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10-11-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 11, 2013


·       Rally At The Arizona State Capitol at 8 am, Oct 12 in support of the Nation-Wide‘Truckers (Vets & Bikers) Ride for the Constitution’) Rally in Washington, DC. Saturday parking is at 19th Avenue and the visitor parking west of the Capitol Towers due to 17th Avenue being closed for the Susan Korman cancer run. Phx contact:  Barb Heller


·       The AZGOP Campaign School, Featuring Alan Heywood, Chris Baker and Sean Noble, is scheduled from 8 am to 1 pm, Oct 12 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St., Phx. REGISTER HERE $25 8am-9am: Registration and Check In. 9 am-noon: Workshops on Media, Voter data, Compliance and more. noon-1pm: Lunch with Panel


·       Congratulations To LD24 Chairman Brian Kaufmann – who has passed the Arizona Bar Exam.   see list of all of those who passed


·       Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith is scheduled to address the Squaw Peak Rotary Oct 12.


·       Brewer Says Grand Canyon To Reopen Saturday   agreement with the U.S. Department of Interior to reopen Grand Canyon National Park using state and local funds amid the ongoing federal government shutdown. …  Under the agreement negotiated by Governor Brewer, the state will pay the National Park Service $651,000 – $93,000 per-day – to reopen Grand Canyon and fully fund park operations for up to at least seven days using state and other monies. The State of Arizona urges its congressional delegation to secure reimbursement of all state dollars used to reopen Grand Canyon. The state will continue to assess next steps if the federal shutdown has not ended in those seven days.


·       LD23 Will Host An Arizona Gubenatorial Candidate Forum at 7 pm, Oct 17 at the Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd Street, Scottsdale.  Panelists:  Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. John Molina.  Moderator:  Len Munsil.  VIP reception at 6 pm.  RSVP for VIP reception: or 480-361-0465.


·       AZ Legislators Kelly Townsend, Bob Thorpe and Jamescita Peshlakai, Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan and Gold Canyon Chamber President John Tathum will at the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Center at the Grand Canyon Village at noon tomorrow.


·       Tucson City Council Candidate Mike Polak will debate challenger Richard Fimbres at 6:30 pm, Oct 19 on  Arizona Illustrated-Politics, KUAT-TV, Channel 6.


·       The Matthew Papke, Tempe City Council Candidate, “Freedom Under The Stars” fundraiser featuring entertainer Jordan Page is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Oct 18 at Monti La Casa Vieja, 100 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. Tickets: $20. Order tickets: tickets here


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham is scheduled to address the 6 pm, Oct 17 dinner meeting of the  Pima County Republican Women at the Tucson Country Club, 2950 N Camino Principal, Tucson, AZ 85715-3199.  Cost - $27RSVP to Lauren Blevins, Hospitality Chair/Arrangements, 886-8232,


·       Check Out Pima County District 1 Supervisors Ally Miller’s YouTube page, where she will be uploading complete Board of Supervisors meeting videos weekly.


·       Last Week AZGOP’s Chad Heywood our Executive Director and Mark Naufel, Media Director, visited the Navajo Nation's annual celebration in Shiprock, NM.   video.


·       Truckers-Protest-DC-Beltway-Today   Independent truckers seeking to impeach President Obama and pressure Congress are rolling ahead with a holiday weekend protest that aims send a message to political leaders in the nation’s capital. Organizers say that sympathetic demonstrations by veterans and Tea Party supporters are also planned in various state capitals and on highway overpasses during the three-day “Ride for the Constitution.”


·       Gov Jan Brewer is accepting applications for a vacant judicial position on the Superior Court of Yavapai County. The vacancy was created due to the governor’s appointment of Judge Kenton D. Jones to the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One.  Applications for the open seat will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Oct 30, 2013.  A copy of the application and instructions for applying are available at


·       Attorney General Tom Horne Issued An Opinion, that those voters who register to vote using a Federal form, that does not require proof of citizenship, can only vote in federal elections.  AZ law requires that you submit evidence of citizenship to be a qualified voter.  As instructed by the United States Supreme Court, the lower Courts are now considering Horne’s challenge to the constitutionality of the federal form, which omits evidence of citizenship.  In the meantime, Horne issued an Opinion that those who use the federal form should not vote in state or local elections or be qualified to sign petitions. See video of his debate against the American Civil Liberties Union on Channel 8 and also an interview on Channel 5.


