or Destabilize.

·        Poll: Health-Care-Law-Faces-Difficult-Future

·        Martha-McSally-Eyes-Running-Again

·        Bill Montgomery Takes 9th Circuit To Woodshed Over Milke Decision    Laurie Roberts

·        Poll: Health-Care Law Faces Difficult Future As Exchanges Open Soon For Enrollment, The Public's Views Are As Negative As They Have Ever Been.

·        5 Insurers Outline Rates For Arizonans Under Affordable Care Act

·        A-Tale-Of-Two-Cities:  Scottsdale/Cave Creek

·        The-US-Government-Pried-Into-16,000-Facebook-Accounts-This-Year-Alone

·        Legislators Vow To Protect Voters' Will ... Sometimes   Laurie Roberts

·        At Least Cave Creek Knows What It Is

·        Petition: To Stop Funding Obamacare

·        Syria Agreement Should Produce Something   Robert Robb

·        How-Did-We-Get-From-There-To-Here



·        UN-Report-Affirms-Nerve-Gas-Used-In-Syria-Fueling-Demands-For-Accountability

·        Syrian Rebels To Christian Woman After Slitting Her Fiance’s Throat: "Jesus Didn't Come To Save Him"

·        Syrian "Deal" Fraught With Peril

·        Leaked Iranian Letter Warned US That Syrian Rebels Have Chemical Weapons

·        Video: Putin More Trustworthy Than Our Own President

·        Congress-Is-Reluctant-To-Trust-Russia-In-Disarming-Syria

·        Syria-Rebellion-Dominated-By-Al-Qaida-And-Islamic-Jihadists




·        Arizona-Congressman Matt Salmon Is A Man Of His Word

·        Statement By Senators John McCain (R-AZ) And Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Self-Proclaimed Authorities On Syria

·        Time Magazine Prints Different Cover For US Readers

·        The Failure Of The Community’s Bank, Bridgeport, CT-Uninsured Depositors Face Losses

·        Largest Bank Failure In Over Three Years-First National Bank, Edinburg, Texas, Closed By Regulators

·        113th Congress-The Leader's Weekly Schedule - Week Of 9/16/13

·        Senators-John-McCain -And-Lindsey Need To Shut Up On Foreign Policy

·        Vladimir Putin & Bashar Al-Assad Continue To Make Fool President Of The US

·        U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) Weekly Republican Address Audio/Text

·        Arizona-Two New Tobacco Laws Go Into Effect Today


·        Colo. Voters Speak: Dems Call It “Voter Suppression”

·        Remember When Bill Nye Was A Benign “Science Guy?”

·        Mexican Drug Cartels Recruit US Soldiers As Assassins

·       Weekend Reading, Viewing Guaranteed To Make You Smarter


GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates


·        Journalism 101: School Daze

·        Team Napolitano Under Another Cloud

·        He's Just Not That Into You.

·        Who Would Jesus Bomb?

·        Montini: Not Bombing Syria Same As Ignoring Rape In Progress

·        Professionalism 101




·        Outrage!! Journalists Now Tool Of Dictatorship

·        Released Today: Secret Papers Found–Muslim Brotherhood Plan Exposed! Shocking! Worse Than Most Thought!

·        Christian Widows In India Beaten For Refusing To ‘Reconvert’ To Hinduism

·        Must Listen: Walid Shoebat Being Spied On For Exposing Obama’s Islamist Ties…

·        How Obama Is Using Exceptionalism To Fuel WWIII

·        FDA Deliberately Deceiving Americans Over Arsenic In Rice, Chicken And Other Foods; Contamination Now Widespread

·        World’s Top Climate Change Scientists Admit Computers Got The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases Wrong

·        Is Obama Intentionally Mishandling The Crisis In Syria?

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Syria Stands America's Foreign Policy On Its Head   By Floyd Brown

·        Obama Regulations Are Going To Up Your Power Bill By Floyd Brown

·        Obama Spits On Every President’S Grave

·        Obamacare More Unpopular Than Ever

·        Media Rush To Blame Shooting On “Workplace Violence”

·        Reagan’s 50 Year Old TV Commercial On Socialized Medicine

·        Obama’s D.C. Crime Syndicate

·        Explosive Charge Leveled By Veteran Lawmaker Against Obama


·        Final-Tally-And-Editorial-On-Stop-Brewercare

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·        National-Federation-Of-Republican-Assemblies-Passes-Anti-Amnesty-Resolution



·        Muslim Terrorist Caught Crossing MX/US Border

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·         Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Benghazi Whistleblower: 400 Surface-To-Air Missiles "Stolen" By Terrorists

