Saturday, September 28, 2013

9-28-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Sept 28, 2013


·        House Of Representatives Votes To Delay The Implementation Of Obamacare For One Year


·        McCain-Decries-The-GOP-Civil-War-He-Started  … long history of publicly lashing out at any Republicans who disagree with him.


·        John-McCain Hires Elizabeth-Obagy, Syria Analyst Recently Fired Over False Ph.D Claim


·        Herman Cain Invites You To Tell-McCain-What-You-Think-Of His Attack On Cruz 


·        Here Are The 25 Senators Who Voted To Fund Obamacare


·        McCain Leads Top-Five-Rino-Senators-Washington-DC


·        Recall-John-McCain  …do America a favor


·        Is The Recall Of Senators Constitutional?   The 10th Amendment reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


·        John Kerry Signs Away Our Gun Rights To The UN


·        Video: Mark Levin Slams McCain As A ‘Useful Idiot For The Democrats’


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Votes To Keep Government Funded & Delay Obamacare: Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) released the following statement regarding his vote on H.J. Res. 59, the Continuing Resolution for FY2014:“Tonight, House Republicans passed a bill that accomplishes what Americans want:  keep the government funded and delay a law that is not ready for prime time. Compromise is not commonplace in Washington these days, but this is exactly what House Republicans did in this legislation. With a government shutdown looming, we worked hard through the weekend to take the Senate’s version of the Continuing Resolution and find a solution that was both fair and reasonable. Meantime, instead of negotiating, Senate Democrats chose to break until Monday and President Obama decided to play golf. It is now up to Harry Reid and the President to accept a responsible compromise to keep the government open.”   Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. He is also a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
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·       Congressman Paul Gosar Received The  “2012 Taxpayers' Friend Award” Thursday from the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) for consistently voting to reduce the burden on America's taxpayers.


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Will Host A Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Forum At 7 pm, October 3 at Arizona Republican Party Headquarters, 3501 North 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016. The purpose of this event is to introduce members of the MCRC Executive Guidance Council (EGC) and the public to candidates running for Governor Arizona in the August 26, 2014 Primary Election.

To date, Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, John Molina

and Andrew Thomas have announced their candidacy for Governor.

The 90 minute forum will open with candidate’s opening remarks,  followed by 60 minutes for questions and answers. Ten questions, selected by the EGC, will be asked. Each candidate will have one minute to answer each question. There will be no questions from the floor.

Doors open at 6 pm. Seating is limited with 30 of the seats reserved for EGC members.  The remaining seats are “first come - first serve.” Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. The forum will be broadcast live at


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Received The J.S. Francis Distinguished Public Service Award from the Arizona Cotton Growers Association this past Wednesday for his contribution to Arizona agriculture.


·       Volunteers Needed:  To Counter The Dems “Welcome Affordable Healthcare” Rally scheduled from 10-11 am, Oct 1 at Congressman Trent Frank’s office, 7121 West Bell Road, Suite 200, Glendale, AZ 85308 from 10 AM to 11 AM. There are signs available to use or repaint at the MCRC West Valley office to counter the Dems. Office is open 10 to 5 M-F and 10-2 on Saturday. Contact:  Randy Miller


·       Gov Jan Brewer:  “The Yarnell Hill Fire always will be remembered for the loss of our brave 19 firefighters from the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots.  The tragic human toll felt by their families, friends and the community is truly immeasurable.  I commend the Serious Accident Investigative Team for its swift, expert work to examine and report the facts that led to the tragedy. I appreciate the recommendations they have made to the state with the aim to help improve wildfire safety and suppression in the future.  I hope that the findings of this nationally-recognized team of investigators will further the healing process and give guidance for wildland firefighters in Arizona and around the nation.” 


·       Senators John McCain (R-AZ) And Jeff Flake (R-AZ) today released the following statement on the report from the investigation into the Yarnell Hill fire: “We hope that the information contained in this report will lead to reforms that can help prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future. We owe it to the honorable 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who were lost while protecting others, and to all who risk their lives fighting wildfires to learn from this event and implement changes that will protect first responders going forward. Our country remains ever grateful for their sacrifice.”


