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10-1-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 1, 2013


·       POLL:  Arizona Governor Race 2014


·       GOP-Civil-War-Moderates-Vs-Conservatives “…McCain, Coburn, Burr, and Corker… all have attacked Senators Cruz and Lee for using the same tactics they used back in 2009. The difference here is that they aren’t the ones leading the fight. Their names aren’t the ones getting the publicity, and they can’t stomach the idea that the conservative wing of the GOP may be moving into a position to take leadership of the Party.”


·       Senator-McCain-Please-Stop-Talking

·       Salmon Voluntarily Requests Pay Suspension:  Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) released the following statement regarding his decision to voluntarily request his congressional pay be suspended for the duration of the appropriations lapse.“Washington has reached a new low in gridlock politics. House Republicans acted four times to pass a bill to prevent a government shutdown, and each time it was rejected by Senate Democrats. Even worse, now they are refusing to even come to the table, work together and find a solution to re-open the government. Because this gridlock has unfairly affected thousands of furloughed federal employees, I have voluntarily requested that my congressional pay be suspended for the duration of the appropriations lapse.” See  letter  here.


·       Today, Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) Released The Following Statement On The Introduction Of Legislation That Would Fund The Department Of Veterans at Fiscal Year 2013 levels until January1, 2015 or until an appropriation bill is signed into law:  “House Republics rightly acted four times to avoid a government shutdown and protect Americans from the harmful effects of Obamacare. While Harry Reid continues to refuse to come to the table, this bill makes sure our veterans are taken care of while Congress works to hammer out a final bill. Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed much on behalf of their nation.  Unfortunately, while the House and Senate continue to work out their differences to stop the government slow-down, many of our veterans who need education and rehabilitation benefits may not have access to their promised benefits. Much like the recent bill signed into law to continue military pay during a government shutdown, this bill is responsible, simple, non-controversial and deserves immediate consideration. Now it is time to ensure certainty for our nation’s veterans who have already sacrificed so much for our nation. There is no reason why we cannot pass these non-controversial bills right now.” 

This bill funds the Department of Veterans Affairs at FY13 levels through Jan 1, 2015 or until the House and Senate reach an agreement.


·       Senator John McCain - statement on the commandant of the Marine Corps firing two generals for security lapses at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where two Marines were killed in a Taliban attack last year: “The Taliban attack on Camp Bastion on September 14, 2012, which cost the lives of Lt. Col. Chris ‘Otis’ Raible and Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell, was a tragic example of the horror of war and a particular blow to Marines serving at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, where these brave troops were stationed. In this tragedy, however, we also find remarkable examples of courage under fire and steadfastness by our Marines and their British brothers-in-arms. Yesterday, Commandant of the Marine Corps General James Amos decided to hold his subordinate leaders accountable for actions in conjunction with the attack, including the relief of two general officers. General Amos’ decision to maintain accountability, while difficult, will help prevent tragedies like this from occurring again. We owe it to those who lost their lives and their families to learn from this event and do all that is necessary to protect in the future our servicemen and -women serving in forward areas. As for those who lost their lives, particularly, the Marines stationed at Yuma, we will be forever grateful for their sacrifice.”


·       CNN Reports: House Republicans Failed To Push Through Three Measures That Would Have Reopened The National Parks, And Funded Veterans Programs And Washington D.C. Government Operations while the federal government is shut down. Each of the measures required a two-thirds majority to pass, meaning that they needed votes from a bloc of Democrats.House leadership aides say they expect to bring the same three measures to a vote on Wednesday in a way that would require only a simple majority to pass. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid earlier dismissed the Republicans' effort. The White House threatened to veto the measures.


·       Photos Are Circulating Of The Trash Job, reportedly by Move On people, to the front of Congressman David Schweikert’s Phoenix office. Uncomplimentary signs were taped to the front windows. See photos: SONORAN ALLIANCE


·       Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith was featured on BBCWorldwide tonight 9:30 AZ time to discuss the potential government shutdown.


·       Oct 2 – ARIZONA AMERICAN AFRICAN REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE (AAARC). (1st Wed) 6 pm potluck, AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.  Agenda: Expansion of party. Chairman  Rev. Clyde Bowen 602-274-5439 or


·       Ann Romney Will Be Signing Her Cook Book ‘Romney Family Table’ from noon until 2 pm, Oct 8 at Costco Paradise Valley, 4570 E. Cactus Road, Paradise Valley.