·       The Pinal County Sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol (COP) is looking for classic and custom vehicles to the Nov. 24 COP’s Car Show at Poston Butte High School (Gantzel Road), San Tan Valley. contact Pat Prince at 520-483-1805 or For information about vehicle registration, or vendor booths,contact our car show Committee Chairman, Doug Horner, at 480 204 6201 or Thank you for your support!


·       Survey Participants Are Needed For The Oct 21 Citizen Focus Group “The Pulses Of Arizona – Is Anyone Listening?” kick off  – a newly formed, local Dr. Frank Luntz type program that will be aired the third Monday of the month. Participants from all walks of life are sought, along with candidates and elected officials. Meet at 6 pm at Broadcast USA Film Studios, 10755 E. Cactus Road, Scottsdale. Volunteers, between the ages of 25-45, regardless of political affiliation should call Nina at (480) 707-9043


·       October 12 Happenings:

·       The AZ GOP’S Military And Veterans Service Committee  (2nd Sat) 10:30 am, AZGOP HQ, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Contact: Chr Chairman Vern Bagley at


·       Paradise Republican Women’s Club. 11 am. Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 Gainey Club Dr., Scottsdale. Luncheon: $28 per person. Speakers: Arizona Corporation Commissioners Brenda Burns and Susan Bitter Smith, along with Eric  Golub, a politically conservative Jewish blogger, author, public speaker, and comedian and author of the   trilogy is "Ideological Bigotry," "Ideological Violence," and  "Ideological Idiocy.” Contact: Brickman (602) 330-9422 or 


·       LD12 Has Changed Its Meeting Date From Oct12 To Oct 17, according to  Chairman Micki Niland.


·       Voice Of Veterans Talk Show (every Sat) 3-5 pm, Host: Vernon Bagley with co-host Phil Mason.  NBC 1260 AM, 96.1 FM.  480-423-1260. Questions/topics contact: Bagley at  or


·        McCain-Asked-About-Obama-Denying-Death-Benefits-To-Military-Families: Blames-Ted-Cruz

·        McCain-Rips Congress, Obama-Over Shutdown

·        McCain To Fox:  The Shutdown Is The GOP's Fault 

·        John-McCain-Attacks-Conservatives… Time To Ride Off Into The Sunset

·        McCain-Blasts-Cruz-House-GOP-They-Shut-Down-Govt-Fools-Errand

·        McCain-Blames-Cruz, Conservatives-For-Obama-Admin’s-Mishandling-Of-Military-Death-Benefits

·        McCain: Cruz-Not-Representing-Us

·         WWII Memorial - Phx   Moving The Gun Barrels

·        CD4 Rep-Gosar-Leads-Fight-Open-Arizona-Parks

·        Rally-Truckers-Stopped-After-Slowing-Traffic   Truckers Are Protesting Industry Regulations, Expressing Frustration With Elected Leaders

·        National-Guard-Dispatched-To-DC-Truck-Protest

·        Trucker-Protest-Invades-DC-Present-List-Demands-Texas-Rep-Louie-Gohmert

·        Fire-All-Of-Congress-60-Percent-Of-Americans-Say

·        Sebelius: We Are Bringing Western Civilization To Knees With Obamacare 

·         AZ Man-With Lukemia-Loses-Health-Insurance-Due-Obamacare-Regulations

·        Obama-Lies-Grannies-Social-Security-Payments

·        Arizona-Net-Metering-Discussion-Likely In November

·        Treasury-Secretary-Jacob-Lew-Warns-Of-Debt-Limit-Catastrophe;-AZ-Rep-David-Schweikert-Says-Thats-Not-So

·        Former Lobbyist Gary Husk Charged With Eight Felonies

·        Facing-Up-To-Facebook-Comments-Arizona-State-Rep-Brenda-Barton-Gains-Nationwide-Notoriety-For-Observations-On-Hitler-Obama

·        Arizona Doctor Board Revelations Bring Silence

·        Judicial Overreach In Arpaio Order  Robb

·        Arizona Senate Hearing On Common Core - Oct 30

·        First Significant Snow Storm Of Season In Northern Arizona

·        'Grand' AZ Sites That Can't Be Shutdown
Veteran Lawmakers Honored With Plaques

·        Challenge Over Begay’s Residency Dropped

·        ASU Student Gov't Suggests Athletics Fee



·        Mountains Closed Move Along

·        Obama In 2006 Didn't Give Speech On Floor Against Raising Debt Ceiling Speech-He Put It In Writing And Mailed It In

·        Obamacare - "Take Ten Pills And You're Fine" Video

·        They Worked 5 Straight Days The Leader's Daily Schedule - 10/11/13

·        Government Shutdown: Memorials Closed, Golf Course…Open?