·       "Over 1,200 Republican Women From Across The Nation attended the National Federation of Republican Women Biennial Convention in September in Kentucky.


·       Early Bird Tickets Are Available Until Sept 30 To Talk Show Host Glenn Beck’s Oct 11 show to benefit Kimber Academy. Tickets going for $27.37 until Sept 30 at   See flyer at


·       Paradise Republican Women’s Club Members Yvonne Cahill.  Ashley Fritz, Sharlie McRaney, Renee Behinfar, Leona Johnston, Dee Lee and Dianna Soe Myint recently travelled to KY to the National Federation of Republican Women’s Club conference. 


·       The Paradise Republican Women’s Club Received The “Diamond” Club Achievement Award presented to clubs that demonstrate excellence in membership development, campaign activity, community relations, programs and club functions at the recent National Federation of Republican Women convention.  The club also received an honorable mention award for dedication and excellence to community outreach programs and creating a positive image of Republican women at work. 


·       Meet & Greet Prescott City Council Candidate Greg Lazzell Between 5-7 pm, Oct 3 at the Prescott Cantina (formerly Coyote Joe’s), 214 S.Montezuma St., PrescottHello, all!


·       Michael Monti Was Interview On On Your World With Neil Cavuto this afternoon  talking about how #Obamacare is adversely affecting his landmark Tempe restaurant business.


·       See Congressman Paul Gosar’s Op-Ed Piece on his Catastrophic Wildfire Prevention Act legislation in the Payson Roundup. Click HERE


·       Pima County Republicans are selling holiday wrap on line. Go to; select Friends & Supporters – Place.  Order.  Enter PimaGOP Organization Number: # 104039. Start shopping; check out & pay by credit card. Combine orders with friends & family for free shipping at $85. On-line Orders, ship to home, free shipping for orders over $85. Contact Innis Brook at 1-877-525-5608.



·        Why-I'm Fighting To End-Obamacare    Congressman David Schweikert: It's 'A Law Of Unintended Consequences'

·        Report-To-Detail-Blaze-Deaths-Of-19-Firefighters

·        Radio-Problems-Cited-In-Deaths-Of-19-Firefighters

·        Witnesses To Yarnell Hill Fire Break Silence

·        Yarnell Hill Fire Investigation Leaves Important Question Unanswered

·        McCain-Hires-Controversial-Syria-Analyst-Who-Inflated-Credentials

·        GOP’s Ed Martin Running For U.S. House

·        Ex-Gaming Chief To Run For Attorney General

·        60%_Think_Supreme_Court_Justices_Have_Political_Agenda

·        No Pardoning Gov. Jan Brewer's Cowardly Clemency Policy   Laurie Roberts

·        Energy Future Could Rest On ‘Green’ Building Blocks

·        AZGOP-Chairman-Graham-On-Gov-Brewer   Disregards Grassroots PC

·        Back-In-August-Gilbert-School-Board-Member-Julie-Smith-Asked-John-Huppenthal-To-Pull-Us-Out-Of-Common-Core

·        Nearly Half Dozen Weekend Freeway Closures To Slow Drivers

·        House-Bill-Puts-American-Indian-Sacred-Sites-At-Risk

·        Legendary-Journalist-Seymour-Hersh-Calls-Obama-A-Liar

·        Attorney-Urges-States-Use-10th-Amendment-Federal-Government   The 10th Amendment Reads: “The Powers Not Delegated To The United States By The Constitution, Nor Prohibited By It To The States, Are Reserved To The States Respectively, Or To The People.”