·       Obamacare Will Be The Topic Of Discussion On The 10 Am, Oct 3 Men’s Health Talk Program on Radio Station KXXT 1010AM. Panelist will be Suzanne Pfister,Dr. Tursha’Hamilton, Dr. Adrienne Wilson, Dr. Liz Kim, and Fred Taylor Executive Director of SWPCF. Online – (click left side of menu) Call-in: 602.296.3632.


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Will Host A Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Forum At 7 pm, Oct 3 at Arizona Republican Party Headquarters, 3501 North 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016. The purpose of this event is to introduce members of the MCRC Executive Guidance Council (EGC) and the public to candidates running for Governor Arizona in the August 26, 2014 Primary Election.To date, Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, John Molina and Andrew Thomas have announced their candidacy for Governor. The 90 minute forum will open with candidate’s opening remarks,  followed by 60 minutes for questions and answers. Ten questions, selected by the EGC, will be asked. Each candidate will have one minute to answer each question. There will be no questions from the floor. .Doors open at 6 pm. Seating is limited with 30 of the seats reserved for EGC members.  The remaining seats are “first come - first serve.” Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. The forum will be broadcast live at


·       Martha McSally Presented Sue Krentz with the “Brian A Terry Profiles in Courage Award” Saturday evening at the annual Brian Terry Foundation Dinner.  Sue is the widow  Of Bob Krentz who was murdered by smuggles trespassing on their long-time Douglas, AZ Ranch. Terry, a former border patrol office, was also murdered by illegals allegedly with a gun provided by Eric Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal. Six months after Bob Krentz’ murder, Sue was run over by a drunk driver, suffering severe injuries to her pelvis, face, and head. “Despite these horrific tragedies, Sue is an example of someone who chooses faith, hope, and love each day, and refuses to choose hatred and bitterness. She is an amazing patriot who became a reluctant voice to convey that our border is absolutely not secure. Sue is a worthy recipient of this award for her incredible personal courage,” McSally said.


·       Sun City West Republicans Will Meet At 8 Am (pastry/coffee) 8:30 am mtg, Oct 5 to hear KKNT talk show Lisa Benson. SCW Foundation Bldg, Quail Rm, 14465 R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West. $2 donation to cover room rent.


·       Toby Farmer Has Announced His LD13 senate candidacy against incumbent Sen Don Shooter of Yuma.


·       Dist 1 Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller will hold a town hall at 10 am, Oct 5 at Golder Ranch Fire District in Catalina. Doors open at 9:30 am. (520) 724-2738 | e:


·       Politics On The Rocks Will Host Political Comedian Eric Golub at their 6 pm, Oct 9 at the Montelucia Resort Centro Lounge,  4949 E. Lincoln Dr., Paradise Valley. RSVP:


·       The Estrella Conservative Republican Club will meet at 7 pm, Oct 23 at Starpointe Community Center, according to Chairman Richard Newcomes


·       Oct 25 - Liberty Amendment Dinner (supports the initiative for state’ use of Article V to pass a balanced budget amendment to the US constitution),  El Conquistador  Resort, 10000 N Oracle, Oro Valley. $50 per person. Contact: Jeff Utsch

(520) 977-7946.


·        LD23 Business Network Is Planning A Nov 1 Evening with Dennis Michale Lynch’s 90 minute presentation “ They Come to America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration” starting with a VIP reception at 5:30 at the Scottsdale Hilton grand ballroom, 6333 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. In addition, Lynch will premier his latest documentary, Ocean of Bikers, showing what took place at the “2 Million Bikers to DC” ride on 9.11.13. Reservation required. All paid attendees will receive two DVD’s: They Come to America I and II. To register by mail, make checks payable to LD23 and mail to Linda Rizzo, 9324 E. Wood Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  Contact: Liz at 602.315.0349 or Jim at 602.538.9387


·       NOV 16 - FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB FUNDRAISER PICNIC.  (3rd Sat)  3-5 pm, Kiwanis Ramada – south side of park. Speakers: CD2 Candidate Martha McSally and AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, other local politicians. $12 – members, $15 non-members.  RVSP: Edith Stock, Treasurer, 480 298-7818;Contact: Tait Elkie, President, 480 345-2993; or


·        We-Have-A-Federal-Government-Shutdown  Congressman Ron Barber of Arizona was one of nine Democrats who joined with Republicans to support a continuing resolution that would have kept the federal government open while delaying for one year the Affordable Care Act's mandate requiring individuals to buy health insurance and blocking the Obama administration's effort to help congressional staffers to purchase health insurance on the health-insurance exchanges.