·        ICYMI American Freedom By Barbara October 1 To 8, 2013

·        Neil Cavuto: Mr. President Obama Fox News Doesn't Stink That Smell Is Obamacare Video


·        7 Felony Charges Brought Against Gary Husk & His Co.

·        Dem Fems Clumsy Ramble On Obamacare Glitches


·        Rep Brenda Barton issues statement on recent Facebook post

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        We Live Within Our Means. So Can Gilbert Schools. 


·        1-800-T-O-T-A-L-F-A-I-L: One Man's Obamawreck Nightmare

·        Occupy-America: Park-Visitors-Storm-The-Barrycades


·        How Can The Members Of Congress Look These Men And Women In The Eye?

·        Chuck Hagel Should Resign And The Head Of Fisher House Should Be Appointed Secretary Of Defense, Since The Obama Administration


FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obama Leaks Set Up Navy Seals For Assassination Again!


·        Governor-Candidate-Forum-Where's-Waldo  




·        Exposing CD1 Ann Kirkpatrick on Grand Canyon    new AZGOP video

·        Why I Am Republican: Lilia Dashevsky -  First Generation  &  Chairman of the Arizona Teenage Republicans, Video here.

·        Oct 12 – Candidate/Campaign Staffer Seminar. 8 am-1 pm, AZGOP headquarter, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. $25 per person, includes lunch.  register here.

·        Jan 25 - Arizona Republican 2014 Mandatory Meeting 2014 At Grace Community Church - 1200 E Southern Ave  Tempe, AZ 85282.



·        Plea-Spineless-Republican-Leaders-Government-Shutdown

·        Republican Establishment Gripes About House Tea Party Lawmakers Over Budget Impasse



·        Meet-The-Patriot-Who-Is-Caring-For-The-National-Mall-During-The-Govt-Shutdown

·        Rep. Louie Gohmert: Obama Admin 'Holding A Gun To America’s Head' With Gov't Shutdown   Here.

·        Park-Service-Removes-Handles-From-Water-Fountains

·        Obama-Hires-Armed-Private-Security Guard To Keep Public From Independence Hall

·        Congress’ Research Service Says Pentagon Can Pay Death Benefits During Shutdown

·        Congress And White House Scramble To Restore Death Benefits To Troops’ Families

·        It's Worse Than You Think: Why The Administration Must Make The Shutdown Hurt

·        Agents-Continue-Protecting-Borders-Without-Pay

·        Federal Judge Orders National Park Service To Reopen Park

·        DC-Mayor-Harry-Reid-Stop-Shutting-Government

·        Obama Fears Shutdown Will Prove Non-Essential Government Is Not Needed

·        Government-Gives-$445 Million-To-Corporation-For-Public-Broadcasting-On-First Day Of Shutdown  Calls Funding 'Indispensible'

·        O’Reilly: Jay-Carney-Stonewalling-Just-Nixon-White-House-Did   Carney, Hagel: 'These Weasels Need to Knock It Off!'

·        Defying-Government-Shutdown-National-Park-Visitors-Play-Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Video

·        National-Parks-Open-Despite-Government-Shutdown.-Why-the-change-of-heart?  Open in Utah Saturday, despite the government shutdown, after the state cut a deal with federal officials: $166,000 a day for 10 days to help save the lucrative October season.

·        Government-Shutdown-Are-Things-Getting-Better-Or-Worse

·        Is The Obama Administration Shutting Down Things They Shouldn't To Gain A Political Edge During The Government Shutdown?

·        Feds Collect $56 Billion In Taxes In 9 Days Of 'Shutdown'
Feds Violate Law By Banning Hunters From Federal Lands In Alaska

·        Pilot Union Warns: ‘Dry Run’ By Possible Terrorists On US Flight

·        Obama To Let States Pay To Open Parks In Shutdown


·        Atf-Border-Patrol-Fast-Furious-Whistleblower

·        House-Approves-Border-Security-Funding-In-13th-Piecemeal-Budget-Bill

·        Agents-Continue-Protecting-Borders-Without-Pay

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Joint-Chiefs-Chairman-Testifies-He-Was-Not-Directly-Involved-In-Failure-To-Prepare-For-Benghazi-Terror-Attack


·        Anti-Gun-Control-Signs-Cover-The-Countryside

·        Brown-Vetoes-Bill-Banning-Semi-Automatic-Rifles

·        Senator Moran Circulates Letter To Repudiate The Un Small Arms Treaty

·        CT-Cops-Seize-69-Year-Olds-274-Legal-Guns-And-Charge-Him-With-17-Felonies