·        Video: New Testimony On Benghazi This Week – And Trey Gowdy Is On Game

·        Benghazi-Accountability-Review-Board-Comes-Under-Renewed-Criticism/ 

·        Explosive Charge Leveled By Veteran Lawmaker Against Obama

·        State-Department-Staffers-Forced To Mark Benghazi-Anniversary On Their Own



·        Navy-Yard-Shooters-Relied-On-Gun-Free-Zones-To-Massacre-Defenseless-Personnel

·        Ready-Fire-Aim - Criticism Of Gun Rights Doesn't Wait For Facts   

·        History-Textbook-Rewrites-Second-Amendment

·        Obama Pushes Phony Poll Numbers To Advance Gun Control Agenda


·        The-US-Government-Pried-Into-16,000-Facebook-Accounts-This-Year-Alone

·        NSA Commissar Has Tax-Paid Star Trek “War Room.”

·        Video: Must Listen: Walid Shoebat Being Spied On For Exposing Obama’s Islamist Ties



·        IRS-Chief-Counsel-Facing-Scrutiny



·        Hillary‘S-Benghazi-Investigation-Let-Top-Officials-Escape-Blame

·        How Obama Is Setting The Stage For Hillary In 2016



·        Biden Campaign Kick Off 2016



·        Obama Giving Free Machine Guns To Muslim Terrorists



·        Florida-Man-To-Be-Disciplined-For-Facebook-Post-About-Islam



·        Palestinian-Mother-Beats-Hangs-Mentally-Challenged-Daughter-Getting-Pregnant



·        Feds To Require That Movie Theatres Accommodate Deaf, Blind Patrons

·        Gallup: ‘Trust And Confidence’ In Federal Gov’t Lower Than During Watergate

·        25 Facts About The Federal Reserve That Everyone Should Know

·        Fema-Threatens-To-Arrest-Volunteer-Drone-Operators-During-Colo-Flood-Relief



·        Hillary‘S-Benghazi-Investigation-Let-Top-Officials-Escape-Blame

·        House-GOP-In ‘Civil War,’ Leaderless-Boehner 
Shield Law: Senate Attempts To Make The 'Right' Of Free Press A 'Privilege'

·        Ron Paul Straight Talk: The American Public Is Tired Of Warmongers

·        House GOP Takes Step Forward On Internet Sales Tax Legislation

·        Congress’s Exemption From Obamacare

·        Congress-Is-Reluctant-To-Trust-Russia-In-Disarming-Syria



·        Obama Regulations Are Going To Up Your Power Bill   By FLOYD BROWN

·        Bill-McKibben-Pushes Obama On Pipeline

·        Target: Natural Gas



·        Sen. Vitter: Reid Is Pulling Out The 'Brass Knuckles' Over Obamacare   (Listen Free)

·        Obamacare Exchange Employee Sends Data On 2400 Patients To Broker

·        Sorry-Mr-President-There-Serious-Evidence-Obamacare-Bad-Economic-Growth

·        Obama’s D.C. Crime Syndicate



·        Wisconsin Unions Loose Collective Bargaining Suit – The Law Stands



·        Third-Grade-Play-Presents-Goldilocks-As-Deranged-Criminal-Parent-Objects



·        Documents Prove That Homeland Security Is Being Armed By Us Military



·        Obama Giving Free Machine Guns To Muslim Terrorists

·        Muslim-Brotherhood-Influence-Reaches-White-House

·        Obama Equality: More Americans See Themselves As Lower Class

·        Obama Lies And Expects Us To Believe Him, Like Good Sheeple

·        Video: S.E. Cupp Obliterates Obama On Foreign Policy Incompetence

·        Capitol Complex Ramps Up Security In Wake Of Shooting

·        The-Unserious-President    Barack Obama Is Left With Only Spin And Bravado

·        James-Woods:  Obama-Hes-‘The Gift-Hell'

·        Obama-Tears Into Republicans On Budget, Debt Ceiling Amid Navy Yard Attack



·        Russian-Paper: Once Drug-Addict-Obama-Can’t Fight-Vladimir-Putin

·        As Obama Stumbles, Putin Takes Center Stag  By Steven Lee Myers

·        Somali-Militants-Kill-Leading-US-Islamist

·        As-World-Watches-Syria; Egypt-Launches-Major-Campaign-Against-Jihadists-In-Sinai

·        Fighting-The-British-Ban-On-Freedom-Fighters   Pamela Geller Exposes 'State Sanction Of Terrorism'

·        Russian Diplomat Mocks Dead Americans After Washington Navy Yard Shootings







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