·        Rep-Salmon-Introduces-Save-Our-Veterans-Act

·        Memorial-Outside-American-Legion-Vandalized

·        Help Available To Choose The Right Health Care Plan

·        McSally-To-Run-Again-For-Congress-In-Arizona-2nd

·        Navajo-Nation-Parks-Open-During-Fed-Shutdown

·        Luke-Furloughs-412-Civilian-Employees

·        AZ-Parks-Dept-Opens-Arms-To-Campers-In-Federal

·        Shutdown-Forces-BLM-To-Suspend-Most-AZ-Activities

·        Step-By-Step-How-To-Apply-For-Obamacare

·        Advocates-Urge-Tougher-AZ-Child-Sex-Trafficking-Laws

·        Gov. Brewer Speaks Out On Government Shutdown

·        Valley-Small-Businesses-Already-Impacted-By-Govt-Shutdown

·        Maricopa-County-Unveils-New-Cyber-Security-Website

·        Constitutionality-Of-AZ-Voucher-Program-Upheld

·        Affordable-Care-Act-Tips-For-Medicare-And-AHCCCS-Beneficiaries

·        Welfare-Checks-In-Jeopardy-Following-Government-Shutdown

·        ASU Releases 2012 Crime Statsadd To Reading List

·        Government-Shutdown-Would-Not-Slow-Down-Obamacare-In-Arizona

·        Democatic National Committee-Nearly-Broke

·        MSNBC Forced To Abandon Obamacare Exchange Demonstration

·        2 Danny’s Managers: Executives Ordered Rehiring Of Illegal Workers

·        Javelinas-Found-Dead-Scottsdale-Near-Busy-Intersection

·        Republic Seeks To Dismiss Claims Vs. Office

·        Judge Bars Human Smuggling Charge

·        Fed Shutdown Blocks Access To Grand Canyon

·        Belinda-Bee-Organizer-Of-2-Million-Man-Biker-Rally

·        Phoenix Historic Home Demolished Today

·        Roberts: Why Gov't Should Leave Judging To Judges  Laurie Roberts

·        Group Seeks Probe Of Pension System

·        Insider: Bennett Says No To Commission

·        Newest Senator Farnsworth Talks ’14 Plans

·        Pinal politicians to mull outside auditors

·        Arizona delegation divided over bill



·        Without-BS-From-Government-Now-I-Can Open My Lemonade Stand

·        WWII-Veterans-Just-Stormed-Gates-At Veterans Memorial

·        Obamacare-Healthcaregov-Web-Site-Shut Down First Day - Errors/Glitches

·        Arizonas-Obamacare-Registration-Not.Slowed Down By Shutdown

·        Republican-Eric-Cantor-Working-Below Radar For Amnesty During Shutdown

·        Obamacare-Not-Ready-For-Primetime

·        Scottsdale-City-Bond-Election-Will-Cost

·        Arizona-Potluck-BBQ-Picnic-With.Congressman Paul Gosar

·        Video-Senator-Ted-Cruz: -What-Have Dems Compromised On?  Nothing!

·        Obamacare-Web-Site-Deletes-Reference-To 'Free Healthcare'

·        Obama-Has-Signed-14-Laws-To-Change.Parts Of Obamacare

·        Don’t Cave-Republicans

·        Democrats Ignore Problems On Obamacare Rollout: "Problem-Plagued," "Glitches," "Snags" And "Really Confused"


·        Obamacare Scandal: Tax $$ Fund H-1B Visa Workers, Offshore Jobs

·        AZ GOP Gubernatorial Forum: Thurs. Oct. 3, 7:00 Pm

·        AZ Fed Judge Rules For Illegal Invaders, Binds Law Enforcement

·        McHeavenly Match: McCain Hires Pro-Syrian Rebel Liar


·        Arizona Dems, Obama Supporters Trash Office Of Congressman David Schweikert