·        Dr. Ben Carson Discusses Ridicule Amid IRS Hearing

·        IRS, White House Officials That Shared Confidential Taxpayer Info Had 155 White House Meetings



·        Video: Zullo: Obama An Empty Suit Who Rose Out Of Nowhere



·        Former-Hillary-Associate-Claims-Personal-Hit-Man-Admits-Killing-Money



·        Obama's Conservative Cousin In Kansas May Run For Office



·        Are Terrorists Conducting ‘Dry Runs’ To Prepare For The Next 9/11-Style Attack? Few Remember That Actor James Woods Had A Harrowing Encounter With Mohammed Atta And His Crew Just Weeks Before The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. The Terrorists Were Conducting A ‘Dry Run’ On A Flight He Happened To Be On, And Now There Are Reports Surfacing That More ‘Dry Runs’ Are Being Conducted. Are We Headed For Another 9/11-Style Attack? MORE

·        Pilot Union Warns: ‘Dry Run’ By Possible Terrorists On US Flight



·        Muslim-Immigrants-Raped-Over-300-Swedish-Children-In-Seven-Months-Of-2013

·        Art-Gallery-In-Iowa-Faces-Punishment-For-Refusing-Homosexual-Wedding



·        New York Capitol Unanimously Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution 11-0



·        Congress’ Research Service Says Pentagon Can Pay Death Benefits During Shutdown

·        Oreilly: Jay-Carney-Stonewalling-Just-Nixon-White-House-Did   Carney, Hagel: 'These Weasels Need To Knock It Off!'

·        ‘Iron Man’ Suits For Special Forces? High-Tech Armor Request Includes Super Strength

·        Lawmakers Ask Pentagon Why 5% Of Defense Workers Still On Furlough

·        Ashton Carter Stepping Down As Deputy Defense Secretary

·        Congress And White House Scramble To Restore Death Benefits To Troops’ Families

·        30G-Went-Missing-In-Seal-Rescue-Capt-Phillips-Seals-Given-Lie-Detector-Test

·        Air-Force-General-In-Charge-Nuclear-Missiles-To-Be-Fired-Officials-Say



·        Feds Cancel Order For $47K In Mechanical Bulls

·        USPS-Pulls-Michelle-Obama-Inspired-Physical-Activity-Stamp-Series-Over-Safety-Concerns


·        Federal Judge Orders National Park Service To Reopen Park



·        Paul-Ryan-Reemerges-Offering-The-GOP-An-Obamacare-Free-Way-Out

·        Cruz-To-Hecklers: -I've-Taken-More-Questions-Today-Than-Obama-Has-All-Year

·        Allen West ” How Can The Members Of Congress Look These Men And Women In The Eye?”

·        The-Democrats-Fatal-Blunder-They-Own-Obamacare-Lock-Stock-And-Barrel

·        Time To Pare Back Government

·        House-Approves-Border-Security-Funding-In-13th-Piecemeal-Budget-Bill

·        Treasury-Secretary-Jacob-Lew-Warns-Of-Debt-Limit-Catastrophe:-AZ-Rep-David-Schweikert-Says-Thats-Not-So

·        Pelosi-Wont-Say-If-Shes-Read-It-Find-Out-Whats-It

·        The-Ted-Cruz-Van-Jones-Face-Off:- Van-I-Know-You-Desperately-Want-To-Change-The-Topic-From-Obamacare

·        Fire-All-Of-Congress-60-Percent-Of-Americans-Say

·        Congress’ Research Service Says Pentagon Can Pay Death Benefits During Shutdown

·        Lawmakers Ask Pentagon Why 5% Of Defense Workers Still On Furlough

·        Congress And White House Scramble To Restore Death Benefits To Troops’ Families

·        GOP Relents, Offers To Raise Debt Limit; White House Mulling Proposal

·        Debt Deals Between President, Congress Nearly As Old As The Nation

·        Paul Ryan Returns To GOP Fore As He Offers Solutions, Reaches Out To Religious Right

·        Rep. Stockman: Fake Obamacare Enrollee Accepts Invitation To State Of The Union

·        The House's Stand Against Obamacare Is Working Just The Way The Framers Envisioned

·        Pelosi Won't Say If She's Read It To Find Out What's In It

·        See Which Top Conservative Journalists Attended An Off-The-Record Meeting With Obama

·        McKeon: Good Discussion With President; No Fancy Writing On Place Cards

·        Cruz: 'I'm Going To Be Going To The White House...'