·        Group: Ariz. Had Lowest Risk Of Fire Death In '10

·        Glendale Hires Financial Executive After Audit

·        Senator Calls For Crackdown On Texting Drivers     Laurie Roberts

·        Establishment-Senate-GOP-Cant-Fund-Obamacare-Fast-Enough

·        Yarnell Hill Fire Report

·        NM-Commission-Votes-To-Take-Part-In-Wolf-Planning

·        Explantions But No Real Answers   EJ Montini




·        Arizona-Rep-Matt-Salmon-Listens-To.The People

·        House-Votes-To-Fund-Government-  delay Obamacare one year

·        Obama-Delays-Several-Requirements

·        Fat-Lady-Hasnt-Sung-But-She's-Close

·        On-Golf-Course-President-Barack-Obama

·        If-Government-Shuts-Down-Who-Will-Waste

·        Obama-Golfing-Democrats-Take-Weekend Off As Shutdown Looms

·        Republican Weekly Address-Debt Limit-Spending Cuts And Economic Reforms Audio And Text

·        Drawing A Connection Between Progressive Responses To Guns And Islam

·        Check Out Which Senators Voted To Fund Obamacare-Chart By Senator And State

·        Shutdown-Obama Talks To Iran But Not Gop By Bruce Ash

·        OMG! Congress Is Going To Work On Saturday-The Leader's Daily Schedule - 9/28/13


·        25 GOP Sens Shamefully Join Dems To Fund Obamacare

·       Educrat Trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic

·        McCain’s Disgusting Spectacle: Colludes With, Surrenders To, Dems   John McCain Once Again Appeases Far Left

·        Why Is US Park Service Propagandizing For Islam?


·        Ron Barber’s Blank Check To Obama

·        Dave Morse: An Open Letter On Public Lands And The Enabling Act Of 1912

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·       Back-In-August-Gilbert-School-Board-Member-Julie-Smith-Asked-John-Huppenthal-To-Pull-Us-Out-Of-Common-Core




·        The-Only-Way-To-Deal-With-Islamists-Is-To-Kill-Them


FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·         “Who Really Killed Kennedy? (Part 3)

·         “Who Really Killed Kennedy? (Part 2)

·        Obama Caught On Open Mic: ‘I’m Scared Of My Wife’

·        Republicans Knife Their Own


·        AZGOP-Chairman-Graham-On-Gov-Brewer

·        Cruz-Leads-The-Reaganite-Rebellion

NEW ZEAL BLOG  Daily updates




·        A Campaign Seminar will be held between 8 am – 1 pm, Oct 1 At AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.



·        Poll: Cruz 2016 Frontrunner, New Gop Leader

·        Message To “Top-Level Republicans”: Are You Trying To Lose Your Base?

·        Illegals-Get-Ok-To-Go-Gun-Shopping    Alan Korwin

·        Immigration-Reform Supporters Planning Marches Across U.S.

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        More Benghazi Weapons Stolen By Terror Groups

·        Commission Seeks Answers On Benghazi

·        Filmmaker-Blamed-For-Benghazi-Out-Of-Jail-And-Talking   Declares On Release From Custody: 'We Don't Need Sept. 11 Again'



·        John Kerry Signs Away Our Gun Rights To The UN

·        Homeowner-Is-Arrested-For-Open-Carrying-An-Empty-Shotgun-On-His-Own-Property-After-Reporting-A-Tresspasser

·        Mayors-Against-Guns-Bleeding-Members   Alan Korwin

·        Obama’s Gun Control Philosophy: Arm Al-Qaida And Disarm Americans »

·       Ex-Royal-Marine-Handgun-Saves-100-Kenyan-Mall-Attack



·        Crime-Drops-Media-Drops-The-Ball    Alan Korwin



·        YOUR TAX $  Turns Out The IRS Doesn’t Bother To Keep Track Of Its Obamacare Spending



·        39-Of-Gop-Now-Very-Conservative-Just-4-Want-Christie

·        Poll: Cruz 2016 Frontrunner, New Gop Leader



·        Occupy Washington On November 19: Demand That Obama Resign



·        Kenya-Mall-Attack-Torture-Claims-Emerge-Soldiers-Eyes-Gouged-Bodies-Hooks-Fingers-Removed



·        Rape Victim-Sentenced-To 200-Lashes-By-Saudi-Court

·        Atheists Order Florida City To Remove 131-Year-Old City Seal Due To Cross Symbol



·        Viet Nam POW Dinner At Nixon Library  Upon Returning, Viet Nam Pows Were Honored At The Largest Dinner Ever Held At The White House.  In May 2013, 40 Years Later, The Nixon Library, Honored Replicated The Dinner For Remaining NM Pows.