·        Educational Picketing Of Arizona IRS Headquarters

·        Rep. Matt Salmon Introduces “Save Our Veterans” Act

·        AZ State Rep. Paul Boyer Questions Background Of Obamacare Navigators

·        Nominations For Most Interesting Arizona Conservatives And Liberals

·        Rep Matt Salmon Votes To Fund The Government & Protect American People From Obamacare

·        Draft Ken Bennett For Arizona Corporation Commission Kicks Off

·        UPDATE: Hospitals Paying Traitors For Their Yes Votes On Obrewercare

·        Ron Barber’s Blank Check To Obama

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Arizona Rino Legislators Vs Republicans


·        Simply Propoganda


·        We Just Witnessed The Despicable Failure Of American Stewardship By Harry Reid And The Senate

·        According To Our Constitutional Republic, Because Laws Apply To Everyone

·        Our Resources Are Not Their Toys And Our Lives Are Not For Their Manipulation


·        President Obama Lied To Us — He Told America Some Real Whoppers About Obamacare

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Christian Foster Parents Unwelcome In Massachusetts

·        Air Force Threatening, Bullying Conservative Christians

·        Don’t Miss These Stories Today On Western Journalism!!

·        U.K. Paper: U.S. No Longer Superpower Thanks To Obama

·        Congressional Bickering Continues As Shutdown Takes Hold

·        Obama Admin Produced Fake News Of Syrian Dictator Being Toppled

·        Nine Reasons We Need To Solve Our Debt Problems Now

·        Watch Congressman Hammer Obama On House Floor: “We Did Not Elect A Dictator!”

·        Technical Glitches Define Obamacare Rollout

·        Watch ‘SNL’ Spoof And Mock Obama And Obamacare!

·        The Five Worst Facts About Obamacare

·        Woodward: Shutdown And Ensuing Economic Crisis Will Be On ‘Obama’s Head’

·        The Comatose GOP…. Time To Pull The Plug!

·        O-Bummercare, One Grand Disappointment

·        Does The Police State Really Need More Practice?

·        Showdown On “Meet The Press”, And Ted Cruz Doesn’t Back Down

·        Things Are Not Always What They Seem

·        Watch 3 Black Thugs Get Tables Turned On Them In Attempted Robbery

·        NBC Joins CNN In Scrapping Clinton Biopic

·        DNC Hemorrhaging Red Ink

·        University Will Spend Nearly $4 Million To Exclude Heterosexuals

·        Senate Once Again Rejects House Bill As Shutdown Looms


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·        A-Win-For-Priebus-A-Boost-For-The-GOP



·        The Shutdown: A Timeline:   Click here

·        They-Re-Lying-To-You-Appropriations-And-Shutdown-Lies

·        Will The White House Chefs Be Sent Home?

·        Democrats-Government-Shutdown-Even-Rinos-Dont-Think So

·        The-Story-Behind-The-Government-Shutdown

·        Government-Shut-Down-Doesnt-Prevent-Opening-Of-2-Billion-Nsa Spy Center

·        Not-Everything-Shuts-Down-In-Shutdown

·        GOP-Congressman-Notes-Obamacare-Exchanges-Down-After-Deadline-Passes Nine minutes after various federal government offices shut down and the Affordable Care Act exchanges went into effect.

·        Fail-Glenn-Futilely-Attempts-To-Access-Obamacare-Exchanges

·        Govt Websites Are Shut Down But President Posts Message To Federal  Employees...  See message-

·        Capitol-Update: Harry-Reid-Says-No-Deal-To-Any-Deal-Wants-Shutdown

·        -Shutdown-Truth-Straight-From-HUD-Fear-Mongering-Debunked

·        Obamacare Shut Down With Glitches First Day

·        Ferris-Bueller-Explains-The-Government-Shutdown  I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life.