·        Cruz, Interrupted: 'Seems That Obama's Paid Political Operatives Are Out In Force Today'

·        Mike Lee On Obamacare: 'We Must Stop It, We Must Defund It, We Cannot Accept It'

·        'Non-Essential': Harry Reid Shuts Down Own Office

·        Rep. Johnson On Reading The 10,535 Pages Of Obamacare Regs: 'Not My Responsibility'

·        Congressman Calls For Defense Secretary's Resignation

·        Desire To Fire Congress Echoed Among D.C. Locals

·        Hatch Scorches Lew: 'Not True, 'Simply False’ 'Four Pinocchios'

·        Shep Takes On Congressmen: 'Your Approval Rating Is Lower Than Amnesia!'

·        Watch: Cruz Shrugs Off Hecklers, Gets Big Ovation At Values Voter Summit

·        McCain Blasts Cruz, House GOP: They Shut Down Gov't On A 'Fool's Errand'



·        Pickens: Keystone Pipeline Would Make Opec 'Obsolete'



·        Foreclosures-Rise-Washington-DC

·        Companies-Like-General-Electric-Have More Cash-Than-US-Government

·        South-Dakota-Ranchers-Reel-After-Catastrophic-Storm-Leaves-Up-To-100,000-Cattle Dead



·        Obamacare-Has-Raped-My-Future: College-Grad-Says-In-Viral-Letter

·        Thousands-Of-Doctors-Fired-By-United-Healthcare

·        Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Away Obamacare Mail

·        Ted Cruz Rallies Conservatives To Hold The Line Against Obamacare

·        The House's Stand Against Obamacare Is Working Just The Way The Framers Envisioned

·        Sebelius Promo Event For Obamacare In Pittsburgh Flops As Websites Still Fail

·        USPS Pulls Michelle Obama-Inspired Physical Activity Stamp Series Over Safety Concerns

·        Fake Obamacare Enrollee Accepts Invitation To State Of The Union

·        Bloomberg Sued Over Guns, Soda Ban, 'Meatless Mondays'

·        Lawmakers Demand Answers To Obamacare Rollout Glitches

·        Ooops...Healthcare.Gov Call Center Reps Get Password Reset Script By Mistake

·        Ben Carson: Obamacare Worst Thing Since Slavery

·        Kelly File: Father Of Six Says His Health Care Premiums Will Jump 300%

·        Bachmann: Obamacare Launch Is A 'Dismal Failure'



·        Seiu-Leaders-Gets-33-Months-In-Prison-For-Stealing-Members-Dues

·        Union Says Parents Have No Right To Know The Names Of The Best Teachers

·        Rowdy-Union-Workers-Heckle-Las-Vegas-Tourists

·        Teachers Union Continues To Carry Water For The Obama Regime, Makes Six-Figure Ad Buy Targeting Republicans Over Government Shutdow



·        Union Says Parents Have No Right To Know The Names Of The Best Teachers

·        Illinois-Teacher-Makes-Students-Decide-Who-Lives-Who-Dies



·        Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory Or Threat Part 3

·        Agenda-21

·        Freedom Advocates

·        Arizona Against Agenda21

·        Democrats Against Un Agenda21



·        Homeland Security: It's Cheaper To Round Up & Deport Illegals Than To Allow Them To Stay



·        Obama-Lies-Grannies-Social-Security-Payments

·        Obama’s Budget Takes Aim At Retired Americans

·        Just Like A Tyrant: Obama's Executive Extortion

·        Welch: President-Has Too Much Power

·         Afterburner W/ Bill Whittle: Non-Essential (President Temper Tantrum)

·         Obama Approval Plummets Into The 30s

·        Christmas Spirit Dies At White House As Ornament-Hawking Gift Shop Goes Broke

·        Syrian Rebels Swap Crosses Atop Churches For Al Qaeda Flags
Obama Approval Rating Plummets!

·        Obama-Brings-Chilling-Effect-Journalism   The Committee to Protect Journalists conducted its first examination of U.S. press freedoms amid the Obama administration's unprecedented number of prosecutions of government sources and seizures of journalists' records.



·        Muslim-Immigrants-Raped-Over-300-Swedish-Children-In-Seven-Months-Of-2013

·        The-Consequences-Of-An-Obama-Administration-Leak   Kidnapped Libyan Prime Minister Pays The Price For An Obama Leak

·        Chaos:Libyan-Prime-Minister-Abducted-After-U-S-Special-Forces-Captured-Terrorist

·        Kuwait-Issues-Arrest-Warrants-For-American-Contractors