·        Neighbors-Trying-To-Stop-Bronze-Star-Winner-From-Building-A-Home-In-Their-Area-And-You-Wont-Believe-Why

·        3-Ex-Soldiers-Accused-Of-Plot-To-Kill-Dea-Agent

·        Former-Us-Soldiers-Formed-A-Highly-Skilled-Team

·        Ex-Royal-Marine-Handgun-Saves-100-Kenyan-Mall-Attack



·        House-Sends-Stopgap-Back-Before-Senate-48-Hours-To-Shutdown
Cruz: Vote Latest Example Of Washington Not Listening To The People

·        Top-Five-Democrat-Senators-Targeted-For-Defeat

·        Top-Five-Rino-Senators-Washington-DC

·        Republican-Do-Nothings-Are-Terrified-Of-Ted-Cruz

·       Legislation Would Prevent Govt Accessing Your Email Without A Warrant

·       Message To “Top-Level Republicans”: Are You TRYING To Lose Your Base?

·        Rand-Paul-Wants-Chief-Justice-Roberts-All-Federal-Workers-To-Enroll-In-Obamacare

·        GOP-Reps-Epic-1-Minute-Beatdown-Of-Barack-Obama-On-House-Floor Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) took to the House Floor Monday and delivered a brief – yet awesome – skewering of Barack Obama, his administration and his vice president. Must-watch entertainment!



·        EPA-Goes-Rogue-6000-New-Regs-Impacting-Private-Property



·        Liberal-Entitlements-Popularizing-Poverty-Dependence-Since-1965



·        Video: Pelosi: Part Time Jobs Are Liberating, Now Go Pursue Your Passion – Broke And Hungry



·        President-Obama-Lied-To-Us-Told-America-Some-Real-Whoppers-About-Obamacare

·        19-Of-Health-Care-Pros-Say-Americans-Will-Die-Earlier-Due-To-Obamacare

·        The New Politics Of Obamacare: A Train Called Doom

·        Ready Or Not, Health Plan Set For Launch

·        Little-Sisters-Of-The-Poor-Sue-Obama-Dont-Force-Us-To-Obey-HHS-Abortion-Mandate

·        Here-Is-A-List-Of-Over-300-Employers-Who-Have-Reportedly-Cut-Hours-To-Avoid-Obamacare-Tax



·        Laborers' Union: Fix Obamacare Or Repeal It; ‘We're Getting Our A-- Kicked Here'



·        Study-School-Administrative-Bloat-Increases-700-Percent-Since-1950



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Response-To-John-Huppenthals-Common-Core-Name-Change

·        Common-Core-Stealth-Jihad-Directed-At-Americas-Children




·        DHS-Adviser-To-Persecuted-Christians: You-Incited-Muslims   Islamic Leader Appointed To Post By Janet Napolitano


·        Obama Calls Iran President Rouhani, Willing To Negotiate

·        White House Commits $320 Million For Bankrupt Detroit

·        President-Obama-Lied-To-Us-Told-America-Some-Real-Whoppers-About-Obamacare

·        Obama’s ‘Please Kick Me’ Appearance At The U.N.

·        Legendary-Journalist-Seymour-Hersh-Calls-Obama-A-Liar

·        Obamas_Fake_Twitter_Followers_Explained

·        GOP-Reps-Epic-1-Minute-Beatdown-Of-Barack-Obama-On-House-Floor

·        Cavuto: Mr_President_We_At_Fox_News_Are_Not_The_Problem



·        UN Votes To Eliminate Syria's Chemical Weapons

·        Ex-Royal-Marine-Handgun-Saves-100-Kenyan-Mall-Attack

·        Obama Speaks To Rouhani, Says Iran Deal Possible






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