·        Where We Have Made Progress: How To Avoid A Prolonged Government 



·        Obama-Policy-Of-Non-Deportation-Leads-To-Young-Woman's-Death

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·        Families Of Benghazi: Sue For Wrongful Death



·        House-Wins-Court-Victory-Holder-Fast-Furious




·        Mom-Protects-Home-Gun-Twice-Four-Months

·        Federal Judge Denies Motion To Halt New Maryland Gun Laws



·        Government-Shut-Down-Doesnt-Prevent-Opening-Of-2-Billion-NSA Spy Center

·        Report-Social-Connections-Of-Us-Citizens-Collected-By-NSA

·        NSA & Its British Counterpart GCHQ No Threat To Terrorists At Large



·        MUST SEE: Hillary-Clinton-Exposed-Movie-Banned-Theaters-Full  This Is Full Length.  Very Informative.




·        Emergent Anit-Obamacare Senate Candidate Breaks Fundraisig Record In Nebraska



·        al-Queda Releases 'Standards Of Friendship & Enmity In Islam' Declares: 'Enmity Towards Infidels Is A Must'

·        MUST SEE:  Egypt Can Prove Obama Is A Terrorist

·        Egyptian-Official-Ties-Obamas-Brother-To-Brotherhood



·        Vets-Knock-Down-Barriers-To-Gain-Entry-To-WWII-Memorial-During-Shutdown

·        Ex Royal Marine With Handgun Saves 100 In Kenyan Mall Attack



·        FBIs-Rogue-La-Field-Office-Has-Muslim-Mole



·        The House Moved Forward With A Plan To Pass Three Individual Funding Bills: For The Department Of Veterans Affairs, The National Parks Services And Operations For The District Of Columbia.

·        Senate Rejects Another House Proposal; Partial Shutdown In Progress

·        Matthews Burned: Your Boss Shut Down Government 12 Times, Didn’t Call Him Terrorist

·        Issa-To Propose Bill To Force Obama Officials Into Obamacare Exchanges

·        Congressional-Approval-Not-Required-Federal-Housing-Agency-To-Take-$1.7-Billion-Bailout/

·        Issa-Feared-Targeted-By-Terrorists-After-Democrats-Revealed-Secret-Libya-Trip




·        Warming-Lull-Since-18-Haunts-Climate-Change-Authors

·        US-And-Europe-Tried-To-Cover-Up-Data-Showing-Lack-Of-Global-Warming



·        Abramoff-Style Indian Maneuvers To Stop Keystone XL



·        Make-Able-Bodied-Work-For Food-Stamps

·        Liberal-Entitlements-Popularizing-Poverty-Dependence-Since-1965



·        Ten-States-Where-Obamacare-Wipes-Out-Existing-Health-Care-Plans

·        Obamacare’s Personal Health Assessment

·        If You’re Going To Blame, Blame For The Right Thing: Obamacare

·        Harry Reid: ‘Obamacare’s Been The Law For Four Years! Why Don’t They Talk About Something Else?’  By Herman Cain

·        US-Employers-Slash-Hours-Avoid-Obamacare

·        President-Says Expect Months Of  Glitches

·        Sebelius-Obamacare-To-Favor-Gays-Over-Straight-People



·        Kansas-School-Board-Brings-Back-Student-Led-Prayer

·        A-Little-1940s-Germany: Parents-Livid-After-Middle-Schoolers-Watch-Video-Of-Celebrities-Who-Pledge-Support-For-Obama-And-Ask-Viewers-To-Do-Likewise

·        Students Can Describe ‘Twerking’, But Don’t Know World Leaders



·        Get-The-Damn-Juice-Bottle-Off-The-Desk-Mr-Obama

·        Obama Leaving The Country On Friday

·        White-House-Obama-Would-Veto-Piecemeal-Funding-Bills

·        Obama’s 2-Day South Africa Trip Cost $2.2 Million In Hotel, Transportation Costs

·        Why Is Obama’s Hatred Of America Tolerated?

·        Carney Mocks Reporter For Asking Why Obama Talks To Iran But Not Gop

·        Staffers-Reported-Name-For-Narcissist-In-Chief-‘Obam-Me

·        Obama Says “I Shouldn’t Have To Offer Anything”. He Already Has

·        And Then There Was One—Obama

·        Obama’s Naive Hopes For Peace Deal With Sham “Moderate” Rouhani

·        Did Obama Swallow Iranian Disinformation?

·        Obama’s Disarmed Diplomacy


·        Obama-Falls-For-Iranian-Fatwa-Hoax

·        Obamas-Renewed-Iranian-Romance

·        France Proving Socialism Wrong

·        Nigera-Militants-Sleeping-Murder






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